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So I need some extra money, and I’m willing to draw anything as long as it doesn’t have dicks. Problem is I don’t want anyone I know to find out about this. Advice?


as soon as you recieve any money
through paypal or any other
online money transfer service,
where you have to provide your
chances are that not at first but
over time your identity may leak.

depending on how good you are,
you might find a 'manager'
who corresponds with clients,
handles the payments and eventually
finds clients for you.
Thus, reducing the number of persons
that know about your nasty deeds
to effectively one.

What do you got in store?


PayPal does not require you to reveal your name or other information just your email address.
Although you officially can't use it for porn, but if you are lucky nobody will find out.

Even If your data will leak eventually it is not really that big deal, because nobody will notice anyway or associate that leak with you. For example, if I search my full name on internet I find lots of people with the same name. Just do not freak out or start panicking and just deny everything if someone asks.


Paypal needs to be associated
with your RL Bank-Account.
Because there needs to be a way to
actually use the money.

Just denying everything wont
get you any further as soon as
LE is on you.

For example,
there are states in the US and
other Countries around the globe,
that will cause legal issues.

You know shadman?
take a look at his bio/vita
and find out, what 'Big Brother'/
the state can do to you for
artistically crossing the line.

I guess you don't wanna face
jailtime for drawing loli


Nobody is going to prosecute people because of some drawn lolis.
Drawings are all legal.
It can only cause problems if combined with some other crime where your attraction to lolis can be used as evidence.

If you live in the state where certain types of fantasy is a serious crime, it is preferable not to try making money on that.

All this anonymity issue is because of social status because you definitely do not want your relatives and friends to know that you jerk off on mutilated lolis.
But if you draw that as commission you can just say "Hey! I draw whatever I am paid for"


Shadman only got into legal trouble because the retard thought it was a great idea to draw loli porn of real life minors. Not only that, but real life minors with very deep pockets to pay for legal teams who threatened Shadman with eternal hellfire and damnation if he didn't knock it off.


What about the time he was 'sentenced'
to serve in the military
for drawing/publishing his drawings?

As far as I can recall it,
he is even living in a very
modern/western country.

Austria or switzerland if I
remember correctly.

Even there,
he got his ass whipped.

Now imagine living in GB or some
of the wrong states in the US…


Switzerland (Where Shadman is from) has compulsory military conscription. He wasn't "sentenced" to military service for drawing shitty smut.


Then I might be wrong about that.
My apologies.

But that's not the topic here.
Shadman just is the most prominent
example of an artist,
who is crossing the line.

The point worth making is,
that making money by doing
'forbidden' art is a tough

Unlike our alltime hero
'action-onix' I don't want
to make any assumptions about
WHY the artist (OP) does not
want to get his/her ID attached
to his/her works surrounding
the dark fantasies.

Fact is,
That a multitude of problems could
arise from publishing guro/snuff/loli etc.
Artwork and getting exposed for it.
Let these problems be social or
legal by nature.
(loosing job, loosing career opportunities,
losing friends/family, getting your
paypal banned, account deleted …
… whatever the F*** comes to your

An unsatisfied customer reporting
your paypal,

a group of <whatever>-chan users
doxxing you

a client,
that is actually a person you are
somehow related to
(yes, really happened)

I've seen it all.

My best advice for any aspiring
artist within this field
would be the following"

Be really good at what you do

Get some samples out,
for as much exposure as possible,
without getting your real name

only do commissions

only accept crypto currencies

set the commission prices that
high, that the average gurochan-user
cannot afford them.

If you play by these rules,
you might end up with only
high profile ppl,
which do not even bother shelling
out a few hundred/(thousand,maybe)
bucks for some stupid guro-drawing(s),
and also want to stay as anonymous
as possible.

If everything works well,
you might end up working less for

Good luck.


make people pay you with cryptocurrencies if you care about privacy but be aware this might discourage a lot of potential buyers.

Or as people said just use paypal, if you identity leaks you can just say you were doing normal drawings for people, chances are no one will investigate your fucked up shit (unless you are in some particular situations i don't know)



Imho he doesn't need to be all that good to be successful, i've seen discrete artists have some success with their commissions, i'd argue the only important thin is having a reasonable price, for example if you can only do sketches don't ask 100$+ for drawing.


I can only envy your proclaimed ability to find well-paying idiots LOL

The only really controversial issue is loli, and more specifically when it involves sex.
It is totally OK to torture and mutilate fictional or even real children as long as they do not enjoy it LOL Just call it "horror".

