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I was reading the wikipedia for plasma and supercooling; It has me pondering entities made of Lightning or Fire, or just pure thermal and magnetic energy, as well as golems and shittizle ya sizzle.

Could they have technology like quantum particle tools? And ehat about culture?
Think of their gurophiles!
Hoe couls they reproduce and think and shit?


Within our current realiy I am pretty sure physical interactions that lead to consciousness are only possible with carbon and silicon.

Luckily, I believe we live a just a subset of possible realities - and all are digital btw. If we die, we might get to choose to live in a fantasy world with completely different rules.



To correct myself, I believe we are in one of the many parallel worlds running on some infrastructure in the above layer reality. Time scales might be different based on allocated computing power - and I'd say our universe sure has a lot of allocated power to simulate such detailed experiences for over 7 billion people - but scale is arbitrary from within.


Personally I strongly believe in parallel realities and the idea of different races of beings occupying the same physical space as our world but on a different "frequency" so we're only very occasionally aware of them as they are of us.

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