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Mar 29 14:17 Anyone else despise women? Anonymous
Mar 29 02:28 Anonymous
Mar 28 18:26 theguy
Mar 28 13:15 Chose your own adventures... wolfwing
Mar 26 21:49 Image Manipulations on Gurochan? Monk
Mar 25 21:57 Anonymous
Mar 25 20:16 Gurochan Feedback Reg
Mar 24 17:19 Experiences/Situations/Notions you want to perfectly understand Pervert
Mar 24 17:12 Are there any good Guro Discords? Or are they not worth it? Anonymous
Mar 23 22:48 Morality of Murder The Perv.
Mar 22 21:31 Anonymous
Mar 20 06:39 /lit archive? Anonymous
Mar 15 03:12 Music!!! imprfction
Mar 15 02:41 Favorite Music? DoctorRobot1
Mar 10 22:21 delete request TODE
Mar 09 23:45 Tasty Characters Anonymous
Mar 07 20:06 Racial fantasies? Anonymous
Mar 06 22:28 Horror movies that are like porn to you? Anonymous
Mar 06 07:00 guro & public / prominent personalities B.B.
Mar 04 10:01 Kouro
Mar 01 13:39 Anonymous
Mar 01 13:26 Communities? Anonymous
Feb 28 21:51 flood warning Johnson
Feb 21 00:49 Do you believe in Soulmates? .,.
Feb 20 16:20 Hey Anonymous
Feb 18 11:35 want to access a story Anonymous
Feb 17 19:06 A message to our wonderful spammer
Feb 16 18:24 Why are there some gatekeepers here? Anonymous
Feb 16 17:08 Glossary Anonymous
Feb 16 10:07 how to find other ppl into guro irl
Feb 14 09:18 If you were a serial killer... WhySoSerial
Feb 11 17:26 Looking for Webdev. Straitjackit
Feb 10 16:52 Anyone had this thoughts be4? X
Feb 08 23:57 Guro Telegram Group Proxy
Feb 08 07:03 Killer or victim? Jiva
Feb 07 21:12 GUROchan Feedback enclaved
Feb 07 20:38 "Mods are in hibernation" Moderator
Jan 30 20:24 alternatives to gurochan? Anonymous
Jan 29 03:22 The Ming Dynasty Concubines: A Life of Abuse, Torture, and Murder for Thousands of Women Anonymous
Jan 22 21:15 req is not active hullbreach
Jan 21 15:49 AI Dungeon 2 Anonymous
Jan 20 13:22 Best pick up lines? The Pervert
Jan 18 16:11 Political Position?
Jan 17 11:11 Issues with Lit? Pere Fouettard
Jan 14 18:55 How often do you think about suicide? Anonymous
Jan 14 01:24 Frenchie
Jan 11 05:28 should've let gurochan die Anonymous
Jan 06 17:37 How far back does it go? Perre Fouettard
Jan 04 22:37 Anybody else have a phobia of women? Anonymous
Jan 04 16:59 Video Games Anonymous
Jan 03 22:52 Anonymous
Jan 02 14:35 What's out there? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jan 01 20:18 so, about THAT guy from /3dcg/ Anonymous
Dec 29 19:16 DAE give a shit about being spied on (and maybe manipulated)? .,.
Dec 26 18:34 Merry Guromas Anonymous
Dec 24 23:38 ryonaloli SymbioticFemale
Dec 23 16:26 Have there been any new guro hentai scenes in the past 5 years? ThoughtRapist
Dec 22 14:32 Curious about posting stories Anonymous
Dec 21 23:47 Am I allowed to ask for donations? Executioner
Dec 16 15:52 Guro Pics Vs Stories Anonymous
Dec 16 12:40 Are registration closed on dolcettgirls? Anonymous
Dec 14 00:03 Vore Voreboy
Dec 11 01:32 Visions Of Darkness Shutting Down (Archive Project), looking to adopt account Zei
Dec 09 11:29 Anonymous
Dec 09 05:37 New discord DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 09 04:09 I really wish I could know some people are okay... DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 04 14:30 Pixiv changes Anonymous
Dec 01 18:51 Server to list ryona/guro games Majo
Nov 30 13:24 What got you into guro? Anonymous
Nov 26 08:40 Missing Anime J
Nov 23 00:51 Games for swams and summoners DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Nov 21 16:10 Where can I find it? mikie7
Nov 21 13:18 Where to get original Guro art? Anonymous
Nov 16 11:54 A Guro-collection Anonymous
Nov 12 05:38 Downloading / Scraping Gyfcat etc.? Anonymous
Nov 03 16:57 Hanging In a noose NooseK0n
Oct 28 12:33 How to open Commissions Urmum
Oct 26 20:19 Paywalled content & you Qexet
Oct 26 13:02 Mortal Kombat 11 sucks Anonymous
Oct 07 16:52 Best sites to post guro literature? IvyIvyIvy
Oct 06 09:52 ISPs and gurochan/degenerate sites Anonymous
Sep 30 02:20 Guys' Balls Snip-Snip-Snip!
Sep 29 23:45 Mr. Double site Anonymous
Sep 28 15:55 fiddling
Sep 27 20:43 Where'd Ropeman Go? Anonymous
Sep 27 18:41 Face-I sleep, Mask-I ascend (serial killer/messing with people) Imprrrrrrct
Sep 27 18:09 did child abuse lead you to your obsession with gore like me? what happened and why? meat
Sep 25 09:32 Processing Center 13 Nobody
Sep 25 06:08 Zhen's Club Nidus
Sep 17 21:32 Deletion of Cannibalism 2 Thread from /g/ Gurochan Mod
Sep 13 21:24 HAPPY OSAMA DAY Anonymous
Sep 13 16:43 is down Anonymous
Sep 12 00:17 Anonymous
Sep 06 20:54 Anonymous
Sep 06 20:18 Penises Cut Off Snip-Snip-Snip!
Sep 06 19:51 Patreon, paid works and piracy