So I can just admire your fear-mongering success if you can convince people to be scared of something that is not even remotely illegal and not much more controversial than plain porn.

The only reason to keep anonymity is to avoid awkward situations unless of course, you are Roman Pope.

Of course, it is possible that someone will report you to PayPal to get a refund, in fact, this method was even discussed as a way to get something for free.
so he general rule should be that you get paid after you do the work and if customer cheats thas your loss, there is nothing possible to make them pay.
This is the situation when the customer is always right even if he refuses to pay.
If you get into frequent fights it is just a matter of time until you will face problems.



I do not know about the country
you are inhabitant,
but there are a lot of countries
that do forbid any form of porn
containing violence or minors
in means of
publication, sharing or creating
by law.

Sentences range from fines to

I am not mongering fear.
It's a fact.

Many artists do not know that
to begin with and just go ahead
and publish their works,
maybe taking commissions/requests
until something goes wrong
(maybe an angry customer threatening
with legal charges etc…)
and they find out, that what
they are doing is somewhat
Then they panic
and potentially disappear
from the guro-marketplace.

The problem is,
that artists like that do not know
what they are up to BEFORE they start
to publish/take commissions.
If they would they had a plan to protect
themselves, thus, staying 'up' in the
guro-market for a longer time.

At the very beginning I thought too,
that it would be very hard to find
high paying customers,
but experience has taught me
Believe it or not.


>so he general rule should be that you get paid after you do the work and if customer cheats thas your loss, there is nothing possible to make them pay.
>This is the situation when the customer is always right even if he refuses to pay.
Customers refusing to pay can be taken to court, but obviously the average guro artist isn't going to resort to that. The easier solution is to demand half the commission price up front, do the art, then send the customer a downscaled version, with the promise of the high quality, full size image upon payment of the rest of the commission.


This could work if you draw illustrations for children books.
But if you draw something controversial and especially something that violates PayPal TOS you cannot complain if someone cheats you, if you are breaking the rules yourself.

Even if you can demand upfront payment, angry customer can report you to PayPal and get a refund on whatever he paid. Of course, most will not go so far as you need to be an exceptional asshole to do it but just one is enough to get you banned and all your funds ceased. Most likely nobody will even tell you why this happened and who reported you, they will just inform you that your account is closed for violating TOS.

Also legally if porn is forbidden in your state you cannot bring customer to the court demanding to get paid for something that was illegal to produce in the first place.

Although I can imagine the face of the judge in the court who gets to deal with the case of the artist suing the customer who refuses to pay for the picture of the futa with shitting dickniples. LOL
that would be a great way to get famous for both.

So welcome to the free market without any regulations. It must be a capitalist dream LOL


All porn is also outlawed in my country but nevertheless we have porn actress and porn websites and nobody gives a shit. Legally you first have to prove that this is actually porn. in my place, you are more likely to become a political prisoner if you disagree with official history or get prosecuted for "not showing proper respect to the historical statue"

As I know same situation is on other states like South Korea where porn is also illegal but nobody gives a shit.

The only problem is that in those states you can do serious things like you can't host web sites or produce commercial stuff on the massive scale but nobody will go after some puny guro artist.

>Believe it or not.

wel actually there is absolutely no reason to believe you as you provide no evidence, and I have no clue wahst kind of content you are selling at all besides that you call it "guro", It all pure bragging and nothing more.
But I am aware that there is no shortage of idiots so who knows if you manage some fool to buy a drawing of stick figure guro porn for 10 000$ as some can sell the picture of the black square for 20 000$ typically have to die at first. LOL


the problem with you is,
like it always was,
the same:

You're stupid.

You're just making assumptions,
based on and limited by your own
perception and experience.

nobody who is doing 'shady' business
and is aware of the
political/ethical motivated
freezing of accounts associated with
paypal is going to use this or similar
operating services as long as there
are alternatives at hand.

The important part is to communicate
and spread these alternatives,
so that people within the guro-verse
can conduct business peacefully without
the constant fear of being
purged/deplatformed or in other means

Your entire argument is naively based
on the attitude:
'yeah, it's illegal, but nobody cares
so just move on and do it.'

Assuming that nobody cares is stupid
and a concept doomed to fail given enough
time and counter-opportunity.

Instead of motivating people to
'just do it anyways' try educating them
about the risks and how to effectively
avoid them. -It's more productive.

