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Hello. I'm on and off in this site for about 7 years now. This has nothing to do with self-pity for my dark fantasies or any kind of guilt. Though these things do surface sometimes, i've made peace with it. The point is this.

Because i've been into weird things since even before puberty, i've never trully turned on by the act of sex ALONE. Meaning lots of my fantasies usually have a sexual aspect to them, but, for example, the idea of simply two people fucking was difficult to arouse me to say the least.
To top all this off, the nature of those tastes has resulted in lots of porn, and to add to that, mostly animated porn (hence me discovering this site). Maybe because it was more detached from reality? who knows.

They're have been two incidents with girls where i couldn't get an erection. Sure there was a lot of stress at both times, being as inexperienced and nervous as i was, but the thought at the back of my head was also, "this is nothing like i've romanticized or sexualised before." The most recent one, yesterday, was with a girl i really like, she attributed the fact to stress and anxiety, and still wants to be with me. Ever since i can't stop thinking if i'm doomed or just overeacting. Only saving thought is that i could get an erection during an older situation with a girl i was much more confident with. And there wasn't even any real action.

The million dollar question is. Does this ever go away? or am i just nervous as fuck?

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As the last resort you can just buy Viagra. LOL
But looks like you will have to tell her truth about yourself after all, so start preparing for that.

But I still wonder why you cant just ignore girlfriend and use your fantasies to get aroused while only using her vagina as some flashlight.
This not very nice in regards to your girlfriend but nothing else works anyway.

I think your main problem is anxiety , it is impossible to have sex with that felling.


OP: Am I fucked?

Ok, two question checklist.
1. Are you alive?
2. Are you on this website?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then, uh, I believe the answer to your question should be obvious.


I told her a few days ago about it. Not very graphic on the details, but i confessed that i had "weird and dark fantasies" ever since i was a kid, and that it caused me to develop very poor sexual confidence. And that this, in addition with copious porn use, was the main cause of the problem.

Thankfully, she was very understanding and willing to work this though with me. I think this will help in the long run, especially if i keep away from porn indefinitely. I certainly hope so.


Glad you were up to it. Best of luck moving forward^^



Thank you!


Where would be the best place to kill/torture someone? Not as in where it'd be easy to get away with it, but where would be the ideal setting for an erotic murder?
Personally, somewhere in nature. In the woods perhaps, near the seashore.

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I'm a strange guy. I'd love to snuff a pretty girl out nice and slowly, all the while fucking her over and over. I'd be as brutal and sadistic as possible, but.. at least to ME, it'd be a very romantic act. Thus, I'd require a romantic setting, preferrably her bedroom, decorated with rose petals amd candles and what not.


Some kind of hall, with spectators.


In the deepest room of some medieval dungeon. I like my privacy.


I remember my AP Physics classroom in high school had some sort of grid-like metal frame suspended from the ceiling that had power outlets hanging from cables that we could pull down if we needed to plug something in during a lab.

As a 17 year-old with a definite neck fetish and a strangulation/hanging fetish, I wasted many a lecture period staring at one of two cute girls in class and letting my puberty-fueled magination run wild. I'm sure you can imagine what I was fantasizing about.

One of the girls, a short, fit girl (Russian heritage, I think she was, as if that even matters), and nerdy and very cute as well, often leaned forward over her desk and rested her left cheek on her left hand propped up on her elbow, and her face lifted up to look directly at the white board in front of class. Well, that basically meant she was rolling her body vaguely to the left and flashing her throat at me all class since I sat to her right (neck fetish here, remember). It was beautiful, getting to look at her throat like that, the shape of her windpipe bulging out, her Eve's apple (prominent but not overwhelmingly so) forming a sexy little peak in the upper part of her throat, and if I paid close enought attention, watch her carotid arteries tapping rhythmically against her stretched skin.

