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Ever since I was young I've had a fascination with nooses and the gallows, and hanging from them. When I got older it turned into a fetish.

I've always had a fantasy of wearing tight black short shorts that my cock could strain against, preferabely bound and trussed up in other gear as well, and some nice high heeled boots.

Then, a man much bigger and stronger than me would kick me off the stool and have me dance for his friends entertainment in a thick noose. He wouldnt let me die though, he would take me down after a bit so my holes could be thoughrly used by him and his friends.

Sadly I cant find much content of men hanging other men, and as a gay man watching women hang just isnt the same… is there anyone else out there who shares this sort of fantasy?


hehe, I am not really interpreted in big men but young cute boys are also attractive as girls :)
although men hanging other men should be pretty common mainstream content more common that men wearing high heeled boots though LOL


For me it is not very important, if viewers of my hanging are males, or females. The important thing is that they want to watch me die. That they have pleasure from my suffering. That my kicking and twitching gives them joy and makes them horny. Their happines is important for me. Their gender is not important.

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