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I may or may not have posted asking about this on here already, but I'm pretty sure I haven't yet. It's an older one, pretty sure it's 90s era (my favorite time of artwork/animation for hentai, especially guro hentai).

It takes place on a large ship, like a freighter or a tanker or something.. not like a cruise ship, and there's a monster roaming around or a bunch of tentacles or something.. I'm pretty sure one of the girls gets controlled by the monster too, and eventually she gets crushed by a mass of tentacles at the end... there's 3 girls I believe that are the "heroines" and 2 of them die, only one survives at the end iirc.

BTW it's NOT Alien from the Darkness, or anything that takes place in space.. i'm like 99% certain it's a boat/ship, on water too. But it certainly could be one of the "darkness" movies, if there's one I can't seem to find atm..

Sound familiar to anyone?


Sounds like the end half of Beast vs Spy Girls

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I'm bored and can't sleep and was lurking on /s/ when a thought popped into my head. This is a fetish server so it's based on jerking off to depraved- I mean *sex* right? Why not expand on that and list off our sexualities? I mean, might not be super relevant but idk it seems interesting.

As OP, I'll go first. I'm pansexual, which means I really don't care about gender, though I have a heavy preference for women. (I'm also a bit shallow when it comes to body types but don't exactly mind a plain face.)

Oh, and feel free to list your gender identity if you want, but, please for the love of God don't get into fights about "real genders" and "not real girls/guys" or I'll just delete the thread. I have -100% patience for that dumb shit rn.
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Also Bi - and pretty evenly spread - aka "little from column A and a little from column B".

I do prefer attractive women and men. Not a massive fan of huge muscles on guys but, fit guys and gals are definitely a turn on.

Not into trannys or the like though...


Bisexual female here.
For men I prefer guys that are bigger and stronger than me since I prefer being the submissive partner but for women it's the complete opposite. I like smaller girls that I can overpower. Not prepubescent or anything just slim fragile girls.
I don't have a lot of IRL experience with girls though sadly...and most of my fantasies about guys overpowering and hurting me have remained fantasy.


I tend to think I’m a bit of an oddball, but hey, who isn’t here ?

Gender wise, I’m definitely a man, but I think I wouldn’t have cared more than that if I was born a female, as it’s more because I’m used to it than because of preferences, I don’t really care either way.

Sexually, I’m not really interested in anything, as I find that sex is more a necessity for our species and less a personal interest or enjoyment. In fact, I tend to find all things related to sex relatively disgusting to a degree, and have no experience of the actual thing as a result, nor do I want to make any. Although, my problem is that I want to have descendants, but as said before, the procreation process disgusts me.

There are body types that I prefer though, but it’s more general preferences than precise ideas. I tend to like healthy bodies, meaning that anorexics and fat people are a turn-off, though a bit if fat is likeable, just not too much. I tend to don’t like bodybuilders, meaning too much muscle, but scrawny people are bad too, there is a minimal requirement. I tend to prefer people that look elegant, and if we consider women specifically, I think that slutty is no good, there’s a point where breasts are vulgar and unattractive.

Also, the idea of hurting someone or being hurt is a big turn-off, so I’m not interested in bdsm or guro. I’m also disgusted by everything that gets out of organic bodies except blood, so scat is also a turn-off. I don’t mind fur, scales or feathers, but hair on a guy is repelling. I’m more interested in everyday life and live-defining charecteristics, like magic(including nbm) and robotics in fiction.

What I find so interesting on Gurochan is seeing how all those fetishes(most of which I don’t even share) manage to get such a artistic and interesting community together, and how, from time to time, we can find some profound and insightful discussions between two insane pictures of whatever is on this site.


Well I don't like dudes but I'm not sure I like girls anymore.



You don't just get to decide that. I'll fight you for the title.


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>hacking mastermind

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Stupid script kiddy, go back to 4chan.


I only wanted a better. Now I want everyone who has wronged me to be hurt for it. A lot.

I see something about copyright, artists being laid vs artists sharing art. I want everyone to have access to art and to feel happy making art and to have enough funds to not only survive but also thrive. To enjoy their lives, on top of simpling existing as technically aware entities.

i want people to stop hurting each other, especially children, animals, the elderly, the mentally and physically impaired, and the all around defeated.

I want redemption even as I want my enemies to suffer and stray further from any sense of it.

I want there to be an all loving god..

I want even the worst of you who read this to have hope for a better world and to help it...

I want. I hate. I hope.
Not in that order. I want and then I hope for it and then I hate that it's lorded over me. That I can imagine some amazing world and yet this world, with torture and other abuses, though it's better than many possibilities, is the one I'm facing... it's a dark fact in my eyes.

I want everyone in this world to understand what I've witnessed, and understand what they've witnessed.

Good luck everyone.


If stupidity and ignorance could be bred out of people, that would be great.

Putting short term profit over long term sustainability is the root of many evils.