In case anyone is wondering, there are a few women from my past (though, being a nerdy youth I was never personally acquainted with the majority of them) whose throats I did get a good look at and which I most certainly do remember quite vividly, including the girl described above. Hell, I remember her even more vividly than I let on. Having a girlfriend hasn't changed that hehe

Anyway, long story slightly shorter, I still enjoy the notion of girls slowly hoisted up by a noose hanging from those very metal beams in my physics classroom, and that girl, Misha, is certainly not safe from my fantasizing.


sign me the fuck up


I love guro a lot. Every day, I take joy in browsing the boards and stories. I'm not harming anyone and I think it's fine to like these sort of things. I want to make friends with people who share my passion for guro, and to that end I want to make a social media account for myself that puts my love of guro front and center. The problem is that I'm afraid if I do make the account, people at my work would see it and I would get fired. I might end up completely unhireable because any time a company would search for info about me online in background checks, they would find out about my love for guro. Without a job, I'd be in big trouble. My family and other friends might find the account too, and they might hate me forever, leaving me with no one to fall back on should I end up unemployable.

Am I being too paranoid? Is there any hope that I can truly be myself without fear of ruining my life?
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Its a fetish, you really don't need to put your sexual pleasures front and center in your life. Like, some like bdsm, some like shoes etc. But nobody really goes around saying what porn they watched last night. Just because our interest is very niche doesnt mean that has to define us. Live a normal life and enjoy the weird ass porn in your off time.

Thats my feeling on this, anyway.


Well said.

Your porn doesn't define you. It's just one interest among many and it's just assumed in day to day life that you have sexual desires and that they're private because everyone does.

Most people don't care or want to know the details unless they're going to be fucking you.


I also have the strong feeling to come out one day.

But the time is not right yet. Hold.

If you need to act today, move to Japan first.


The only person who can answer a question like this is the person asking the question.

Me? It is a brief daily diversion that I do not feel the need to share. If guro were my main source of sexual release, perhaps I would feel differently.

I occasionally fantasize about past lovers. My current one does not need to hear about that.


My guro fetish is to be cut in half and play with myself feel only my tits, while i finger my pussy, see my fingers buried in my lips lick my pussy and give a blowjob


It is the last thing I would want, yet nothing is hotter than a guy losing his cock during his last orgasm.
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I think I get it. It's the permanence, isn't it? I'm an amputation fan, so I know how this stuff works.

Once a cock is cut off, there's no going back. Whenever the man becomes horny, he'll reach down to jack off and there's nothing there. No more jerking off, no more sticking it in women. His mind will flash back to that time, the last orgasm where you cut off his cock. His mind flooded with desire, yet no way to satisfy it, he'll think of you, longing to relive that once in a lifetime experience and achieve the release he so desperately needs.

Yeah, that's probably it. Either that or you find the intense crescendo of orgasm becomes even more intense when it is so final and horrific. All that pressure and build up, his need to cum clashing with his terror, knowing that the closer to orgasm he gets, the sooner his life of sexual pleasure ends. He'll fight himself, wishing never to cum, but at the same time he cannot fight his primal urges, the all-consuming obsession with cumming. In the end, had cannot hold back and he releases his final load, spraying his seed as your knife goes snip-snap lopping the instrument off and putting an end to his means of release. He'll cry for his loss, but he'll thank you too, thank you for the pleasure the likes of which he could never imagine, the bliss and mindblowing sensation of the one-last-orgasm. Still twitching in your hand, the severed cock slowly loses what life still remains in it, until at last the blood drains and it shrivels up, never to grow hard again.

Maybe something like that?


Amputation is not necessary about permanence.
there are plenty of people (ncluding me) who are into process of amputation itself but not into results. juts like there are people who like to blow up stuff, but that does not mean they want to have broken crap.

getting your cock cut is nothing scary in fantasy, because you will get it back when you need it.


<3 same man



This actually isn't even a kink of mine but I have to say you REALLY have a way with words, that was really something!



Interesting. Yeah, I think it is the permanent horniness. I like to edge for hours. I am 54 but can still create quite the puddle after all that!

Thank god it is just a fantasy.


As the title says. This is supposed to be a thread where everyone can ask questions they may have been afraid to ask anywhere else or even google, and hopefully someone here is able to answer (or at least provide an educated guess).

