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Hey girls, lets have our own discussion on here. What turns you on in gurochan? What makes you tick? What grinds your gears? Lets get this rolling!!
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Should I be worried about my boyfriend?

A few weeks ago, my bf came up with a these weird questions, like, if the thought of having my legs, or even my tits cut off would possibly turn me on. Not for real, he keeps saying, but as a fantasy.

I found this site in his browser history ( In the unlikely case you happen to read this, I think it's super cute that you used my birthday as your password, but you really should use something more secure <3<3<3 )

Now since you all seem to be into these things. I want to know should I be worried? I really don't want to denounce anyones kink, I get that some weird things can turn someone on, but I'm really horrified about some of the things I saw here. I don't like pain, and the thought of someone would get off while killing someone.... I think that's just sick #(

Then again, I really try to understand my bf, and I got to give him credit, he never did anything without my consent.

I found some, a few images where the artist drew the victim enjoying these things, playing along and I think, if I pretend it wouldn't hurt and it wouldn't be permanent, like in some sort of computer game where you just respawn whole if you get killed. I think at least that fantasy I kinda get. Maybe I could even get myself to like it.

But, here's the thing, I am just not sure, would it stop there? Or is this like a drug where you can't get enough. I'm afraid that if I let my bf endulge these games, he'd eventually want more and hurt me. Or worse, he could hurt someone else, and get in trouble for it.

How difficult is it to "live" these fantasies as a couple? If you get off of hurting someone, how do you and your partner deal with it? Or if your partner does, how do you deal with that? Do you roleplay and pretend? Or do you just tell each other stories what wished or imagined to do or had done to you? Or do you actually let your partner hurt you?

What would you suggest I should do?



First off, I commend you for taking the time to browse the board rather than confronting him right away. I only have generic advice, though; I'd recommend having a discussion with him about whether he feels like his fetishes are harmless fantasies or if he feels like he could eventually hurt someone (or you) as a result. There's a variety of people here, from people who are totally harmless to those who are real sickos lol.

Also, don't force yourself to indulge him if his fetishes disgust you. There's no reason why you should be into the same things that he is.

Good luck! I wish I had more constructive advice to give, but I hope that everything works out for you two.


The first thing you should find out is what exactly are his tastes as if he is that kind of guy who wants to see the suffering of his victims of he is just treating it like a game where you respawn (in which case regardless of how horrible are his fantasies he has no desire to hurt you or see your suffering in principle neither in the reality or in the fantasy)

If he mentioned that his fantasy is to cut tits and limbs off, he is probably not the kind of person who gets off on killing or torturing someone.

this kind of stuff will be most likely limited to occasional flirting on that topic. Like he can mention how he would chop off your breasts while you can respond as of how that would feel and what you would do, maybe you can also tell that you will chop off his dick as well and see how he will react.

If on the other hand, he is the guy who is into torture and killing he will most likely be perfectionist/narcissist to some degree with very strong morals that prevent him from acting out or even admitting his desires to himself. There is no way that he will act them out as even thought of that will scare him.



Thank you so much for the thoughtful replies. <3

I had a long chat with my 'darling' yesterday, as you suggested, and I think I am more at ease now. To be honest I feel a bit silly and guilty for being worried in the first place. Deep down, he couldn't hurt a fly, and you'd think I should know him well enough by now, but I freaked out a bit when I saw all these bloody images.

When I brought the issue up he was really scared at first. I think he honestly thought I was going to break up with him over this. There was some crying and hugging when I told him that wasn't the case. He's such a sweetie. :)*

I really wanted to know what turns him on and why, so we spent all evening browsing through his 'secret porn stash' and also the galleries here. Some of the stuff squicks me and I told him that, but I also kinda understand better now what he likes and why he likes it.

Most importantly we found some common ground. There were some images in the "Freakshow" board here that he showed me, which imagining if that happened to me does get him hard. For example these girls you can take apart like mannequins. He really likes those. And that's something, as weird as it is, I get it. If that was possible, I'd totally let him pluck me apart and rearrange my arms and legs and feel myself up how weird it'd feel, and then let him put me back together. He described it so vividly, it really turned me on. Trying to imagine all these things...

