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Aug 23 01:34 Gurochan Feedback Reg
Aug 23 01:22 4chan user whining on this site Anonymous
Aug 22 20:59 Where to get young 3D models? Anonymous
Aug 22 07:02 Horror movies that are like porn to you? Anonymous
Aug 22 06:56 Political Position?
Aug 21 02:15 If you were a serial killer... WhySoSerial
Aug 20 19:09 Rapey thoughts
Aug 17 21:27 Penises Cut Off Snip-Snip-Snip!
Aug 17 05:01 did child abuse lead you to your obsession with gore like me? what happened and why? meat
Aug 17 04:52 Lynxchan Stephen Lynx
Aug 16 09:08 ryonaloli SymbioticFemale
Aug 15 22:55 Exhentai is being shut down Anonymous
Aug 15 18:32 Talking to SO about guro Reapanon
Aug 13 16:51 What do you feel inside and how do you deal with dat shit? imprefctoin
Aug 12 05:51 Current state of the online guro-community B.B.
Aug 12 00:46 Superpeople Anonymous
Aug 11 01:46 Are we all.... Sick? Dodo
Aug 09 22:26 Torture training ideas? Anonymous
Aug 08 23:19 Image Resize Error Solgeth
Aug 05 20:21 Boti The Bunny
Aug 04 17:35 Guro Oriented Fiction or Fiction that Includes Guro? Anonymous
Aug 03 03:39 Question to the whole Gurochan community Anonymous
Aug 02 07:16 Paywalled content & you Qexet
Aug 01 10:26 Voice actress into horror stories ? Wyfar
Jul 27 04:42 Low traffic Anonymous
Jul 26 14:49 Favorite combat wound Anonymous
Jul 24 23:27 Video Games Anonymous
Jul 16 15:07 How did you get into gynophagia/guro? MmYum
Jul 10 13:44 is down Anonymous
Jul 08 16:22 Daz3d and anonymity Anonymous
Jul 08 02:55 Separating Loli from the Rest? Anonymous
Jul 07 16:18 Reality based fantasies Onix
Jul 07 01:56 Ask need sauce Argum
Jun 29 23:48 Girl in half
Jun 24 14:20 What got you into guro? Anonymous
Jun 24 01:32 Your Favorite Guro Comics Anonymous
Jun 23 19:32 Pottyboi
Jun 20 14:36 Who else's fetishes started really young? Flens Verpa
Jun 18 00:47 Lucid Dreams Squunch
Jun 17 18:01 what are your most fucked up masochistic fantasie or deeds? Anonymous
Jun 09 03:42 Mortal Kombat 11 sucks Anonymous
Jun 02 21:10 Character stats system ideas BBraker
May 31 00:52 Discord Eevee
May 30 09:03 GuroChan on tor Arsonist
May 27 00:00 Women into playing dead Mike
May 26 18:59 Cannibalism
May 23 01:20 Experience with Saya no Uta? Mol
May 20 18:13 Gender breakdown of this interest Anonymous
May 19 09:23 sunnyjam
May 15 19:00 B.B.
May 11 16:11 Underage characters? B.B.
May 08 17:51 Realistic Guro situations BBraker
May 07 04:29 Genocide. DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
May 06 14:00 Tiny summary list at top of board BBraker
May 05 23:13 Ridleys move (game theory) Executioner
May 05 20:33 Pussy shots Pussy Shooter
May 04 12:18 Patreon, paid works and piracy
May 04 06:51 test test
May 03 13:56 Maniac GF DarkChaliceKnight
May 03 04:38 Anime, Games, Movies that tug on your kinks Reg
May 01 00:19 Anonymous
Apr 30 11:40 DC Women Killing Anonymous
Apr 28 22:06 Tips for writing guro Anonymous
Apr 28 10:20 How do you want to die? Straitjackit
Apr 25 05:06 Why you like Vore? neobyzantium
Apr 24 19:55 Format Testing Randall J. Nelson
Apr 24 01:02 3D CGI programs for guro Anonymous
Apr 22 17:12 Where’d Barbell go? Lostfan
Apr 20 06:16 Sister in a horror movie
Apr 16 19:42 What is the most horrified you've ever been? Anonymous
Apr 16 13:57 how to meet other guro lovers
Apr 15 13:07 Do you know any cool guro or at least hentai games? Ritorinius
Apr 13 18:38 Drugs? Anonymous
Apr 12 23:07 Patreon alternative
Apr 06 02:10 Anonymous
Apr 03 02:11 How well do you handle power? DisgustingPervert(butI'mBeautiful!)
Apr 01 19:04 Anonymous
Mar 29 20:23 Anonymous
Mar 29 05:37 HogisGuy Kim Nanapriss
Mar 28 12:14 Anonymous
Mar 26 12:40 IRL
Mar 22 01:19 Gurochan new layout feedback Reg
Mar 12 00:29 Ever feel defeated? Anonymous
Mar 10 06:34 Ladies! Who would you want to die? Krazy Kaylee
Mar 10 06:32 Yuk! imprfction