Can be just about anything, especially sex- or guro-related, for a story or just out of curiousity, but please don't be lazy and at least consider looking it up first.
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>I fantasize about putting a slug through her chest while fucking her
From my general knowledge and some observations I woud say that,
very likely this woud go well and she will like it, as long as girl is not scared that you will just kill her on the spot.

women are carving attention of any kind and and if you are willing to do anything and show interest in her her she is very pleased that you need her.
It does not really matter if you want to torture her, kiss her or murder her it is all good. (or at least much better than indifference)

>What do you consider to be the most taboo fetish?

I think there is something more taboo than pedophilia and guro combined.
It is animal abuse. because people who enjoy children being tortured or murdered will be often pretty upset if it is not human child but some cute kitten or puppy


Does anyone know if there's a method to slightly damage a man's urethra in a way that makes ejaculation extremely painful until it heals, but doesn't cause actual permanent damage?

Also, I've read that in order to rupture the average testicle through squeezing, about 50kg / 110 pounds of force is needed. Anyone know what the average threshold for causing permanent damage is, assuming medical help is unavailable? Or are they fine as long as a rupture doesn't occur? I know the durability of the testicles can vary widely between individuals, so for context, the victim in question is young and healthy, but would most likely not have much (if any) past experience with groin trauma.


What's the average size of a girl/woman's uterus and ovaries? And is it possible to cut it out of her body without damaging the vaginal canal?


Any idea if the Lazarus reflex* can happen to freshly-decapitated bodies? Or maybe to dead bodies that recently experienced other head trauma?

I think it would make sense. Having no head looks similar to brain-death or brain-stem-failure; there was a report that the condition of a decapitated body seems remarkably undisturbed, which sounds similar to the condition of an otherwise-living body being taken off the respirator. And this reflex is coming from the spine anyway.

*See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazarus_sign
This is a sort-of postmortem reflex in which the arms flex at the elbow, rise, then come to rest on the chest. I just like the idea of a dead, naked woman covering her breasts as if she's embarrassed, or maybe embracing someone as he's doing her.


I'm trying to write a character who drowns herself in a river/lake, exactly how would she go about that? Afaik, the body has some sort of reflex against drowning (duh), and normally floats to the surface too. Is there any 'trick' to it, or really just making sure you've got enough weights to drag you down (also how much extra weight would it take to overcome the buoyancy of a ~1.70m/65kg late-teen)?


I'm planning on posting some writing of my own, but before that I'd like to get a bit of clarification on some things regarding how to tag my stuff (it's likely going to be a collection of shorter stories, so tagging will be on a case-by-case basis rather than at the top of the thread).

- What does the "snuff" tag actually stand for? I see it on a ton of stories, and I know what a snuff film is, but not how the word applies to writing, and consequently if I should use it.
- Are "Con(sensual)"/"Non-con" used only in regards to sexual intercourse, or also (or maybe especially) to denote willing/unwilling death/gore/etc?
- Is a short, half-sentence, mention of someone pissing themselves on death enough to warrant the "Scat" tag, or is that unnecessary for such a minor thing?
- Slightly related, how exhaustive should the tags be in general? Or what are some common tags I should be sure to include (if they apply)?

Thanks in advance for any helpful answers (as well as any other hints/advice for properly tagging stories).
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As I noticed there are 2 typed of tagging one is to protect weak hearted from extreme contend and another is to atract potential fans.

Since this site is not for weak minded there is no need to mention something what is not the focus of the story You will be misleading people. Think about tags as about advertisement which you use to atract your audience. and expect that people may be pissed if you fail to deliver what promised.

Con non-con is usually written as con/nc it applies to everything in the story. including sex and death. whether it is consensual or not, depends on the final everything else doe not matter if she was protesting up to the last minute when she finally liked that.

Rape can be consensual as well if woman wants to to be taken by force or pretends to disagree.

I am not sure what semi-con tag means but I guess it should be used when something like blackmailing is used without physical violence
so that victim obeys but doe snot enjoy it

Tagging characters is probably unnescesary, but you can use f/m/g/b for female/male/girl/boy submissive/passive and use capital letters for dominant/active characters

Also you can always make up your own tags.



