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//inspired by the exact same spam thread showing up in /g/ for the 53rd time

there's an art to letting something die a death when it's time, you know? have a little dignity.
now gurochan just hangs out in limbo and content quality and spam is increasingly going downhill because of that deletion stunt a few months ago. of course there was a huge revival that inevitably lasted about as long as a fart in a windstorm and now all that's left is the newfags and spambots that the activity spike attracted. it's happened before in the "eternal september" of usenet; there's just not enough of the original culture to keep it alive.
now gurochan is on life support and the existing mods aren't active enough to maintain the previous level of quality, let alone make any improvements.
it's not a huge deal to me, there's plenty of other sites to go to but gurochan was kind of special and it's a shame what it could have been if we hadn't decided to sit on the fence for eternity.


no thanks i prefer gurochan to stay online


I do not see it that way at all.
Yes, there is some spam but it is not critical and content quality is the same as usual. All content is posted by users anyway so you can't complain about mods.
I am more concerned about artists posting their "spam" as sample pictures from their paid works.

The thing which makes gurochan exceptional is that it accepts all content including lolis, while other places strictly limit everything to grannies. So, unfortunately, there are not many places to go.

Also by some strange chance, admins and mods here are not typical narcissistic asshole tyrants who maintain their sites for the sole purpose of having some slaves to dominate. And this trend continues from the first gurochan reincarnation. So the original culture is pretty the same.

One thing I dislike on the new gurochan is mod stance on piracy:since gurochan does not really make its own content and it has very few artists, it has to rely on pirated content. If mods will discourage pirates from posting new content then yes, gurochan will lose much of its meaning and eventually die. But let's hope it will not happen.


It's like some dude is smoking a joint and you're bemoaning that he's on life support while not throwing in on any herb. Get out of the circle


Well said^



fuk off


I've known Gurochan since 2008. Enough to know who ero and q was. From .net to .cx.

Since then, the site did changed. Not for the the best but not as worse as people think.

That being said, a lot things happened since. So I'll try to be as concise as possible:

* Spam DID became more frequent, but is somewhat mitigated by more user posts.

* The overall art quality of stuff posted here is way lower:
* Better artists no longer post their art here because they now have Patreon, Pixiv (and the likes) to monetize their stuff, leaving the lesser good art being posted. This also contributed to the ridiculous amount of re-posted images.
* If quality artists DO post here, its mostly to promote their Patreon/Pixiv account. Again, that's not bad as it is, but I'd like them to do like what artists like Veiled616 does and post complete content once in a while, and give people a reason the strive for more content.
* Various long period of shut down forced gurochan's demographic to change. Since a lot of user think each times that the site is dead for good. With them were some pretty good posters. Some of these shut down even had a change of admin(s).

* Old gurochan was more crude than the current gurochan. Being less known implied that user most invested in guro would pull more effort to find a site that match what they like. In its first forms, gurochan was almost purely about gore and violence, but was shortly split into /g/, /f/ and /s/, then /lit/ and /rp/.
* To this day, the most gruesome, grotesque, bold and violent arts I've still date to that time.

* Now, gurochan has spread to other topic through newer boards. After years of "debates", /f/ and then /3dcg/ became official boards of their own.
* Along with this diversification, it became somewhat more difficult to find original content, because tamer stuff tends to be more accessible to most user and overlap more among themselves. Which leads us to the next more contentious point.

* Loli and pedophilia content were mostly either implicitly assumed (e.g. "questionable age"). Although the former was a thing since the beginning, with the chibbi art style, it was able to "slip in the cracks" and be "tolerated". The latter, however, is rather of a "new" thing:
* Pedophilia on gurochan became overtly assumed as such when /3dcg/ became a thing, with its "accurate" children models. Some may say it is still ambiguous as "adult can look like children", but with the clear age range of some models, they are only convincing themselves.
* Nonetheless, this site that was formerly know only for its crude guro content, is now known as a website for pedophilia content as much as it is for guro content. We know this may be inaccurate but that's not what the rest of the web thinks of this site.
* As a result, it became somewhat more uncomfortable to browse and post content on a "pedo site", and artists were even blackmailed because of that. Instead, they choose to continue posting on sites like Dolcettish, Hentai-Foundry, The Dark Spot or even Pixiv, and avoid gurochan altogether. (there was Sexy Amazon, but its gone now)
* Curiously, on /lit/, you can now find things solely about pedophilia without any guro element at all in them, while literature only about sex were always frowned upon for being something that could be posted elsewhere. Just as if pedophilia only content not being postable elsewhere justifies it a place among guro content and in a site that says it is about guro content.

