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Hey everyone, as you may be aware Visions of Darkness has closed registration and is shutting down May 26, 2020. I wanted to archive the artwork on the website in order to preserve it and re-upload it. Unfortunately, I do not have an account there and my attempts to obtain an account directly from the admins has failed. They respectfully declined my request for archival.

I'm hoping someone here is willing to let me borrow their account or adopt an abandoned account in my effort to back up all artwork on the website. I have the tools and the drive space necessary to back up an entire website. More importantly I have the desire to re-upload it so it's not lost to time. It does no good for someone to have a copy if they aren't willing to actually share it with the world.

If you want to help it would be appreciated. I left my e-mail in the field so feel free to contact me so we can talk about it. If you have an old account you've abandoned then that'd be great but I will take any help I can get. Thanks for your time.


Looks like they did not wait until May 26, 2020 and closed already


Damn I really want to see what's up

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