Semi-consensual can mean a lot of things. Agreeing to die, but not wanting to. Wanting to die, but only as a result of some extreme, limiting situation. Wanting to die and then changing your mind. Freely agreeing to have a chance to die, and drawing the short straw...

Some use 'reluctant' as a consensuality tag, but it seems more specific.


If you change your mind in the last moment this is not consensual neither semiconsensual, but this rarely if ever happens.

I think there should also be "tsundere" tag, when someone actually wants to be forced into something, but pretends to resist.


I think in general the semi-cons tag is a bit vague and I never know what to expect when I see it. Cons/non-cons at least hints that the bulk of the story will be one or the other. When I see both tags I assume that one character is one, and a diff charecter is the other.

The capitalizing of male/female, etc. doesn't make any sense because it doesn't seem to be used consistantly. I've seen it mean that one character was dominant and the other a sub, but I've also seen it used to imply one character was adult and the other a child. The only thing that seem to be totally clear is the grouping of who will fuck who. f/f = two girl fuck, and mfm = two guy one girl threesome, etc. But M/f could mean mature man and underage girl, or Dominant man sub woman. I like seeing something like m/f D/s as two seperete tags for clarity.

The "snuff" tag isn't totally pointless. Far more often than not I've seen it implies death during sex specifically and is diff than a murder tag which could be death for any other reason. The clearest setup is probably a willing victim tag which I've seen before as "con snuff". There's no confusion that it's willing death during sex.

Whatever you choose, the point made about the tags being advertising is spot on. I am far far more likely to read a story if it's tagged than not, and of course more likely to read a story that has my fav tags.


>>The capitalizing of male/female, etc. doesn't make any sense because it doesn't seem to be used consistantly.

As far as I noticed it is used pretty consistently and works fine
Capitalization is not used to specify age Some people may be ignorant about proper tagging rules but most do it fine.

If you want to specify mature man and underage girl you use m/g tag you can use / to indicate relationship like m/gg (man with 2 girls) or mm/g (2 men with one girl) or Mm/g or (one dominant man with one friend dominate one underage girl) or M/mg one dominant man dominates another man and underage girl)


Has anyone been or is planning to go to Ryonaket?

The next one is February 26th 2017 in Tokyo.





I've been to Ryonaket severaltimes while I was living in Japan. It's amazing! A room full of dozens of booths selling ryona and guro doujin and hundreds of ryona/guro fans to hang out with. I's really fun and I always end up leaving with a heavy backpack full of new books and CDs. If you have a chance to go, you should definitely attend. You won't regret it. Just bring lots of money. Onaverage I spent around 20,000 every time I went because there was so much stuff I wanted to buy. :-)


Hi all, I'd swear there's a large list of /lit stories that have up-and-disappeared. What's up with that?
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...Just read the FAQs, and you're right. How angering though, plaintext stories only take mere kilobytes of storage, how is there not an archive of some sort?? Dammit, I could've been archiving every damn story on the site if I'd only realized they'd be fucking annihilated after mere months... FUCK. I'm gonna ask admins if there's any such archive... just to be sure.


Just sit tight, the new software has proper archive, and is in the debug/test phase.


That's great to hear, enclaved.


Agreed, that's an incredible relief.


Unless something has changed, the admin told me that the site keeps binary transaction logs which means that text-only data, once submitted to the site, is never lost even if the post gets purged. It just becomes inaccessible and has to be retrieved manually by an admin. Unless images are stored as MySQL objects and not files, then images are lost when they are deleted, and only text can be retrieved.


Much of it has, some of it can't (within the realm of human knowledge, but let's leave aliens and immortality for the moment), but could unrealistic but possible things like mass rape and torture in a 1st world nation happen?

Could there be snuff films in your neighbor's basement? Could there be gatherings of Snuff Orgies? Now and then the news reports on smuggling rings being found out and someone showing up dead, but how many don't get caught or even noticed? Could we all be just steps away from a genocide that leads to even bloodier backlash? And by the end find that more horrible atrocities have been committed both recently and throughout history than anyone has known?

