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New writer, long-time guro fanatic here. I have some fics in the works and I’ve been wondering about the best places to post them once I’m done. Most of my writing is fandom related furry stuff if that makes any difference.


Inkbunny and Archiveofourown come to mind.


I've been wondering that too honestly - I'd like to be able to have a kind of archive of my stuff out there. ASSTR would have been perfect but it doesn't seem possible for new authors to sign up any more :(

I'll check out the two you mentioned :-)


Archiveofourown looks promising but it seems to need to be invited to join? Anyone know how you go about getting invited? Is it only possible if you know somebody who's already a member?


You can get invitation automatically, there is an option when you register to get an invitation you will only need to wait about one day to get it.


Thanks - I think I found it :-)

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