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Want to ride my short bus? Because you're special!


Well, my best super secret pickup line so far is
"Do you have some time?" ;)

If you want more intimate stuff, that requires doing some research on the person with whom you are talking.


If you’re still trying to date in this day and age, you’re a cuck. Relationships aren’t worth it since they cost money and time. Just stick with masturbation, it’s safer and saner.


If you're out tbere going at girls, you're cucked, so you shouldn't be a cuck, instead just fapping and nkt getting any.

Look pal, you had a point around Relationships are Bullshit but then idk what you're on.


Dating is a stupid idea at any time and age because ideally, your relationship has to be based on some common interest not on prostitution.

And the main nearly unsolvable problem is actually finding that common interest. Without that, it is really better to stick to masturbation.



Why would any man want to date an inferior version of themselves/dollar store discount gender (aka women) in this day and age? We have sex bots, artificial wombs, porn that we can find for free, you name it. Men aren’t supposed to love women; they’re hatable at best. Least now with technology being advanced, we can live without women and remove our hardwired instincts to care for them and not bother trying to love such awful creatures.


Me: 'I like you, come with me.'
She: 'To where?'
Me: 'Sex.'

This actually worked multiple times.
It didn't lead straight to the sex,
but it spawned some smalltalk….
… and THEN lead to sex.

But the best part:
This 'pick-up-phrase' repells any
bitch that isn't down to fuck right
from the start.

Give this approach a try in da club,
and most likely at least 4 out of 10
Babes (depending on your looks)
will follow… sooner or later.

You may thank me later ;)



Shit, guys, whats wrong with
The question was about picking
up some pussy to bang not
about dating. Jesus…

You must have had some
really bad experiences
regarding women.



> Why would any man want to date an inferior version of themselves/dollar store discount gender

Ever seen a Man with a pussy?
Then you might stick to Women.

I think the Problem is
taking the whole social dynamics
between men and women too serious.
Bitches are supposed to be fun.
Nothing more…. but nothing less.


omg thank you


I think you should make put more emphasis that it only works in the bar or club where women are expecting to be picked up.
In that kind of environment you can jut hold a sign "whomever wants sex come to me" and it will work just as good.
Or you can get right to the point and ask if she loves to take it in the ass because everyone already knows what you want before you even said a word.

In the street environment success your approach is 0 of 200, there is even video on YouTube with that experiment.

But if you cannot find such a place nearby or you live in the town where sex before marriage is mortal sin or you are forced to pick up girls in the situations where they are totally not willing to be picked up or if you are way below her sex standards or you just have very few women available you need a bit more work.
This is an industry standard technology:
First you need to pretend that you do not want sex but you have some common interest and you need to find a way to spend time together under some pretense. Then you make as much skin contact as possible and try to experience as many emotions as possible together. During all that time you try to act lewd to the level where you are barely on the limit of her running away but it has to be consisted to make an impression that you are just such a lewd guy and nothing else can be expected from you and that you are doping it not because you want sex with her but because this is who you are. Then you constantly push it further until she finally breaks.

During all that time is it pretty vital not to present yourself as provider (cuck) who is looking for a family and wife, you have to make it absolutely clear that you have zero desire to buy sex or love.
If you reveal you sexual interest too quick you will face rejection if you are not handsome enuogh, because woman will start judging you by her standards. If she will get used to you she will not care if you are deadbeat Quasimodo.



Except we can have fun without the inferior gender. We have technology that can substitute them (artificial wombs, sex bots, portable dishwashers, everything under the sun). Men aren’t made to love women and vice versa. Every man deep down hates women and anyone who says otherwise is a cuck and a liar.


There are no hardwired instincts to care. This instinct is only indication that you are natural cuck and get off when women are stepping on you as on some doormat.
You hate women not for what women do to you but for your own desire to be abused and exploited by those same women.


Wow…. I stumbled upon
the incel/beta-cuck thread
here on GC….
(except DisgustinPervert)

Sorry Guys,
but I gotta bail outta


Hey Onix! I am a lurker here but i've seen you many times giving good advices and explanations I agree with.That is why I feel I must ask you about something!
The pick-up method you described i've applied many times with 99% success, however there was an unusual situation and because of that I would like to ask for your advice!
After I pick a girl that way, after a while I get bored and shoo them away, break-up the relation.
One girl however had none of that and after a while started stalking me.Because I had no one at that moment I agreed to have her back and seeing how desperate she was I started to degrade her a bit and she not only agreed to it but she enjoyed it.Even after we lived in separate cites she would still vist me(mostly unexpectedly) at one time I was even with someone but she didn't seem to mind.So one day she talked about marriage, I said no and she left under a dumb pretense.Lately she found the means to tell me she is happily married.
After I few years I've wondered about her and said Hy! She told me she was happily married and she hasn't room in her life for me.So I said duh, i just wanted to say hello…And after a while I found out that she was in fact divorced for a long time and she had a kid.In my experience divorced women with kids(especialy boys) are the easiest targets.But this is a whole diferent deal.So I was thinking of sending her an Xmas card or something because I kind of miss my favorite plaything.So what are your suggestions? Why did she lied she was married? Why doesn't she want to talk to me?(she got upset of me approaching her) I could torment her on this but that's nto really what I want.Is there anyway to start a new relatioship with her? Ty!:)


Well, I call that kind of situation like her's "dealing with your addiction"

Sometimes when you enjoy something too much you try to avoid it not to get dragged into the level where it will start causing you problems. So you just go no contact or even get offensive to avoid temptation.
She really liked you but since you were obviously the wrong choice, she left you.

