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why don't we gore the boys more? what's up with that
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Again this is just bologna. Sex is a need that has urges that must be satiated for most people, men and women. One easy way to tell how sexual someone is in their frequency of sexual fantasy/arousal and masturbation(the release of sexual tension).

Studies vary slightly but the percentage of single men who masturbate is always in the high 90s and for married men in the 80s. The average frequency for masturbation in men is 3-5x a week when single but it is very common to masturbate once or multiple times per day.

Only 2/3 of women masturbate regularly with the average for women who masturbate regularly being once a week and this is pretty much across the board. 10-15% of all women will never even achieve orgasm.

You are really trying to say culture is the reason why 1/3 of women don't feel the need for regular sexual release? Remember how in the early 1900s they had videos trying to say masturbation for men would give them warts etc. but that didn't stop anyone.

The fact that you are trying to argue that the inherent differences between men and women are cultural when you see the same differences throughout virtually every single culture in modern or past history is ridiculous.


I think you are confusing absolute with relative numbers.

because nobody will argue that in the world with 3.5 billion women you will find pretty much anything in quite high numbers, but what we care is not how many you can find on earth but proportion between men and women of the same type.
It is of little benefit for the man if there are 1000 000 women on earth who could be suitable partners for him if there are 100 000 000 men seeking for that type of woman.

you can just come to the roleplay board here and make a quick assessment on the proportion of interests for men and women. I hope you will not start making claims that roleplay preferences are also controlled by evil patriarchy. Good luck finding any dominant women there.

It has nothing to do with encouraging or discouraging anyone because this site is anonymous and nobody cares about that stuff here. while also women even get lots of encouragement and support as well.
Maybe in the general world, perverted women are belittled and hated but on the internet, they are extremely valued in all situations so your claims are completely out of touch with reality. In fact, women are valued so much on the internet that even men are pretending to be women and most of those women are actually men.
There are *very* few works made by women on the internet in comparison to the number of works made by men.
It is even hard to understand how anyone can try to claim the opposite if this is so totally obvious.
if you say I am wrong please give at least some references to the female artist on pixiv or anywhere else I am sure you can count them using one hand fingers only and the rest will be men

it is pretty well known that women have a very low sex drive in comparison to men as while in absolute numbers you can find lots of nymphomaniac in the world but this is not even close to the number of the men with the same level of sex drive.

the general situation is that all women are very similar to each other as they have a very weak deviation from each other on the bell curve, however, men are very widely spread on that curve.
You can find much more men who are geniuses but you will find just as many men who are idiots. while women will be all pretty close to average neither too smart neither too stupid


I'm straight and I want more penis guro.



You're looking too hard. lol
Male Guro is so common it's not even niche. Mainstream movies, anime, games, etc. kill males off in gruesome ways all the time.
There are tons of movies of guys getting their dicks sliced off, bitten off, shot off, etc. Girls on the otherhand? Not so much.



Yeah, this is the issue- it's not that there's not male GORE, it's that there's so little sexualized guro, and what there is, is for some reason, made mostly by women. You can find cute little steriotype "crazy" yaoi boys cutting each other up all day long. You can find movies about Big Bad Villains being ripped to shreds so often that it's cliche.

Having said that, I think that if we want more male guro, we have to make it. Sometimes you have to do shit yourself. Now who knows how to draw?


Anyone here do some serious hate wanking like i do? I love thinking of teens I know. especially my bosses young dau....
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My cousins and their friends


My sister a lot


my cousin's who are twin sisters


I live close to a high school...so yeah, a lot.


Hate SEX, yes.
Hate WANK, no.

I don't even know how that would work...


my fantasies usually involve me being humiliated and tortured, sometimes to death, by an attractive female. and these kind of fantasies are dominant when i feel low about myself, which unfortunately happens a lot. but on "normal" days, not only I don't have these fantasies but I'm quite repulsed and ashamed by them.
does anybody feel the same way?
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Imam your complementary pair, because When I see someone in pain I see if as form of fun.

And I also do not have any hate for myself or other people.


probably yes, in short.
I was more stressed recently and as a result yes I have been thinking more about this kind of stuff. I would ideally be a female being tortured by a male but sometimes you have to deal with things lol.
I dunno tho I normally dont want to actually you know... do it for real, because no one ofc even rly likes me especially women so i end up just writing or drawing about it.
this actually made me a bit better at drawing?


rape children mmm...


