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Hey all, so I've gotten into guro recently, and its sorta scaring me. I mean I find the idea of being gored really hot (in theory, I mean) but my fantasies run away with me sometimes, and it sorta contradicts with the rest of my personality. Please not this is not an invitation to hit on me, thanks. I don't date people from regular chans, let alone this one. Anyways, I can't stop myself. I want boys to have more cum so I drown, I want girls to have stronger legs so when I'm pleasuring them, they "accidentally" crush my head into a pulp and piss on my face. Even in real life, I want to be punched, slapped, whipped and choked. Please help me, I don't know what to do and i'm alone and scared and kindof horny and I don't really know what to do but I can't stop myself.


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Okay well 1, odd choice of sentence order, maybe say to not hit on you at the start next time, but definitely not right there at peak irrelevance.

And 2 exactly what do you want? You can't stop yourself from… what exactly?

There's a point here besides No we got it worse, You should feel bad and seel Our approval!
Point is your problem is… well vague, and thus tossed in the fire of "THE WORLD IS ON FIRE" if it's even a legit problem.
It's psychological. Buy me a fuckn meal and I'll play your therapist. I'm hungry.


from my guro urges
also i dont know what youre saying in point 3


Unlike most other people i do not consider reality and fantasy being something diffrent, what really matters i how much you are willing to pay for your desire being realized.
Which is actually the universal criteria for mental illness in all contexts. (except when your mental disorder suits society)

letting a woman piss on your face is pretty cheap desire if you manage to find a woman willing to do it.
but being punched or whipped while may be pretty sexy will cost you few days or even weeks of pain and annoyance with some level of disability.
So are you willing to pay that price for few minutes of pleasure?
Do you even like pain and suffering itself or you are just into action and looks?

If yes, then what is the problem? Just do it pay the price and also post some pictures for us to fap on them. You do not need to stop yourself if you are absolutely sure that it is worth doing. maybe you will even die but who cares that is the price you are willing to pay.

If not, well then too bad it will remain just in your dreams on how great it woud be if someone choked you to death and maybe look for pictures of people who paid the price and enjoy their experience trough the empathy.
also you can try to draw yourself in those situations write stories or ask someone to do it for you. I think it is not that much diffrent from really experiencing it.

Finally what you imagine can be very diffrent from real thing so it is not necessary that if your dream came true you woud get any pleasure from that at all, most likely it will end with disappointment. Extreme level of stress and doubt will also make everything worse.


point 3 is you're fucked, I'm sorry, nothing can be done.

When he is right he just happens to be and I agree with some things he says but let me be clear, he is fucked up, foolish and dense.


LOL and this is coming from the guy who is openly trying to take advantage of someone online.

I can forgive you the rest but foolish?
You are a fool yourself.


Take advantage? How?

You said women don't ever get turned on, and like a million other flat out wrong statements.


Yes, you can choose to do anything you want and when you make the choice you just need to think how much you are willing to pay for it.When I say pain, I refer to work, pain and the other thing that result from that choice.So it's our right to make whatever choice we like! Furthermore I would say it's our duty to try and make the choices that define us or else there is little much to live for!
Why do you contradict Onix? He is clearly helping the guy to live free!


>Take advantage? How?
this: ;)
>Buy me a fuckn meal and I'll play your therapist

But don't worry too much we all love doing that.

>You said women don't ever get turned on,

This is a plain lie. I never could say that about all women.
What I said is actually this:

Also please care about the difference between wrong and politically incorrect. Because I do not deny that I absolutely reject any morality or popular beliefs and recommend everyone to do the same.
In fact if you did that too, you woud be much happier and even your sexual preferences can change. Much of our personality is defined by the conflict between our moral beliefs and our desires. What you repress just grows bigger.



I recall you saying exactly that but OK.

Saying "buy me a meal and I'll play your therapist" sure as shit isn't the same sleazy connotation that rolls with "taking advantage of someone" like a con artist or rapist, even putting aside it's an obvious joke and not a serious offer (tho there'd be nothing wrong eith the proposition).


In that case you are taking it out of context maybe it was something like "usually" or "most often"

>even putting aside it's an obvious joke and not a serious offer

Are you accusing me of the lack of sense of humor? LOL
Of course I know that it is a joke.
But you would not refuse to become his/her therapist if it was taken seriously, even for free, wouldn't you ? ;)


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>> But you would not refuse to become his/her therapist if it was taken seriously, even for free, wouldn't you ? ;)

I would refuse that actually. This individual's problem amounts to "Oh no! I like what you like so I must be awful! Help me not like what you guys like!"


Honestly, I hate that I like the stuff that I like and really wish I didn't. That's no judgment on anyone else what so ever - I'm just super hard on myself and think my life would be so much better/easier if I was "normal"!


You lack logic here. because there is no any disadvantage if you like something regardless what it is.

everything what you like is great even if the thing you like is bad

What is bad is if you dislike something because it limits your options of enjoying your life.

Of course if your situation is that the only way you can get aroused is if someone is punching you in the face or choking you to near death it is obviously pretty bad but it can be fixed too.
although being drowned in cum seems to be pretty harmless even if impossible in reality and pissing on the face is something not even really perverted and quite fun thing to do if you are in the shower.

You can always develop new interests and reduce significance of those bad things.

From the way you say it I suspect that you never even did those thing in your life and only fantasize about them so most likely you complaints are totally unjustified because you do not even really like what you describe. You just think you like that.

And this is not something unusual many people are fantasizing about something and get very disappointed when they actually get a chance to try it.


Sorry for the anon confusion - I am not the OP, just joining in the conversation.


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To all the Anons saying that they feel ashamed and need want to "correct it", I would say go for nofap for a month since it claims to "reset" your masturbation habits, but everything I've seen indicates that there's a 50/50 chance that you'll end up even more screwed up than before. As far as any actual advise I can give, just make sure that your fetishes are not taking over your life, and you're good. If you have shit to take care, but you have a desire to nut at the moment, suppress that desire and work on the thing that you're SUPPOSE to be doing.

Also, why does no one recommend EXERCISE if you want to torture yourself? Seriously, all you're really doing is torturing yourself, only for your body to become stronger, which results in torturing yourself even more, except in more exotic ways since everything prior no longer works because you're immune to it.
<Don't believe me, try this pic out twice in one day.
You are going to hurt the a LOT the very next day.


You are scared of nothing, all of these things happen only in your head and as long as you have a sane conscience you won't let any of this happen, if the fantasy of getting brutalized turns you on then IS FINE, you can tell what is fictional from what is real since is a basic human skill, just fap to yourself getting gored in the most brutal ways and be relieved that after you release your testosterone you can just go back to living your life without any problem, you don't need to tell anyone about that and you sure as hell don't want to actually be tortured

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