Now, you are acting like a drug dealer offering recovering addict a free dose of crack.

I don't really know what to recommend to you as it is even not clear what kind of relationship with her you want, but I think it is a very bad idea to hurt people who love you. You can use and exploit them moderately but you have to think about their wellbeing.

If she does not talk with you at all, there is nothing much you can do unless you somehow engineer a situation where she will be forced to interact.
If you still can communicate at this time you should just tell her straight what do you want (just don't use blunt words) maybe even explain what you were doing with her all this time (because she really really wants to know that and it would give her relief) then negotiate some compromise if you still have some common interest at this time. If she has no other options she will agree.

If it does not work, not a big deal, as otherwise even if you get her back it will be too much stress to lie all the time.
If you succeed you actually get an ideal relationship.

In fact, it is not even clear who was the bad guy in this situation because she also could have been just trying to hook you and turn you into a sucker provider for her child. This is the goal No.1 for most single mothers.
You may believe that she was your plaything but in reality, you could be her prey too. Single mothers are just as easy to get as it is easy to catch a cat if you are mice. LOL
They will show extraordinary sexual performance and ideal character just to get you hooked on them until you agree to marry and then it is the last time you had sex with her.
Although sometimes, even a cat can fall in love with mice :)


Thank you! This really help view the situation in perspective! You are really good on this! One thing thou(and i wasn't clear on that part) she didn't have a kid back then when she started stalking me, she made him after!


After we ended our relation the second time!


Anyways I don't think the kid part matters much, it's just that I though she would be more flexible and willing to take the dose.Yes I was acting like a drug dealer, but I am sadistic, that's why I am here on gurochan, thou I wouldn't really hurt this one, except in s&m play^^.You helped a lot and I just want to say I totaly agree with your world-views and people who don't listen to you have something to lose! ;)




As I see it there are 4 options for humans.

1. Celibacy
Can lead to problems but not necessarily, if you would rather be celibate, ok fine.

2. Casual sex
If you’re into it, arguably preferable to celibacy because certain issues of frustration can be avoided and also, people respect anyone who is getting laid more, as dumb as that is.
On the other hand, tricky, because it’s easy to accidentally take advantage of someone who doesn’t actually want casual sex. And this does not count as casual sex. It’s a problem, not a solution.

3. Romance
The key here is friendship. Romance without mature, equitable friendship is a time bomb. It is easy for romance to be unbalanced either with a top letting themselves getting walked all over or a bottom getting treated like a child. Or both. Honestly if there is a top and bottom at all I think the relationship is less likely to succeed. Romance is arguably preferable to casual sex, for numerous obvious reasons.

4. The grey area
Anything not strictly within these three categories falls into a dangerous grey area which will likely lead to problems for you and everyone else. However, achieving romance often requires people to risk entering into this gray area. It’s important to consider what your partner is really looking for, if you don’t want to screw then over. But, ultimately it’s more our job to understand what we want, not read other people’s minds. If we don’t understand our own desires, we will let ourselves be walked all over or treated like a child, and that will ultimately just hurt us and everyone else.


This is not the convo I imagined would go down.

>>10318 why ty! :)

>>10335 Is the gray area that much riskier than the others?


Also, I don't see those "obvious" reasons as casual seems way safer and stress free.


I say obvious reasons why romance is "arguably" better…such as society's positive attitude toward it, or the emotional commitment, which is what distinguishes it from casual sex.

Keyword, arguably. Of course, what's really best is different for each person.

And yeah the gray area is much more risky on your own end of things. Although, all options are equally risky for your partner, since they may in fact be in a gray area…


The bottom line is as you move from celibacy toward prospective romance, risk and rewards both increase. Which of those risks and rewards outweigh which is totally subjective…



Romance isn’t really better in this day and age. I’ve seen women drain men’s bank accounts, refuse them custody of their kids, you name it. Shame, really. And in this day and age, women of flesh are becoming more and more unlovable and the only reason human men love them temporarily is their sexual beauty and appeal. Once it’s gone, they find another superior sexual beauty to replace the inferior hag. If it helps, more men are opting out of the dating game thanks to finding superior alternatives (porn, dating sims, virtual reality, masturbation, etc) and it’s only a matter of time before the inferior versions of men (aka women) realize their time is up due to being picky and choosy, let alone their lust for money and beauty.


Except nobody wants casual sex or romance these days. Women literally believe the former will be like Sex and The City, while the latter is consistently portrayed to be Disney romance where the couples are always smiling and no worries. Sadly, that doesn’t work like that in the real world and they whine about why they can’t find the right person when the right person doesn’t exist. They cause problems for their partner and then wonder why they’re hatable. Because men have chosen the safer, less toxic alternatives and it won’t be long before eventually, the evil flesh women are replaced.


Hahahah… this thread is
actually really fun.
I didn't realize,
how fucked up some peoples'
lifes can be.

Dude, you MUST be trolling.
There is no way that you actually
believe what you write here.

Reading this thread makes me think,
that most of you guys put waaaaay
too much effort and thought into
the interaction with women.

Think about it:
With the amount of Thought,
you put into this whole
'picking-up-da-bitches' thing,
the more staged/rehearsed the
possible interaction with the
opposite gender will be.

It's not authentic any more.

