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Or for that matter, an intense dislike?

I’m unable to be around women because of years of neglect and abuse. Because of this, I don’t see them as human. Rather, I see them as bloodsucking monsters who are out to hurt everyone and everything. I do everything in my power to avoid contact with them and avoid potential bonds with them because of my intense phobia and dislike of the female gender. Does any other gurochanner feel this way?


The title made me think I relate entirely… for a second.

When a beautiful lady flirts with me and seems genuinely interested, I get terrified..
And yes I've seen women can be as awful as man can be…
Regardless of so many factors, people can be problematic..

But I don't hate them. Not all of them at least.



Thank you for responding, I’m the OP. I thankfully don’t flirt with women (it’s not in me, to be honest) and I’ve got a phobia of women to where I don’t like being around them for so long. I’ve had to switch seats or politely excuse myself from being within range of one. I keep hearing more and more awful things of women to where it’s became more and more harder for me to relate/sympathize/bond with/et al.

I’ve been abused and neglected to where I just cannot see them as human or see myself trying to be in their lives. I don’t want to see them die, per se. I’m not like this guy who keeps posting about fictional genocide or whatever the fuck on here for edgelord points.


This is me


I have something of a phobia of mothers and the fetishisation of motherhood but generally speaking I get on better with women than other men.


Well, to tell the truth, I am quite terrified of women too, but not because I fear them as something scary but because I am afraid that they will see what I am really feeling and what I want while being with them.

I am quite perverted and think about sex almost all the time so ideally even when discussing evolution I would rather do it while my opponent is playing with my dick.

So the fear is all about how far I can go with this specific woman not to be labeled as a pervert in front of everyone or that she will think I am creepy, which is a bit hard when every time I look at any decent looking woman I think how I am going to stick 12-inch dildo in her butt or if I hug one I think about the size and softness of her tits and how hard I can rub myself into them before she will, notice something strange.

I do not see them as scary monsters, I just see them as frigid and mercantile people who barely can think beyond mundane matters. Of course, there are exceptions but those are hard to encounter in the real world, especially when you live in a small town.

I hardly can imagine how a woman can abuse a man, maybe she can only file false rape accusations at most or publically humiliate you but that's a bit too extreme.
All other forms of abuse can be resisted and actually can be seen as a form of fun where you just take revenge later or they can be even enjoyed as a form of attention.
I actually see any kind of attack or misbehavior as a license to do the same back. You know the golden rule is totally valid here "treat other people the same as they treat you"


So that's why you dislike pregnant characters :)


I've never said I disliked pregnant characters?


Although it is why most of the mums in my old stories were kinda bitches!


Well, you said you don't like pregnant characters being snuffed because that would make you sad.
I would not say moms in your old stories were bitches more like dads were real assholes and also perverted uncles ;) mothers practically did not exist.


Well yeah it would make me sad but that's for the baby lol. Yes I suppose I rarely included mothers - I was just remember the two awful, pushy "stage moms" I wrote about!


Interesting, felling sad about unborn baby which is not even technically a baby but just bloated belly, then no problems with any kind of torture when that baby is 5 years old LOL
I imagined that it is more about motherhood than babies.


Oh don't worry about my headache I LIke psychologic stuff ;)
The stories people write reveal everything about their personality ;)

Consent is actually not so important and worst of all it is pretty hard to define in the first place. So the problem is not only with fiction but with reality too.
But I guess I leave that discussion for other time ;)


I was talking purely within the context of my stories :-)

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