Nobody is bragging.
And of course I will not/never give
any hard evidence about delicate
information concerning customers or payments
or any other important sensitive data
on a public shitposting-board
to satisfy some dumb, foolish retard.


The 'evidence' is,
that most of what I write is generally
sane and sound and that if you think about
my statements you might realize that they make

sure, my pricing suggestions are different
from the opinions in >>10033 ,
but that's a point worth arguing about,
because I think that Tode's opinion is
also a valid option, even if it's not mine.


No, I am not stupid I am a genius with IQ of 200 Who works as multinational company CEO. But I am not going to provide any evidence so you have to believe me because I say so. Why would I lie?

I am not asking you to reveal details of your customers you did not even show a single picture of what you are supposedly selling or even describe what kind of content it is, but you present yourself practically as the headmaster of the super-secret underground community who also claims never doing anything illegal or even shows any interest in illegal content.
Yeah, that totally makes sense .. if you are a kid playing spy game with the super-secret mission to buy a pack of sugar for your mom.

I would love to see an example of the pictures that you can sell for the money you claim. Not even the actual picture you sold but the picture of similar content and quality Just so I could evaluate it and have a good laugh. I am almost sure If you show such a picture it will be tame enough to put on some mainstream magazine.

And going back on the topic there are no alternatives.
People with some sanity left do not expect to sell a stick figure guro porn to the wealthy anonymous perverts and get rich that way.
normal people do commissions 10-50$ per picture and barely make any money at all from this business.

PayPal is practically only one usable way of payment so you have to break its rules and take that risk or just drop that idea entirely
The worst thing which can practically happen to you is your account getting banned and funds lost. Most people have no clue how to use bitcoins so asking them to pay in bitcoins will just make you lose your customers.



Well, your behavior doesn't
correspond to the claim you're
Being of an 150+ IQ would
be recognized.
I don't see that in you, sugar.

No, it's not about playing
a spy game,
it's about maintaining privacy.
Which is rare these days.

I agree, that the vast majority
of people online have no clue
on how to use cryptocurrencies.
Which is a GOOD THING for
governance, stability and
-of course-
the big banks.
Which is a BAD THING for any
person trying to conduct business
without any interference of unforeseen

If the current trend of increasing
regulation and interference of money
transfers aimed at regular ppl continues,
cryptocurrencies might be the only option,
'average joe' will be left with in the

Of course,
well in favor of the general governance,
'average joe' is too lazy or,
too undereducated to use/maintain crypto

Which is the reason,
why centralized also governed crypto-exchanges/apps and bullshit
exist, trying to easy-fy the usage of
said money-substitute.

Based on this reason(and others as well),
I made the suggestion,
to set the commission prices higher,
than some average person would be willing
to pay.
Pricing, in my sense is used as a tool,
to narrow down the selection of potential
Down to the 'few' that:
- are willing/able to pay well
- are due to high education or resources
able to afford and manage the use
of crypto
- are due to high education aware
of the potential consequences and
eager to maintain privacy/anonymity

Of course, if someone would follow my
suggestions, he/she will DEFINITIVELY
loose customers.

The trash ones.


Have you ever seen a person with IQ over 150 to even make such judgement?

This is not privacy this is paranoia with the level of insanity. when you go such lengths to protect activity which is not even really illegal.

And the way you talk looks lore like those tea party preppers than a rational person.
The government does not give a shit about what you do as long as you do not go into politic, it does not care on what kind of stuff you jerk off unless some prosecutor suddenly runs out of easy victims to fill his quota. As long as you pay taxes it is all fine.

Your idea to raise prices is plain stupid because for the start your customers have no clue how many commission you did before at what price and who are you at all. so setting a low price will not drive high paying customers away but setting price high will leave you without any customers.
to raise prices you at least have to be a well-known person with decent picture portfolio.
later that anonymous customer has to contact you and make some request and agree to pay absolutely ridiculous price for the stuff which you already spammed all over the internet.
this absolutely does not make any sense.

even if this happens, since everyone is totally anonymous, anyone can pretend to be Bill Gates offer a million for a stick figure and then ditch you when you deliver it and you will have no way to do anything about that. So your artist who likes to ask high price will end with nothing at all.

and according to your claims "smart" and "rich" people are actually so stupid to give good money to the person whom they newer seen and who can ditch them anytime. in fact, I can even steal someone's work and present it as my own and sell it to that rich idiot. Or if necessary even hire another artist to draw me something for a few bucks and then resell it for your price.

