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Or is it just me? I absolutely fucking hate women to the point of where I hope they fucking vanish one by one. What are reasons you guys hate these evil cunts?
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This is only a superficial observation. You make no attempt to understand it, instead you just say "This must be an essential trait of the genders."

You shouldn't allow yourself to think in such a lazy way.


the situation with respect is pretty simple here
What would you love more: a tiny cute kitten who desperately needs your love and help to survive or a big strong cat with sharp claws and teeth who tan shred anyone into pieces
You do not respect kitten but you love him
while you respect the cat but don't love him you always have to think about your actions with that cat because if he dislikes you there will be blood.

>I'm a horny man and I don't do bad things. I'm neither cucked nor weak, and yet I get along with women fine either as a friend or lover or longterm partner. Have some personal responsibility. Hate your own moral weakness, not women.

well, you are speaking like a cuck and future MGTOW because you are taking it from the perspective of responsibility. all your post is about responsibility including women as well. I wonder what you will be talking about when someone will wipe his/her ass with your face.

I reject the entire idea of responsibility and morality.
If you know me for that long you should have noticed that I have no morality at all, and my only responsibility is to make myself happy.
the reason why I care about other people and want to make them feel good is that this makes me feel good too not because I am required by some morality or responsibility.
How I feel is the ultimate judge for what is right and wrong and I suggest everyone do the same. Always put yourself in the center of the universe. a person who does not love himself cannot really love anyone either. If you love yourself you will automatically love everyone. Morality and responsibility bring nothing but suffering to everyone.
When looking for friends this is also primary criteria which I evaluate as to how much that person loves himself/herself.

>A woman is sitting alone in a cafe reading a book. A man sits down at her table and says "Come home with me and fuck me." She says "No. Also, I am an adult, address me with respect like you would expect others to address you." The man, who is called Onix, says "How dare you! I am horny! This is your fault! Come fuck me!" She responds "You would enjoy fucking me, but I would enjoy being an autonomous human being and not fucking you. I would enjoy staying here and reading this book." Onix says "What I want is more important than what you want!" (Oh shit, does he really say that? Yes! Yes he literally does. He thinks women are inferior to him, which means his wants supersede theirs! Damn, Onix.)

This is totally not my style I would never do this and I always point out to other guys who wast to do this how stupid it looks like.
(although approaching a woman with the statement "Come home with me and fuck me." is not a that bad idea, which can give you quite a good success)
If I say to a woman "I am horny I want to fuck you"
her response should be "but I am not horny and don't want to fuck you"
If I continue "Then I will just rape you"
she can say "just try it and I will bite off your balls"

I come and say "look I am horny my dick is going to burst so I am sticking it in you."
she can response "and my pussy it is completely dry, make it wet and then you can stick it in"

very likely after pretty long conversation sex will eventually happen because she will change her mind.

the main thing that matters is not whether she allows me to fuck her but whether she allows me to change her mind about me.
and see there is no sign of anyone blaming anyone or making demands we just discuss what we want from the perspective that we do not owe each other anything.

if she just looks at me and says "fuck off you stupid creep" then I will hate her not for not fucking me but for being rude with me.

depending on the situation I will either just walk away with the hope that some serial killer will cut her body in pieces. or If there is no danger I rather abduct her and torture her in my basement, but I will not even try to rape her because I value my dick too much to put in a piece of shit like that. it will not even get hard.
in that case, I rather bring some ugly diseased homeless nigers to fuck her and just watch it myself.