Sep 02 08:28 Trying to find a video Yogi
Sep 01 14:37 Superpeople Anonymous
Aug 28 19:50 Szondi test Anonymous
Aug 27 15:52 Trying to find old furry gurou story. wolfwing
Aug 26 18:13 Share (FAKE!!) massacre videos! Ms
Aug 25 09:30 American Civil War. DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Aug 23 11:52 Where to get young 3D models? Anonymous
Aug 20 19:09 Rapey thoughts
Aug 17 04:52 Lynxchan Stephen Lynx
Aug 15 22:55 Exhentai is being shut down Anonymous
Aug 15 18:32 Talking to SO about guro Reapanon
Aug 13 16:51 What do you feel inside and how do you deal with dat shit? imprefctoin
Aug 12 05:51 Current state of the online guro-community B.B.
Aug 12 00:46 Superpeople Anonymous
Aug 11 01:46 Are we all.... Sick? Dodo
Aug 09 22:26 Torture training ideas? Anonymous
Aug 08 23:19 Image Resize Error Solgeth
Aug 05 20:21 Boti The Bunny
Aug 04 17:35 Guro Oriented Fiction or Fiction that Includes Guro? Anonymous
Aug 03 03:39 Question to the whole Gurochan community Anonymous
Aug 01 10:26 Voice actress into horror stories ? Wyfar
Jul 27 04:42 Low traffic Anonymous
Jul 26 14:49 Favorite combat wound Anonymous
Jul 16 15:07 How did you get into gynophagia/guro? MmYum
Jul 08 16:22 Daz3d and anonymity Anonymous
Jul 08 02:55 Separating Loli from the Rest? Anonymous
Jul 07 16:18 Reality based fantasies Onix
Jul 07 01:56 Ask need sauce Argum
Jun 29 23:48 Girl in half
Jun 24 01:32 Your Favorite Guro Comics Anonymous
Jun 23 19:32 Pottyboi
Jun 20 14:36 Who else's fetishes started really young? Flens Verpa
Jun 18 00:47 Lucid Dreams Squunch
Jun 17 18:01 what are your most fucked up masochistic fantasie or deeds? Anonymous
Jun 02 21:10 Character stats system ideas BBraker
May 31 00:52 Discord Eevee
May 30 09:03 GuroChan on tor Arsonist
May 27 00:00 Women into playing dead Mike
May 26 18:59 Cannibalism
May 23 01:20 Experience with Saya no Uta? Mol
May 20 18:13 Gender breakdown of this interest Anonymous
May 19 09:23 sunnyjam
May 15 19:00 B.B.
May 11 16:11 Underage characters? B.B.
May 08 17:51 Realistic Guro situations BBraker
May 07 04:29 Genocide. DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
May 06 14:00 Tiny summary list at top of board BBraker
May 05 23:13 Ridleys move (game theory) Executioner
May 05 20:33 Pussy shots Pussy Shooter
May 04 06:51 test test
May 03 13:56 Maniac GF DarkChaliceKnight
May 03 04:38 Anime, Games, Movies that tug on your kinks Reg
May 01 00:19 Anonymous
Apr 30 11:40 DC Women Killing Anonymous
Apr 28 22:06 Tips for writing guro Anonymous
Apr 28 10:20 How do you want to die? Straitjackit
Apr 25 05:06 Why you like Vore? neobyzantium
Apr 24 19:55 Format Testing Randall J. Nelson
Apr 24 01:02 3D CGI programs for guro Anonymous
Apr 22 17:12 Where’d Barbell go? Lostfan
Apr 20 06:16 Sister in a horror movie
Apr 16 19:42 What is the most horrified you've ever been? Anonymous
Apr 16 13:57 how to meet other guro lovers
Apr 15 13:07 Do you know any cool guro or at least hentai games? Ritorinius
Apr 13 18:38 Drugs? Anonymous
Apr 12 23:07 Patreon alternative
Apr 06 02:10 Anonymous
Apr 03 02:11 How well do you handle power? DisgustingPervert(butI'mBeautiful!)
Apr 01 19:04 Anonymous
Mar 29 20:23 Anonymous
Mar 29 05:37 HogisGuy Kim Nanapriss
Mar 28 12:14 Anonymous
Mar 26 12:40 IRL
Mar 22 01:19 Gurochan new layout feedback Reg
Mar 12 00:29 Ever feel defeated? Anonymous
Mar 10 06:34 Ladies! Who would you want to die? Krazy Kaylee
Mar 10 06:32 Yuk! imprfction
Mar 10 00:44 Has anyone watched Gintama? Gorah
Mar 07 22:11 Light Guro/Necrophilia/Snuff Anonymous
Mar 07 17:23 Ladies Chat
Mar 07 05:58 Have you ever tried eating your own shit?
Mar 07 05:56 Anyway I can get in contact with an Admin? Vice Dark Lord
Mar 04 04:55 Alphas and betas Guiltstar
Mar 01 03:30 My prayer Anonymous
Feb 28 04:45 Challenges of running a site like this Anonymous
Feb 24 16:55 The Great Guro Game Challenge! Anonymous
Feb 18 16:51 Noob? Anonymous
Feb 13 20:43 Thoughts on David Cheung?
Feb 13 18:08 Why do you like Necrophilia? neobyzantium
Feb 09 09:24 Timestop... (Thought Experiment) DoctorRobot1
Feb 08 15:34 Do you know any guro movies or books with violence toward women smiley
Feb 08 00:01 Purge. imprfction
Feb 02 02:04 What do you hide? maybeImEmbarrassed
Jan 28 20:39 Deaths in red dead 2
Jan 28 04:36 Anonymous
Jan 22 23:03 Bleeding from the mouth? Anonymous
Jan 17 01:15 What do you think about 4chan users?
Jan 17 01:07 Would you kill someone for that fantasy?
Jan 07 22:52 Tor link Anon
Jan 07 20:11 Anonymous
Jan 07 16:29 New sub thread for cbt Anonymous
Jan 01 01:58 What helps you write? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jan 01 01:50 Tumblr banning porn and my blog protonstar