Sounds like a pretty good moneymaking plan :)


>Sounds like a pretty good moneymaking plan :)

how right you are…
If you HAD an 150+ IQ,
Id wouldn't have taken you that long.

Take a look around you.
The gender-madness,
the political-correctnes-bullshit,
ethnopolitical catastrophes,
prosecution of 'hate-speech'
legal charges because of twitter posts…
… the list goes on…

Who insane?
Why paranoya?

For you, dear onix,
500+ USD may sound like a huuuuuge amount of
money, but there are enough ppl out there
that would not mind setting a pile of
100 Dollar Bills on fire just to demonstrate
they do not even bother.

At the end of the day,
everybody has to decide for
what to do
and how to do.



Typically people who burn 100 dollar bills do not obey the rules they set the rules. They are not the kind of people who are frightened of the falling leaf and worry about government censorship they are ones who decide what to censor.
also even for those people, burning piles of 100 dollar bills is a bit better idea than give it to the scammer pretending to be famous guro artist
if they managed to earn that kind of money they should be a bit smarter than that.

By the way, considering bitcoin it is not anonymous at all. Bitcoin can be easily traced because all transactions are public. You can somewhat reduce the exposure but not if you are a guy burning piles of 100$ bills and reducing exposure requires prety decent knowledge about the subject or if you just plain use bitcoin as an amateur, you will reveal your identity to practically everyone with whom you had any transactions. it may be even worse than paypal for your privacy.



Bitch, you're making too much

And you lack education.

Not all the ppl who earn
high income make the rules.
The vast majority of high income
earners have to obey the law just
like everyone else in the game.

In fact, some of them have much
more to loose than the average
person, should they be exposed
for some smuttyness.

you assume, that you have to be
a famous guro artist or that one
should pretend to be.
It's not the case.
Just provide some samples,
be good and that's it.

you assume, I'm talking about
bitcoin exclusively while mentioning
cryptocurrency in general.
It's not the case.
There are alternatives.
And even if used carefully, bitcoin
can reduce the repression success

I strongly believe,
you are suffering from Dunning-Kruger


How are you supposed to present those samples?
Maybe buy add space from google? LOL and then just wait until rich people start offering you piles of money.
You did not present any samples yourself so far.

I wonder how you can't see it yourself how ridiculous it is.

In the usual situation, you should be happy enough if someone at least makes a comment about your picture or indicates that they even saw it at all. sometimes even just posting pictures somewhere is a problem by itself because most places do not allow that kind of content.

There is no shortage of artists who draw for any price and if you pay well they will draw you absolutely anything.
Internet is full of pictures of all kinds as well as various artists selling various nonpublic content which you can actually buy and resell as your own.

Posting few samples on some random places will not get you anywhere and only earn you a reputation of spammer.
There is no way to verify who is the author of those drawings either.



Did you yourself ever draw for commission?
Any real experience other than
peddling porn just for yourself
and shitposting it on GC?


Even more can be said about you as you posted nothing at all besides your bragging.

I make my own content and kinda had one or two offers for commission but they ended with nothing.
Obviously I had conversations with other people who had more experience

Also since I mostly make loli-guro content I barely can even find any place to post it because most forums do not allow lolis at all.


I guess I should clarify, I’m not doing lolies either. I just like gore and want to charge people for it. If people get off to it that’s not my problem. I’m just trying to keep my job and family while making some quick cash on the side.


This should be not a problem at all as this is not controversial content. You will not even get immediately banned from patreon because of that and it is even allowed to post that kind of stuff on deviantart.

Your pictures may not even count as porn if people in them are not naked or objects are not being inserted in their genitalia
So using paypal is the most reasonable option. nobody will find out. And even if you get into problems with someone reporting you, you can say it is not porn but horror.



Could you specify 'quick'?

Do you mean 'quick' by
getting guro commis as soon
as possible?


Do you mean 'quick' by,
after setting yourself
up to the task,
earning more money
for less work.

Thing is,
that when doing commissions,
It's not entirely under your
control what you will work on.
In case you want 'quick' money,
you might have to accept requests,
that go beyond what you want to
draw, in favor of the money.

From experience I can say,
that you will
- very early -
be asked to draw stuff
that is considered porn and
barely legal in some countries.
Because this is what most customers


Could you be so kind and at least give a description of that highly illegal picture that can be requested.
Or you will just talk like christian preacher threatening people with terrible hellfire without actually describing what it is exactly.

