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Here you can give feedback on gurochan. Features, bug reports, etc.
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There is more spam on /lit/ than there is content on /g/.


If been here before and would like to know good alternatives for gurochan.


Alternatives as in, other guro focused imageboards?


Hi gurochan, I'm currently running a survival guro RP where the players are young women trying to stay alive and escape from serial killers. If you were to create a serial killer:

1. Do you have a 'type' that you would go after? For example: prostitutes, school girls, aspiring fashion models, nurses etc. And why?

2. Would you have a M.O?

3. What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

4. How would you like to be called?

5. Any further info?

Id love to hear what you have in mind! And I'll post an example of the one played by one of the players very soon.
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I suggest adding Bio to your killers. If we're creating characters, why won't we make them well developed?


This is discussion no /rp but sure, let's start a thread there shall we?


>>8611 Would absolutely love to start a thread on /rp/ with extended options such as bio, appearance, even factions and locations maybe, but I'm afraid that some people may not be okay with us making a really similar thread to this one. Even if we'd make it better, some people might see this as a blatant act of stealing the idea. I personally see it as an improvement to an idea, a sequel to this thread and I advise you all to look at it the same.

As for the idea of the thread itself, I would also give people an option to make their own factions, or ask some known gurochan RPers and writers to make a few main ones for people to join.
As for the killers themselves, I'd add the following categories: Name/Alias, M.O, thropies, bio, main victim types, faction, appearance and motives.
(some of those may be optional)
Seems like those are not so different than those in this thread, but I think biography itself brings a loooooot to the party, making the thread more focused about the writing itself. Besides, it's always a nice touch when we know a bit of the story in guro artworks. I think it would work the same way.

Share your thoughts about it if it's okay to make this thread. Would like to know what moderation thinks about it.


1. Tall, strong, powerful men with nice faces.

2. I would avoid patterns, except to kill while traveling; at first start in foreign countries and stick to it if possible.

3. N/A

4. Make up a name each time.

5. I would play dumb and act cute, probably get a little drunk, let them think they are seducing me and bring me to their home. Later in the evening I would catch them off guard or just kill them during sex.


> Do you have a 'type' that you would go after?

If this was a movie setting I would target "action girls". Bad ass spies, police women and soldiers.

>Would you have a M.O?

Stalk rape and kill mostly with knives but throwing in a bare handed strangle or silenced gun shots to the belly to keep things fresh. If the action girl has her own signature weapon I would use that to end her. My detailed M.O. would be displaying the body after.

>What would you keep from your victim as trophies? Undergarments, a lock of hair, or in some cases nipples or the clitoris. Etc.

Modern technology means that I can capture the entire act on video and have that be my trophy case. A large part of my operating M.O. is showing my current victim these videos so she knows exactly who I am and what is going to happen to her.

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Cheung did US angel corps which is a guro comic...
What do you think overall the work and its author?
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>The <X kills Y with decapitation/shot six million times/asphyxiated and Y pisses herself> formula gets stale quickly.

I think guro comics in general have a tendency to really frontload the fetish aspects for understandable reasons, but I really like when the fetish is a definite part of it but not the only aspect of it and there's build up to the fetish parts as well. I like the Studio AD comics quite a lot because the main character's career as an escape artist really lends itself for the variety of peril scenarios that are out there without having to shape the entire universe to cater to that fetish.

My personal ideal comic with fetish aspects would be a Wild West comic that would also have sexy cowgirls as part of their stories and often have the outcome of a hot young cowgirl being hanged from the gallows and the scene being covered in reasonably authentic but sexy detail would be really in my interest. But it would be best if there were maybe individual stories within the comic to cater to some fetishes, like the main character hunting down a gang of female outlaws and bringing them some back to hang and some of them would of course suffer various fates or even become recurring characte4rs! But the point is that the fetish aspect of that for me would end up suffering a bit if the fetish action was happening in every single panel.

That's why some of the hottest depictions of my fantasies come from "normal" media, because the suspense and the buildup make the delivery all the more sweeter.


I fricking love his comis.I wish he would continue.I love the design and the way each kill is executed.Teasing a bit, and then a bit of sex and when the joices start flowing bang! the kill. He is on my western style guro artists podium with Dolcett, Ricky and others.Allthou i prefer manga, i will allways love David, and i hope he will continue the Angel Corps series someday! Good job!


i freaking LOVED the Chugworth Academy.