Mar 10 00:44 Has anyone watched Gintama? Gorah
Mar 07 22:11 Light Guro/Necrophilia/Snuff Anonymous
Mar 07 17:23 Ladies Chat
Mar 07 05:58 Have you ever tried eating your own shit?
Mar 07 05:56 Anyway I can get in contact with an Admin? Vice Dark Lord
Mar 04 04:55 Alphas and betas Guiltstar
Mar 01 03:30 My prayer Anonymous
Feb 28 04:45 Challenges of running a site like this Anonymous
Feb 24 16:55 The Great Guro Game Challenge! Anonymous
Feb 18 16:51 Noob? Anonymous
Feb 18 01:20 American Civil War. DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Feb 13 20:43 Thoughts on David Cheung?
Feb 13 18:08 Why do you like Necrophilia? neobyzantium
Feb 09 09:24 Timestop... (Thought Experiment) DoctorRobot1
Feb 08 15:34 Do you know any guro movies or books with violence toward women smiley
Feb 08 00:01 Purge. imprfction
Feb 02 02:04 What do you hide? maybeImEmbarrassed
Jan 31 03:54 Racial fantasies? Anonymous
Jan 28 20:39 Deaths in red dead 2
Jan 28 04:36 Anonymous
Jan 22 23:03 Bleeding from the mouth? Anonymous
Jan 17 01:15 What do you think about 4chan users?
Jan 17 01:07 Would you kill someone for that fantasy?
Jan 07 22:52 Tor link Anon
Jan 07 20:11 Anonymous
Jan 07 16:29 New sub thread for cbt Anonymous
Jan 01 01:58 What helps you write? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jan 01 01:50 Tumblr banning porn and my blog protonstar
Dec 29 14:23 Walking Red Flag imprfction
Dec 29 00:29 Guilt caused by guro.... Zimblekimble
Dec 28 23:05 Music!!! imprfction
Dec 27 14:41 You find a fresh body sawed in half in an alleyway
Dec 26 19:55 The day I started seeing my half-sister as a woman... blurred
Dec 25 23:21 You are now a dictator.
Dec 25 23:05 message to the past guillermo
Dec 22 08:10 I can't stop thinking of someone's trauma DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 21 18:00 Needs to be easier to access Vice Dark Lord
Dec 17 20:22 Deadly Erotica Subreddit Anonymous
Dec 17 19:05 Do female prisoners freqently piss themselves in prison? hulang
Dec 14 19:50 Guro Telegram Group Proxy
Dec 12 23:50 WE'RE BACK FUCKERS! Straitjackit
Dec 12 01:11 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 07 03:33 Need to be able to find this place when it's looked up Vice Dark Lord
Dec 05 15:48 Any good story sites? wolfwing
Dec 04 19:42 HI Anonymous
Dec 02 20:17 Can't post on the litrature thread Vice Dark Lord
Oct 27 07:59 GUROchan Feedback enclaved
Oct 25 12:14 I need a therapist brokeninside
Oct 25 06:41 HALLOWEEN HAUNTINGS DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 25 06:25 My liking of guro has changed.
Oct 18 23:49 Sexual Abuse And Hacking in Swinger Community Dragod
Oct 18 14:35 Who can search in dolcettgirls? hulang
Oct 16 18:03 Whats up, I'm a noobie.
Oct 16 10:37 Абай Камалов победителm премии президента TarasBot
Oct 14 23:31 Skype Group
Oct 13 19:12 Other pages like this?
Oct 13 11:54 fuck
Oct 11 12:19
Oct 11 10:01 reasonably blood numbers to the penis olsen banden forste film
Oct 07 07:30 root wrote us with a offensive here the dimension michael jackson danmark
Oct 07 06:35 I'm looking for real hackers.
Oct 06 15:35 List of fetishes
Oct 06 06:14 What's your job IRL?
Oct 02 04:54 Why Is Male Guro Hard to Find?
Oct 02 04:35 does your self harm fantasies stem from self hate?
Oct 02 04:29 [Rant] Where are all the boys?
Oct 01 17:03 Guro Discord (Almost 100 members) violer
Oct 01 06:30 darkest thoughts
Sep 30 04:14 Guro Dating, Friends, Fapping & Related Thread
Sep 30 03:32 Public Kik guro chat Junko Enoshima
Sep 30 02:02 Looking for a certain older Hentai movie, tentacles/guro... (description)
Sep 29 18:45 Your sexuality? ShittyAnnie
Sep 28 14:58 What do you want for this world? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Sep 28 14:39 my ball torture Micha
Sep 24 16:11 Started drawing Guro, have a question.
Sep 22 12:25 LGBTQIAA+ Gore Fans? lovelyminotaur