I think it would be nice if there was no suffering in the world, but pain is just part of living. I wish people wouldn't exploit one another, but humans are predatory animals by nature. A benevolent god might be nice, but it would take the significance out of being kind to one another. There is plenty of darkness in the world, but without darkness, the light would lose all meaning.

I wish I could change things about the world, but I can't. I don't have any real influence over the world or society as a whole. I could wish and hope, but I'm better off trying to change the things I have some control over. Honestly, I don't know whether or not imposing my ideals over the entire world would be a good idea. For the most part, I try not to worry about things I can't change. Caring about problems I can't change will just frustrate me further. That doesn't mean I'm happy with the state of the world, just that I have to make do with what already exists.

I want to live a quiet life. I want the people I care about to be happy. These things I feel like I can at least work towards.


Only thing what I can wish for this word is it's end

And our goal as humans should be to work towards ending it as fast as possible and changing into the new and totally different version which has practically no similarity with what was before.

as the final end, I think the universe has to be disassembled into atoms and rebuilt into supercomputer which will simulate new reality with new laws of physic absolute immortality and theoretical lack of suffering.

This is not going to happen soon but this is the direction where we should move.
the right way to eliminate suffering is not to fight evil but transform evil into good by changing rules of the game where evil is impossible.


Suffering is necessary. What must die is hopelessness.

You can suffer for a time, but you must be able to overcome it. What we need for the world is better game design. Right now there are too many holes people fall into and stay in forever.


Hi guys, im wondering who also was tortured at the balls and cock when you were younger? I gree up in an boy internat. We got hot water on balls and cock, they loved us crying. Any one else?

Bye Micha


I was born at comunist Poland. When I was 4 my biological father was killed by secret police. My mother becomed a woman of the local officer of that police. He was my stepfather. My mother did not love me or him, but he had a family at US so she agreed for everything to have US visa. Before my 5th birthday she flew to NYC for next 7 years. I had 4 stepbrothers. All were sons of women he sent to US. At my 5th birthday he raped me for 1st time. After that day he raped me everydaj. During thrusting he loved to grab boys balls and smash them. Or punch our balls. Or hang us by them, or hang a 50l pot on them and slowly fill it with water from shower hose... When I was 6 he introduced me to bestiality with german sheppard. When I was 6,5 I worked as his peronal child whore and pleased all the pedos that payd him. My stepbrothers too. He trained us to be trannies. During that 7 years that I lived and suffered at his house, two times I was a witness how he castrated an 11 and 12 yo boys. He did that after their 1st wet cum... Without any anestesia. When my mom was back, divorced with him. When I tried to tell her what he did to me she was angry. She shouted that it is impossible. That SHE WOULD NEVER MARRY PERVERT. So I am lieing. And the best way to teach stubborn and lieing child to bee a good one was whip or cane me. Through a place where the pain is worst. You know where. ..



write to me and title in Ball Torture.

I will discuss with you how I was humiliated over this. It only happened once, but it was totally humiliating.



write to me and title in Ball Torture.

I will discuss with you how I was humiliated over this. It only happened once, but it was totally humiliating.




what is it about vore that you like so much?

For me, seeing the victim of vore be moved around limply and have flesh ripped from their body while not reacting at all like they're hypnotized, in shock or don't care is quite arousing, like they've surrendered control of their body to their killer or killers and are letting them use their body as a plaything.

How about you guys?
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Being engulfed inside a person’s body
The snuff thrill
The power dynamic


People tell me it's a power thing but honestly the struggling is the part that gets me off the most. The rending flesh from bone as the prey is torn apart and swallowed bit by bit. The taste of raw meat and blood is enough to get me horny these days (especially), so I tend to eat a lot of the former.


It is SO wild. A total turn on. I always envision my wife is such a circumstance. To see her vored and her body's torso torn from her so that she's skinned but her body still in tact in its shape, then finally debreasted and destroyed. Awesome.


For me, its the concept. Both from the perspective of the predator and the prey, that a living thinking being is going to be food. Sustenance. Maybe a tasty treat. Especially in a consensual or semi consensual scenario.

The conflict between preserving another person - maybe a loved one's life and very existence - versus having them as a meal. Satisfying primal urges of being sated and having something tasty, or maybe some sexual pleasure for just a single time.

Or from the prey's perspective, to be willing (or unwilling but having no choice) to give up one's life for the fulfillment of another's very most basic needs and desires.

I don't enjoy the killing or the pain or the bloody gore that much (Although they can be kinky fetishes on their own, they are not what makes me love vore)

Even as far as domination is concerned, I most like when the prey has given up fighting and accepted its fate - as food.

An especially sexy part is taking the consensuality to the extreme. When the prey is more or less force feeding themselves to the predator that is either unwilling, or unable (due to injury, weakness, exhaustion or moral objections) to eat them.

"Oh you poor thing, you look starved. Here, have me, I will give you some strength."


I only like vore when it involves a penis.