People, especially women, who
are prone to have a much higher
EQ (not IQ) than men will recognize
that right from the beginning.
If recognized, they will label you
as a 'tryhard' or a weirdo.

So many of you are just concerned
about their looks,
because they think, that we, the men
have to make up for not looking as
good as we are supposed to look.
Think different.
The only interesting thing about a
women are her looks.
That's it. Nothing more to it.

Attractive women act a certain way
just because they are attractive.
The whole value of a woman could be
reduced to her outward appearance.
And I'm not saying this because I decided
to think this way myself,
but because I see how women interact with
and evaluate each other.
Character attributes, values were never
really put into consideration by women
evaluating other women.
Interesting, trust me.

From my own experience,
there is not much behind that pretty
face than just being beautyful,
whatever that chick pretends to be
other than just pretty.
Most of them just pretend to have
depth or intellect just to increase
their market value beyond their
Or just to seek some meaning in their
meaningless lives.
Who knows.

Don't fall for that.

Women are fun.
But that's all they are.

Toys are fun, too.

What do we do with toys?
RIIIIIGHT: We play with them.


What do we do with toys when we're
done playing?
RIIIIIIGHT: We put them back to the
shelf or throw them away.

I'm not advocating that women are
an inferior gender or some bullshit
like that. No Way.
But the 'bond' between men and women
is not that valuable as you might
believe (or are taught to believe).
It's temporarily.

If you seek REAL values and TRUE
commitment into the human bonding,
go get some male friends.



Ah, one more wisdom:

Never listen to what da bitches
Always look for what da bitches

So true.



Thing of it is, not all of us want the evil presence of the inferior gender/sex bot with a bad attitude (aka women) in our lives. Some of us have gynophobia to where we are traumatized hearing a female’s voice or being around her.

Women are anything but fun. They are annoying, shallow, egotistical, vain, manipulative little whores with the personality of a goddamn doorknob. Real men value their time with themselves and not wasting on those dollar store knockoffs known as women.

Hence why I’ve tried telling all in this thread that real men hate women, don’t interact with those skank ass losers, or for that matter, want them in their lives. We have things to replace the flesh bots known as the female gender. We don’t need them.



Except men are smarter than those evil manipulators known as women. Once they see the actions of a woman, they know she’s trouble and will do everything in their power to avoid having such an inferior creature interfere in their lives. It’s bad enough their mother/sister(s)/you name it have ruined their lives and women don’t need to ruin men any more. Using pickup lines on them just boosts their ego and gives them a sense of validation. That, my friend, is something no one wants: an ego boost just because someone finds you attractive and wants to fuck you.

Hence why men have found better solutions than those cheap flesh bots known as women. And besides, any man can get boobs and a butt, so why would they need women? Even if it was for reproduction, we have artificial wombs to keep the disgusting pigs away.

And besides, some men are more attracted to fiction than those ugly pigs in makeup known as women. Least fictional characters can fuck off when you don’t want to be around them and they’re not shallow, egotistical sluts.


well, you did not see the full picture with that issue, because it is a specific kind of men who end that way.
Those men usually treat women as some kind of product speaking about their market value and if someone is doing that it is a pretty good indicator of upcoming divorce rape.
If your idea is that I will be her provider and she will love you for your money you can't be any more wrong. NOBODY loves providers those are the lowest of the lowest kind. You can bring the entire universe to your wife of your children and they will despise you with all their heart they will not even show you slightest gratitude and discard you like a piece of trash at the moment when you will not be useful anymore.

In the most general principle if you want to be loved you must be weak vulnerable and otherwise inferior with some kind of problems. So that another side could take care of you and feel that your life totally depends on them.

This is even valid as a pickup method if you are seeking love and not sex.
You present yourself as someone with the problem who needs help but also show the potential of recovery,
(for example, you claim to be a businessman who is currently in the crisis. Maybe you got into an accident and need to pay some fine, or your house was destroyed during the flood also drowning your dog and hamster whom you loved so much)
This will make women fall in love at the level where they will be taking loans and ruining lives of their own children to give you money.


Forgive my stupidity, But what is actually the point and fun to have sex with someone you practically despise?

Especially that you also need to make quite some effort like drive into some bar or stupid club and waste your time and money there just to bang something you essentially consider being a toy?
Also most women do not even look that good to be worth fucking and those who look good already have plenty of suitors so you will not get that much of a chance.



I don't despise women.

I just question/doubt the
relation/bond between men and women
(in this modern times).

My general approach is to
change my view on women based
on the context.
Women as a human being,
just like men, equal but different
in quality in the context of
productive/normal social interaction.
Eg.: Coworker, friendship, etc.

Women as the sexual/romantic
counterpart to men.
Da fucktoy.

Women in the non-erotic/non-romantic
context work just like us men.
equally professional/reliable,
possibly posessing different qualities
by nature.
I see this qualities as an enrichment.
(think higher EQ)

On the other hand:
I know that women can cause
deep trouble in the context of
especially if you listen to
what they say and act upon

Onix, c'mon.
Where do you see the efford in
picking up some babe at a bar.

I mean, you do not go to a bar/club
solely for da pussy, right?

Most likely you're already there because
you meet up with friends, having a
good time.

Since I'm already there,
Why not just grab some slut like I
just grab some beer.
Here's a fitting analogy:

Women in the context of sex/romance
are like alcohol.

You do not drink alcohol on a daily
If you do so, you get addicted and
your life is going to get fucked.