Sep 22 00:26 Vore appeal neobyzantium
Sep 21 18:54 Legend of Korra New Season Idea
Sep 21 07:16 most painful memories? Best? Surreal?
Sep 19 20:07 Sister snuff/necro/scat fantasy
Sep 19 18:00 Using pics of models/actors to represent characters in RP?
Sep 14 18:50 детская качель для новорожденных Kachalkijax
Sep 12 19:02 Server certificate expired again!
Sep 12 17:25 This Ideological War
Sep 09 17:57 Characters you hate
Sep 09 06:15 fondest vore memory on tv/movies/anime/manga neobyzantium
Sep 08 20:54 "The borders of tomb raider" 3d movie endings?
Sep 03 05:31 Discord Recommended Servers? mono
Sep 01 07:05 Anyone want to help me with a long story?
Aug 30 23:17 What did Voldemort do to punish Malfoy family? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Aug 30 15:21 Why I cannot delete the spamdumps in /lit/ Mod
Aug 29 16:23 Spread knowledge Bellevoye
Aug 20 07:43 X-Change Wild
Aug 16 19:32 OI. STRAITJACKIT. And/or any surviving admins.
Aug 15 15:38 Discuss Anime and Waifus Dude Man
Aug 12 22:36 Woman that fell into an escalator and was crushed to death.
Aug 12 06:58 Discord groups in general Anon.jpg
Aug 12 06:24 Gynophagia on Kik
Aug 11 16:08 "Would you rather" thread Straitjackit
Aug 11 11:18 to be cannibalized
Aug 10 23:42 avoiding payment processor censorship eyeteeth
Aug 10 17:59 So, are you happy? Straitjackit
Aug 10 17:32 Spam in /lit/
Aug 08 15:20 You are now the chieftain of a tribe... (Thought Experiment)
Aug 05 17:40 To my personal Illuminati, youknowwhoyouare/Iam
Aug 01 06:55 What makes Gurochan system stands out from other chan? JOELwindows7
Aug 01 00:51 Gravity Falls Commission
Jul 30 00:16 Where to post stories Jay Deviant
Jun 15 16:26 new
Jun 15 15:28 Sister in a slasher
Jun 15 14:27 whaat do you think of me
Jun 15 04:02 Gurochan T-shirt
Jun 14 15:36 A Difficult Choice. Pussy Shooter/ Slit Slicer
Jun 14 03:55 looking for pictures/stories
Jun 13 14:19 S content in F Nonnie
Jun 11 14:33 Who is straitjackit? - Answered JOELwindows7
Jun 10 23:29 Info on cannibalism?
Jun 06 01:29 MORALITY: Mercy, Altruism, Redemption, Revenge, and Evil DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jun 04 20:46 Which deaths would you stop? guiltstar
Jun 03 01:28 Don't Forget me Monika
May 31 02:49 Childhood Emotional Neglect 47
May 29 18:20 Is pokemon worth a damn? ThePerv
May 29 04:18 moar muzik perverts
May 26 04:33 worry ...
May 25 18:02 Probably don't have long to live... any girls want to umm.. act out some of their fantasies? Whythehellnot
May 23 17:16 What are your opinions on Puchimas porn?
May 23 14:10 Guro friendly Discord D3AGLE
May 22 18:20 Fictional Femicide
May 22 15:45 Police surveillance (not waht you think) Onix
May 21 02:23 Violent themed game ideas Anondev
May 17 00:21 X-Change Wild
May 16 18:52 Anyone from Japan? Jim James
May 16 08:04 Question on Bladder Control Loss During Hanging or Other Executions? hulang
May 16 07:32 Dead bodies with their eyes open neobyzantium
May 16 04:53 You get an army of something. What is it? ThePervert!
May 14 14:29 hi guys, I'm new
May 14 08:06 irl "guro"
May 13 22:53 Guro friendly Discord D3AGLE
May 13 21:19 Places for IRL scat stuff?
Apr 23 14:53 Guro friendly Discord D3AGLE
Apr 23 01:15 What would you do? Girl in half
Apr 07 19:58 Using guro fantasies to cope?
Apr 06 13:11 I see women as fuckmeat Bender
Apr 06 07:36 Jealous of people who get to live out your guro fantasies? BorderlineSunshine
Apr 01 23:56 Guro fantasies are about to explode Anòn E. Müs
Mar 22 09:33 an apology - updated
Mar 21 01:07 stop feeling guilty. DisgustingPerver(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Mar 20 11:53 Fetish Girl anesthisa
Mar 20 02:00 Been seeing alot of RL pics lately... Johny Guro
Mar 19 03:30 Reputation Annon
Mar 15 23:52 Sister in a slasher Lee
Mar 14 06:15 exhentai large insertions?
Mar 14 04:03 My dick is confused pls help