Dec 29 14:23 Walking Red Flag imprfction
Dec 29 00:29 Guilt caused by guro.... Zimblekimble
Dec 27 14:41 You find a fresh body sawed in half in an alleyway
Dec 26 19:55 The day I started seeing my half-sister as a woman... blurred
Dec 25 23:21 You are now a dictator.
Dec 25 23:05 message to the past guillermo
Dec 22 08:10 I can't stop thinking of someone's trauma DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 21 18:00 Needs to be easier to access Vice Dark Lord
Dec 17 20:22 Deadly Erotica Subreddit Anonymous
Dec 17 19:05 Do female prisoners freqently piss themselves in prison? hulang
Dec 12 23:50 WE'RE BACK FUCKERS! Straitjackit
Dec 12 01:11 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 07 03:33 Need to be able to find this place when it's looked up Vice Dark Lord
Dec 05 15:48 Any good story sites? wolfwing
Dec 04 19:42 HI Anonymous
Dec 02 20:17 Can't post on the litrature thread Vice Dark Lord
Oct 25 12:14 I need a therapist brokeninside
Oct 25 06:41 HALLOWEEN HAUNTINGS DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 25 06:25 My liking of guro has changed.
Oct 18 23:49 Sexual Abuse And Hacking in Swinger Community Dragod
Oct 18 14:35 Who can search in dolcettgirls? hulang
Oct 16 18:03 Whats up, I'm a noobie.
Oct 16 10:37 Абай Камалов победителm премии президента TarasBot
Oct 14 23:31 Skype Group
Oct 13 19:12 Other pages like this?
Oct 13 11:54 fuck
Oct 11 12:19
Oct 11 10:01 reasonably blood numbers to the penis olsen banden forste film
Oct 07 07:30 root wrote us with a offensive here the dimension michael jackson danmark
Oct 07 06:35 I'm looking for real hackers.
Oct 06 15:35 List of fetishes
Oct 06 06:14 What's your job IRL?
Oct 02 04:54 Why Is Male Guro Hard to Find?
Oct 02 04:35 does your self harm fantasies stem from self hate?
Oct 02 04:29 [Rant] Where are all the boys?
Oct 01 17:03 Guro Discord (Almost 100 members) violer
Oct 01 06:30 darkest thoughts
Sep 30 04:14 Guro Dating, Friends, Fapping & Related Thread
Sep 30 03:32 Public Kik guro chat Junko Enoshima
Sep 30 02:02 Looking for a certain older Hentai movie, tentacles/guro... (description)
Sep 29 18:45 Your sexuality? ShittyAnnie
Sep 28 14:58 What do you want for this world? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Sep 28 14:39 my ball torture Micha
Sep 24 16:11 Started drawing Guro, have a question.
Sep 22 12:25 LGBTQIAA+ Gore Fans? lovelyminotaur
Sep 22 00:26 Vore appeal neobyzantium
Sep 21 18:54 Legend of Korra New Season Idea
Sep 21 07:16 most painful memories? Best? Surreal?
Sep 19 20:07 Sister snuff/necro/scat fantasy
Sep 19 18:00 Using pics of models/actors to represent characters in RP?
Sep 14 18:50 детская качель для новорожденных Kachalkijax
Sep 12 19:02 Server certificate expired again!
Sep 12 17:25 This Ideological War
Sep 09 17:57 Characters you hate
Sep 09 06:15 fondest vore memory on tv/movies/anime/manga neobyzantium
Sep 08 20:54 "The borders of tomb raider" 3d movie endings?
Sep 03 05:31 Discord Recommended Servers? mono
Sep 01 07:05 Anyone want to help me with a long story?
Aug 30 23:17 What did Voldemort do to punish Malfoy family? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Aug 30 15:21 Why I cannot delete the spamdumps in /lit/ Mod
Aug 29 16:23 Spread knowledge Bellevoye
Aug 20 07:43 X-Change Wild
Aug 16 19:32 OI. STRAITJACKIT. And/or any surviving admins.
Aug 15 15:38 Discuss Anime and Waifus Dude Man
Aug 12 22:36 Woman that fell into an escalator and was crushed to death.
Aug 12 06:58 Discord groups in general Anon.jpg
Aug 12 06:24 Gynophagia on Kik
Aug 11 16:08 "Would you rather" thread Straitjackit
Aug 11 11:18 to be cannibalized
Aug 10 23:42 avoiding payment processor censorship eyeteeth
Aug 10 17:59 So, are you happy? Straitjackit
Aug 10 17:32 Spam in /lit/
Aug 08 15:20 You are now the chieftain of a tribe... (Thought Experiment)
Aug 05 17:40 To my personal Illuminati, youknowwhoyouare/Iam
Aug 01 06:55 What makes Gurochan system stands out from other chan? JOELwindows7
Aug 01 00:51 Gravity Falls Commission
Jul 30 00:16 Where to post stories Jay Deviant
Jun 15 16:26 new
Jun 15 15:28 Sister in a slasher
Jun 15 14:27 whaat do you think of me
Jun 15 04:02 Gurochan T-shirt
Jun 14 15:36 A Difficult Choice. Pussy Shooter/ Slit Slicer
Jun 14 03:55 looking for pictures/stories
Jun 13 14:19 S content in F Nonnie
Jun 11 14:33 Who is straitjackit? - Answered JOELwindows7
Jun 10 23:29 Info on cannibalism?
Jun 06 01:29 MORALITY: Mercy, Altruism, Redemption, Revenge, and Evil DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jun 04 20:46 Which deaths would you stop? guiltstar
Jun 03 01:28 Don't Forget me Monika