As a nice person, you must give a chance for everyone just to interact with them and if it does not work then it's all fine. nobody owes anything to anyone.
but if you want to be treated nicely by others you have to threaten them nicely too. this is the basic principle.

just follow the golden rule

A more common situation which people who rely on responsibilities face is when you take a woman on a date buy her drinks give her gifts entertain her and in the end when you already expect sex she says "thanks! that was nice I am going home"
and you the start complaining like a real MGTOW as "What? I invested 200$ on you today I deserve at least a blowjob you ungrateful cunt"

If the same happens to me, my complaints will be "are you retarded, I think you knew that when I was doing all those things to you I did it because I thought you liked me. If you did not, you should have said so immediately instead of wasting my time and money"
although she could respond "Sorry, I thought you are usual cuck who loves serving women and being walked over." or maybe "I like you but you failed to arouse me"

If I have the luxury of not respecting her at all, I will not even ask her anything just jump on her pin her down and start cuddling and ticking her until she gets wet. if I see that she is too stressed about that and do not enjoy it at all I will let her go because I don't want to hurt her and feel quite bad about wahst I did, try to apologize. on the other hand, if I see that she is enjoying it I will rape her even if she complains.(Maybe she is married and doesn't want to cheat or she believes that no sex before marriage, in that case, the fact that I rape her offload her from that responsibility she can say to her husband "oh dear I was raped am totally innocent" and I even confirm that "yes she fought back like a tiger but she was no match for me hahaha" in that case everyone is happy she felt good and also for staying loyal to her man. impotent cuck husband is proud of having a loyal wife and has sex with her first time in the last 5 years (because imagining her being raped makes his dick hard) and I am happy because everyone is happy

Probably a week later she will come to the same spot in a hope that it will happen again

And I actually want to be treated exactly the same, with no respect but with love.
this is when you do not listen to what someone says but care about how they feel.


>Onix, you constantly talk about how a man must get what he wants from women, and how doing anything for women is cucked. You urge men to behave like inconsiderate, selfish narcissists.

No. you get it wrong. Doing something for women is cucked, but doing it for yourself is not.
When you want to do something nice you have to do it not for another person but because you feel good yourself by doing it. If it does not make you fell good then do not do it just because you have some responsibility or obligation.

You give flowers to your girlfriend because you love to see her smile and being happy, not because you believe that giving flowers to her will make her obligated to have sex with you or pay back somehow.


You often make statements about women. "Women are…" "Women think…" "Women will usually…"

You say them like you don't have to defend them. But you do. I disagree with almost all of them. To me your ideas about women seem simple, childish even, and lack depth.

Calling me a cuck is a lazy, self-indulgent defense, isn't it? Don't you think so? Why not defend what you believe about women, Onix? It seems only fair. You wrote so much.


You are not a pickup artist, you are forever a "future pickup artist." Always there is something in the way, or you'll do it tomorrow. I know because (1) you have no charisma, and (2) you are on gurochan all the time.

You're not a pickup artist, so you should stop basing your worldview on pickup artist doctrine. It's a simplification of reality, and because you're not a pickup artist you have no reason to simplify reality in that way.

>>although approaching a woman with the statement "Come home with me and fuck me" is not that bad an idea

Sure, if you are unusually charismatic, physically average or above average, dressed well, and your nonverbal communication reassures her that you are not a creep. Sooner or later, though, you have to be emotionally genuine with someone. Otherwise you cultivate a shallow social sphere, and one day you wake up realizing none of it matters. You can't be a social salesman your whole life and expect to reach old age feeling fulfilled, unless you are a narcissist or a sociopath or a psychopath, or some other sort of depraved solipsist who needs no human connection in their life. Human lives are short, and for most people casual sex eventually loses its magic.


I'll tell you what I mean by "responsibility" here, since I confused you.

"Responsibility" means that when you do a thing, you acknowledge that you had a choice and accept the consequences. You could have chosen not to do it. When you rape a woman, terrorizing and degrading her so you can feel powerful, it is your fault. You are responsible for raping her, so all blame and punishment falls on you. Her clothes did not make you do it. Her breasts did not make you do it. You made you do it, and you always had a choice to stop. You are therefore morally responsible for the suffering you inflicted upon her. There is no insanity plea, there is no "I knew not what I did" defense. Do you understand me now, Onix?