Mar 12 09:46 Why not use pages JohnTheReaper
Mar 10 12:01 hello ThePerv
Mar 10 05:01 Fucked up exhentai access. What do I do now?
Mar 08 08:26 Fetish Girl anesthisa
Mar 07 08:33 Video Sharing for Guro Sunset
Mar 07 08:24 Please keep GC up now
Mar 06 07:10 How would you use her body?
Mar 06 00:19 Police Torrent File
Mar 05 09:40 Has anyone watched Altered Carbon?
Mar 01 02:45 Thankfully, real-world killers clearly aren't guro fans
Feb 26 11:45 How to view attachments on thedarkspot
Feb 05 12:47 Has anyone here read the Runners series (Or anything by Maddy
Jan 29 21:38 The real reason gurochan keeps going down
Jan 26 18:23 Do you have a phobia?
Jan 22 06:11 Solitary Confinement
Jan 22 02:34 *sigh* Oh, Scatbooru.... *shakes head* Waru
Jan 21 07:33 LF Cool Guro Friends
Jan 20 19:23 Wheres the catalogs?
Jan 17 23:08 A few anatomical questions Annika
Jan 17 06:31 tit torture
Jan 17 06:15 Appropriate place for game guro?
Jan 14 10:15 Guro d&d type game
Jan 12 10:43 Guro Con Ach
Jan 04 13:03 Poser vs Daz vs ??? for 3D guro?
Jan 03 21:55 HAPPY NEW YEAR
Jan 02 18:03 Your personal pet (You order, I comply) Atzy
Jan 02 09:48 hi friends! DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jan 01 08:17 Mega crazies, do you ever weird your "voices" out? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 23 03:46 Severed Head Guro Sex Toys
Dec 18 09:11 movie recommendation acherontia
Dec 13 00:06 Guro victim thread
Dec 12 18:10 The strangest feeling Prophet Of Perversion
Dec 11 19:55 /lit/ freeuse question
Dec 06 08:40 switch someone's head & asshole DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 05 19:37 Your dream world?
Dec 03 22:00 Confession Time CalcSpree
Dec 03 17:37 What do I have to study for making 3D arts? Malek
Dec 02 23:12 Ideal Fantasy Game 47
Dec 02 23:02 Please help me unfuck this Pat
Dec 02 21:28 Legal Question TheMadRaven
Dec 02 15:41 /lit/ advice
Dec 02 15:30 Music!
Nov 30 16:24 Morbid curiosity
Nov 30 11:02 Always wanted to feed my wife human meat Luke
Nov 29 21:13 Population Calculator? AbbottWarr
Nov 29 13:28 Lilith's Blessing
Nov 23 01:23 Dating Advice
Nov 22 16:23 Recipes Anonymous
Nov 21 19:06 Purpose 47
Nov 19 10:50 Questions TheMadRaven
Nov 17 21:53 Favourite dead body scene in anime/manga neobyzantium
Nov 15 20:28 Laptop security 101
Nov 14 21:34 Helping Eachother with Sex Fantasies IRL ThatRapeGal
Nov 13 03:30 Guro Game Help Plz Anonymous
Nov 12 17:36 What's your faction? DisgustingPervert(buti'mBeautiful!)
Nov 11 12:56 Deep Web links for real Occult Magick
Nov 10 11:52 Coping with Guilt and Disconnection HungryMan
Nov 09 19:22 Latest Announcement from ASSTR regarding site problems Tinribs
Nov 06 04:02 Neuromancer 2501
Nov 05 14:17 Please help me
Nov 04 06:55 Gurochan alternatives
Oct 31 02:30 Corpse Query
Oct 30 04:38 TIme? TRInitY
Oct 20 07:39 Question for males who enjoy depictions of penis pain/mutilation
Oct 19 19:48 Shortage of superhero names BBraker
Oct 18 02:57 Ideas for ways to end Aliens vs. Samus Aran and Lara Croft BBraker
Oct 15 00:23 When does "late" become "early?" DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 14 19:34 Causes DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 14 11:56 Dealing with editing mistakes in Literature posts BBraker
Oct 13 23:42 The Netherlands
Oct 04 19:11 Most extreme comic books/series
Oct 03 01:15 what is the meaning of Gurochan?
Sep 28 22:12 Anatomy system for RPG games or 3D rendering BBraker
Sep 28 21:49 New Game - NEED OPINIONS - Ykvr
Sep 28 21:37 What is your body worth tSade
Sep 21 20:34 Room with a Dial Killing 0..100% of Humanity (Thought Experiment DP(B)-1) DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Sep 21 20:27 Favorite media? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Sep 05 19:43 FEARS
Aug 28 19:41 You cuddling anyone/anything right now? Straitjackit
Aug 28 14:46 Literature Tags 47
