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Admins, there is a post on /g that claims to have real footage of someone being raped. I don't even want to click on it, for fear of being added some watchlist, but it should be removed asap. Surely even just claiming to have real rape footage is the sort of thing that will get the site in trouble


Its a spammer, the bot is a regular here at this point. His posts gets removed but they cant do shit about it. Fucking shit sucks.


Ignore that spam.
Gurochan admins are not very active but they will remove it eventually.
You will not on any watchlist for clicking it but there is no even guarantee that link contains what is advertised and most likely it does not.

also you can delete this thread to avoid spamming the board with same discussion again and again


Isn't it possible to auto-mark the post as spam? They always use the same text.


considering activity of site admins- unlikely
as this would require writing some custom script.


It's just a scam to make people buy subscriptions to premium sites.It leads to paste-bin then to share sites.The files are rars within rars with passwords.I know this because i had subcription to the first site but I didn't go further.There is probably a "gotcha!" message at the end! :P

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