I was a HUGE fan of Angels Corps and even posted fanfic on that forum. For me his style is far superior to anime and equally over done CGI guro. Despite the sameface the girls were cute and believable as characters. The negative continuity was just a way to recycle them and kill them off in different ways. It worked for me.

The shootings and stabbings were my favorites. My only complaint is that the girls died too quickly. Most notably Princess's deaths by gunshots. The firing squad is my go to fap material with multipanel depiction of her getting lit up from several machine guns but in the next page she is already dead. I always wanted an intermediate sequence where she slides down the wall and writhes on the ground in agony as she bleeds out. Leaf's death in Just Another Day is almost perfect except that the first shot hits her in the forehead and she isn't able to feel or react the the follow up barrage of gunfire.

In the forums I never did get conformation from him on any kind of canon about the girls having knowledge of how their bodies would be used if they were killed in action. That place closed before I could get a commission of my own done where several Angels were catured, raped, executed and then necro'd one by one and forced to watch each other until the last.

Vanilla Cookies keeps me interested because I still see them as Angels and I can always hope he will go back to killing them off for a Halloween edition or something. Overall I like his style and the plots are cute which would make the guro versions even better as a payoff.


He needs to diversify his style – different faces, different body types, experiment with other coloring techniques and learn perspective. I think the reason his comics seem so stale (as compared to the million other guro comics that follow the same formula) is that the targets are so similar, right down to the facial structure.

Also he needs to stay out of internet slapfights ;)


What is it about dead women and girls that attracts you to them whether it's ones in anime/manga or live action tv shows?

For me, it's both physical and spiritual. With dead women and girls, you have complete control over them and you can do whatever you want with their bodies /but only in fantasies/. In other words, having a sexual partner who can't reject you is appealing even if it's just a fantasy.

Also, dead girls and women in eternal slumber look pure and innocent and deserved to be loved and adored by all. It's like they've achieved a state of beauty and purity in death.
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I'm not really a hardcore necrophile, but I'm interested in the psychological aspect moreso than anything else. There's just something about the taboo of desecrating a fresh corpse, especially doing so in such a lewd and intimate (or rather, invasive) matter. If the person has been long dead, it's only gross and distasteful, but with a fresh corpse, there's an added layer of disrespect. A recently dead person can't consent, nor can they say no, but at the same time, they're not just an "object", especially not if you knew the person personally, which makes things even more interesting.


my cordial greetings to all readers of this post, someone interested in devoting a good art gore, hentai, loli, carnage, anime, guts illustration? is for the cover of my album. please put in contact


if someone is cordial to dedicate a drawing I will send a gift disk thank you very much for the attention, support the gorenoise!


The idea that the spirit is gone but the body remains is fascinating to me, especially if you believe the spirit will still be able to observe their remains. I come from a Catholic family and when someone dies or is near death, we come by to watch them pass and leave the body there for a couple hours or so to grieve and say goodbye (I never thought to time it). So I technically got to kiss a cold corpse and watch it be removed from the premises by paramedics. I find it as intimate to be by someone's remains even though they are "gone" rather than just be repulsed by it.

I wouldn't rape the body, just feel it and be close. It's the concept that they cannot get away from you, that they are there until you let them go that I like. I think sleeping with the body, not in a sexual way, is the most intimate thing you can do. Call me a sick sap, but I like to romance the corpse. No chance of rejection, just rotting away and being close through the whole thing. If you killed someone that you love, why leave when they are dead? You still love them. Who cares.

I wouldn't go killing people just to keep their corpses around my house for physical comfort or anything. So I keep it all as fantasy. In a sense I kind of agree with >>3525 that there is a purity in death (especially if it was young) that is attractive and worth loving.


neobiz and others: contact me at


to discuss this.

yes to what neobiz wrote in his opening comment. more, similar to that.

based on one event having to do with exploring the body of a 12 year old girl. if not your thing, don't bother writing. title your email, Necro.


I like necro as an extension of snuff and rape fantasy. The fresher the better but as a further way to psychologically torment the victim. Even after she dies I will continue to violate her body. Ideally I have more than one victim to use and the surviving one(s) can witness what I have done to the previous one(s).