Aug 28 09:28 What kind of guro is this when you can travel inside a girl's body and explore her internal organs?
Aug 28 03:38 what does this cat think of when I do what she can never do? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Aug 19 03:22 Grave robbing, anyone?
Aug 13 11:41 Question concerning use of real pics in RP?
Aug 09 18:03 Story/setting ideas thread?
Aug 06 00:21 Morgues and Funeral Homes neobyzantium
Aug 02 06:28 Does incorrect terminology and phrasing irritate you?
Jul 29 03:38 Best place to host on-topic stories. Randall J Nelson
Jul 25 05:42 Guro Telegram Group
Jul 19 02:50 Gore vs Guro Booleanw
Jul 17 12:54 What got you into guro ?
Jul 17 07:43 cyborgs and technology DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jul 12 01:23 So what happened to kittycunt? Anon1442
Jul 11 04:49 I like weather DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jul 09 19:59 Where can a mediocre guro artist share their art? sad girl
Jul 07 01:20 Favourite anime/manga girls/women for necro fantasies? neobyzantium
Jul 02 06:59 What Happened to
Jul 01 17:30 Readable /lit/ Rosie
Jul 01 00:48 sick of this kik bullshit fuckik
Jun 29 10:34 I was curious about something Pussy Shooter
Jun 26 00:27 Elite Cabals and Sacrifices - U WOT M8? 47
Jun 07 06:36 Do you like/fap to guro of your waifu?
Jun 05 02:50 Anyone out of the guro-closet? How did that go? Anne
Jun 04 21:16 Nonsexual enjoyment of guro, anyone? Atlatl
Jun 04 02:35 Obessed with therapist
Jun 03 09:00 I think I'm sexually cursed.
May 29 23:12 explore my dark desires or get help? oron
May 12 14:19 You now have the powers of Superman... (Thought Experiment)
May 08 03:36 hypothetical; would you prefer a gurochan booru? fuccinakids
May 03 21:51 World ends tomorrow
May 01 21:19 If it were legal... Pussy Shooter
May 01 01:18 Chan with auto archive instead of auto erase
Apr 24 18:12 Cause of death? LTT
Apr 23 08:54 What if.....
Apr 22 09:43 Customs for posting
Apr 06 13:10 Unit 731 cosplay Unit731
Apr 03 17:15 Disgusted with my life... 47
Mar 30 16:16 What do I do? I bit off more than I could chew!
Mar 30 12:24 Finding yourself obsessed? Straitjackit
Mar 29 16:17 guro + self hatred?
Mar 24 14:17 So I was thinking
Mar 22 02:58 Want it my dreams Girl in halve
Mar 19 12:57 Wondering about story length in general Eficient
Mar 11 09:33 Thanks for Being Here Regis
Mar 03 14:06 personal fantasies
Mar 02 09:00 [no guro] How do I find Aogami's new stuff? Aoi Hikari
Feb 27 15:53 Saving stories
Feb 27 11:33 Any anime or manga like Strike Witches in terms of taking its own eroticism casually? Aoi Hikari
Feb 25 08:08 Do what you want Girl in halve
Feb 23 01:45 Gaming ID's, get social and play vidya! Straitjackit / BBQ_Boysnuff
Feb 14 16:56 Globalized fetishes
Feb 07 01:00 Anyone want a torture doll? super serious poster
Jan 31 17:54 A littel help with proof reading Eficient
Jan 20 07:00 PLaces you go to find your guro stuff
Jan 20 02:54 Any hentai with guro/snuff elements? Odeck
Jan 18 05:06 Guro Music DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jan 14 03:52 More /lit pages Narra Avlan
Jan 10 12:00 Origin of your fetishes? NewGuy
Jan 01 19:50 Question for Necrophilia fans neobyzantium
Dec 30 13:57 This fetish is making me insane. Please help me.
Dec 28 16:19 Question for scat lovers SEVEREDPENISCOLLECTION
Dec 26 21:51 Missing
Dec 25 19:30 I recently ate some vomit for the first time, ask me anything
Dec 22 01:33 Am i fucked? kira
Dec 17 23:17 Setting
Dec 17 20:44 Taking my guro fetish public?
Dec 12 17:28 Why am I obsessed with Penectomy? Yogi
Dec 05 08:10 'It's for a book' - Ask/answer questions here
Dec 04 19:30 A question about tags in /lit/ Eterya
Dec 02 13:09 Ryonaket
Nov 30 07:25 Lost stories? NewGuy
Nov 27 19:29 might this shit happen?
Nov 26 06:30 Scat
Nov 23 07:55 how to find other ppl into guro irl
Nov 23 00:34 Self-harm