Give us some laugh providing example or more illegal picture request than depicting Twilight Sparkle sucking Fluttershy's dick LOL

In fact it is even pretty rare to get a request for any guro or plain hardcore picture. Most of the time it will be something very softcore



You must be pretty damn stupid.

You yourself stated,
during this thread,
that in YOUR OWN country
all kind of porn is outlawed.
see >>10042.

For artworks to be illegal,
it's not neccessary to be
extremely cruel/gore or erotic
at all.

If you had any experience in
commission work,
you would know, that the
most common pattern in requests
is, to depict a very specific
personality being objective
of erotica and gore etc.
Very often, customers provide
reference photos.

To be clear,
the only aspect, where drawing
excels over all alternative media
is the depiction of characters
in situations, where photography,
videography would never lead to.

Just for reference,
look up 'Armando Huerta',
who is a pin up artist obviously
specialized on drawing smutty versions
of celebrities and their corresponding
cinematic characters.
Obviously not illegal in his country,
but add the element of gore to the game,
and the whole thing would be different.

By the way:
commission prices for custom pin ups
circle around 600 USD.
(even waaay higher, looked it up just now)
Just to give an example,
where prices, that you deem insane
are ALREADY paid.

If you visit his official online store,
you will notice how often this guy
states 'no refund'.
This proves a point I forgot to make,
that you already pointed to:

>Of course, it is possible that someone will report you to PayPal to get a refund, in fact, this method was even discussed as a way to get something for free.

This point being,
that, even if you as the artist operate
in an honest manner,
deliver on time,
satisfy the customer,
and everybody should be happy
without anybody noticing the little
nasty deeds you doodled,
some worthless piece of shit motherfucker
-like for example onix -
will report you or cause trouble
in some other way,
hoping to get his stuff for free.
It's not LE, you have to fear,
it's the 'wrong' customer who will be
causing the most trouble.

So you want to make some quick money?
I tell ya:
You. Will. Get. Burned.

sooner or later.

enjoy the party.


So finally some relevant stuff :)
I was suspecting that it may be the case, but you still failed to give an example of wahst kind or content is portrayed in those pictures (poses actions settings)

But I think you are on the wrong board, because artists here do not draw pinups of real people, they typically draw cartoons of various kinds with desired content.
you will hardly find anyone here who is even capable of drawing something realistic enough to be recognized as a real person.
For example one of my commissions was Dexter hawing sex with pregnant DeeDee.
And I am talking precisely about that kind of content all this time.
I know that pinups of real people cost way more I even personally know people who are artists like that and you would pay over 100$ even for a portrait of that and they are not that easy to draw as cartoons. But it is almost entirely off-topic for gurochan.
The closest what you can get to that kind of content, are pictures by "forbidden feast" artist who never even posted anything on gurochan besides complaints about piracy and he also asks a lot of money for his work too. But I don't even find them interesting.

'Armando Huerta' pictures by the standards of gurochan are just very softcore erotic same as 'Boris Vallejo'
Where I live this kind of content will not ever get labeled as porn. You can present it in the public gallery if you want and it will be legal because it is considered fine art even if it will involve guro. Prices you mention also are applicable to the fine art not to the cheap fapping material.

Although even in that situation you still get into problems frequently when even those rich customers cheat. I know stories from artists who were promised hundreds of dollars spend days working and ended with nothing.

finally, if your goal is realism I just don't see the point in drawn art at all, computer-generated content is cheap and quick. in fact, we spend great deals of effort trying to make computer draw cartoons instead of realistic 3d. The only value of the drawn art is that it is hand-drawn.



Well, I know what is posted here
on GC, but I didn't assume,
that the artist (OP) posting
the initial question of this thread
would target GC exclusively.

Most artistic content here on GC
isn't even worth a cent.
And I wouldn't even spend my time
looking at it intensively.

But, GC is(amongst others)
a good platform
for initial getting exposure,
due to its accessability,
pushing your content in front of
the right eyes.

I referenced Armando Huerta
only to point to a certain style
or quality of work that an artist
should be able to deliver to expect
making money from it.
Armando Huerta, as you mentioned
clearly falling in the spectrum of
fine arts being the upper end of the
monetizeable spectrum.

Where, on the lower end of the
spectrum you mind find works of a
quality similar to Cameron Steward's
feminine portraits (BW-only) which
he regularly posts on his instagram.
(I know, this guy is capable of more,
but this
specific style of his
is a good example).