But from time to time,
You want to have fun and want to do
stupid things for your own entertainment,
like drinking beer and fucking bitches.

Dude, you sound like you're knees deep
into MGTOW.


The way how you talk about them I it feels like putting your dick in the pussy should be similar experience to sticking it into pile of horseshit.

Yes I can understand that this kind of attitude can happen during roleplay but in that case you do it because you want to make woman fell good not because you really think so

The entire idea of sex is not to bang some meat hole but to have someone who shares your sexual interest and who gets excited in what you do and does something for you as well. It is about seeing reflection of your actions in someone else. You must have some feelings for that person even if it is single time event.

Yes sure if you love going to bars it is a waste not to pick up some woman. If you stay there frequently enough someone may even pick you. It will cost nothing to you if you are already there, even if you don't get anything you lost nothing but had a good time, but if you don't like all that, it is plain waste of effort in many aspects.
This is the main issue for most people who have trouble with getting women simply because they see trip to the bar nothing more than fee for sex and just calculate if it is better to go to the bar 5-20 times , depending on your luck,spending 30$ each time, to get some bitch or just pay that money to a hooker directly or maybe fap on porn and play a video game.
If you come to the bar with that attitude you will never get anyone because you will be all irritated angry and hateful for being forced to do all that crap.

Just hypothetically imagine how great if woud be if all those sluts instead of drinking alcohol in the stupid bars woud be playing video games online and you could just pick them up there, all incells woud turn into Casanovas in a second ;) Do bad they do don't.

By the way sex with woman will last you like 5 minutes maybe 20 minutes with foreplay but "sex" with virtual girls or even real girls over internet lasts like… as much free time you have LOL



As you tried to point out,
the whole experience heavily
depends on your lifestyle.

If you work hard during the
day, getting stuff done and
like do be focused & productive,
going out in the evening is always
a welcome option to wrap up the day.

But if you prefer to chill the entire
day, playing video games, wasting your
… then most likely you aren't even
in the pool of men, most women are attracted to.
No matter how physically attractive you are.

I've got a friend who is a five-foot-something
(pretty short) guy who is incredibly productive
during the day, always under pressure that
guy. He's not that good looking also,
but whenever we go out together, he's the
top dog pulling the most chicks in the shortest
time possible.

I am tall, quite buff and considered very
good looking and cannot compete with that
The time, my drink arrives at the table,
this guy is already eating pussy.

My suggestion would be, that everyone who
actually wants to invest time into
male-female relationship/bonding,
should look at a short, average looking guy
who is pulling babes successfully at high

These guys know best.

I don't judge quality of sex by
the metric of 'time-under-tension'.
It's a matter of context.

A simple 5-minute-bang outdoors
or in the toilet of a restaurant
or in the car or in between meetings
with a co-worker can be as exciting
as exchanging naughty whatsapp msgs
during the day, peaking up to fucking
the entire night over and over again
until the next morning.

I've got to admit, that I've got more
'friends-with-benefits' right now than
actual one-nighters.
Maybe due to lack of time to go out that
often and most likely because the sex
gets better, after the first time together.
So, I think, I can be considered a pretty
loyal fuckboy.



I don’t see how that makes me mgtow, but alright.

I just really don’t see the point in hitting on something so flawed, so emotional, so hideous inside and out. Being around them is like trying to make an order at a pizza joint when none of the employees there give a shit about what you want to have. Women these days have almost no desire to connect unless you have a six figure paycheck, look like a model, have a baseball bat sized cock, et fucking cetera. Don’t have that? You’re fucked. Especially in this day and age where women are literally allowed to behave like annoying cunts to where we can’t even stand up to them. If you stand up to them, you’re automatically a fucking abuser. If you don’t, you’re a simp. So damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Nothing you will ever do will matter to a woman regardless. She will either be unsatisfied, make it all about her, or wonder why you’re “selfish” when you’re proud of yourself. Then come the shrieking nagging voices and god, it’s enough to make you want to stab your eardrums.

Then when we make our own male only safe spaces and refuse to cater to their mind games, put them in their place by telling them no and watching them cry like the cunts they are… they wanna whine about how we’re unfair and sexist. They pushed us and then wonder why we want them VERY far away from us. They CAUSE us to have gynophobia to where we want them OUT of our lives. That’s basically like trashing someone’s house and then wondering why they called the cops on you.



> Then when we make our own male only safe spaces […]

Hahaha… You're so cringe.

You complain about women whining
and crying…
But you talk 'safe spaces',
where you are 'safe' from the

C'mon, just take a look in the mirror
and check if you really are a man.




There’s a reason why men have decided to avoid contact with women. Not just shit like this, but false rape allegations and their presences being so fucking annoying, you could shriek over those walking cunts and watch them get all fish-eyed at you shutting them up. Ever wanted to know why men opt out of being in the game women manipulated called dating? Because they realize it’s not worth playing. Why risk it all when you’re bound to lose and they just win simply because they wrote the rules to benefit themselves?

Great that you want to waste your time with women. I don’t plan to and never want to. If I wanted a bitchy housewife, I would literally attach a fleshlight to a rumba there you go.

Second of all, women are more vicious and violent. There’s more female inmates in prison now, their IQs are lower, they commit crime more often than men, they also have higher suicide rates, they murder more than men, use their emotions/menstrual cycle barfing blood as an excuse for their bad actions, are the ones that actually abuse when it comes to domestic violence. If that, along with their shrieking, nagging, whining, consistent ego, entering male only spaces, everything else in between, isn’t a reason to hate them and avoid them, I don’t know what is.