Hello. Reg here.

Please post any feedback you have for gurochan into this new, stickied thread.

Somehow the old thread was deleted. I'm certain it wasn't intentional, so let's just start from scratch.
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I demand some explanations here.


I don't want to have to delete stuff and I want this to be a free place to share your shit. But using this site to circumvent artists' rights to sell their content how they want to, in a deliberate and egregious manner, will not be tolerated.

We're not going to track down every fucking image which might possibly be paywall scumming but if you do it and brag about it or create threads with the explicit intention of stealing from artists don't be shocked if they are deleted.
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Why not just require artists send a DMCA request? That way you don't have to fuck over the community and you can still follow the law.


Why does this user complain about this post?
The OP posted an image and an angry 4chan user complained about it.


Fuck that guy


Hey, I recently got DAZ 3D (hence a complete noob), but they don't seem to "do" anatomically correct young characters. I can't seem to find anywhere that has them. Where do young characters come from? Surely people don't build them from scratch? Thanks!


What exactly does it men anatomically correct?
If you speak about missing genitalia, it is separate item like hair.

If you just need child models you can look for AngelWings stuff, that guy makes very good child models.
but also you can just use any model and use "growing up" morphs to change age. or alternatively you can just adjust head eye size and scale it down


Hey there. So I was watching Abominable yesterday, and really got my rocks off to it. I was wondering if other folks here have horror movies that are like porn to them, I’d like to “expand my horizons”, if you catch my drift.
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Since nobody mentioned this already…
there's a web collection of movie scenes at (which for some reason doesn't host that one clip of Renee Griffit's beheading in Showdown In Little Tokyo)

My absolute favorite is a tie between a strangling scene from Woman's Prison Massacre and the beheading from Showdown in Little Tokyo. They both have very good build ups, the woman is naked and in a sexual scenario - getting whacked at the high point. They think they'll have sex, but end up choked or decapitated.

This type of scenario is actually kind of common now that I think about it… Other worthy mentions being Ryde (two women want to make up with a dude and he ends up drowning one and head stomping the other), Appetites (good looking prostitutes get whacked, but there's actual sex scenes with a deathly climax), Murder Set Pieces (an overall deranged movie, that I dig) and others I can't remember from the top of my head - but if anyone knows this scenario unfolding in any other movie - *please notify me*.

There was also this one movie - the name of which I completely forgot - where a cute blondi is tied down to a chair by a clown / masked man and then he unveils another woman in front of her, completely naked and tied upside down, cunt up. He then fetches a chainsaw and there's a very good graphical scene where she's cut in half. The horror on both of them is delicious.
The blondie on the chair manages to escape from the restraints but she's shot down in another scene towards the end - with a kind of drawn out scene that ends with a headshot (if I remember correctly and my mind doesn't embelish such details as is the case with my memories of the little tokyo beheading).


I'll give you a little hint, the clown's name is Art >:)



Funny how my mind distorted that scene. It was a hack-saw not a chainsaw and the blondie was the one getting it. Very hot scene overall.


File: 1565897651560.jpg (46.29 KB, 1280x720, 1[1].jpg)

You probably know that there is a lot of fetish porn videos (not real deaths, of course). Found the video today where the chick plays with the sword, then gets beheaded and fucked in the mouth of her severed head, was pretty neat. I'd gladly post some of these, but I'm afraid it's not allowed here.