People who are not responsible for their actions are like children, or animals even. It is the opposite of adulthood, it is a condition undeserving of respect.

I think when you say "responsibility" you mean "obligation." "Responsibility" can mean "obligation" in some sentences, but I meant the word a different way.

…Misogyny is not a defense either. "I'm not responsible for raping her because I did not understand that she is a human being." People choose to understand, or not understand, in whatever way benefits them most. Many men refuse to understand the humanity of women - men who could easily understand it with a little effort - because they prefer not to understand. Putting women down makes them feel good about themselves, gives them courage to approach women, allows them to be salesmen. Understanding the humanity of women would ruin all of this for them. Suddenly they would need to rebuild themselves, and this is very daunting.


>>10821 cond't
I'm not trying to mock you. Well, maybe I am a little. But don't take it too seriously.


Well, I am not an active PUA and not planning to become ever for reasons I described a long time ago in that but as I am interested in psychology I study all that stuff and I have enough experience with women some in real life and most of it on the internet. and admit it yourself you can't really have a relationship with more than 10 women in your life and call it a good representative sample so talking from personal experience is pointless, you need to refer to the experience of other people and statistic
while on the internet you can interact with quite a lot of them.

>You're not a pickup artist, so you should stop basing your worldview on pickup artist doctrine.

this is not a pickup artist doctrine it is the doctrine that I want a woman to share my interests and have something in common with me to make it worth being together.
At this time my only interest is pleasure and fun maintaining my current lifestyle. So any woman who wants family children or whatever else irrelevant is out of the question. I am not going to change my interests or my life to convince some women just to have sex with her.
I did meet a few suitable women over the internet but obviously moving to another continent just to have some fun with someone who has a questionable look is a bit overkill.

Getting in a relationship with someone who has nothing in common with you is the most idiotic idea ever.
and this is what many PUAs do.
This is the main idea I am trying to present in this thread.

So the main problem is not convincing women to have sex with you bust actually meeting someone who is suitable for you. When you meet the right one you will naturally have sex with her eventually without making any effort at all.

>"Responsibility" means that when you do a thing, you acknowledge that you had a choice and accept the consequences. You could have chosen not to do it. When you rape a woman, terrorizing and degrading her so you can feel powerful, it is your fault. You are responsible for raping her, so all blame and punishment falls on you. Her clothes did not make you do it. Her breasts did not make you do it. You made you do it, and you always had a choice to stop. You are therefore morally responsible for the suffering you inflicted upon her. There is no insanity plea, there is no "I knew not what I did" defense. Do you understand me now, Onix?

This seems to be so irrelevant that I just failed to understand it that time, and of course, I agree and understand it now. but this absolutely does not apply to me or to this discussion and nobody in the sane mind would think that way. I already said it too that I am responsible for my own happiness, so if I make a choice responsibility is on me.

I was assuming another kind of responsibility which is typically used in this context on similar discussions as a responsibility to do something, not for yourself. like for example responsibility to defend your country to raise children to preserve your traditions, take care of women where you get no benefit at all.
I totally reject all those responsibilities.
And when you do that it is pretty common to be labeled infantile commitment-phobic etc.
There is also another kind of responsibilities as a responsibility not to murder rape steal etc and I reject them too.

So the argument to the feminist argument which you presented that "woman is autonomous being and not obligated to have sex with you" my response is I am equally not obligated not to rape or kill her.

for example, there was one discussion with feminist where she said

"women are highly endangered in situations when they reject men because those men can kill them."
"then do not reject them"
"women are autonomous beings and can choose with wong they want to be"
"then it is their own problem if they are getting murdered not mine. I am not obligated to protect them or do anything to help them"

See, by your own logic if a woman makes choice to reject a man then it is her own responsibility to deal with consequences.
If you demand me to protect women I will demand something back from them in exchange.

