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if you've been to the EVMC and OP threads lately, you know who I'm talking about

someone stop this dumbshit
fuck that "real european woman rape" crap, this sockpuppeting retard is even worse


Just report and ignore that dumbass.
Sure there's no rule against acting like a faggot, but if the mods care about retaining some kind of civil userbase, they'll give him a warning.


There's the Evmc vs Op spammer guy, who I find funny to some extent, there are the trolls who take advantage of his posts to comment shit, and there are real retards like you who get really butthurt, retaliate and encourage them to post some more shit! First rule: Don't feed the trolls!


done; if only I could report more posts, though

what you're saying would make sense, if the threads had any actual activity outside this crap
but guess what you fucking smartass, they don't


I seriosly doubt the admins/mods can do anything about this since the site has no actual registration.Maybe mop up the threads, but i doubt they will do that either because nothing posted was against the site rules.Until you get it that the best tactic is to ignore, that guy and others will continue to troll and spam, and this happens for two reasons, the 3d section is in decline and idiots retaliate to spam(exactly what the spammers/trolls want).I find you both equally annoying.But do what you want the 3dcg is allmost dead anyway, at least now I can check it for a laugh!


cool, very helpful



3DCG is not dead if you like pseudo-cp (or are an OP fan but sucks having to wait 2+ months for just a loop, guy legit burn off)

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