Posting links to content that is legal is ok.
I, for one, would LOVE to see that clip you mentioned


I'm curious if there's any correlation with these extreme fetishes and peoples' political opinions. So what are your views? I'm far left, something of a socialist.
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>>"In all human history empathy never influenced anything."

God damn it Onix, you say one insane wrong thing after another. From women aren't human to empathy doesn't exist. Just because you're a sociopath doesn't mean everyone is.


I never said women are not human they are less human because they are closer to nature and that's a big difference.

If you want to claim that empathy had any impact on the history ever find at least one historical even where empathy played any role.

we have history of many thousands years and in that time nobody ever had any problems with mass murder genocide and slavery. empathy did not prevent slave owners from beating their slaves to death it did not prevented exterminating Jews in the death camps. and it did not prevented Jews from doing exact same genocide on neighboring tribes and bragging about that. it does not prevent Jews from murdering Palestinians today.

Empathy only comes up when there is a need for manipulation.


Empathy is a large part of many movements, such as that to end slavery and liberate Palestinians.
Also, empathy is one means of manipulation.


That's the problem.
Because if you cared to think a bit more you would easily understood that all those movements are controlled by psychopaths and scammers who use empathetic idiots to do their bidding.
Those idiots themselves have zero impact on human history besides being a tool for other people to gain power.

I personally do not have anything against empathy, it is a good thing which actually brings more fun to your life. But that where it ends when things get serious you put it away and use logic instead.


My political opinion is basically "hippity hoppity get the fuck off my property"
*pumps slide action shotgun*


Hi gurochan, I'm currently running a survival guro RP where the players are young women trying to stay alive and escape from serial killers. If you were to create a serial killer:

1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

2. Would you have a M.O?

3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

4. How would you like to be called?

5. Any further info?

Id love to hear what you have in mind! And I'll post an example of the one played by one of the players very soon.
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1. Everything. Dogs are loud, kids are pure. Empathy is, were, what?
2. No, I'm egalitarian.
3. No trophies. It's not about fame.
4. Peepeepoopoo.
5. I've tried


1. thin, pale females, because I'm attracted to them
2. I would freeze them to death or dissect them until they died
3. I would preserve and keep their heads, if I couldn't do that then a lock of hair
4. something cool sounding I guess
5. If probably use the same methods that Ted Bundy used to lure them


File: 1566063659172.jpg (93.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

All poopoo times are peepee times but not all peepee times are poopoo times.


I don't see my self as a serial killer. But I would like to see a woman, or pair of women as a sadistic rapers, tortures and killers. Maybe mother + girl daughter. Maybe a man who is a companion, helping them to rape.

1. Boys from 0 to 15

2. Raping to death, impaling, castration, pussy smothering and many other ideas

2. Would you have a M.O?

3. Penises and testicles. Good souvenirs I think.

4. Amanda for a grown up, Pam for a girl

5. Seducing a mother to donate her sons to torturing, killing and corpse abuse



Anyone here do some serious hate wanking like i do? I love thinking of teens I know. especially my bosses young dau....
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You know, the things you say is exactly why those people hate women. :)

The poor slave is already working all he can to please women but nobody gives a shit and you say he needs to work even more LOL


I was kind enough to say something other than "Let's take you out back and shoot you." I have no reason to care more about him than the good, innocent people he wishes death on. Let's keep some perspective here.

>working all he can to please women

…That's the problem. He bases his self-worth on attention from women, and views women not as human beings but as accessories and trophies, and this creates a vicious cycle: no woman wants to be anywhere near such a toxic personality, so he gets no attention from women, and this then makes him more bitter and hateful, so his personality becomes even more toxic and he gets even less attention from women, and so on.

Once he can love himself as a human being, the cycle stops. Without self-hatred poisoning his thoughts, he can begin to empathize with women and get along with them as a fellow human being. His personality will improve, and other people will want to be around him, including women. This is why he should work on himself.


>"Let's take you out back and shoot you."

This is exactly what he came here for. To get that kind of response to validate his hatred and prove himself being right.

I am more than sure that his personality is nicest of all you can find and not toxic at all. Nobody will talk like that in front of women they want to pick up. People who actually are liked by women treat them far worse.

The way to escape this cycle is not by getting better it is by getting rid of the slave mentality first. And then you can be homeless street trash and you will have better success than being son of the rich dad.


>I am more than sure that his personality is… not toxic at all. Nobody will talk like that in front of women they want to pick up.

I get it, man. The world is full of men who hate women but still date, or are married with kids, or fuck around with a different woman each week. This anon, though… Nobody who sounds this bitter (or talks wistfully about artificial wombs and sex bots) has an active love life. He has probably been single.