For example, one thing he came up with was, after he'd pluck of my arm, how he'd sneak in his hand through the shoulder socket and trace the shape of my breasts from the inside, and then he'd stick his finger into my nipple and push it outwards, and then lick it... ="> Sorry if that's too much information. But long story short, I think I get now how these fantasies can be hot. ^.^

Afterwards, I was probably overthinking again, maybe I only found it hot because I knew he does. But then again, that can't be all, because no matter what, I still don't like some of that other stuff. Maybe everyone likes some really weird things and they just don't know it yet until they try?

So I'm glad we had that talk, because I feel closer to him now. It feels like we have no more secrets and know each other better.

And I thought its only fair if I shPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




Creating this thread mostly so that people have a space to discuss this in that doesn't disrupt the other boards threads.

Share your thoughts and opinions on piracy of patreon and other paid works here.
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For me, this really depends on who we're talking about.

Is this an independent artist who is struggling to get by and producing art themselves? Then stealing from them makes you a douchebag.

Is it a corporation that fucks over small independent artists that you're boycotting on principle, but you want to still use their shit and hope that if they lose enough money they'll either die or change their ways? Then you're lying to yourself to get rid of cognitive dissonance because you know goddamn well that a boycott exists exclusively to show a company that you can get by WITHOUT them- and also you are me.

Sharing is caring.
Yo ho, yo ho, why is Sai never on piratebay?
Yo ho, yo ho, post your brushes away.
Yo ho, yo ho, Photoshop takes ten minutes to load
Yo ho yo ho, I ain't got $600 in gold-
Avast me hearties yo ho
A subscription to keep shit you already bought
Is totally bullshit & know it well we all ought
Avast me hearties yo ho
I'm making this shit right up as I go,
Yo ho yo ho
And I'm running out of words that will flow-

My point is: I am a pirate. I'm wrong to do it but, you know, here we are. Let those without sin throw the first stone- and aim for the occipital lobe because for some reason I don't go down easy. Shockingly resilient.


It upsets me. always.

you see, one of these artist.

they put paywall. you must subscribe.

This usually happened for something improved version like:

"Nude version on Patreon"

it means I must subscribe. that kind of behaviour, we are not cool with it.

Insta ban permanent!






How to hack a bank


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There's a con man who cheats on people. There is a lot of his data and information that he has more than 300 thousand dollars. He must be punished.


Great, there was a hacker advertising his services so just contact him

OR buy an axe and visit that guy to show your hacking skills yourself


but where to get their contacts?


Here's one of mine:

Edigirls: Cute treat, sweet to eat.
Basically they are girls processed using a special technique that renders their meat cooked but the girl still alive and conscious. Bones can be removed.
It'd be an interesting experience to talk to one before satisfying yourself eh?
They come in any size. So you can have a sandwich sized lunch as well as a quick snack.
Designing them, their physical features, personality, taste etc is considered an art form.
Art anyone?
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We have several overlapping kinks. I'd be very curious if you have any story recommendations. I'm more interested in the std side of things than the scat. Thanks in advance!


>>7939 STD porn is often even harder to find than scat. I've thought of writing some stories, but haven't actually done much with it yet compared to other things. (Unsurprisingly, I have a LOT of guilt connected to most of these kinks. It's only the last year or so I've started to work through it. Only into most of it in fiction.) I don't really know if there's much of it on AO3, either; that's not usually what I'm looking for when I try there. There's one artist on Pixiv called Granony who's done some stuff with it, though. Just a few pictures (and the tagging is all in Japanese and I forget if they even tagged it as anything other than gore, thank you stupid 10 tag limit), but worth checking out.


Highly unlikely.



This is almost a good overview. Some stuff missing, but that's easy to fix, isn't it?


probably had anyone said it. anyway:
- Cardiophillia. Heart beating stuffs.
- ASMR. meticulous touch of sounds.
- ASMR compliant. Media that has meticulousy in term of visual, sounds, and feedbacks. yes, my XBOX ONE friend, and Nintedo Switch Joycon friend, as well as VR controller friend.
- Vatastora. being that female can adjust size of breast, belly, and buttocks. being that male can adjust size of penis. the size can range from 0f to around 10000000000f.
- just to name few.


What are you doing for living?
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Looking to be a teacher someday, doing nothing for now.



2 years and 3 days later, I'm really no closer to this professed goal. I must be lying to myself.


or you're simply realizing it's not so simple.


Hey, can I ask you what made you choose research over clinical for grad school? That was a real Universe 01/Universe A decision for me. I think about it a LOT. Like, to the point that I'm thinking of going back. I mean, you're micro and I'm macro, but I can write a HELL of a proposal and I think it would still be neat to hear what caused you to make that decision, because truthfully, I think about it a LOT. Like that is a Bob Frostian level decision.


