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But therapists are expensive so I'm hoping one of you wants to talk instead.

I've accidentally ended up in two relationships at the same time and if I end either then it will probably result in somebody committing suicide. I don't think there's any actual solution to the situation I've gotten myself into but I just need somebody to talk things through with.

If anybody is happy to talk to me or has any idea what I should do then send me a message on wickr at brokeninside21

Thanks in advance.
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The ruthless treatment of this help seeker is unacceptable. Imagine feeling you have the weight of two lives on your shoulders, looking for a way to mitigate the damage and being told: it's all your fault, so crash and burn.

Look person, people enter into the relationships that they want to. They live with the threat of being hurt because people are imperfect and each as human as one another. If you truly fear they will hurt thenself without you, you might also consider that you are not in healthy relationships regardless. Or even that you are not with healthy people.

You don't need to drop them or watch your life or theirs crash around you, but you can try considering the help, support, or structure they might need and weather the weight they place on you is healthy for you.

And don't nobody say I'm defending a cheater. If a girl came here asking "I think my boyfriend is maybe cheating on me?" I'd say something similar: consider the health of this trustless relationship.


He already is heading towards nice boat ending and at this situation harem ending in only one good solution while another solution will be losing both girls.

Also it will be hood test on how they love him as the girl who agrees to stay even if she has to share him with another is really worth keeping and in she will leave that is just for the best.

In that situation I would put ultimatum to both girlfriends that I love them both and wont leave or select any of them. If that ok lets stay together and those who don't like it can leave.
I am quite sure that they both will whine a bit, but eventually agree because it is not that they will have good choice.


Sory for kinda necroing it, butnobody suggested to dump both girls. Yes, it could end up in two suicides and limp dick, but!

If he would choose one of them, the other one would feel betrayed (not without a reason!), humiliated and worthless. She could kill herself, if she have depression or other shit.

But if he would explain the situation to both of them, apologised and step out from their lives, there would be 3 (or 2, not sure about OP) broken hearts, but it would be much less painful and degrading, than being the worse one. Also how would the other girl feel as a reason for someone's suicide?

I think that could be the safest solution.

Or choose the prettier girl and f the other one.


The best way is to end both relationships. If you're capable of getting two chicks to love you, you can always wait a month and start anew.

This way you can save both chicks and start a new one

Its a win win but you need to be patient and not let your emotions take over


You can also convert to Islam.
No such problem in Islam, you can keep both cheeks in you harem.


What powers would you want? What house would you haunt? What monster would you be? How and who would you haunt? Attic or basement? Maybe the foyer or perhaps the bedroom?

Zombie hordes or some vampire counts? you could be the lord with massive numbers of spawn, perhaps necromancer or vampire king, or even a corpse god of some sort, maybe the ghost ghouls race will grant glory to your grace?

Pumpkin patches taken sentience and possessed by spirits, they tendril their green tentacles outwards and nab mousey psychic girls mmmmmmmmm.
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I'd probably enjoy being a predator (from the movie franchise) and scaring people by taking my mask off and screaming at them for the lolz.

Being a predator would also mean I get all the nice high tech toys with which I could stalk beautiful ladies and pounce on them when least expected. The claws, the spear, the decapitating shuriken kinda disk...excellent tools for mauling young nubile flesh.


Ooh I love the predator! That's a good one. Technology is a big winner, and having horrorface on top of that, with lots of lean muscles.


how r u?


i want some gores


For a supernatural option, I'd like to haunt people through their dreams like Freddy Kreuger. I wouldn't do the same type of shit as in the movies, but the idea of haunting someone through their dreams is satisfying. They can't avoid going to sleep forever. They would dread going to sleep, and probably develop insomnia. Not sleeping right can seriously fuck up your mental well-being, so they would be affected by me even when they're awake. I'd be inescapable.

>>6128 The mind-swapping possession idea is very nice.

As far as the traps idea, I am particularly fond of the torture/death traps from the Saw movies. Though I wouldn't bother with setting up elaborate "games" connecting multiple people. That just seems like too much work, and I'm not the type to come up with some elaborate plot. I would enjoy setting people in traps that could only be escaped by self-mutilation.

>>6137 I've always been a big fan of the Predator. That would be dope.


I use to enjoy and getting rock hard at the most intense, really violent guro of any kinds.
Now I look at the some of the same pictures and nauseating, feeling disgust in it. Anyone experience something like this? I thing it is something about my mental state, I'm feeling weak and going through lots of stress from work. Maybe after going through this, I might get back to enjoy guro or maybe not?