You can hide disrespect. You can hide misogyny. But it's hard to hide disgust or hatred. I've only got his two internet comments to go on, but my guess is he's closed off around women, speaks few words, and does not make eye contact or engage emotionally. He's written off the female gender entirely.

>The way to escape this cycle is not by getting better, it is by getting rid of the slave mentality first

Those are the same thing. You gotta live for yourself, not for others' approval (at least not to an obsessive degree). Find hobbies you enjoy, or reconnect with old ones. This alone won't cure his resentment, but having some self-esteem might allow him to then discover that women are people.


All that hatred is totally irrelevant. it only happens because he cant get any woman so he hates something he does not even know. If he will meet them it will all change immediately. (unless the one he will meet will do some nasty abusive bitch.)

The only reason why anyone cannot get a woman for sex or for relationship is because they can't meet women in the right environment.

if you meet women in the right environment where sex ratio is close to 50/50 and you know basic pickup technology you will get them. even if you are totally clueless some woman may approach you and do all that pickup work for you.
if you are in the environment dominated by women with only few men you do not need to do anything at all women will do all for you and you only have sex with them or reject them.

Hobbies unfortunately do not help much. because most likely your hobby will be in the male dominated area without any women so when you are busy with your hobby you meet even less women.
To discover that women are people you need to get into environment where you have common interest with them so that you could cooperate with some common goal like equal independent people.
if you deliberately invade environment which is totally irrelevant for you just to manipulate women into giving you sex, you will not see them as people, they will be your research object like some tribe of monkeys.

The main problem here is that even if you can make those women do what you want with some effort, but sex with person you don't like will be pretty bad. You cannot stop acting ever you have to control yourself all the time as if it was some sports competition. The only satisfaction will sense of victory that you managed to manipulate that fool. Some people even stop just before woman is willing to have sex with them because they already got that victory.
So why the hell even bother with all that?
Just live your life as you can and maybe eventually something will happen or maybe not.
It may be justifiable to make some slight effort if you really want that relationship or sex, but only if there is nothing better to do.


Who here thinks it would be super hot to control little boys and cut off their penises for any – and no – reason? Women can fuck off, this is a MEN only thread!


Snip-Snip! Blood, everywhere!


Lop it off mid orgasm


I think it's hot when gorgeous young ladies torture little boys in every way.
A raven-haired witch suspending a boy by his penis after spanking him half to death. Then shredding it. Laughing maniacally, her wonderful figure all the more harrowing.


Fucking HOT! Let's chop boy's COCKS OFF!!! Fuck those little wee-wee pulling fuckers! Only BIG DICKS ROCK!

Cum here, little boy…………. Let me cut your dick off…….

File: 1545947348917.jpeg (584.34 KB, 740x740, 0952E7AC-54A7-4153-A00C-9….jpeg)


I’ve been submitted to every kind of abuse as a small child, one of my most prominent memories is being threatened that i’d get murdered. I find the things i’ve been through have lead to my odd obsession with guro, irl gore, tragedy, and things similar. Though i’m not sure why, I wanted to know if you guys think the same as well of your abuse leading to seeking out terror. I am not aroused by any sort of guro/gore to be honest, but i cannot stop my curiosity to see what reality, death, is like. Whats your story? what trauma lead to this and how?
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chill out

i think i have always been in rush when being faced with cats, tiny cute mammals… i beat them to get a rush or to get them shouting

i dont think of them in tragedy

i just hurt them because they are alive

and i think guro is more normal socially but not modern. people gets aroused when they are in dominant position. this is the normal social attitude and what society accepts as leadership

as for gender of the victim

it must be a partial thing
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guys we could have just been led here

by society

is sexual defined by you jerking off after the happenin? sounds like you need a piss

but to be fair

society have its fair share of destroying minority for dominance.
that feels like sexual dominance.
people definitely enjoy being in the dominant.
that attitude is considered to be the alpha of us…being controlling
and ruthless

is that correct?


yeah could be just a genre made by normies

remember , normies burn people

life is not like movies where main characters win under durress… with sadomachistic ideals and selflessness

we trap people into being the bad guy to serve as our enemies



does emotion creates tendency for violence?

I always felt being pissed off for no particular reason. It's like, i am born to be pissed.

I can never be ready to take care my emotional problem. Does that make for guro tendency?


I'm with the crew that has no reason to be into dark shit at all. Perfectly normal childhood, no abuse or abandonment. And by first grade, I would rub myself to sleep while imagining giants being cut up from the inside. I had no idea what was inside a body, but I imagined it being destroyed in a bloody mess. WTF

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