I view Gurochan and similar webs, because im into castration/genital mutilation kinda stuff, and there is a big variety of fetish here, most of them are on the serious side of horror.

Its been years now and i never thought about it as anything bad really, but recently im starting to think, that this is all really sick.
"if you dont like it, go somewhere else"
some might say.
But the point is, i do like it, a lot.
in fact, this is a rare and also addicting mind stimulation, that you can never get in real life, and looking back, i rejected sex just to masturbate (my poor gf) many times, because this is so strong.

I skip tons of beheadings, amputees, cannibalism, etc, even minors somethimes, on the way to my thing, just like you do.

I judge no one, but i call for your thoughts and opinions, are you sometimes look at what brings you to pleasure, and think "this is sick, i get aroused by some really sick shit, how did it come to this?"
Do you ever try to masturbate to 'normal' kind of porn even though there is for sure better content on the "heavier" sites? if its a yes than why?
Have you ever tried to stop consuming your 'guro' porn completely? how did it go?
Do you consider yourself sick to some degree? is this just a kink and nothing more?
Do you ever feel ashamed? damaged maybe?

Your thoughts, your opinions.
Thank you.
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Bizarre superstition that one

There's no correlation between sexual activity and athletic performance.

If not masturbating makes you personally feel better about yourself, then that's good, but it's probably your belief that it can do these things that's the cause, not your inaction itself.


File: 1549787357161.png (340.51 KB, 491x335, hey_as_long_as_it_works.png)

Oh no, a triggered anon.

1)Not the only, but definitely one of the strongest.
2)I don't buy anything that will 'instantly' make my life better, because I don't think it's possible. If I were after instant reward for not much work, I'd keep on fapping.

Boredom is not an issue. Women are a side dish.
No, I want 'real' power (financial and through being part of a larger network) so that I may experience and learn all that is possible within this sandbox we call reality - after that I may die without minding it. The human body has many inconvenient limitations… which might be circumvented.

If I die without any of my megalomaniacal and transhumanist aspirations coming to pass, I want to die without the regret of not having tried my best.

Self discipline translates into confidence at a pretty good rate for me, so: "hey, as long as it works".


power in the reality sandbox has very nasty side effect: the more power you acquire the more freedom and time you lose.
So unfortunately you will still not get to fulfill your megalomaniacal aspirations.


File: 1549841055936.jpg (35.21 KB, 640x430, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)

>>Posts a preachy delusion of shaming genitals.
>>Gets triggered by being told to fuck himself.

top kek


File: 1549952658771.jpg (189.5 KB, 1080x1049, image0.jpg)


Like either settimg your arm on fire or daydreaming of being raped and set on fire, diapered and spanked with an enema, hangings, etc.


As far as fantasies go, I sometimes daydream about being eaten alive. Not swallowed whole by some creature, but by a woman who tears the raw flesh from me with her teeth. I guess that qualifies as fucked up.


I'm a lot, lot more of a sick sadist (hit me up ladies for the most painful lesbian sex you'll ever get)

but my most fucked up masochistic fantasy would be to have my eyelids cut off, my mouth stitched together, hands chained to the ceiling, forced to ride a lovely cock and while being thrust into, I get stabbed repeatedly in the belly, bleeding to death as they cum.

That's my only masochistic fantasy.


I don't have specifically masochistic fantasies because I see pain as annoyance only, but I totally don't mind it as a way to get someone attention.
As some girl may try to torture me but I will pay back when I will get free.

In my fantasy I go not have any concept of suffering entirely. it is all more or less like a game someone does something for me I do something in revenge.


File: 1549904672002.jpg (355.32 KB, 680x1079, k.jpg)

I love the idea (maybe I'm IN love with the idea) of being so madly in love with someone and not having them say things like "you're too much" "you're scaring me" "have you taken your meds"(lmao) because they're equally fixated on me as well. I imagine this happening with that kind of person, because I believe the only person that would love or want to be with someone like me (schizophrenic with psychotic traits, ocd, generally a mental shitshow) would have be pretty off themselves

I want them to use a rotary tool to carve their name into me. I want them to carve drawings into me, all over me, pictures, poems, writing, whatever they like. My skin is very pale and (mostly, I've experimented with this fantasy myself) free of scarring so I imagine it'd look lovely. I want them to take me right after theyre done, making me even more of a mess, over and over…

Perhaps I'd pick up some illness along the way, what with all that cutting and carving in a non-sterile environment, and my already frail body would succumb to it and die. I imagine them being so distraught, but so in love, that they decide to preserve me. Have you ever heard of Carl Tanzler? Something like that, except I don't want them to be caught, I want them to live happily and healthily with my corpse for years to come. The thought of them living and loving my taxidermized body for the rest of their days makes my brain buzz.

