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Love the site, been looking for a place to share and get feedback/inspiration for my photo manipulations. Almost all involve semi-consensual/coerced girls getting impaled or stabbed between their legs. (For world-building this all takes place in a reality where women outnumber men 20,000:1, thus population control is needed)

I think the theme fits in with the community here, but I don't see any other manips. I'm wondering if these are welcome, or else if someone can suggest another site/community? Love everything I see here!

Rather than actually upload images for now, here are a several links. (I actually have several hundred of these in my archive…) If they're liked I'll start a thread on /art


The problem with manips: Any pictures of real people are against the site rules, so this will probably get deleted.

I think these rules are different on some other sites with otherwise harsher rules. For example I think on thedarkspot manips should be allowed.


The site rules specify "Do not post imagery of real life gore, scat, etc.", but I would read that as quite different from images of real people in fictitious situations. Obviously, nothing in my images is of real death…

But if it is against the rules then that would certainly be my answer!


Yeah, there's a hard ban on all photography of any kind, including manips.


Yes real pictures are not allowed here probably mostly for legal reasons because imagine if someone started posting photo manipulations of real children or their girlfriends, and also this mat harm site reputation as being fantasy only

But I think you can get around this by only posting links to your pictures like now.
there will be no previews but that is the only price to pay.


Yes it's a sad story and I hope the links won't be deleted, I love your stuff and pm in general.I haven't seen good ones in ages.
Btw, this reminds me there was, once upon a time, an artist called Ironfish who was very talented and did the best vore&gore photomanips i've ever seen.Anyone knows what happened to him or if his works are still around someware?


I totally understand. I'd rather not buck the status quo or tarnish Gurochan's good name. (good humored sarcasm intended).

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll look into dark spot perhaps. I seriously have hundreds of these manips and I enjoy bouncing ideas off of others who enjoy the same sick things I do…



I'd also recommend Fetnoir.


I, too, would like to see the work of this legendary Ironfish.


If you decide to start uploading stuff somewhere else, I would love to get a link or username, so I could see it.


If you find a place let me know! I'd like to follow your work & also have some I've made to post.

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