> Putting women down makes them feel good about themselves, gives them courage to approach women, allows them to be salesmen.

that is exactly what I refer to being a cuck when you are acting as a salesman.

In a normal situation, everything must happen naturally. as you meet a woman you talk with her you find that you like each other and then you have sex not that you see a woman who does not give a shit about you and then you act like a clown to convince her to let you bang her.

approaching random women on the street trying to pick them up is total idiocy because you have nothing in common with them they are absolutely irrelevant.
but when you meet women in the environment that is right for you everything happens like some magic unless you are autistic or stupid.

My complaint about women is that they are so different from men that you cannot find anything in common with them most of the time. Typically you will not even find any common environment besides various clubs and bars.

except that B.B guy who loves drinking and spending time in bars so naturally, he is picking up women every day
But if you have other kinds of hobbies, like building spy drones, well you will have to stay alone.


What I see here is Onix giving a detailed and well argumented point view on social relations of men and women and anon just attacking Onix's point of view and giving only pieces of counter-arguments that doesn't form anything coherent when they are put together, basicaly not contributing at all!
Also, Onix allways gives valid advices about relations that work in real life, and helped many!
I find it real funny that anon found himself insulted even after Onix perfectly explained what it means to be a cuck and what does not!
If you don't understand that diference anon, you might find yourself a cuck and won't even know about it!
About his time on gurochan, I'm sure he has a full personal life, like many of us here and your comments on that are childish.Aren't you spending time here also, for whatever reasons?
Lastly, I don't find anything wrong with what he said!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Well said!


Never thought I would say this but I'm so proud of gurochan for sticking up for the womem here! We apriciate it. ;) strangely wholesome.


>>I am equally not obligated to not to rape or kill her.

Do you experience empathy? This is what prevents most people from raping or killing others.


Also, Onix, you say you have no morality, but morality is just empathy informed by logic.

Theories of cause and effect connect a situation to its outcome, then empathy tells us whether the outcome is good or bad, and we judge the situation accordingly.

Empathy in turn relies on an understanding of human beings. People with a bad understanding - who for example see women as dumb harpies, or black people as beasts - will develop a bad morality.

These are the two underlying questions of the thread: what sort of human beings are women, and what networks of cause and effect exist?


On this site, Onix, you have sometimes given your answers to the question "what sort of human beings are women?"

You have, for example, said women are less creative, less capable of working with computers, and - we can infer from this - less intelligent.

I work in the hard sciences alongside many women. We write code, and we formulate new mathematics to describe physical situations. Some of these women have minds lightyears beyond mine.

I also keep up-to-date with psychology literature, including studies on gender differences. Psych has always been a passion of mine, and through my work I get access to a couple journals.

Yours and my understandings of women differ. Mine seems better informed, but no view is correct (human nature is way too complex, we are all idiots struggling to understand even the basics). For starters, neither of us are women, and this limits our understanding. My view errs on the side of women being equal to men, which is the morally safer and less arrogant stance. My risk of doing bad things to women is lower.

Suppose a perfect morality exists, one which fully comprehends human nature and can see all cause and effect relationships. We'll call this "true morality." My own morality, flawed as it must be, will still, according to true morality, permit fewer bad acts than yours will, because I make safer assumptions. I'm more generous when I estimate human worth. I know my understanding of those around me is limited, and I know that with better understanding I would possess a more sophisticated morality, so I always scrutinize my actions carefully. I do not want to regret them later when my understanding improves.


I do all of this because I feel empathy, and it makes me want to do things that a theoretical "true morality" - empathy informed by perfect knowledge - would approve of.

Anyone who loves humanity aspires to this. When you do not want to hurt people, and you know that in your ignorance you might do so accidentally, you make generous assumptions.

This includes the assumption - which is probably correct - that women are equal to men.