I don't think so. I love my dick but I also love fantasies where I betray him, or he betrays me. Like he's inside something that is slowly digesting him but the pleasure of him being slowly eaten is so good that I keep him there and fuck him deeper to coat the digestive juices over him and make his flesh tingle while he throbs desperately.
I think it's actually because I love my dick so much that I get off on others enjoying and using him, or something like that.


I really don't think so, for me, because I'm the opposite. I tend to be more sexual/have those fantasies more when I'm riding high. I have to be in a good enough state of mind where I can be like, "I'm fucked up, but I don't give a shit. I don't necessarily want to be like this, but I'm gonna power through it." If I'm down on myself I don't... honestly I don't really jack off? That's not sexy fun time, that's sad/angry time. Like sexuality and mood are pretty intertwined with me- I can't be upset and sexy at the same time. I actually told my boyfriend once, "If we're in a fight and you want it stop, just fuck me."

Which... did not go over well. Sometimes there are things you should just think and not say.

...I might have said 'rape me'. I was young and stupid.


I'm a bi cis-male. I'm not really a fan of the Kinsey Scale, but I'm probably about a three. Therefore, I find ladies just as attractive as gentlemen in general. But even still, I like variety. That being said, why are there almost no dudes/gay threads on this website?

I mean, this website is the internet's center for the erotic grotesque. I understand that the vast majority here is probably heterosexual men, but come on. There is no diversity here. I am hard pressed to find any girls killing guys here, let alone guy on guy action.

After considering this, I figured that it was just because majority of erotic guro artists (and all erotic artists for that matter) draw because it turns them on. Therefore, they wouldn't have any motivation to draw men. But then I realized that even among the minority of guro artists, there must be some who like boys. But there simply aren't. It boggles my mind.

What little boy substance I can find is often shota, which is gross IMHO. Other posts are castration/penectomy, which is kind of a niche and usually includes girls anyway. The rest is just standard fare (hanging, beheading, etc.) some of which is really good but I can count it all on two hands.

Therefore, I conclude this rant with a question: does anyone have any sources for larger threads/sites of male and/or gay guro? I really want to see male bellies being sliced open and male limbs being cut off. I like the idea of men drowning in human semen and being impaled on a sharp stick through the ass.

This has been a rant from a mildly annoyed gay.
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I'm str8 so unless these are femdom idc 2much tbh but I doubt this site can't handle your stories.


I too am quite surprised (and also not) at this. It's a given that the vast majority of people who are into our erotic fantasies would oftentimes be males, and therefore the subject matter would thus be heavily focused on females. It is also seen that many males enjoy playing females in order to help them fantasize of their arousals better.

It's not often finding good 'men in peril/doom' pictures and materials, which I high enjoy. Drowning in a river of sperm, for example, or facing impossible odds, interrogation and torture, or just good classic fantasy scenes showing a doomed male and his victorious opponent.

The few good works I could find are by Vittorio Carvelli, some nice works by Odinboy, and a few others. And yes, there seems to be too many Shota online as well. There will always be a bias effect where the vast majority of artworks and references would include females.

Having been roleplaying and exploring erotic peril and erotic doom since the year 2006, I have also felt that it is more exciting and arousing to explore with fellow males, especially those who are bisexual. I too am about a level three or four on the Kinsey Scale, and relate to myself as bi-curious, always enjoying exploring and roleplaying with whether males or females. Both can be very erotic and arousing!

If the anonymous thread starter or any others would be interested in exploring such together, I can be contacted on Discord via FantasyM#6196. I am always looking for others who enjoy similar and are interested to explore our fantasies together!


I'm gay myself and I draw gore stuff occasionally. Understandably, a lot of the stuff here depicts women and there's also a high emphasis on (very) young ages. Those things don't really appeal to me. However, I do love violence, torture and death in sexual settings, so I'm very glad that this site exists.

I'm always happy to read threads like this to find out there some people here that also like more male oriented guro. I will update my thread in /art with newer stuff.


Any shota?


This is so straight it could be used to level a shelf. Cute guys aren't girls...

I was also gonna suggest e-hentai, also hentai-fundary. Use the terms "bara" and "Yaoi", depending on whether you want bears or twinks- most of the shit is drawn by women and sometimes the dicks are upside down for some reason? But there's some great shit hidden in there, you just have to be persistent. I'm more into the psychological aspects than the physical, but I've seen the kind of shit you're looking for.

