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I went on Bestgore to test if I can stand real gore after all these years of everyday guro browsing.
I feel disgusted and terrify more than before, maybe because of how I have more imagination with fantasy stuff.
Anyone has the same feeling. The more we fantasied, the more we terrify by real thing.


Naturally you got spoiled by anime and now real thing is not attractive anymore, just like after watching anime girls you do not like real girls anymore LOL
If you are terrified you need to do it more and you will get used to it ;)

I sometimes check bestgore, and certain stuff is arousing but most of it is not. Fantasy looks way better. also the real gore makes me sad unless it is consensual or insane. As if there is a suicide , I do not care about the fact that someone died or their pain, but thinking about the fact that this person had really terrible life to end it like this or what happen to his/her family is unpleasant.



That's what I think as well. The dead don't complain, or feel, or anything. The livings that has connection with that dead person are gonna suffer. Maybe if the picture doesn't have any description or any clue to what has happened, I won't feel much. But the way people on there talk just terrified me.

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