I wrote a lot. If you get lost or forget my original point, just return to >>10830


You wrote a lot indeed, but basicaly what you said is this: in order to have a mature relation with a woman, a man must understand her needs and mold his behavior in such a way the woman will accept him as a partner.This is all fine and well if the women would do the same.But this allmost never happens! Why? Because, of many factors, first, women have diferent libidos than men, while it's more difficult for men to marry or have relations after a certain age, women have little problems with this also women are natural attractors, while men have to work to gain the courship of a woman(this is seen not only in humans but in nature as well).Women can also stay without men for a long period of time, and don't need the motivation of a man to achive their goals in life.Women need men for stability and support and some of them don't need that either.While most men will do poorly in life without a woman in their life, that is why most women are able to influence powerfull men, because even men with a huge potential, most of the time lack motivation.
Women are not by far inferior beings, but women and men have gender traits, strenghts and limitations, if women try step over their boundaries little by little the social order is broken and men are the ones who suffer from this because of what was stated above.
The modern independant woman model is a danger to men not the women as beings.
A new model must be found and men should use their skills and patience to find the right women.Because if men mold themselves too much they sacrifice their personality entirely and this sounds like a death to me! Think!


Boyyyyyyy this thread is something else.


Just noticed the thread has reached 100 comments! Awesome!


File: 1580512251873.jpeg (7.55 KB, 125x93, 425FE0F9-D4A7-4C1D-A85C-D….jpeg)


> 15 y/o mgtow intensifies


I'm very much against killing all women but very much in favor of killing these buzzwords and the peeps using them with cheap reaction memes


>Do you experience empathy? This is what prevents most people from raping or killing others.

Without discussing the relevance of empathy I will just say that
even if that would be applicable, I am still not obligated not to rape or not to kill because we owe *nothing* to each other.
Whether I chose to do it or not and why it is a different thing.
The context of that claim is where women are demanding men care about women while at the same time they declare that they do not give a shit about men.

>Also, Onix, you say you have no morality, but morality is just empathy informed by logic.
No, it is not. Morality is essentially your meaning of life or in other words your value system. (and in even other words it is known as "social instinct" which is very much the same as other natural instincts that govern you.)
for example, what is more, valuable for your happiness or survival? your personal survival or survival of your nation. Should you have children or not? are you for or against incest? How do you feel about the infidelity of your wife?
Empathy is usually absolutely incompatible with morality and conflicts it more than follows it.
It is pretty much vital for the survival of society but you probably know that I hate society.

By saying that I have no morality I say that I place myself on top of all other values and I am the ultimate judge of what is right and wrong so if my empathy says that to save this one kitten (or my friend) I have to destroy 5 million people, too bad they will have to die because for me that kitten has more value than they all if you don't like it blame my empathy.
But realistically, of course, I do have morality. I was not raised by Wolves so I developed some social instincts. But I found a way to deal with them.

>You have, for example, said women are less creative, less capable of working with computers, and - we can infer from this - less intelligent.

Yes, I stand for my words that women are less creative and more down to earth beings than men because of evolution
but I *never* said they are less intelligent, just less creative. Creativity is not when you do things well and efficient it is when you break rules and get the result in a way that everyone around is scratching their heads thinking how the hell he got such a ridiculous idea which also even works (or does not). so you can easily be stupid and creative and smart but lack any creativity at all. In fact, children are more creative than adults but absolutely not more intelligent. Men manage to retain more of that while women after puberty lose most of it.

And before you start bragging about your experience and psychology knowledge, get familiar with typical Gaussian distribution. If you take average men and women you will have nearly 90% overlap but when you move to the ends of the distribution you will see that differences become very extreme. If we assume that men are 10% more violent than women on average this is almost unnoticeable, If you look at the top 10% of violent people it will be one woman in 10 men. When you look at the most violent people on earth predominantly all of them will be men without any women. So your everyday experience is irrelevant.
even if the difference between men and women in certain areas is only 1% on the edges of the curve this will have extreme effects

For this reason, the further you are from the average the harder it will be for you to find an appropriate female friend because there will be way more men with the same interests and very few women.
There is no guilt of women in that it is just how math works.