I just don't get your point. looks like you are just deaf and blind.

How any of that stuff you mention is relevant?
you do not need to pay to get women
Like B.B. explained if you like spending time in bars or clubs you get women automatically without any extra effort. You do not even need to buy them drinks just ask for sex.
I will add that women even eventually approach you themselves sometimes and practically fuck you all by herself at the same day without any dating stuff. especially if they are over 30 or divorced.

There is no need to pay connect or marry them. All you need is just to get close to them enuogh to be able to interact and just let them understand that you are interested in them.

also, by the way, crazy women are the best actually, as long you manage to avoid revealing tool much information about yourself. or else they can dowse your car in gasoline and burn it ;)

The only problem is if you are a type of the guy who does not like drinking and other kinds of relaxing but rather spend time at home and refuse to date any woman who lives further than the house on the other side of the street because you are too lazy to drive 50km just to have 10 seconds of pleasure.



Recommending sex with women when you hate them and want a life without them is like recommending a fat person to try a diet when they won’t do it likely and they’ll hate it. It’s not going to change anything.

Not all of us want to fuck something that we can find cheaper online for less hassle, stays quiet, and doesn’t fucking drain your bank account dry as she goes off to fuck everything within a mile radius and insists you were the bad guy because she cheated.

I don’t hate women because I’m unable to have sex with them. I hate them because they’re life-ruining, lying, nagging, manipulative, selfish, greedy, sociopathic, victim card playing whores (figuratively and literally speaking). They have done nothing good for this world other than clean, cook and pop out kids. Now that we have artificial wombs, what’s the point in having sex with them or flirting with them? Nothing. The future is going to be without females. And it’ll be peaceful, a world without the evil women.



Here you guys go, reasons to hate women.

(And yes, I don’t care it’s from a now banned subreddit, but the OP of that post isn’t wrong)


I am not arguing about what you should fuck or love. That's your personal preference.

What I am saying is that you simply say logical nonsense which could only make sense if you are unable to find any woman to fuck and for that reason need to deal with all that listed crap. probably you did not even experience any of that yourself but just read some articles written by other people.

The stuff you listed is only valid if you are natural cuck, aka a guy who derives a sense of self-worth from what he can give.
If you have no slave mentality nothing of that has any relevance at all, it is like while being an airline passenger complaining about the pilot wages.
That is not your problem.
You meet a woman you have some fun together and then go each your own way until eventually you possibly meet again
nobody cares if she is a greedy stupid, insane or homicidal maniac who abducts children and eats them for dinner.
as long as she is good looking and fun, that's enough.

of course, you should have some feelings for her, but the desire to be a provider should be not one of them.
Otherwise, if you are offering yourself to suck your blood as a form of love, blame yourself.

It is sometimes said that women are human beings while men are human doings.
So just be a human being and it will be all fine. Do not try to achieve anything other than your own happiness.


yup, this guy definitely got cucked


File: 1576803742329.jpg (1.52 MB, 918x1600, 78c2ea3d-00b4-4303-a1d1-6e….jpg)

he is wrong.
Even aside from blatantly false ones there's a lot of cognitive dissonance between his "women don't do anything" and "women shouldn't be allowed to do anything" grudges.
He's entirely self centered I don't dig romance or YA but it shoildn't damn anyone.
He's clearly an all around PoS





well you seem don't want to listen to me but I think you I am B.B. provided you with 2 compatible versions.

the best pickup line is really "do you have some time" in any form of wording.

this is because this way you will get some approximate idea if woman is just busy and does not want to be bothered right now or she despises you.

if she says yes, ideally you should ask her for some small favor, like helping your to choose something or whatever else depending on situation, can be something innocent or with sexual innuendo.

and then you can proceed with whatever you want from her from just offering her to have sex with you to trying to make her fall in love.
the main idea is to make people do things for you, not to them for other people

B.B. version is actually similar to mine as he also starts with something what sounds innocent and then when woman essentially said "yes" he asks her to have sex. So again it is the same pattern but a bit more blunt.



I don't want ten pages of psychoanalysis and sociological speculation.


Onix I don't see why you even bother with them.I see that you try to help, and you helped me a lot with my girl, but it's their lose if they don't want to listen.I only have to say this, your advices are valid, they work, and from my point of view you are not wrong about the world-politics either!


yo girl, do you like gurochanOP?
Cause I'd earfuck you and stop calling you for the next few months



>implying hating women and not wanting to be a slave to their vaginas makes you a bad person

>implying not picking up thots makes you bad
>implying not wanting to fuck this generation of mentally broken beyond repair skanks makes you bad too

Ok boomer


Idk what's stranger, that you think,
A)I'm the boomer for arguing against your overt sexism
B)Seeing women as people = being slaves to their vaginas
C) or shit, that you think hating women for being women doesn't make you a bad person. Probably that one.

(I'll concede most women are cunts but so are men)



Except if men are cunts, we can excuse it. If a woman is a cunt, there’s zero excuse. Period.



You’re a boomer because you actually think women of this generation are worth your time, money and respect. Imagine being so cucked, you actually think this generation’s entitled, pampered skank deserves your dick and patience. And no, nobody is a bad person for hating women. There’s good people out there who hate women and they still get admiration. So lighten up.