I'm personally more of a switch than a masochist, so I've thought long on doing that to someone else. A softhearted tomboy/effeminate boy (with long blonde or red hair, I'm a sucker) I can cover in kisses and art, and keep forever


Hi guys is there are thread or site that focuses on Necrophilia, I don't mind light guro but any more is not just my cup of tea. Thanks!


Haven't come across one myself. Definitely interested though.


You like guro. Are there things you can't stand? Thing making you feel bad? Are there anything you find disgusting?

Let's start with me. Three fucking thing I hate:
1. Self-harm. My biggest weakness. I can't stand it. I feel literal pain, I cringe, I can't look.
2. Mutations and deformations. Those damn eyeless newborns with fins. Fuck you! Jesus. Stupid fucking prolife shitheads. I would love to see for at least one of you to adopt poor creature like that. There are facilities in my country deep in the woods, where "people" like that are keeped after parents leave them in the hospital.
I've seen many deformated people in my time, and even befriended some, but I still find that disgusting. And it's ad. I'm sorry.
3. Skin diseasess. I know I'm a hipocrite , because I have eczema, had nasty case of staphylococcus (that was hell, no joke) and my cute ex have psoriasis. But dude, this guy, "human tree" was too much for me. I was unable to eat for week after seeing him. I hate this stuff.

That's all. Blue waffles or special rice doesn't mean shit. I don't like smell of rotten meat, but it's meh in comparission to above.

What about you? Oh I bet you faint when you see blood;). Prove me wrong pussey!


Oh I love self harm that is one of my primary interests it look so sexy.

Absolutely nothing.
There is nothing that i woud find seriously disgusting.

But there is one thing which really turns me down - it is real depression and sadness.
I see no problems in any bullying torture or suffering as long as this does not break that person but if the victim loses desire to live that's where it gets ugly.

If someone commits suicide or self mutilates because of some kind of craziness anger stupidity or anything else that fine and sexy, but if that person is under the depression and does it because of some despair well then it is not really enjoyable.

One of the most memorable manga for me is where father is raping his wife with his friends and her little son gets also involved into all that but accidentally she falls on the ground and dies what makes everyone very sad.
or there was anime where one woman est raped but she does not fight back she just tell her rapist that it hurts while being very sad she gets pregnant and later she gets killed by the same rapist.

So if I was nonpunishable in the real life I could do pretty much anything to anyone without any limits but if my victim gets sad well I no longer can hurt it. If she curses me threatens me calls me names that's fine just more motivation to cause more pain.


I don't dig gay shit, but that only means dudes on dudes, a girl fucking a dude with a sword is tight, HELL YEAH I LOVE LESBIANS!!!


Not a whole lot gets to me.

I like self-harm, I've been known to cut myself hundreds of times.

As far as what I find disgusting, two major things. Infections and cockroaches. Other bugs don't bother me, but roaches legit make me cringe.


I can't stand scat, it's fucking gross lmao, plus it ruins dead bodies for a necrophiliac like me, I like them unpooped upon and with clean bowels, please!


Tomorrow, you awaken with the ability to slow and stop time at will. What would you do with this power?
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I am a GOD! What do you think of me?


Assuming the usual "time stop semantics" (i can still modify stuff and move and shit):

I'd mess up people who piss me of with little things (changing the world a bit so they fail with what they want to do)

Also i'd be voyeuring most of the time


Can cameras and the like still see me?


With that power i woud first heavily troll police
I woud destroy all parking meters in proximity and
next I woud destroy all speed limit cameras.

then i woud get all secret police files and other secret documents that are available. and infect their computers with Trojans

then I woud know all what is going on in the world and be aware is someone may be looking for me.

If there is nothing better to do I woud launch one or two nukes from USA into some relatively safe place just too cause horrors for government and army that they lost all control.

I guess later I would mostly use that power to strip people on the street and leave them naked in public


Oh Onix I fucking love you

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