May 31 02:49 Childhood Emotional Neglect 47
May 29 18:20 Is pokemon worth a damn? ThePerv
May 29 04:18 moar muzik perverts
May 26 04:33 worry ...
May 25 18:02 Probably don't have long to live... any girls want to umm.. act out some of their fantasies? Whythehellnot
May 23 17:16 What are your opinions on Puchimas porn?
May 23 14:10 Guro friendly Discord D3AGLE
May 22 18:20 Fictional Femicide
May 22 15:45 Police surveillance (not waht you think) Onix
May 21 02:23 Violent themed game ideas Anondev
May 17 00:21 X-Change Wild
May 16 18:52 Anyone from Japan? Jim James
May 16 08:04 Question on Bladder Control Loss During Hanging or Other Executions? hulang
May 16 07:32 Dead bodies with their eyes open neobyzantium
May 16 04:53 You get an army of something. What is it? ThePervert!
May 14 14:29 hi guys, I'm new
May 14 08:06 irl "guro"
May 13 22:53 Guro friendly Discord D3AGLE
May 13 21:19 Places for IRL scat stuff?
Apr 23 14:53 Guro friendly Discord D3AGLE
Apr 23 01:15 What would you do? Girl in half
Apr 07 19:58 Using guro fantasies to cope?
Apr 06 13:11 I see women as fuckmeat Bender
Apr 06 07:36 Jealous of people who get to live out your guro fantasies? BorderlineSunshine
Apr 01 23:56 Guro fantasies are about to explode Anòn E. Müs
Mar 22 09:33 an apology - updated
Mar 21 01:07 stop feeling guilty. DisgustingPerver(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Mar 20 11:53 Fetish Girl anesthisa
Mar 20 02:00 Been seeing alot of RL pics lately... Johny Guro
Mar 19 03:30 Reputation Annon
Mar 15 23:52 Sister in a slasher Lee
Mar 14 06:15 exhentai large insertions?
Mar 14 04:03 My dick is confused pls help
Mar 12 09:46 Why not use pages JohnTheReaper
Mar 10 12:01 hello ThePerv
Mar 10 05:01 Fucked up exhentai access. What do I do now?
Mar 08 08:26 Fetish Girl anesthisa
Mar 07 08:33 Video Sharing for Guro Sunset
Mar 07 08:24 Please keep GC up now
Mar 06 07:10 How would you use her body?
Mar 06 00:19 Police Torrent File
Mar 05 09:40 Has anyone watched Altered Carbon?
Mar 01 02:45 Thankfully, real-world killers clearly aren't guro fans
Feb 26 11:45 How to view attachments on thedarkspot
Feb 05 12:47 Has anyone here read the Runners series (Or anything by Maddy
Jan 29 21:38 The real reason gurochan keeps going down
Jan 26 18:23 Do you have a phobia?
Jan 22 06:11 Solitary Confinement
Jan 22 02:34 *sigh* Oh, Scatbooru.... *shakes head* Waru
Jan 21 07:33 LF Cool Guro Friends
Jan 20 19:23 Wheres the catalogs?
Jan 17 23:08 A few anatomical questions Annika
Jan 17 06:31 tit torture
Jan 17 06:15 Appropriate place for game guro?
Jan 14 10:15 Guro d&d type game
Jan 12 10:43 Guro Con Ach
Jan 04 13:03 Poser vs Daz vs ??? for 3D guro?
Jan 03 21:55 HAPPY NEW YEAR
Jan 02 18:03 Your personal pet (You order, I comply) Atzy
Jan 02 09:48 hi friends! DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jan 01 08:17 Mega crazies, do you ever weird your "voices" out? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 23 03:46 Severed Head Guro Sex Toys
Dec 18 09:11 movie recommendation acherontia
Dec 13 00:06 Guro victim thread
Dec 12 18:10 The strangest feeling Prophet Of Perversion
Dec 11 19:55 /lit/ freeuse question
Dec 06 08:40 switch someone's head & asshole DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 05 19:37 Your dream world?
Dec 03 22:00 Confession Time CalcSpree
Dec 03 17:37 What do I have to study for making 3D arts? Malek
Dec 02 23:12 Ideal Fantasy Game 47
Dec 02 23:02 Please help me unfuck this Pat
Dec 02 21:28 Legal Question TheMadRaven
Dec 02 15:41 /lit/ advice
Dec 02 15:30 Music!
Nov 30 16:24 Morbid curiosity
Nov 30 11:02 Always wanted to feed my wife human meat Luke
Nov 29 21:13 Population Calculator? AbbottWarr
Nov 29 13:28 Lilith's Blessing
Nov 23 01:23 Dating Advice
Nov 22 16:23 Recipes Anonymous
Nov 21 19:06 Purpose 47
Nov 19 10:50 Questions TheMadRaven
Nov 17 21:53 Favourite dead body scene in anime/manga neobyzantium
Nov 15 20:28 Laptop security 101
Nov 14 21:34 Helping Eachother with Sex Fantasies IRL ThatRapeGal
Nov 13 03:30 Guro Game Help Plz Anonymous
Nov 12 17:36 What's your faction? DisgustingPervert(buti'mBeautiful!)
Nov 11 12:56 Deep Web links for real Occult Magick
Nov 10 11:52 Coping with Guilt and Disconnection HungryMan
Nov 09 19:22 Latest Announcement from ASSTR regarding site problems Tinribs
Nov 06 04:02 Neuromancer 2501
Nov 05 14:17 Please help me
Nov 04 06:55 Gurochan alternatives
Oct 31 02:30 Corpse Query
Oct 30 04:38 TIme? TRInitY
Oct 20 07:39 Question for males who enjoy depictions of penis pain/mutilation
Oct 19 19:48 Shortage of superhero names BBraker
Oct 18 02:57 Ideas for ways to end Aliens vs. Samus Aran and Lara Croft BBraker