* As you may guess, I personally don't like lolis and pedophilia content at all. And I'd severely advise the admin to not delve into that road. Otherwise, this could lead to more serious legal issue that the site, admins and users won't be able to avoid like they did many times before. That being said, I still "tolerate" that kind of content, since gurochan is still one of the best site to find the kind of guro content I was looking for since 2008. (although Pixiv is getting way better than gurochan right now)

"Live and let live", as they say. That's also the only thing that has been a constant motto, I'd say, of gurochan since it's inception, and how it was handled since.

(tl:dr;) Gurochan may have changed since its first days, but I don't think that alone is a reason for it to die.


I'm not nearly as ancient like you but I've been on here for I think far longer than the vast majority, maybe 2011, give or take a year… come to think of it, I wonder how I found it.

I've wondered about many… And what a peculiar world we wander.


It's perfectly fine as it is now!


As another gurochan oldfag, I also think the quality of anons posting here has degraded massively.


Been around gurochan since ~2010, back to the era of (and that says a lot as an early Gen Z). And while yes, overall quality has fallen, it still is largely okay. Everyone has their kinks, and the mods allow every sort of kink to coexist. Even now we're still discovering new fetishes like the manananggal.

What I absolutely hate is the spammers, which is why I reported them through email. The spamming trend appears to have flared up in the past few months, and it quite worries me. Gurochan has always been a hub for perverts' fantasies, not actual illegal operations and/or scams.

However, OP, I really don't think that gurochan would die anytime soon. This is probably one of the only hubs where stuff that are on the fringes elsewhere are the mainstream. Without gurochan, where could we go to?


I owe a lots to this site. Without Gurochan, I'm glad it is still stand. I won't be able to get so man y fans without this place.
But hey, if it's die. I'm sure we will gather and make a new site that is essentially the same and be better, but with different name. Or now I think Reddit guro sub is quite okay.


>Reddit guro sub
Oh god, no no no no no no. That is a VERY bad idea.


dude ty


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Sort of a newfag to the site (Been visiting it off and on for the past couple years), but I have seen very affirmatively stated elsewhere that the moment lolis (2D "little girls", not real cheeze) are banned from a site, you KNOW things are going to start heading South.


Well, without loli content nobody needs gurochan at all, because there are plenty of better sites to look at pictures of grannies. And yes I mean GRANNIES with wrinkles and quadratic faces not just cute 18 year old teenagers as you can see in that japanese porn which is often confused with child porn.
Nobody of those artists can even make women look cute.
It is not even absolutely necessary to make girl very young she just has to be super cute but artist seem to be scared of doing that because them it can be confused with loli.

If lolis were banned I could not care less if gurochan dies. People who are here mostly are here for lolis too.


Yes we love lolis, I'm here also mostly for them and I'm beginning to think the whole purpose of this thread is a lame attempt to bash loli porn.Yes, things were different in the past we didn't have so many spammers, scammers, trolls and moral-fags who preach against lolis.But we will continue to enjoy the content and to all of you who try to ruin our fun we have just one word to say "IGNORE!". ;)


Well said!



You all missed my point.

I didn't said banning lolis is the way to go. I said: going further in the loli/pedophilia road (than where gurochan currently is) will likely lead to further troubles in the future for the site, and I'd strongly advise not doing so. Contrary to some vocal advocate around here, the current statu quo should suffice.

I also said that, although this is not my kind of stuff at all, I'm giving it a pass due to how rare guro material is. So, this only my personal view on this whole thing.

In other words: You do you, I do me.