I think the only realistic solution will be if we will manage to develop technology and turn everyone into futas eliminating the idea of gender and sex. LOL


>I think the only realistic solution will be if we will manage to develop technology and turn everyone into futas eliminating the idea of gender and sex. LOL

Thumbs up!



Whoa, very edgy anon


Anon, >>10845 and >>10841 is one of our resident trolls, don't pay attention to him!


A very valid point of view! Also very true! Well, except for the last part! :P Can't wait to see what the cuck will have to say now!


Agreed! But that model is only a part of the problem! It also sustains what Onix said! I only agree to this and Onix, the rest is gibberish!


"Anyone else despised women?"

First off….no
Second off why would you hate women? They brought you to this world in the first place



There’s plenty of reasons to hate them. They’re the cause of society’s downfall and men are starting to realize the world would be better without the cunt gender. Less women, the better.

Can’t forget women are the main cause of financial issues, have more mental health issues than men, and (thankfully) live shorter lives than men do. They’re also backstabbing, life-ruining twats, who, when they do get their shit kicked in, play the victim card when they had it coming.

They brought people into this world. Great. We have artificial wombs to spare us the pain. Just because someone birthed you out of their filthy cunt does not mean they are worthy of respect or love. Anyone could literally give birth better and still be more useful than a walking vagina. A man could birth a child out of his cock for all I care and they would still be a better parent than the breeder species known as women.



Except gurochan is a site dedicated to seeing women suffer. Why would you stick up for a species that hasn’t done shit for you? Fucking cuck.


Yo I've been arguing against this dude but …
That is really only a reason to hate them, for anyone who only hates this world… But it goes also for the man who bust a nut that became you.


Guys just read what Onix and the dude with the new model said, it will help you see things clear!


Gurochan is dedicated to Grotesque Imagery.


Are you like this because you haven't had a girlfriend since highschool, perhaps you got rejected? Or maybe you aren't popular at all so you lash out at the thing you believed cause you the pain?

If so, please reconsider your hate, love means accepting your partner and spending your entire life with them, a girl isn't going to do that if they didn't know you beforehand, plus put yourself in their shoes, what happen if a girl ask you out, but you don't know anything about them and you had nothing in common to them?


And please listen to yourself
Look at what you have written and consider your life choice

Hating on one gender is not right, be it male or female. Try using your brain instead your heart and maybe change before you regret how you live your life


You're too sweet Horus. I wonder how much we've talked.

>>10911 You're also sweet, and presuming quite a lot. Maybe your guess is accurate but I'd not put money on it and his origin is irrelevant. What matters is he is cancer who won't listen to reason. Even if you happen to be right, what good does rubbing trauma in his face do? At least be honest in your insults and not pass ag!



How about people have the right to hate women because they can? I mean, shit, I hate women not because “you can’t get a gf JFL at this asshole” or whatever excuses you can label me with. Second of all, to love someone means you stoop to their level and put up with their bullshit. Nobody nowadays has time for that.

I hate women because of their looks and personalities. I hate them because they could get away with all sorts of crimes and still be loved. I hate them because of how perpetually annoying they are. Just because they shit a kid out of their womb doesn’t mean they are worthy of love or respect. Anyone can birth a kid and not receive any love or consideration and still be fine.

I hate women to the point of where I refuse to consider them anything but a failed species that’ll be extinct in the next few years.

If men do not rise up and realize women are the true evil ruining their lives, how will they wake up from this nightmare? Who will help them realize the meme gender (women) have been hurting them and others all this time?

Also, hilarious you guys want to stand up for women when you’re on a site involving torture and rape of women. Proves to me you all are a bunch of cowards.