Oct 15 00:23 When does "late" become "early?" DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 14 19:34 Causes DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 14 11:56 Dealing with editing mistakes in Literature posts BBraker
Oct 13 23:42 The Netherlands
Oct 04 19:11 Most extreme comic books/series
Oct 03 01:15 what is the meaning of Gurochan?
Sep 28 22:12 Anatomy system for RPG games or 3D rendering BBraker
Sep 28 21:49 New Game - NEED OPINIONS - Ykvr
Sep 28 21:37 What is your body worth tSade
Sep 21 20:34 Room with a Dial Killing 0..100% of Humanity (Thought Experiment DP(B)-1) DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Sep 21 20:27 Favorite media? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Sep 05 19:43 FEARS
Aug 28 19:41 You cuddling anyone/anything right now? Straitjackit
Aug 28 14:46 Literature Tags 47
Aug 28 09:28 What kind of guro is this when you can travel inside a girl's body and explore her internal organs?
Aug 28 03:38 what does this cat think of when I do what she can never do? DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Aug 19 03:22 Grave robbing, anyone?
Aug 13 11:41 Question concerning use of real pics in RP?
Aug 09 18:03 Story/setting ideas thread?
Aug 06 00:21 Morgues and Funeral Homes neobyzantium
Aug 02 06:28 Does incorrect terminology and phrasing irritate you?
Jul 29 03:38 Best place to host on-topic stories. Randall J Nelson
Jul 25 05:42 Guro Telegram Group
Jul 19 02:50 Gore vs Guro Booleanw
Jul 17 12:54 What got you into guro ?
Jul 17 07:43 cyborgs and technology DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jul 12 01:23 So what happened to kittycunt? Anon1442
Jul 11 04:49 I like weather DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jul 09 19:59 Where can a mediocre guro artist share their art? sad girl
Jul 07 01:20 Favourite anime/manga girls/women for necro fantasies? neobyzantium
Jul 02 06:59 What Happened to
Jul 01 17:30 Readable /lit/ Rosie
Jul 01 00:48 sick of this kik bullshit fuckik
Jun 29 10:34 I was curious about something Pussy Shooter
Jun 26 00:27 Elite Cabals and Sacrifices - U WOT M8? 47
Jun 07 06:36 Do you like/fap to guro of your waifu?
Jun 05 02:50 Anyone out of the guro-closet? How did that go? Anne
Jun 04 21:16 Nonsexual enjoyment of guro, anyone? Atlatl
Jun 04 02:35 Obessed with therapist
Jun 03 09:00 I think I'm sexually cursed.
May 29 23:12 explore my dark desires or get help? oron
May 12 14:19 You now have the powers of Superman... (Thought Experiment)
May 08 03:36 hypothetical; would you prefer a gurochan booru? fuccinakids
May 03 21:51 World ends tomorrow
May 01 21:19 If it were legal... Pussy Shooter
May 01 01:18 Chan with auto archive instead of auto erase
Apr 24 18:12 Cause of death? LTT
Apr 23 08:54 What if.....
Apr 22 09:43 Customs for posting
Apr 06 13:10 Unit 731 cosplay Unit731
Apr 03 17:15 Disgusted with my life... 47
Mar 30 16:16 What do I do? I bit off more than I could chew!
Mar 30 12:24 Finding yourself obsessed? Straitjackit
Mar 29 16:17 guro + self hatred?
Mar 24 14:17 So I was thinking
Mar 22 02:58 Want it my dreams Girl in halve
Mar 19 12:57 Wondering about story length in general Eficient
Mar 11 09:33 Thanks for Being Here Regis
Mar 03 14:06 personal fantasies
Mar 02 09:00 [no guro] How do I find Aogami's new stuff? Aoi Hikari
Feb 27 15:53 Saving stories
Feb 27 11:33 Any anime or manga like Strike Witches in terms of taking its own eroticism casually? Aoi Hikari
Feb 25 08:08 Do what you want Girl in halve
Feb 23 01:45 Gaming ID's, get social and play vidya! Straitjackit / BBQ_Boysnuff
Feb 14 16:56 Globalized fetishes
Feb 07 01:00 Anyone want a torture doll? super serious poster
Jan 31 17:54 A littel help with proof reading Eficient
Jan 20 07:00 PLaces you go to find your guro stuff
Jan 20 02:54 Any hentai with guro/snuff elements? Odeck
Jan 18 05:06 Guro Music DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jan 14 03:52 More /lit pages Narra Avlan
Jan 10 12:00 Origin of your fetishes? NewGuy
Jan 01 19:50 Question for Necrophilia fans neobyzantium
Dec 30 13:57 This fetish is making me insane. Please help me.
Dec 28 16:19 Question for scat lovers SEVEREDPENISCOLLECTION
Dec 26 21:51 Missing
Dec 25 19:30 I recently ate some vomit for the first time, ask me anything
Dec 22 01:33 Am i fucked? kira
Dec 17 23:17 Setting
Dec 17 20:44 Taking my guro fetish public?
Dec 12 17:28 Why am I obsessed with Penectomy? Yogi
Dec 05 08:10 'It's for a book' - Ask/answer questions here
Dec 04 19:30 A question about tags in /lit/ Eterya
Dec 02 13:09 Ryonaket
Nov 30 07:25 Lost stories? NewGuy
Nov 27 19:29 might this shit happen?
Nov 26 06:30 Scat
Nov 23 00:34 Self-harm