Let's make something clear. Even if, hypothetically, loli were to be banned, gurochan will still be visited as it will still be needed. Guro material is just too rare to be ignored. In fact, there is people on this site (who are no fence sitters on this subject) waiting for that to be the case.

Also, the fact that other sites may contain granny stuff, as you claim, isn't relevant. And for the wrinkly squared face they do have, they tend to be occasional (even on TheDarkSpot). Hell, even gurochan have some here and there at times. (and again, this isn't of my taste)

Well, unless anything above 18 is to be considered a granny, that is…

Regarding cuteness, it is completely subjective. For both the artist and their audience. It simply isn't intrinsically related to youth.


I worry about the cp spam that could get us into trouble with the police.

I don't remember the spam being this consistent.

Perhaps I'm talking FUD


I worry about the cp spam that could get us into trouble with the police.

I don't remember the spam being this consistent.

Perhaps I'm talking FUD.


You also don't get it right.

because gurochan is worth something just because it allows loli content unlike other sites. if loli is banned there is no advantage over other sites gurochan does not really make much of its own content most of it is just repost from pixiv so in principle you can just get your guro at its source without bothering with reposts
and furthermore even if we assume that it could exist like that if someone likes both types of content it is pretty strange to be in a place where half of your personality is hated and you have to constantly censor yourself. Yes you can stay in such place as a guest but just as a guest and nothing more. There was time when lolis were banned on gurochan, but it was not because of some loli hate like on those other sites but because of some temporary legal issues, in that situation you at least do not feel surrounded by people who hate you, you just know that you are all in the problem being attacked by the nasty government and you think how to work around that.

and speaking about lolis, grannies are not anything over 18 grannies are over 30-40 and they have very specific mature looking body shapes.
18 year old girls are still pretty much same lolis probably up to the age of 25 you can even add big boobs on them and make oppai lolis.
It is more about overall body shape and cute looks.

Nobody on the sites that do not allow lolis even make any pictures where women are petite and flat chested. none of them are even virgins and experience sex first time. Even if you look at the stories you will see that unlike loli stories where characters are either fooling around or are clueless what they are doing it never happens with adults, adults are already fully experienced they know what they want and go straight to the point and most often their confidence is plain scary. Those women do not even blush or get shy.

If you claim I am wrong please give any reference to any cute and virgin 3d adult characters that are fit for the loli hating sites.

And I strongly suspect that this is because everyone is scared to be ambiguous. If you make a really cute adult character it will definitely look like loli, and you will likely get banned, so the only choice is to make sure that this is a wrinkled granny with silicone implants or some kind of homicidal amazon with the face of terminator.

The good example of adult lolis is "School of Lust" game where characters have huge tits and are claimed to be over 18 or much older but all behave like virgin schoolgirls. I wonder if such content would be allowed in the site that does not allow lolis

Even bigger problem is with boys, because if you want to make cute guy he must be pretty androgynous and young with very little male characteristic so that will almost definitely will look like a child.

Since all those characters are not real there is no way to identify their age so all judgement is done by their looks and behavior and this is why by definition you cannot even touch that topic.


Did you even read the title of that article?

It is about dark web producer getting busted not about some forum getting closed because of fake CP spam.



Then let's get things straight, shall we?

If loli gets banned, it won't be missed by people like me who don't give a single fuck about it, and it will allow people who hate it to come. The only people who it will make gurochan irrelevant is the people like you. If you seriously think that's the only reason why people got here, you'd be gravely mistaken. Even non-loli websites didn't disappear among themselves.

Also, not everybody knows how about sites like Pixiv and even how to browse it to find stuff. Just look around. People always tell others how to source back picture on Pixiv. Besides, that site isn't without issues. More than half of its content are censored teasers for Patreon and Fanbox content. So, yes. More sites with guro material IS better and I bet most people here would at least agree on that.

What I said about lolis still stands. Just as I previously said: as an art form, it exaggerates traits so much that you can't tell for sure about the age of the character unless it was clearly stated. The same can even be said about chibi. This why it lies in a gray area. I really don't know why we are arguing about it when we are basically saying the same thing.

