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I've been a very longtime lurker here, not saying much because I didn't have anything to offer the gore community. Now, however, I've gotten into writing stories that could all be described as "erotic death", and I'm curious if they could be enjoyed here. I know that sounds like a half-decent match, but there's a kicker: They're all furry(anthro) stories. Each has artwork accompanying it, as well.

I'd love to hear from the community here if they'd like to see such stories posted, and if they'd be better off in /lit/ or /fur/. I didn't want to just spam them without checking.


I prefer humans over furies, but it is not really that important.
I it is better if those are loli furies, or at least they look cute;)

anyway, the worst thing that can happen if you post your stories here is that nobody will be interested.


yes nigga do it


don't worry about that, furry things are not hated here, one of the best post in lit was a collection of MLP themes guro stories.

Post your work on lit and add tags before the title so people know what they are going to read (tags like furry, necro, beheading, ecc…)

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