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As r/Guro is a great backup for when this site is down, not so much for /lit/ users. So, I created a place for erotic snuff stories.


I talked to a woman who went into prison, she said she pissed herself at least twice in prison when she is punished standing alone without toilet. She also said most fo female prisoners in her cell had experiences of pissing themselves.

I wonder in the US and other countries, whether female prisoners freqently piss themselves in prison?

Are there any females who ever went into prison?(Or whose female relatives/friends ever went into prison)


I have never been in prison but if you're into girls pissing themselves you don't really need to go further than Candy Clark pissing herself in The Man Who Fell to Earth. Trust Nic Roeg to do that, eh?


Hey guys, I run a Telegram group just for guro/gore art. Basically everything is allow so long as it's fictional, no not real life gore. You can join here:


It's not super active, though I'd like to change that. There's also a Discord server, but it's hidden, since Discord doesn't allow guro/gore content at all.

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Welcome back.
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hey, it's the timestamp from the year-2038 problem. will vichan break after that or something?


I second the request for a new onion site.


Please excuse me if this has already been answered ad infinitum.

What happened to the old Admins/owners?


Illuminati wars


They went missing and I and another took over. So far things are going MUCH better.


She wrote about her nudity and how she was positioned and how she thought she was going to die and I have such hate for the tyrants and enablers that did this… I'm haunted by ghosts that aren't mine to exorcise.

Maybe she's evil too. Maybe we're all fucked. I just hurt for her, I wish I could undo that, and I don't know a thing about her, when it happened or what she believes in or where she lives… just that out there is a girl who was so awfully humiliated and physically pained by someone she was trained to adore.


I've noticed the only way to get here is through links. If you look up Gurochan, only the old website pops up . Any way we could fix that?


Never found many good locations but here for guro but wouldn't mind reading some other stories and such.


Try /lit/.





So for some reason when I try to post on the litrature thread it says my stuff is too long, is there anything I can do about this?


/lit/ is currently bugged I'm afraid. We'll look into this tomorrow. It's fast approaching nap time.

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This is the thread for all sorts of feedback you might have on GUROchan.
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Nice that gurochan is back. Now what the site needs first is a new onion mirror.


Or at least disable rbl.efnetrbl.org because it blocks tor exit nodes, which is a very strange and stupid thing to do.


So it's kind of impossible to post stories because I get error messages for the body being too long even after cutting the story to unreasonably small lengths. can you remove or at least greatly expand the post character limit?


I'm having the same issue


There's currently still bugs and issues being worked out, things are being worked on to make sure everything runs properly. The issue with the lit board is known and currently being looked into, so it should be fixed sometime shortly, thank you!

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