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Hey everyone, as you may be aware Visions of Darkness has closed registration and is shutting down May 26, 2020. I wanted to archive the artwork on the website in order to preserve it and re-upload it. Unfortunately, I do not have an account there and my attempts to obtain an account directly from the admins has failed. They respectfully declined my request for archival.

I'm hoping someone here is willing to let me borrow their account or adopt an abandoned account in my effort to back up all artwork on the website. I have the tools and the drive space necessary to back up an entire website. More importantly I have the desire to re-upload it so it's not lost to time. It does no good for someone to have a copy if they aren't willing to actually share it with the world.

If you want to help it would be appreciated. I left my e-mail in the field so feel free to contact me so we can talk about it. If you have an old account you've abandoned then that'd be great but I will take any help I can get. Thanks for your time.


Looks like they did not wait until May 26, 2020 and closed already


Damn I really want to see what's up


Are you sure? The registrations were closed already if that's what you mean. Or do you have an account there and it's already closed inside?

Kaockl had a bunch of their uncensored work there. Probably in higher resolution than available on other places which resized images.


The site is still open for current members, nothing changed.

You won't get anywhere with the admin, and I have my doubts anybody would give up his account for this. There was a short discussion about this request on VoD, and while the admin is just generally opposed, most artists wouldn't mind if somebody would repost their art somewhere else. However, they are concerned this might just be an attempt to grab their art for a paysite.

There is a lot of good 3d art over there. Some of it you can already find on other sites, many artists are posting their stuff to multiple sites, some of it is unfortunately exclusive to VoD. The best chance to preserve as much of it as possible might be to convince the artists directly to post their art to other sites - they need a new home anyway when VoD closes, might as well repost their older stuff too.

To put some names to the artists, these are some of the most active artists on VoD:
jucundus, pilgrim, Draftsman, artur, bleumune, williej, chimaera, Trystl, LCFRVSJSS, zuzuzuzu, NikitaHedon
Some of them you might find elsewhere (deviantart, renderotica, cruxforums, thedarkspot are the usual sites), some of them unfortunately not. I don't know if anybody could be convinced to post their stuff on gurochan - some of it would be too tame for this site anyway, but some of it would fit.

Kaockl only ever posted 2 pictures, so if that's who you are looking for you will be disappointed.


I attempted to open that site and it did not respond, but it works if I use proxy although I don't have an account there. I was not aware of its existence.

Now that I know about existence of some site which is going offline it feels curious, what is there, but I suspect that it is stuff as usual with lolis hated and strictly banned.


Well i'm not asking anyone to give up their account for me. I'm just going to borrow it to archive and not even change the PW. I guess it's up to the members if they want to trust me on my word or not. I'm open to having a conversation about it on discord but i'm not posting the discord ID here for obvious reasons. E-mail me or talk to me on The Dark Spot under the same name where I also posted a thread.

That said, I have a LOT of stuff to archive so if it doesn't happen then it doesn't happen. I'm backed up on DA, Pixiv and still haven't sorted through and re-uploaded everything I saved on tumblr. I just hate to see good art disappear and I know how unlikely it is that re-uploads will happen. Especially if an artist is inactive, doesn't like their old stuff anymore or is no longer with us.

As for the pay-site thing…well obviously anyone with an account there already could do the same thing. When I re-upload stuff to gurochan, sadpanda or anywhere else there is nothing stopping those scumbags from doing that crap. I have no intention of hosting this stuff myself, i'm just going to re-post it publicly on sadpanda where I do most of my re-uploading.


Also I would like to note, if an artist specifically asks me not to re-upload it on sadpanda I will respect that request. That's why it takes me longer to re-upload things and what I meant by "sorted through" with tumblr.

I check to see if the content has been re-uploaded already then make requests to the artists involved to re-post content they haven't or remind them to re-post it themselves. If they ask me not to then I respect that request.

If I can't make contact I default to re-uploading first and then taking down the gallery if they ask me to. My goal is art preservation first and foremost but I don't want to share things that will harm anyone or make artists feel bad about sharing things in the future.



I get what you are trying to do. But I think it's impossible to convince the admin to help you with that, he has a very strict attitude towards intellectual property and would almost certainly not want anybody to archive anything without explicit permission by every artist involved (which might be hard to do with inactive artists).

Your best bet might be trying to reach out to some of the most active artists yourself. And if you are already active on thedarkspot, that might be the best site to find some of them. Cruxforums might also be a way to make contact to some of them, since that seems to be the most favored new home among the active artists on VoD.


As you suspect, there is no lolicon on VoD, it's strictly forbidden like on most other sites.


I would be fine abiding with whatever specific rules he set forth for me regarding re-posting of content and obtaining permission. I already make efforts to contact artists to obtain permission myself but he didn't even try to have this discussion with me.

If he'd of talked with me he'd realize that I take IP just as seriously as he does and recognize the importance of keeping artists happy. If artists are unhappy and feel disrespected they will stop posting art and everyone loses, artist included since they can no longer express themselves freely/happily.

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