"You ever meet my brother, Jeff Epstein?"



Unfortunate that the intersection between guro and dumbfuck edgelord incels is so large.



And how is this a bad thing?



Except not all incels know guro and not all guro fans know what incels are. And nothing any of the users said about females was sexist or misogynistic. It’s just exposing the evils of female nature and warning them not to settle with those life-ruining succubi from the depths of hell who manipulate you with their looks and sex appeal.

Plus, why is it wrong to call out those who want to stoop low and settle with women when they’re not with it in this day and age no less? With 2020 coming sooner, eventually people will wake up and realize they need a society that is anti-female. It’ll come sooner than you all expect, and you’ll thank those who rose up against the evils of women and opposed their malicious ways. We’ll be able to live without their malevolent mayhem now that we have all we need. Artificial wombs, sex bots, you name it. They’re far less hassle than the average femacite (female parasite).

Not everyone who hates women is automatically an incel. Not everyone who exposes weaker men wanting to love women is an Incel. Hell, not everyone who points out everything wrong with women is an incel, and so on. People have a reason to hate women and not want them in their lives. Some of them are so traumatized by women, that the very MOMENT that walking vagina speaks, they want to cut their ears off and scream at these worthless sows to fuck off. Do I blame any man for hating a woman? Shit no. It’s natural to despise a cunt.

Think about it. When a male child is born, do you think his mother truly loves him? Shit no. She just loves him for the moment and will never love him unconditionally because women literally cannot learn how to love. They’re mentally retarded, albeit inferior, versions of men. They’re just inferior versions of men with tits, an ass, and a womb. No one is naturally attracted to them solely for what they have and what they’re like. Eventually, hating women will be educated to all children and it will be seen as normal as getting someone to learn math or science.

Lighten up, all of you.


You may not be an incel, but you are definately a fag! so now that you know, lighten up! with gasoline preferably!



Hating women =/= fag. Not all men who despise women are gay.


I think this >>10424 guy is just some troll who has nothing better to do because he is not eve responding to any arguments.

but considering relationships between guro and incels, I think
it is more that people who are interested in non consensual guro are highly moral and orderly most likely with wives and children.

While people who like consensual guro are more amoral and free.

Incells and women haters should not be intereted in guro that much but I think they will be on consensual side.


Yep! In allmost every thread there is a troll around the corner these days!


Hey fuck you edgelords are the reason shit gets better.

and B.B. I agree with most of what you say but some chicks can be genuine friends (I still don't care to befriend them or others tho lol)


haha they can only be genuine friends if they are ugly LOL
Otherwise they can only be sex friends. ;)


there are some seriously pathetic motherfuckers in this thread


Seconded! Makes me feel quite embarassed to be male :-/



So people who hate women for actual legit reasons makes you ashamed to be a man? That’s fucking rich, coming from someone who’s on a website dedicated to torture and rape porn of fictional women. If that makes you so ashamed, then fuck off.

Sorry, but you lose all rights to complain if you’re on a site like this. Most men I have met hate women to the point of where if their child was born a female, they would abort that little shit or disown the breeder bearing that fucking hellspawn.

And most men I’ve met who say they respect women and love them are some of the most beta cuck soy boy bitch asses, thinking women can NEVER do anything wrong and how pussy is just the greatest thing ever. Spoiler alert: pussy isn’t that amazing and anyone in their right mind can get a fucking substitute. These dudes are so fucking whipped, it’s incredibly sad.

Plus, I can speak for everyone on this board when I say if a majority of the female population suddenly vanished, men would be far more happier. No more nagging, no more whining, pure peace on earth. And besides, who wants to listen to a walking cunt nag? The moment she nags, she is no longer able to be taken seriously and if you even dare listen to her fucking nag, you’re a total cuck. Nobody in their right mind wants to hear a woman nag her fucking ass off to the point of where you want to fucking tell that femswine to fuck off.


What a sad delusional dichotomy you live in.
The one thing I agree is he shouldn't feel ashamed to be a man.



I don’t know how hating women to where you want them gone forever is sad, but hey, you do you, I guess. Back then, we weren’t obligated to respect and cherish women. But due to the rise of feminism and social justice moo cows, we are forced to ALWAYS say good things about women and NEVER hate them. Fuck that. I’m proud to hate women.


No one is foricng you to cherish women. I'm sure you can find some bitch to show off as what you're talking about, like yourself, nagging thru this whole thread.
You could've let us be, chatting humorously, but you're the only nagger here. haha NAGGERS

and yes be proud you hate them like that's an accomplishment. Even if you weren't wrong, tho you are, it's not like you did achieved jack shit (tho I'm sure you've convinced yourself you achieved enlightenment).


I think your hate has wrong target then, because all those issues are cause not by women but by society, so you should hate society/system not women.

you cant blame women for what government/society is doing to you.

on the other hand if this turned into hate discussion
i wonder what exactly do you hate do you hate women as people because they are an imperfect representations of stereotypical femininity or you hate stereotypical femininity but not women as people.

because I also hate women but not as people but as stereotypical femininity, I hate them for exactly those traits that are considered mandatory to be a respectable woman. like the desire to have children being good mothers(in the way most understand it), family-oriented, being submissive, lacking creativity, low perversion/sex drive etc.
So this is not about specific people but about specific traits that are typical for most women.