TL: rrreeeee vagina bad, ran out of arguments so instead ill show how i dont understand how a fetish works and how most people here arent actual psychos like me


>How about people have the right to hate women because they can? I mean, shit, I hate women not because “you can’t get a gf JFL at this asshole” or whatever excuses you can label me with. Second of all, to love someone means you stoop to their level and put up with their bullshit. Nobody nowadays has time for that.

I always said that it is ok, to hate women, it is just stupid. Just like all of your arguments. If you want to be stupid that's totally ok.
In essence you are same as if someone came up here and started posting on the every thread how he fates frogs or snakes because they are slippery and disgusting or venomous then posting 100 reasons article why hate frogs . or even started to argue with people who keep snakes as their pets on the pet care forum.

Just calm down with all that hate after all and accept the fact that women are simply irrelevant. Just enjoy the benefits of current society and let the cucks suffer as they desire.


Haha! Well said! I'm glad there are still sane and rational people here! Btw, this is a site dedicated to art not to the suffering of women! That said this discussion managed to touch some important life issues from a rational perspective! Well done Onix and the anons with similar ideas!(


Geez buddy, you sound like you have a lot of displaced anger issues and you need help. You should seriously consider seeking some form of professional counseling. I hope you get better and can end up being the best person you can be.



Isn’t counseling just another money laundering scheme? It doesn’t do shit last I recalled. Also, therapists and counselors are scammers who just tell you motivational garbage to try and make you see things from their POV.


Yeah, I argued against the PoS starting this shit but hiring a conartist won't make him honest with himself.


There are also RP and interesting stories on the site… for some, they are more important than images…



Exactly. Also, nothing wrong is with hating women. They’re just disposable fleshbots with not much of a purpose other than to be fucked and become slaughterhouse meat. Trust me when I say there’s no harm done in eliminating the evil females. Men everywhere would rejoice if there was world without those cunts who can’t mentally develop. Women are just mentally retarded kids with the IQ of a toddler.


Like my fellow men aren't frequently immature.
Does it even occur to you to consider your contradicting reasons to hold such spite?


>Women are just mentally retarded kids with the IQ of a toddler.

If there is a reason to hate them it is because women are the exact opposite.
they are geniuses of survival, women are just as prolific as rats or cockroaches they will survive anything nuclear winter, asteroid impact, or alien invasion. the entire female brain is dedicated to just this single task of survival with a very very small amount of anything else like useless creativity.

"mentally undeveloped" people are actually the best and women mentally develop way faster than men. Even in the puberty when boys are still fooling around and have no plans to grow up for at least 2 more decades if ever, girls are already hatching plans of building families, popping out children and possibly divorce raping their cuck husbands. LOL

this is exactly the reason why the situation is so bad for boys as at the time when you want to have fun with girls there are like 2 girls on the entire school who are still mentally undeveloped and still think about having fun rather than counting the future earnings of their potential boyfriends.

Although treating those 2 precious remaining undeveloped girls like fleshbots and hurting them is also the reason why boys get what they deserve later.


Not trying to start anything, but why was this user banned? I don't think he or she has stated anything that bad, personally speaking.

I've noticed that you refer to women as if they are an individual, rather than a group. May you tell us your reasoning behind that? Everyone has a distinct and unique personality, and biological traits don't necessarily define how someone behaves.



>>10825 was that spamming shithead that got brutalized last week, it's not hard to tell


I see.


I suspect that you were trying to say it backward. But I think I mentioned that it is not just a group and some deviations do exist.
We refer to the group as some kind of statistical average to indicate what you can expect. It has nothing to do with individual characters just like the national lottery jackpot has nothing to do with the typical outcome of purchasing a ticket.

But of course, eventually, you will be dealing with some individual person. And the only thing that matters here is your luck in meeting that person. Funny enough even attempts to manipulate that luck are not received well and do not even feel that pleasant.


So when you say "women", you mean "women in general"? That's fair, thank you for the clarification.

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