I'm not speaking on if such things are moral, they are obviously evil. If you're evil and will do such given the chance, that is your choice but it is evil. No, my only point today is that such people do exist and human nature doesn't limit us to trustworthiness, in fact it usually pullls us the opposite direction.

How susceptible to becoming a monster is the average person, or even an amazing individual?


Content that on the surface seems worthy of GuroChan happens all the time, but real life has that peculiar way of making stuff sad and gross.
Scat happens all the time and nobody bothers talking about it.
A few years back there was a scandal centered on a woman who had gutted a horse and then pleasured herself in its remains to "become one with it."
"Mass" rape and torture is often a characteristic of the odd cult that gets busted every several years.
True mass torture is, unsurprisingly, extremely rare, but in a technical sense the famous Holocaust of World War II was an example. The problem is that basically nobody finds that event sexy or otherwise akin to what we write about in here, and the same holds true of other historical mass torture and snuff scenarios.

I personally have a hunch that if humanity follows its long-term trend of exponentially growing in population, habitat size, technological sophistication, and lifespan, many of our fantasy scenarios are going to find their way into reality. In the future it isn't hard to surmise certain parts of the world might be populated with people whose primary risk of death comes from suicides and who consequently end up having very little fear of death and don't value human lives as much, including their own. And in all likelihood a time will come, however long it may take, when people can participate in gory activities and easily reconstitute or outright replace their bodies afterward. Thus I find myself attracted to sci-fi guro stories like "MS Topless" or "Repairs" due to their relative plausibility.

As far as the average person becoming a monster, I'd say it's not hard. Simply maintaining a global, more or less peaceful civilization might well be our species's greatest achievement of all, considering the violent and cruel tendencies of the typical human. Simply living in circumstances in which a person can act like a monster is usually a sufficient condition for him or her to become one. Take the Stanford Prison Experiment, the Salem Witch Trials, or any of the thousands of racist riots that have taken place over the years as examples. These are, again, things I see continuing for the foreseeable future, so if your fantasies include people mistreating one another you'll get plenty of fetish fuel going forward ;)


If we talk about atrocities in general, they always happen and people get constantly murdered tortured and raped.

But if we talk bout specific mass events like orgies those are extremely hard to organize and coordinate
it is not that simple to bring rapists from all of he world divide responsibilities for everyone and maintain some kind of order and security.

I think it is very likely that something pretty horrible will happen in Europe because of all that migrant crisis. almost definitely there will be ethical cleansing

Considering people becoming monsters those who have high morality are most susceptible, because it is not that hard to prove that murder and torture is a virtue which you should do even if you don't want.

However if we think about human nature itself I don't think that people are that evil in general to do something wrong for someone who did nothing wrong. Those who do that are usually severely damaged themselves and just taking revenge.


>"But if we talk bout specific mass events like orgies those are extremely hard to organize and coordinate
it is not that simple to bring rapists from all of he world divide responsibilities for everyone and maintain some kind of order and security."

Ok everyone, listen up! Clive, you take the blondes age 17-19! Brock, the redheads of the same age, and when you're finished head over to room 617! Jack, you get ravenhaired from 18 and up! Shockingly, we don't have many brunettes, Jebadiah, get through them and then help the others, okay?"


>"But if we talk bout specific mass events like orgies those are extremely hard to organize and coordinate
it is not that simple to bring rapists from all of he world divide responsibilities for everyone and maintain some kind of order and security."

Ok everyone, listen up! Clive, you take the blondes age 17-19! Brock, the redheads of the same age, and when you're finished head over to room 617! Jack, you get ravenhaired from 18 and up! Shockingly, we don't have many brunettes, Jebadiah, get through them and then help the others, okay?"


I've noticed that there's at least one scat thread on pretty much every board. Why is that necessary? There's a board for that. It has its own. That's nice, because it makes it easy to avoid. It's much harder to avoid when it's all over every other board as well.


Then don't try to avoid it, get used to it
browse scat pictures and videos until you get desensitized


I kandof agree with both of you. I have a similar problem with all the underage stuff. Like, I feel it should be kept in one place so I can avoid it easily, but at the same time I'm just getting used to scanning past it and ignoring it cause its everywhere .

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