Hi guys. I want to try something a little different for my second /lit/ project, and that means stepping away from my comfort zone and the fetishes I have experience with. I have a couple of questions, and I'm hoping somebody with a better medical or fictional knowledge can help me with.

First, something everybody likes. Blowjobs.

I'm wondering, could I actually die from asphyxia caused by a cock in my mouth? It can make it pretty hard to breathe, would it be plausible for a particularly deep thrust to block off my air supply and cause me to suffocate? And on a related topic, could a large enough ejaculation drown me?

And secondly, what seems to be a favourite around here, disembowelment.

My main curiosity revolves around sensation. Do my internal organs have sensory nerves, IE would I feel pain from my/in spilled entrails? Or just the pain in my skin and flesh? And secondly, how would you perform disembowelment? Would you slice vertically from the base of my ribs down to my mound, or horizontally across my belly or abdomen?

Thanks. I know they're odd questions, but having this kind of knowledge helps me write. And finding this info through other sources is proving difficult.
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Those don't count as odd questions here


Considering death and revival of characters I see a more important problem that when you are immortal you simply do not die, you do not "come back to life", but just don't die at all., There is no penalty or even you get benefits.
Being a super strong character is not a problem here because not resisting can be like an indication of the strength too and this can even be played as a dominant bottom

So for me, the question is how to make "death" still somehow important enough, to have some fear about that but keep characters immortal.

I decided that one solution is to make them forget how they died what will make death exciting every time as if it was the first time experience and later character gets back to life only with the knowledge that she "died" but can't remember any details how that happened. what makes it even more arousing to listen how other characters describe it making her desire to experience this unknown thing.


You can die deep throating a man. To try to answer your own question lie on your back on the kitchen table, lying your head back as far as it will go over the edge and take a 10 inch or larger dildo into your mouth and down your throat as far as you can. Your gag reflex will kick in. Just keep trying. This is a great position for oral sex! Try it!

How far can you get the dildo before you can't breathe anymore? Not far for me. I have to breathe through my nose. If he were to block breathing through my nose, I'd be done for quick. I can't hold my breath very long.

You are unlikely to drown from a man's ejaculate. You might choke to death on it if you're in the position I mentioned above and couldn't breathe through your mouth.


I have most definitely felt organ pain, I don't think you're right about pain necessarily localizing to skin.


Pain will only localize on the skin if the sensation of touch will match the sensation of pain. otherwise, you will be unable to tell where it is originating from. internal organs do not have many pain sensors and they are all connected to the same input.

