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Honestly curious which one poeple prefer. Is it better to see gorey details in pictures and videos or can words be enough to paint a wonderful picture on their own. Which do you prefer and why


Honestly it depends on my mood, either way it can be a good pic or story.
3D VR video games being perfected will be the best art form I've seen so far.


It is often said that books have the best special effects and I think that is true. An author can spoil things with too much detail if they're not careful, limiting your imagination, but if they paint in broad enough strokes then the images they conjure up in your head are going to be way better than anything even the most talented artist could create!


I sort of agree with >>10323
but also a picture is worth of 1000 words too so it is the best to combine both ;)

Also it is not really about imagination, It is separate kind of text based imagination which operates in the diffrent mode.

The good thing about text is that you can do something plain impossible like what prevent you to snuff entire elephant in to the toddlers pussy,lick your own back or jerk off with your hands tied behind your back.
You cannot even imagine that but you can understand the concept and and enjoy it.

Although 2D anime can also successfully defy logic to some extent but 3d turns out more problematic.

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