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Forgive the sob story but I swear it's a relevant point. I was beaten and molested and insulted and taken advantage of more ways than you probs care to hear and hey, no one could blame you. It's not your job to GAFS about me.
But I care about me, and don't get how others however similar or disimilar to me, seem to give no shits that
A) Any sort of sensor can capture you from any angle. Not just camera showing fine detail at over a mile.
B)Everything online.
C) People often like to hurt people.

So just on some level, does it not concern you that how you're peeved on?


Since my profession is electronic and software design and I am almost someone who is doing this as a hobby
I know quite well what is possible and what is not

So no it is not possible. mostly because of power issues as even if you can make a device that will spy on you it eats lots of power and cannot work any reasonable time from the battery.
but also other simple problems like camera placement.

I wonder wahst kind of other mystery sensors can show fine detain at over a mile? the only sensor which can do that is a camera.

Next, if someone is spying on you and they managed to reveal something uncomfortable no problems, just claim it being deep fake. On this day you can fake pretty much anything with the decent quality so no point to bother with spying. If someone presents something incriminating you just laugh and compliment the quality of the fake video.

If that information cannot be used legally then who cares?
In fact, it becomes kinda interesting and flattering that I am so important to be worth spying LOL
although is my spy is willing to see me watching porn I would rather offer to watch it live LOL

Oh, totally forgot, I have no webcam so nobody can see me LOL



oh fuck.

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