I'm looking for real hackers. There's a con man who cheats on people. There is a lot of his data and information that he has more than 300 thousand dollars. He must be punished.


Do you believe there is such a thing as an Alpha male? What do his traits include, how does he show them, what does he gain from being an Alpha?

Are there betamales? What are their traits? Can you pick one out of a crowd?

Can a person switch from being beta to Alpha, or from Alpha to Beta? Is Alpha and Beta dependent on social hierarchy, or on genetics and chemicals, or a mix?

Discuss here.


It's just a meme at this point. Unironic use of "alpha" and "beta" is cringy thing beta male do.


No, I do not believe in that PUA nonsense.
Humans do not have that kind of hierarchy. they build a hierarchy in the different ways than animals who rely on their physical power.

Human power is essentially defined by the number of connections they have
You do not need any skills or strength for that. You just need to make as many friends as possible who can provide you help when needed.
and when you have many connections you can start acting as a hub, which connects those people to each other.

Essentially this is all about the social network. The person who has the highest amount of connections to people with highest total power is "alpha" but you do not know how many connection or friends that person has, so it is impossible to tell who is real "alpha".

Alpha proclaimed by PUA is nothing else than a narcissist. Who makes the extraordinary effort to show themselves but this does not provide any tangible benefits. it just cost a lot of resources and exposes them to the significant danger. those people are nothing more than clowns who entertain public and that way become somewhat popular, but they do not have any real power.


To varying extents.

There are people who are more dominant or submissive, and it can shift with who's energetic and what's at hand. And besides the ranking of who's most ofte. first to decide what they're about (at a given moment, anyway), there are alien factors that can't be applied the same to packs. An individual with PTSD might cower when they're in a fine situation, or be a total wild card.

It's not a simple "calling shots is good" thing tho. Exhibit A: People causing pointless drama just to feel alpha. Being a loud obnoxious drama queen doesn't make you alpha. People who either oppose a good call or ar hi e tooth and nail over every petty thing, and even those who lord their position of being in charge over others, as that breaks down pack integrity, are idiotic. Being alpha might generally feel good if you're actually qualified to call the shots, but leaning back and being B type, is fine too.

In short, it's as much about energy and being the face of your group as strength and courage.
One might be thr alpha in that he instinctively speaks for your clan, another in that he decides where to spark or whatever. Each simply initiates their decisions proactively without being told to, and perhaps one's an athlete who's charismatic, the other a traumatized druggie that gives no fucks and is the first to fight or wear your girlfriend's panties.





The slutty, slutty part of me wishes this was a real thing, but like... there is an objective answer to this. It's been studied to death, and the answer is no. It's impossible to fit 50% of the world into only two personality types, and behavior is much more the result of social conditioning than anything innate. So with men, we see populations molding to whatever that society has conditioned men to believe is culturally "male" in that society, and it changes with time.

Aggression = Male is a relatively new thing. Victorian gentlemen would be AGHAST at us placing such importance on fisticuffs.

Crying = Feminine is so new that there exist movies that show a zeitgeist where the exact opposite was true. Until REALLY recently, like the 1970s level recently, crying was a manly thing to do. Sparacus cries, Gilgimesh cries, dude in old war movies cry.

So... personality is largely based on culture- there just aren't any innate traits to pick out. And I'm not honestly sure what the "alpha" and "beta" thing is all about- in my head an "Alpha" is the jock dudebro and the "Beta" is the nerdy kid- but like... the nerds watched DBZ and found out that you could get ripped and then go play video games about it. The culture changed in such a way that "nerd" shit became mainstream, and we've got guys who get ripped as shit for their 300 cosplay. Because of that, of how in-flux this thing is, there's no way to classify all men into two categories, and when classification is impossible and overlap is such that a ven diagram would be a circle- then it's just not a real thing.

Having said that, if we assign the term "Alpha" to "having leadership qualities" and "Beta" to "Being good in group dynamics and shying away from leadership"- and also drop the gendered notion, then that IS a real thing, and it's largely focused on a psychological concept called Locus of Control that IS innate and genetic, and can be observed as early as three months. But I'm almost positive that that's not what you're talking about and there are 5 levels, not 2, and they're pretty fluid based on things like current mood, developmental level, and emotional intelligence.

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