Stereotypically "good men" for me also deserve nothing else bust despise and I have no respect for them at all.
the only people whom I like are those tho follow the idea that "life must be fun" but strangely it is not that common. Most people are masochists who want to suffer and go crazy if they don't get enough pain.


Yo my nigga I dig what you said even if I don't agree with all of it that's some dank shit right there


Can you translate that to English?


"You make some very good points and, even if I don't agree with everything you say, you give one food for thought!"



Maybe the reason I hate them is because they’ve had it too easy for too long. They also cause a majority of wars, a majority of conflict too, no less. I’ve seen them take everything away from a man, be it divorce or a false rape accusation, and not get karma to bite them. A majority of women are also hideous (proving that men are far more attractive than them) and they use makeup to deceive men just like they do with their words and body language. Can’t forget that they expect a man to work for them as they sit and eat food on a couch. Moment you lose a job, they dump you. What. Fucking. Bullshit.

Can’t forget they fucking nag to the goddamn extent of where they cause men to either commit murder or suicide, or both. Yet they want all this love and respect in the world, but women have proven to be not worthy of just that all my life.

They’ve caused more human tragedies and yet I was raised to believe these abortions were worth my love and care? Fuck that. Fuck that shit. I refuse to let anyone tell me how I should hate society, when women themselves don’t contribute to it aside from popping out kids. It’s like telling someone they shouldn’t find a new place to live when they’re about to have their house sold. So what the fuck do you expect anyone to do?

I’ve hated women all my life to the point of where I don’t even listen to female singers, otherwise I will go into a fucking rage hearing a cunt sing. I could literally go on about why I hate women some more, but why bother when none of you will realize they’re the bad ones?


Get help!


>Can’t forget they fucking nag to the goddamn extent of where they cause men to either commit murder or suicide, or both.
Can you explain how exactly they do that?
It would be a pretty useful skill if I could nag someone I don't like to death LOL

>Can’t forget that they expect a man to work for them as they sit and eat food on a couch. The moment you lose a job, they dump you. What. Fucking. Bullshit.

Why bullshit? when getting in the relationship you signed a contract that you work, she sits on the couch doing nothing and gives you lousy sex once a month. Women usually tell you that in the plain text more than once before even first sex. If you lose a job that's a breach of contract. Why she should stay with you?
If you don't like that, make a different contract although it will be hard to find a woman who will agree to work while you sit on the couch and watch TV
But some get lucky.

If tomorrow, the government passed a law where any man is free to rape any woman he desires and if she will dare to resist and cause any harm to her rapist she is going to jail, I don't think that you could blame men for being rapists.

If the government is passing laws to allow false accusations and divorce rape, that is not because of women but because of men like Bill Gates, George Soros and other rich people funding feminists and SJWs. Men also generally do not protest. I wonder if they would just comply if the government passed a law to castrate everyone? LOL
Don't you know that recently Bill Gates donated 10 billion to feminists to fight for women's rights? That's like a budget of some small nation.

So stop blaming women, for all that stuff when the real enemy is society, it is a society which is indoctrinating men and women to behave that way which causes suffering.



Not everyone can get help. Also, therapists and counselors are some of the biggest scam artists out there. There’s a reason why more and more of them are losing their jobs and it’s not just due to the fact they’re liars. But they just want to see you pop pills, suck it up while you’re dosed on meds and then wonder why you’re a zombie.


Hence why I’ve been telling you men who associate themselves with women are cucked. Donating to feminists? Cucked. Not getting that female baby aborted despite women being life ruining whores? Cucked. You name it, men are CUCKED. Period. Them hating women is just them breaking free from the prisons that the terrorists known as women have forced them in. Woman hating is just natural and tbh, there’s nothing wrong with it. Like I said, I’ve hated women for all my life, that I refuse to do anything with them. I act cold to them and tell those humanoid toilets they’re not worth piss in a boot. I wish you could accept that it’s okay to hate women and it’s okay to treat them like the walking pieces of shit they are. Makes me so grateful more and more men are opting out of forming a bond with such a toilet gender.


Your speech just lacks logic.
or you essentially declare yourself a cuck too and hate women as a way to keep your cuckery in control.

I do not need to break free form anything even when in the elementary school adults were telling men that girls are special I just asked "Why?" and declared those people idiots. It never even came to my mind to be a servant or provider to anyone. Or voluntarily take unnecessary responsibilities.

If you want to hate women that your own decision, but it is totally dumb idea to tell other people to do the same because you are pathological cuck who needs to stay away from his source of addiction because otherwise he will immediately kneel down and start licking the feet of his goddess.
Being a cuck is your problem not women's.

If you are not like that, you have absolutely no reason to hate women regardless how evil they are.
You don't hate snakes or alligators even if they can bite off your head in one go so why hate women? Just don't put an alligator in your bed.



So hating women makes you a cuck? Ahaha oh wow. Go the fuck home. It’s natural for men to despise women. Society coddled women all their lives whilst berating men and we don’t have a right to hate them? Go to fucking tumblr and worship a walking cunt then.


Yes exactly, because if you are not a chuck you have no reason to hate them

You know it is exactly same as people who hate alcohol are alcoholics, ant those who are not alcoholic are indifferent to alcohol or even like it.

