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I've seen some anons trying to make some requests on something and some have posted their amateur drawings. But some have been told to fuck off by other anons, possibly from 4chan. I thought anyone can request and post anything here as long as it doesn't break the rules.


Yes some peeps are cunts. They ripped on my stories, which are bad sure, but left no constructive criticism tho others did when I requested.
Some shitheads are just cancer.


Well, just as anyone can request and post anything anyone can reply telling them to fuck off.
Although in that case someone will come and tell that person to fuck off with his fuck offs if the content which was posted has some value.


There are also some people with 4chan mentality that needs to be banished from this site. Anyone should be allowed to make requests and share contents here as long as they don't deviate from the categories and are not pictures of real-life people.


It disgusts me to see someone bring up their problems from 4chan to this site. Good thing mods are active in removing posts made by such users as they are irrelevant to this site.

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