Using a faithful 3d model of a prepubescent child is another story because it is clear of what it's supposed to depict. Even if you live in a free country like the US, it can still bring you a hell lot of trouble. You can say as much as you want that the model's character age is subjective but this will not be enough to fool anyone. There is precedents where sites using only this kind of models for porn were taken down precisely because they couldn't use that argument as a reasonable rebuttal. Legally speaking, especially when it comes to perceptions and crafted materials, a precise age will not be a requirement even if it's unknowable. Only that the age is "reasonably" the one of a child is (on a case-by-case basis).

Besides, you may think posting that stuff here may be safe. It may legally be the case just by looking where gurochan is currently hosted… But don't think it truly is in every aspects, or that it won't bite you in the future. What happened to authors like Juan Gotoh and Teh-Dave/Beaver are both examples of what I'm talking about (but hey, who am I to tell you what to do, after all).

That said, the "cheat" would be the same for 2d content. You can use stylized models that uses these proportions and sizes, and meet your personal criteria of cuteness (since we are talking about lolis, aren't we?). As long as it's stylized enough - be it in anime style, furry, western, who cares - you'd be "mostly safe" within that same gray area. This is basically what I meant by not going too far in the pedo route.

Now let's just leave that to that. You and I will likely not agree on the topic further, anyways.


File: 1578593500629.gif (1.2 MB, 656x1026, 131933509170.gif)

Gurochan is kind of a shell of its former self in terms of content but it's still a nice place to have. There are very few forums where people can openly discuss guro without being attacked.

After it died the previous year I just think many people never learned of its revival and haven't come back. There were some bigger artists years ago who posted almost exclusively here and almost none of them post here anymore. There was a lot of stuff vvindowsme posted on gurochan before it got purged that he never posted to his pixiv or anywhere else and is probably gone forever.


even if you don't want to continue this conversation I will just mention where you miss the point not that you are wrong.

1. most 3D loli models on gurochan are not prepubescent and somewhere around 13-16 years old which is almost the same as adults. and this is the main topic which we are talking about, not comparing toddlers with adults but comparing 18 years olds with 12-14 year old.

2. this kind of loli content is about 90% of gurochan and all anime overall because most of the anime characters are in the puberty for story reasons.
3. nothing happened to Juan Gotoh and Teh-Dave/Beaver and nothing will happen to anyone because of fictional lolis. Gotoh is still making loli stuff just not guro.

4. the bigger reason for leaving Guro scene is because there are not that many fans, my guro related stories collect few times less likes and comments than non-guro stuff and you receive quite some complaints from your fans if characters die or get hurt, but guro fans will usually enjoy non guro stuff.


I mostly agree with Onix.

The main point that's important to understand: For lolicon, especially 3D lolicon, there aren't really any other sites where it could be posted. There is pixiv, but there it has to be censored. And there is lolicit, but accessing that takes some effort. Everything else on this site can be posted on a bunch of other sites, and most of it you will find on some of those other sites.

Without this site, lolicon fans would lose the only site where they can get this stuff. Fans of other guro content would just lose a site that conveniently collected content from a bunch of other sites, no original content - even if there are a few original artists on this site, they could easily go to one of a bunch of other sites that would accept that content, while lolicon artists don't have that option.


Speaking about lolicit even if we ignore the hard way to get in and extremely narcissistic admins and mods, who essentially created that site to stroke their own ego,
it is very strictly limited to loli content and does not allow anything else at all so amount of guro content is extremely low and interest in this kind of content is also extremely low.


I admire your rational and logical replies but I doubt this guy is worth your effort.As for me, and I think I speak for the most anons here, seeing the activity in the loli threads, totaly agree with you!


It's true that lolicit is not a guro site, but it does have a lot of content that might be interesting to some guro fans. There is a lot of BDSM, and there are a bunch of artists showing rape and torture - just usually not the most extreme stuff, though there is some of that too.

I'm definitely not a fan of their system, but it works and keeps the spammers out, and for me it was worth the effort.


Does gurochan have any archives? It sounds like a lot of artists left over time, so I was wondering if there was a way to see their content.

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