Yes, this happens for me very frequently.
when I am in the aroused state, my preferences change a lot.
but when I come, it all becomes completely irrelevant and even disgusting sometimes.
It is not like I start disliking something I liked before, but more like I become more critical about details.
I heard that other people experience something similar as well, like when they are under stress they may turn heterosexual from bisexual and under even more stress they become asexual.

So yes, if you are experiencing stress it is totally natural to become asexual. When you will get in the good mood again your sexuality will come back as well.


I agree with what Onix is saying for the most part. For me, at least, the intensity of my kinkiness is tied to my mental state and sense of self-worth. Sometimes I'm perfectly content with the most wholesome vanilla content. Sometimes, only the worst of the worst can even get my attention. It comes and goes.


Hello and thank you very much just to read this.

I started to chat with a girl from my city, she contacted me by facebook using a false account due she's married, but I knew that was her bacuse "references"

that she left in her real account and that she used in this false one. We chat for a while until I discovered that she and her housband were swingers, he was

also watching all the stuff, but I continued chating with here as if I didn't notice the truth. So, she fell in love with me. The thing is, that her husband

is gay and sexually impotent, so he had also a boy friend. So he and his boyfriend wanted me for a grupal sex, due that i'm hetero I denied. And that was

when the problem started. they didn't want to accept my denial because I discovered a whole spanish swinger group, so they hacked me all my accounts and my

internet connection just to keep me under control. The girl started me to ask for help, she's victim of abuse from her husband, who scream and psicolgycal

misstreat her but she had a couple of ictus and is not able to make a living by herself due she has two children. So she is quite desesperate but I don't

know how to help her... can anyone of you help me out to unhack my routers and tell me some hints to contra-attack? I don't know what to offer to you, I've

got an online community on music gear of 10.000 people, that I built by myself and I belive in all the points that you defend. i just need some help here.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Ps: If you need any real data, I will be pleased to send it back to you.


call the cops


I love diapered execution very much. Does anyone like it ,too!
I can`t search in dolcettgirls, but I think there should be many diapered execution stories for the huge amount of stories there. Who can search in it, and search the keyword "diaper" in that site.
Welcome to repost the diapered execution stories to the thread "School Selections"(gurochanocizhuhg.onion.link/lit/res/1310.html),which is my favorite thread. Thank you!


Has any man here eaten human feet?
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if you can wait then maybe it answers question. 良い質問!


fucc i love eating dick


i would rather be eaten..Love to be alive and watch someone eat my cock&balls.



Some guy on reddit ate part of his own leg a while back


What does GUROchan mean exactly?
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Yes, in this context chan is for the channel not to Japanese term of "cute" as englis equiovalent if "-y"


lol. 3 things.
-This site isn't just on tor btw.
-To answer, it's not what this site is about...
-...but you can find sites that are on both the clearnet and the darkweb.


Chan = channel.
Ehhh... that makes much more sense than my feeble attempt at internet wisdom :/

I like the fact that all stuff here is drawn or generated. To me it emphasizes that it is about fantasy, not about reality. Secondly it is possibly to be much more grotesk and weird than real stuff is. I like the idea that a victim can still be alive and somewhat coherent after I've force fed them their severed genitals and now am stuffing their mouth with their still beating hart.





ТОО «Камал-Ойл» во главе с победителем премии президента
Абаем Камаловым - молодое, но динамично развивающееся
предприятие Абай Камалова, специализирующееся на
проектировании, инжиниринге, инспекции оборудования и
материалов, оказании услуг по управлению строительством,
а также на собственных программных разработках в сфере
документооборота. Абай Камалов


Decided to make a Skype group since I can't seem to find one anywhere.
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I might have been mistaken. I was thinking of a Steam group.




Is it a dead group? Wouldn't let me join.


add me skype waifu66 red girs


15 beautiful redhead with great ass .i venezuela show web web- pypal all show. add my skype waifu66


I'm on Dolcettish and DGF, but they are.....not as good. are there any sites that are very similar to this one? Ideally with a /lit section! :)


I use various boorus, but no lit there


I don't know about /lit/ guro, since I hate reading, but...
The Boorus often ahve guro sections, as does the non-paheal r34 site. 8chan has real and fake gore boards, both of which are functionally dead but have material saved. BestGore, DocumentingReality, and some other websites do real gore, though good ones tend to have paywalls. There's Winterchan, which is extremely dead. Apparently there's also a Discord server but I'm told it sucks.

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