To say it more accurately it is not that you will feel that pain originates from the skin, but from the place where you touch the skin.


I´m looking for a link of a tit torture homepage.
Does anybody have such a link?
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I don't suppose you have discord or email or anything?


I can do emails. What email should I reach you at?


I was hoping you might leave your own. hmmm.
Well. I might get a temporarily disposable one?


I'm not sure if it worked until after I post, but you can reach me at the email included in this message.


XIO, did you ever figure out a way to host any of your stuff?


Hi friends,

Earlier today, I posted a thread on /3dcg/ containing pictures of the aftermath of a rampage in GTA V that I thought would fit well in /3dcg/ since it's computer generated images. However, it seems to have been removed. Is there any reasoning for this? If Gurochan isn't the place for this sort of thing, can any of you point me in the right direction for finding a place that I can share and see guro-esque imagery and mods from games?



The content you posted was not only not made by you, it was literally screenshots of GTA V. It was barely modified, and it's something anybody can do if they have the game. It's not much different to making a 3dcg thread for your minecraft builds.


if you look at the other posts on /3dcg/, it is either user generated content or content that is 3d and guro. GTA V is not guro, nor were these screenshots even modded to be nude, it's just dead ragdolls.

I don't mean to dissuade you, but please try to have some standards in what you post.


That's fair, but it should be enumerated in the rules that threads should contain content created by OP.

Are you aware of anywhere else that shares this kind of content?


To be honest, Steam would work great. Your posts would not violate their ToC.


Youtube probably? I know that there are a couple channels that specialize in ryona videos for videogames.


Would anyone be interested in playing a game like this online using something like Roll20 (I would have to check if they allow this stuff first)?

I've made tabletop rpgs before and was thinking of rules for a guro version that would have a combat system similar to La Blue Girl but be in modern time. There would be an all-female evil cult that would be the main protagonists.

I would allow you to create whatever kind of character you want with whatever kind of abilities you want (within reason). Want to be an assassin like the hitman game? Sure. Want S&M magic and be able to shoot barbed wire at people and chain then up? Cool. Want to be a werewolf and eat girls alive? Yummy! Want tentacles that let you fuck a whole group of girls at a time and impregnate them with vicious little creatures that eat their way out of the girl's chests in a bloody mess? Awesome.

I would be loose with the rules too because there is no one system that can allow you to do all your twisted minds can think of without bending the rules here and there. I'll even come up with new rules and abilities you can learn to help you achieve the bloody play style you wish.

I would validate sex combat by having some of the enemy girls using magic that protects them from direct physical harm. You would then have to choke, drown, or sex them to death. Most of the game mechanics would be sex oriented and if you manage to break down their willpower and get them to orgasim, then you could cause their hearts to explode or just shatter their defensive spell so you could finish them however you wish.

Most of the girls would not have this protection and you could kill them or enslave them however you wish.

I'm not sure when I'll complete this and have it ready for playing. I'm just trying to see if there are people out there who would be interested.


I want peeps to use these builds. Come up with your own specific lore. From D&D 3.5.

Baraiur (Manual of the Planes, not BoED) Wiz9/Ur-Priest2/Mystic Theurge 8. (arcane-divine master)
Bariaur Barb2/wiz6/Eldritch Knight10/archmage2. (Arcane-Martial master)
Monk 11/Ur-Priest 9 with a Permanent Dive Strength. (Martial-Divine Master).
Minatuar War Hulk 10 with a Permanent Divine Strength. (Super-Specialized Martial Master).

There are some other odd builds involving anti-priests, monks, theurges, and angel centaurs, but I'd love these for a typical party of 4. All can ve made very stealthy. I've designed countless power builds, each fitting of endless different backstoriess.

They're very suited to this campaign especially, given my other designs relevant to The Planes.


I am interested! Although I do not have any experience with d&d


I'm glad to see that people are interested! I'll see what work I can get done on making the game :)

Sorry, I only recently noticed that there is a RP tab on this site. I always had my phone vertical so that tab was cut off. I'll re-post this there later to see who else might be interested.


Has there ever been, or could there ever be, a guro Con or a Con that includes/included guro?


Well of course there could be. The question is do we really want to meet each other? Jk I'm down, the question is how do we get the funds.


Well, we could certainly start a fund. Or, what the hell, a kickstarter


In the modern times, I do not see any point even bothering with real-life meetings. But I agree that funding is the most tricky part. If you would like to travel US-EU that would cost like 3000$ each and also takes about 4 days of travel time( total.) This is ignoring all other expenses.

Considering idea of meeting each other this would destroy anonymity ;)


I almost crave an anti moral festival. I'm so sixk of ev people thinking they need to pretend to like me or whatever.


Actually i've read about a guroket( i think that was the name) while surfing the deepweb, i don't remember the details and i don't think it takes place anymore....i can't imagine why......


Hey, just wondering which program is best for 3DCG guro, along the lines of Killer X and Drabok? Which has the best models?

Also, not looking to spend tons, nor spend a huge amount of time on a very complex program. I will probably try and get most content freeware or torrent. Any thoughts?


Can't speak for Poser but Daz3d has nice joint integration (click+drag) that makes it pretty easy to pose characters.

