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Wanna know what sort of music gurochan listens to. Personally I like Tyler the Creator's old stuff; his new stuff is good too but Bastard, Goblin, and Wolf are my favorite albums of his. I recommend the songs Let's Dance, Tron Cat, and Radicals if you're interested in hearing something catchy and heavy with a darker theme. Also I like other artists like The Misfits, MF Doom, and Earl Sweatshirt. I'd like to listen to more horrorcore stuff but most of it sucks, unfortunately.

What sort of stuff do you listen to? I expect a lot of metalheads for some reason, lol


I listen to The Decembrists quite a lot and sometimes Courtney Barnett. If it's not them it's a hodgepodge of different genres and bands.


i like bladee (i know i know)


In b4 "/s/ listens to scat music and artists like Scatman John are the shit for them."


I like Depeche Mode, also 90's goth music (Stabbing Westward, NIN etc.). And of course various punk, metal and industrial, depends on mood.


Very much depends what mood I'm in - I do enjoy a bit of Rob Zombie and also like songs that sound chirpy but have dark or bleak lyrics!


You will hear me when I come, when I pop my cherry gum, I will never stop pop never ever stop pop







BWV 903 - Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue
I love Bach.


Here's some more.
St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244 / Chorus: "Kommt, ihr Tochter, helft mir klagen"
Johannes-Passion, "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine"


Folk punk, mostly. Also some Shakey Graves, Blitzen Trapper, Barbarisms, John Prine, etc but my heart is with Pat the Bunny, Trashbag Ponchos, Foot Ox, Homeless Gospel Choir, AJJ, Days n Daze, The Taxpayers, I Kill Cameron, Local News Legend, Spoonboy, Ghost Mice, and those lot. :>


The Taxpayers- Hungry Dog in the Street

Crywank - Forlorn Leghorn

The Devil Makes Three - Poison Trees

3 of my favourites right now, plus a classic

Getting Naked, Playing With Guns by AJJ:


What's your favourite Decemberists album? I always love running into other fans

Mine personally are Castaways and Hazards but I also love Five EPs, Anti-Summersong, and the 10th anniv home demo of Culling of the Fold.

(The King is Dead has some absolutely gorgeous sounds too but I don't usually like it much when I'm in a real Decemberists mood yknow? I have in my light album with shit like Birdtalker and Amber Run instead)

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