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I think… it's a small world and a short life.


I do think it's a shame there's no PM service on this site (although I understand why). Is there anyone in particular you're thinking of? Maybe some folk are in touch with them off-site? :-)


If you have an email you don't mind people having then maybe post it here so folk can touch base with you?


ty ty both..
Maybe I'll get an extra email and roll with it. I'm thinking of a few… some kids and especially Psycho Aiko and Aikoko. As well as a Mexican loli lol.


I've noticed the older I get, the more people seem to drift in and out of my life and every so often I'll find myself thinking about them and hoping they're okay. Sometimes I can find odd traces of them online that show me they're still knocking about. You seem like a very sweet person and I hope you'll accept a friendly comfort-hug from a stranger *HUG*


Why shuhx! Thank you

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