If you're just getting your feet wet, look around the torrent search engines for 'daz3d' and/or 'renderotica'. There are some 1-10gb torrents floating around that have huge archives of just about everything that's available publicly. Obviously buy the content if you're going to be setting up a patreon or something, but you shouldnt have to spend thousands of dollars tinkering around with side projects.


Doing guro in 3d is a relatively hard thing in comparison to plain vanilla stuff.

But if you want it free you should use daz3d which is free and has more content than poser. and you just need to register on their website and take it for free. there are plenty of sites with pirated content.

Those 10gb renderotica torrents mentioned earlier are not that good since they are mostly old poser stuff but you can find some useful stuff there.

If you really want to do guro stuff, you will need Zbrush for morphs and photoshop to edit textures everything can be downloaded from torrents



- A mod


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Everyone!!


Happy New Year 2 the best chan on the net!




With apologies to any of our Chinese friends!


Hi GC! I'm a 17 year old mexican girl and I want to try new things. You see, my dad is a stupid taxi driver who is always outside and he makes me feel depressed, also he tried to rape me when I was 9. My way of coping with this is guro and hentai, but I want to try those things IRL. If you ask for my mom, she went to USA with another man, I do not blame her.

Anyway, after you all know a bit about myself and my drive to try this, I will say you what I want.

I want to feel submissive in a way but at the same time I want to "escape" (not suicide, that is horrible) from the depressive atmosphere I'm currently living in (I do not work, I do not go to school, almost everyday I cry and I don't want to see my stupid dad).

How do you, the GC community, fit into all of this? That is easy. You give me orders (be it sexual or guro) and I will obey and comply them. For example, someone could say "fuck a carrot and eat it" and I will do it. Someone else could say "put a pair of 5 inch heels, lock them and go to walk around for 3 hours" and someone else could say "sit on a chair, take a knife and cut your thigh". I think you know the deal.

But, I will say my limits. I won't do anything that could make me loose a limb (or part of it), I won't do anything that could lead me to be arrested (such as public nudity, although if you want, I could go outside in just a raincoat and shoes) and I won't do things that could paralyze me, such as shooting myself. Anything else, like eating shit, clamping my clit or things like that are ALLOWED.

I am yours, GC
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Could you illuminati faggots at least stick to the theme for a thread ffs?


I rarely post, and when I do, I carefully consider what I'm typing before posting. I noticed that Atzy has not posted in nearly a week, while the orders/demands continue. My post should be taken as a non sequitur Moment and nothing else. I'm sorry I upset you to the point that you felt moved to reply in such a way that now has me upset as well.

You, on the other hand, have actually done what you have accused me of doing: you have disrupted the flow and theme of this thread by posting a complaint against my Reply, likely knowing that I would into rebuttal.

You called me 'illuminati faggots'. I don't think that fits me, grammatically or otherwise. Nearly a year ago, I asked you if you were female, simply because of the way you wrote (at least at that time). You were like, no, I'm a dude, I'm just glib.

As a former chan admin (not GUROchan), I can tell you that this post will likely have a short life here, but I hope it will remain up until you read it.

Relax. Maybe don't reply as we'll banned for this shit. You cool?


Wow I was jk but then felt bad you said you were "upset" but then I saw you're the same retard who assumed I was a girl because you wanted to sex the words I wrote or something.

>>As a former chan admin (not GUROchan)



I never thought I would come back here but I feel that I must inform you all.

Remember I told you about my mom who went to USA? Well, I'm actually living with her now!

Long story short:
On december 11th my mom got my phone number from god-knows-where and called me. She said all that things that parents do when they abandon you and she said "¿quieres venir a los united states m'ija?" which translates to "do you want to come to USA, dear?". Of course I said yes so she asked me to open a saldazo card (like an accounts debit card) and she deposited 1000 usd which in mexican pesos are 18000-20000 pesos. Then I asked for my visa and passport which was almost denied twice and here I am, living in Los Angeles.

Thanks for your kind words guys and girls. I'm another person now


Eyy, congrats! I hope you enjoy yourself.


Yay it's back up


If you wonder what happened: same shit different day.

The current host was brought up hastefully after I got involuntarily committed to a drug rehab and could no longer maintain the hardware. It came with a RAID 0 array of 4 disks, one of which keeps failing (electrical issues) and taking the entire root volume down. Now we cannot easily convert that to RAID 5 since it would force us to go downtime again, dump all data somewhere, reinstall the OS and software from scratch, and move data back in. Though one day we will find enough spare time to resolve these problems.

As always, sorry for inconvenience.


>>6722 replacing the steering wheel on your car while you're driving down the interstate. Such is the life of the administrator.


I'm glad to see gurochan back again. Weird coincidence that it went down just as people were talking most about net neutrality. My paranoia got the worse of me.


How did I not notice that!? I would have been paranoid as well.


Like, do you ever think such a weird thought that maybe even a demon goes "dude..." or a chaosthing goes "wow"


So... you're hearing chaosthings and demons ?


I don't hear anything but wonder if any god or mind readers of any sort get disturbed or if they're just out of surprises.


Hahaha it’s an amusing thought. Anyways what’s wrong with hearing demons. But sadly I must answer no. Usually if I feel an outside voice it has an especially nasty idea to suggest for me (like slice that little girl’s calf open to the bone on that bench) not the other way around. I am never surprised by something like this just distracted

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