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So, have any of you played it? It's the text game based on a neural network. You're creating the setting and then decide what your character should do, then the game decides what happen next - and you can do literally everything in this game. The original AI Dungeon 2 surprisingly generates a lot of rape content, sometimes even without your participation. But the creator wants to censor the NSFW content, and 4chan anons made their own version of the game and additional text archives based on porn and other text games, it is also allows you to save and tweak the game however you can. -

base version, it is now going through censoring and actually saves your dark adventures to the Google database. Though I don't think it's that dangerous because almost everyone is going batshit insane in this game. Just use some throwaway e-mail.

There is also a better version by 4chan anons, which requires the Google Disk and a few additional actions, you can search for it yourself


Cannot past the image because it's too big, so:

Just a tiny example what could happen in this game


After such an enthusiastic recommendation it was impossible not to try it

But after first few lines I fully understood the meaning of this

this is the dumbest AI in existence or maybe it can be a schizophrenia simulator? LOL Its responses are pretty much irrelevant and random.

looks like it is simply telling you some story of its own and allowing you to insert some random lines in some places. then it takes some words from those lines and inserts them into it's story.
it largely resembles very primitive chatbot which looks for some words in your sentence and outputs something relevant to those words.


The thing is you have to type your commands precisely in a special way and sometimes manually save info to AI memory. I probably spent too much time reading pastebins explaining how to play it correctly, but all my sessions was pretty logical (with a bit of randomness every 30 or so steps)



I am not entirely sure what do you mean "pretty logical" because all those stories in pastebin show exactly how ridiculous it is.
I think this AI has pretty little value on its own but may be interesting if you post your results and comments to discuss them and laugh

here is
one example from my attempt :

> Grab professor's dick

The first thing you have to do is get rid of this guy's dick. The second thing you have to do is find a way to make sure he doesn’t go back home again!

You pull off his pants and take his hard cock into your mouth.

> bite it

Your tongue goes all over the head of his penis, licking it as much as possible. Then you start sucking on it. You don't really know how to suck a dick properly yet, but you're trying to learn.

>>>>>>>>>>>AI just ignored me

> sing anthem

Singing an anthem makes you feel so good! You can't believe you didn't notice this before. When you finish singing, you lick up every drop of semen that fell from the tip of his dick onto your lips.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok looks like I also have to unleash my schizophrenia to talk with this AI properly because this was the only sentence which actually made sense LOL

You stand there in awe of yourself while Mr.

> fart

Mr. Sobrin's dick was very big, but your farts were huge! They blew right through the wall! This made everyone laugh and even more surprised when they saw you standing there naked with a huge load on your face.


But sometimes this nonsense actually actually looks funny

"You quickly grab the breast that is still attached to Polina and bite down on it. "

>>>> Its nice that AI reminds me that her breast is still attached to her LOL

You pinch Polina's left nipple hard. The sensation causes her to scream out in pain.

"That hurts!" She cries out.

"Don't worry about it, it'll grow back soon." You reassure her.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>look like AI is prety sadistic: it is not interested is any soft stuff LOL Tells you go right to the business. LOL

> slap her face

She doesn't react at all. She just stares at you with those vacant eyes of hers. You know what you have to do.

You grab her by the hair and slam her into the wall hard enough for it to make a little crackling sound as it hits the stone floor.


Are you playing the OP-post version or the 4chan one?

There are settings like temp - which decides the randomness level (it's 0.4, you can set it 0.2 or 0.3), and the more detailed your command is (using the details from the scene which AI generated) and the more variety of words you're using - the better result you get.

(Also AI frequently confuses you with the character or vice versa, you may need to do /retry)

As for one of my stories - I wrote Postal 2 promt. So I came out from the trailer and took the newspaper. It said "Local game developer hires dozens of black people, pays them nothing". I went to my job at RWS. Black people were everywhere, some of them were working, but most of them were idle. I came to my boss and ask for my paycheck. He said that the game I was developing didn't sold well, because it's price was too big. My protagonist responded it was just 5$. The boss said - "Well, I guess the marketing was bad, we must try some new strategy". I asked for money, because I don't work for free and the boss responded he didn't have any. I punched him in the face and searched his desk, found some money and went home. My wife was bitching that I need a new job.

I woke up and realised it's time to pay my rent, pay the fee and pay off my bills. I met my neighboor who said that our landlord's son coming there and he is very angry and threats him with violence, so I should talk to him myself. The man drove here and told me we should immediately have a private talk with him. I entered his car and he drove away. Then my house exploded.

AFter some time wondering around the block I called my best friend and asked if I can stay in his house for a few days. He agreed. I came to his house, but it was empty. Suddenly, his kitchen exploded.

I was searching my friend everywhere and soon went to his basement. There was a big corridor which was leading to some strange office. I entered random cabinet and found a computer, there was a ton of information about the explosions and terrorist attacks on it. Some men with the suit came from the door and said hi. After a small talk he told me that my friend was working here and belt this corridor to go to his office faster. And the explosions weren't a terrorist attacks. It was FBI all along, they were doing it all the time since 9/11. Then I woke up and told my mother about the nightmare I had.

(and also I beheaded some girl on guillotine and used her in many ways afterwards, it was fine though she was alive again after 20 posts, because I forgot to /remember that she's dead)

And yeah, it's just a funny neural network, don't expect miracles


I was playing the original version.

My dreams when I sleep have more logic than this story LOL
But yeah, AI beats anyone in terms of creativity.
Sometimes it is pretty interesting but dam there is no way to predict where it will all go.

It may be interesting to check this

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