So I have started drawing and enjoying it a lot. My first story is almost finished. But the problem (maybe) is the main female character likeness is based intentionally on a real non-nude model (I did it originally for my own amusement). I would love to post my work here, but was wondering if this would be like some sort of big no no. Is it? if not forget I asked lol.


Because we're *the guro community* there are pretty much no agreed upon no-nos.

This getting back to that model seems unlikely enough. You'd have to be a good enough artist that her resemblance comes through, and she a unique enough model, and it would have to become a popular enough work to get noticed by someone who would frown upon it and tell her.

Personally I'd love to see it. Not many guro artists work out full stories. I wouldn't recommend using real peoples faces in the future, but all good artists learn and base work off reality.


I am also very highly convinced that it will be impossible to recognize your model from your drawing, even if you use the same name and even if you are a genius artist.

So this is no issue at all.
Even if it was a photo manipulation it would be hard to recognize if someone stumbles upon it randomly, if you have no name attached to it.

I think everyone will agree on one thing: being very interested to see your work.


Hey, >:)

As long as it is 2D/3D you're good. This is to say though as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't ever really draw/animate anyone you're close to. If someone was to say stumble on this and know the person or stumble upon your work within your residence, you along with you wonderful hobby could be put at risk. So maybe change and alter some features even make in in hentai-ish form. Just saying this so you can be protected my brothern. >:)


Thanks for the feedback guys. Well I am certainly not a "genius" artist and so what have been doing is a mix of 2D drawing and manipulation of original photos with inspiration from artists such as Drabok, Dolcett etc. I am still hesitant about releasing my musings into the wild.

As soon as I figure out how to attach an image to a post I will and would be interested if anyone recognized the model.


you can't attach pictures in /dis/, but you can upload whatever you made to /art/ :)


Hello! I know there's a lot of us out there, I've met and dated two different trans gore/death/cannibalism fans irl, and want to connect/start a chat group possibly? Mainly, I have no one to talk to when I really want to eat a cute boy
Also curious, what's appealing to you about gore? Do you have more fantasies about giving or receiving, for whatever your specific fetish is?
Happy hunting <3
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do you know where you are?


Hi, if you fancy chatting send me an email at highsteaks1991@gmail.com i'm always happy to talk. :)


Hi! I just find gore and dead bodies cute.. that's really the only way I can explain my attraction to gore :/ if I were to do anything irl I would for sure be giving :)) breaking someone's neck would be so cute...


Howdy, bi dude here. I'd be down for a group chat if others are doing it.

The appeal to me is the concept of someone being at someone else's mercy, I think.

I have a number of fantasies of receiving and of giving, and I have quite a few specific interests in guro. I'd share more if others were interested. Maybe the group chat is a good idea?


Since nobody else has the guts to make a group chat.
I'll probably delete this if nobody joins within a few weeks, but... I'm pretty curious about this sorta stuff so i decided it'd be nice to make a server for it.


What is so appealing to you people about vore? For me, seeing a dead woman, girl or child laying there and seemingly allowing animals /and sometimes people/ to eat them without crying out in pain and being in eternal slumber or staring off mindlessly into space is somewhat of a turn-on for me.

I even picture myself as the animal or other being doing the eating and having the opportunity to do limited sexual things to the woman/girl/child I'm eating while feasting on them.


Actually, I don't see vore it very appealing since merely thinking about food makes me feel bad especially when I am not hungry.
Seeing that done by someone else or just tasting something when I am hungry IRL looks pretty hot but I do not associate the taste with sex.

However, I have zero interest in dead unresponsive bodies and hardly can understand how other people can see anything sexy in that, as fucking the dead body is same as the fucking the hole in the wall or piece of ham taken from the fridge. It is not human it is not in eternal slumber it is just piece of meat which will soon turn into fertilizer.

An exception to that would be if something is done to the dead body to impress someone else.


I like to image I'm the one being eaten, so my perspective may or may not answer your question.

I can't quite put my finger on it. Part of it is the violence of being torn apart by carnivores, part of it is the invasion (their snouts digging around in a forced, impatient frenzy). Also, I like biting during sex so being torn apart is just, the height of that.


For most people it's a power thing. Being in ultimate control of their fate to the end is highly appealing and that mixed with the fact that raw meat is delicious to me makes it all the better.

I'm rare in that I only like hard vore, so rending of body and flesh is what gets me off.

How this started? I really have no idea. All of a sudden I just saw something that made me incredibly hard and went from there.


So I thought of a new idea for a season of Korra that might be fun to speculate about; what if Korra gets revived as a show, but she also gets transported to another alternate universe where women are universally despised and vitriolically hated? Like, maybe she has some new villain that traps her through the spirit world and she has to escape this AU where there was never any female avatar, women are beaten, raped, and killed for different reasons, and where being a woman isn’t even legal.

First things first, how would Korra get to this new AU? And how would she survive her first day?


Well she's the Avatar so I think she'll survive just fine.
And considering powerful magics of the spirits in her world, I guess "magic" is as fine a answer as any. Just some demon casts a spell.

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