Also sometimes tumblr, but again, mostly drawn/written by women. There's a blog I follow called "bruised and beaten boys" that hasn't posted in a while but what they've got is worth looking into.

WEIRDLY there's occasionally some good shit on AO3, but you have to read fandoms that you aren't into.

I really don't get how there aren't more "straight" guys on here who get off on the power fantasy- all those dudebros have GOT to want to break another guy to prove that they're better or whatever that mindset is. Take another guy and see him completely crack until he's nothing but a little cumslut. I don't understand how it's not more common. If you're into that, you could try bdsm library- they've got some pretty good snuff stories and a whole category called "sisification".

I don't like that shota shit either.

Also, I just started writing on here. You might like it. Shameless self-promotion.


Hey. I run a server named 7th Layer. If you chill on guro reddit you've seen me post it before.

The discord has been remarkably successful, hosting artists, a roleplay ads section, a well used main chat, and an organized gallery of deadly art.

If you're an artist who's okay drawing guro, we have a section where artists can have their own channels. I hope it will become a good place to pick up reliable commissions.

All invitations to the discord must be gained through private contact with me, either by email, Private message, or on Discord. Just lemme know if you want to find your way inside. See you!


My Discord:

My email:

-I'll bump this post only given that it's successful, something like every 10 users who send an email or a friend request.-

I may be unable to answer immediately due to request volume. Please lookout for a reply in the place you contacted me, entering requires a me telling you the rules and a short questioning.


just curious to see just how fucked up i am compared to others. got any twisted desires you'd like to share?
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To see my sister get impaled from behind.. Yeah I said it


To make girls helpless. I imagine a woman crucifying a teenage girl, cupping her chin, and forcing a kiss. The small noise of protest. The naked girl on the cross struggling to breathe, stretched and slender, ribs pushed out.


Radical penectomy for all.


i wish there was more decap art with them making the head a shrunken head after, know of any?


My darkest fantasy would be seeing my sister in a slasher movie getting snuffed


So, trying to figure out what the heck Patreon's guidelines are. I've seen artists who get "content under review" issues while others, with more contentious content are still safe and sound.

Does anyone know viable alternatives to Pateron for adults in the fetish community?


buy me a coffee


Making their ownsite or mutually contributed site for payment is the best bet. Some artist have had to do that because of the fucking snowflakes. Hope that helps >:)


A very long time ago, there was a thread here for people to try, find and make connections with people of similar interests. Figured we might try that again as there were some positive results last time. Therefore, post as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable along with some form of contact. Your age, sex and location is recommended at the very least as well as who or what kind of people you're seeking.


Hey so we still have a lack of people but two are always active (out of the like 4-5) so come and join!! The public hashtag is #anrog I'll be expecting you all :)


My username is demorashade if you need/want to pm


My Kik werdat98


There's always IRC chat too.


need someone i can discuss desires with & share my dark side;)
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yeah for a while i thought i was the only one. until i discovered this website and others, now i just want to talk to someone one on one


hey, check out our steam group, hundreds of people in it, including myself (BESTMODEVER)

onix, we have thousands of visitors, maybe tens of thousands, our steam group alone has hundreds of members


This is pretty wide range from thousands to tens of thousands.
but also you are a bit unclear if this is how much visits per day you receive or this is how many unique ip's you observe.


I've talked to a few of my girlfriends about this stuff at different times in some depth, as well as a few close friends. Although they weren't into guro they were totally fine with it, even slightly into the idea, and it was good to "share my dark side" as you say. If you've told no one that can be difficult to handle, but the solution to that is just to tell someone, even if it's not easy. If people like and trust you, and are open-minded, they may be a lot more chill with this kind of thing than you might expect.

I have yet to run into someone irl who is into this stuff specifically, though I came very close one time—someone I never met who my best friend hooked up with. But I think it's totally reasonable to expect to meet people who are into this irl. It will just take time and initiative and being open with your partners, just like if you were into any other obscure fetish and wanted to find someone else who was into it. You're never going to be on the radar or hear about many though if you aren't open about it with anyone you know to start off.

Also it's not hard to meet people on this site in /rp or even in /dis, or in the IRC, or in the steam group, or in any other guro-related site or page such as rp/chat sites—often people on there are glad to chat rather than rp and are not going to be expecting some high-literate rp'er or something. Gurochan is far from the only place where guro exists.


Which Steam group? Seems Steam only finds one called "guro trash".

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