If you, as an artist,
are not able to deliver quality
somewhere in between this spectrum,
chances are, you will not make any
good money at all.
Do not expect to get paid for some
sub-mediocre trash. Because this
trashy 'cheap fappening material' is
littered all over the web.

Specific poses, actions are not
relevant to deem an artwork illegal.
The depiction of some
(possibly specific) human being,
objectified in the context
of erotic and violence/harm in any
form is enough for most states/countries.

I think, I have worked out this topic
well enough.


The law in the UK was changed about ten years ago if I remember correctly to extend the definition of child pornography to any "representation" including CG or drawing. Your work is illegal in the UK :-/


Yes, that's possible but I doubt if the drawing can be really equated with the real thing. (although I do not live in the UK) but at least we are still free to kill and mutilate children as much as we desire as long as they do not enjoy it and present it as art LOL

Or else the famous picture of the dead immigrant boy on the shore will be considered illegal Guro porn ;) and it will make a horrible mess in general because it is not that easy to distinguish adult from a child in the picture or video. So even cosplay should become illegal if you dress like an underage character LOL.

Anyway, I guess this kind of law is plain stupid because I can always claim that my characters are just 90 years old midgets LOL and how the hell they are going to prove the opposite? It is me who created them after all so I decide what is their age. In the legal practice, the general idea is if you can explain the situation in any reasonable way you are considered innocent.


That would be the case if the world were a reasonable place, I agree! Trouble is, so much of the law depends on whether something can be PERCEIVED as something else! For example, did you know in Australia it is illegal for porn actresses to be A-cup or smaller breast-wise as they could be percieved as being children, even 'though they're mid-20s or older? The world is sadly becoming a very knee-jerk, judgemental, paranoid place :-/



your limited education and overall
understanding of how-things-work
turns every debate with you to an
overly complicated, exhausting

It's like trying to teach a
lama to drive. ;)

Yes, you could claim,
that your characters, you create
are all adult midgets.
But then you have to work OC only,
abandoning commissions.

Because if, and only if LE will
catch you, and you did commis,
exchanged emails with your clients,
who might have sent you reference
photos of the characters to portrait,
and it turns out that by the time
that photo was taken the person
was underage, your ass is gonna get
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeply penetrated.

Similar goes for celebrities,
especially actors, if you are living
in the wrong state.
In this case, you are more likely to
land in civil court facing
monetary charges until your
pockets bleed.

Again, you're arguing with your
opinion and wrong assumptions.

Your opinion does not matter facing
the law. Period.

Just do me a favor,
get proficient in arts,
actually accomplish something
in life,
do some commis, publish some works,
use paypal, sign your works by hand,
and become successful/famous enough
to pull some attention.

It's gonna be fun.
Trust me.

I'll gonna leave you with that,
because I know, that you will find
some other 'genius' argument to
counter me.



I think you need to take more care to get in context.

Because yes, what you say is valid under certain circumstances and I will not argue that you are wrong but the whole point is that we typically do OC and not real people. And furthermore, I use lolis not so much as children but as a representation of certain character type so they actually do not even behave like children.
If those commissions involve drawing pictures of real children in sexual situation the law actually makes some sense because it is about real people.

But you just brag in with your totally irrelevant claims and try to scare everyone that they will get in jail for essentially drawing stick figures like Shadman. Or promise millions for the pictures that take 5 minutes to draw.
next time just make it clear what you are talking about to avoid stupid misunderstandings.

The word "Artist" is applicable not only to those who draw by hand. Any technology is ok, like photography, sculpture and I use 3d "photography". and my art is focused on the story and meaning.
In fact, people who draw that kind of commissions as you describe are not even really artists but painters because they do not create anything they just do the exact specific request.

In fact, all art is about the meaning and that's what makes it different from porn and other services that have no meaning of any kind just customer satisfaction. Art is supposed to change the world not just making money.

By the way, if you are looking for "artists" to draw those realistic pictures why don't you just hire Chinese workers? They will draw anything any style for you for pennies as long as it does not require any creativity and you can sell it with 1000% profit.



Dude what drugs do you take? I want the same.


It has been fun,
Until next time.
Enjoy life.


Yeah I know that joke about Australia.
But it is more about selling porn legally not about putting every woman with flat chest in jail who dares to put sexy outfit or make erotic photo.