It never comes to my mind that I could drink alcohol. I get no pleasure from that, it tastes horrible and it upsets my stomach, but it is great for cleaning stuff. Why should I hate it?
Maybe because it ruins lives of those who become addicted?
Not my problem.

same way it never comes to my mind to worship any woman (it is even funny to see how men worship random prostitutes on the webcams or patreon donating them money for nothing at all) ,
but you are constantly talking about that because you are worshiping them. You hate your own god whom you worship more than your own life.
I am pretty sure that under right conditions any experienced woman could turn you around her finger and you woud be chasing her like a dog offering her everything you have.
This happens all the time with all those haters.
One day you bark how you hate them next day you are licking her feet.



In this day and age, women ain’t worth chasing. They’re certainly worth hating and beating.


We came a loooong way from
'pick up lines' to 'hating women'.

Lets go further, shall we?

I do not believe that women themselves
are worth hating,
just as certain types of animals aren't
worth hating for exposing 'difficult'
behavior, given the right circumstances.

The (western) society
we live in today
is embracing
women to be 'the worst a man can get',
(see that gilette pun?)
While serving them all the privileges
and benefits for being their worst on
the silver plate.

Can you blame women for taking advantage
of that?
It seems like a magical 'something'
exploited natural behavior/intrinsic desire
of a certain demographic to achieve something…

… hmmmm…. interesting?
Don't you agree?

So If you really want to hate on
You should consider hating on society
especially the elitist establishment,
which is constructor of all this
(maybe to deceive from the REAL conflict-axis?)

See the bigger picture:
The conflict between men and women is just
ONE of MANY conflicts that 'magically'
ignited over the past decade.
Think about it:

Men VS women
Islam VS Christianity/Jews
Right VS Left
… and many more.

The souls of the western hemisphere are
as divided as never before…
… while the current market eco-system is only two
steps away from financial crisis.

… while national, democratic elected governments
are loosing power in favor of 'higher',
non-national governmental bodies.
(see EU)

… while all the citizen of the modern states
are subjected to mass surveillance,
and made 'transparent' as never before.

… while the ordinary ppl are stripped of their
(financial) sovereignty.
(see cash bans, and transaction policing)

As a conciously thinking rational man,
you should step outside of the artificial 'box'
of conflict, 'someone' has put you in,
and look at this bigger picture.

Who ignited all those conflicts?
And why?

small hint:
>Bill Gates donated 10 billion to feminists to fight for women's rights?



Based on my previous post,
do not misunderstand me as

Due to my regular profession,
I get to know a lot of wealthy
people/families intimately.

(think 'rich', but not crazy 'rich')
(eg.: Bill Gates -> crazy 'rich')

Even on this smaller scale,
averaging between seven to eight figures of
annual personal income/returns,
One can observe a change in mindset
and attitude.

The general mindset/attitude being,
that 'normal' people are inferior,
and in general (only) worth their usefulness
given a specific use-case,
within a specific context of matter.
The 'inferior' people as a 'tool',
so to speak.


I observed many many times,
how the 'low-end-riches' are 'playing'/'tooling'
single or multiple individuals or even
smaller entities in sometimes even seemingly
counter-intuitive ways
to achieve certain goals.
Enabled by the attitude of toolification ;)

If this attitude 'scales up' by figures
on the balance sheet,
Well then… [insert own assumptions here]

BACK TO TOPIC: (sort of)
It's not women that are the 'enemy',
It's the stacks of 'Benjamins' in the wrong hands.



you don’t seem like you’re living a very happy life. by the way it reads, you’re a miserable — and insane — sack of shit. go on a hike or something, dude. maybe you’d be a happier person.


Holy shit. Everything from Onix saying
>"If tomorrow, the government passed a law where any man is free to rape any woman he desires and if she will dare to resist and cause any harm to her rapist she is going to jail, I don't think that you could blame men for being rapists"

to the sexist anon saying "women cause most wars"

just so many blatantly false premises and absurdly awful pieces of bullshit, but hey, ig that is just this world. Just this fucked up bullshit world.


Onix is actually right I couldn't find anything wrong with his comments, and I would vote for a politician like him!

Unfortunately plebs lack the intelligence to understand this way of thinking and that's why most of the world specificaly the western civilisation swims in shit! Have a nice day!


>Holy shit. Everything from Onix saying
>>"If tomorrow, the government passed a law where any man is free to rape any woman he desires and if she will dare to resist and cause any harm to her rapist she is going to jail, I don't think that you could blame men for being rapists"

HuH? do you really disagree with me here?
You mean that if government passed a law where it allows you to rape women freely it will make you a rapist just because you are allowed to do that?


>I don't think that you could blame men for being rapists

Yes you could, if they went out and raped people you could blame them for raping people.
Were you saying you couldn't blame men who don't do that, or all men overall, for it just because of tyrants of governance? Because that's not an intuitive way to read "if we made it legal to rape women I couldn't blame us."


Well, then your intuition is wrong.
Obviously, I was comparing it to the situation with women, where any woman now can accuse you of rape or violence and you will be thrown in jail without any evidence just because she said so. Any woman can easily ruin your life forever in many ways if only she wants. So women are actually extremely dangerous.
Women have nothing to do with those laws, they were all passed by government under lobbying of special interest groups and they indirectly hurt those same women no less than men.

I am giving a hypothetical situation if men were given the same rights and could harm women freely if only they desire.
It has nothing to do with "We". The state and government are not "We" it's "them" who do whatever they want.

And now imagine if you are given the right to rape any woman you desire and then you want to go on a date. How easy will be to find someone who will be brave enough to trust you even if you have no intention do hurt her in any way?

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