Perception is subjective and cannot be used as argument in court, if there are no hard standards and rules you cannot be prosecuted criminally. (although civil trials are possible where very low level proof is required and decisions are almost random expression of the judge's mood)
In fact in the modern world it is pretty hard to get convicted for anything at all, because you can make totally ridiculous excuses and win if prosecutor will not prove your excuses to be wrong. Although it greatly depends on your ability to speak nonsense with the serious face and not burst in laughter.

So in our situation if someone wants to convict you for a drawing, he end to use objective standards to prove that it can be perceived as child at the specified level using numerical mathematical proof. possibly on the character which is not even anatomically correct human. Obviously it cannot be done in principle for fictional characters. Any prosecutor who will try that will become a laughing stock.

I would even really love to see how one will try to prove that the girl with the dick of the size of a horse or a pussy which can fit entire horse is a child. And funniest of all if someone accuses you for some character being perceived as a child you can make more pictures where you ruin that perception.

So it is not that bad if world is becoming ridiculous.


Laws and prosecution guidance may be ridiculous but I for one wouldn't like to be the test-case that attempted to prove them so :-/


I agree that it is unpleasant to face extra danger, but there no need to worry that much.

The bigger problem is that because of those laws sites like gurochan get closed and you may end with no place to post your stuff or even discuss it with other people.


I find it sad that this thread is now turning into just mocking at australian porn regulations. I am an artist myself. I found this information on this thread pretty interesting because im playing with the idea opening commission myself. After googling some of the examples BB mentioned i know i would put myself somewhere in between those lines. Artistically. I'd love to explore my inner darkside by drawing, but without any real incentive to do so i consider it mostly a waste of time, which I don't have much at spare. Doing it in due to paid work (eg. commissions ) it would make much more sense to me and possibly for other artists as well. Since i actually do have a paid job in the artistic industry, which i would never want to loose because of doing gore or snuff i am also very concerned about my privacy.

Aren't there any other useful opinions worth sharing???


Yeah drawing for money really makes sense especially if you get paid way over the top LOL

But competition is pretty high here and there is no shortage of artists who will draw you anything at all as long as you pay money.
and in this global world, you can't compete with states where average monthly income is 30$ or with Chinese biorobots.

And stop making a big deal out of guro, it is not that big issue to worry about unless you live in some country with draconian laws and overzealous police.



LOL you so funny. Anyone else than just this guy?



Well, making a new email address to deal with guro art is a given. Also stay low and not attract attention to yourself? If you ended using Paypal, keep your transaction volume relatively small.

If you are alright with cannibalism, it might be worthwhile to showcase your work in Dolcett Girls Forum. They are pretty tight community and less likely to snitch you up. Not sure about their spending power tho.

I don't think I can give anything else useful. I am pretty much unknown in this field, so keeping my privacy is enough with not blabbing around my normies friend about my guro arts.


Worst that could happen is that you become semi-famous as a local fringe artist.

And there's always the "I do not particularly care about X but people pay me good money to draw that subject matter."



well … if that's the worst that
could happen…

Here's a commission for you:

Draw the current president/leader of
your country,
and assfucked by the head of the opposing
while the cut-off middle finger
of the beheaded president/leader
is still sticking in the asshole
of a naked, newborn which is lying
drop dead on the floor amongst them in
the foreground,
with a large title stating:

When you finished this 'masterpiece',
I want you to publish it PUBLICLY
on a relevant forum in a moderate
so that I can pay you after you
have provided your paypal creds,
to finally recieve the high-res
version of it.


lets see how it works out for you.



Just to clarify:
Maybe some ppl who read this
might be stupid/desperate
enough to actually do it.

My previous post is BULLSHIT.

Eternal Hellfire will await
you if you do.

It's just the most extreme
example to bring up,
'how to become more than just
the semi-famous local fringe artist'.



Just to demonstrate that
far worse can happen,
and just saying:

'I draw X just because of Dollars'

Won't get you out of trouble.


I think you are making wrong request here, because if this is a commission, artist is not supposed to post this on any forum it goes to you as a customer.
All responsibility will fall on the one who published it first not on the artist.

Finally this is not even issue of art or porn but totally another situation.
Of course you can simply refuse to pay because artist will not be able to go to the court demanding you to pay for the picture of decapitated president LOL



> Of course you can simply refuse to pay […]

… honey,
I'm so glad,
that you are too poor
to ever be a customer
of mine


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