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some fetishes are really hard to find, and GUROchan is a good place to find some of those.

What is you fetish? and what is your usual website and sources routine?

i usually use gurochan, 4chan, and furaffinity, to find some genital torture\castration\mutilation and such.


My biggest dark fetish is consensual beheadings and post-beheading severed head fucking.

It has always been difficult for me to find this particular combination, but I think I've had the best luck recently on pixiv.net. However, being a Japanese site it can be quite difficult to search even though the navigation and user-interface are all in English.

Pixiv has on the right-hand side of the screen (when viewing a single piece of work) a short list of three pictures similar to the one you're currently looking at, so when you find a picture you like you can reload that page a few times to quickly gather a small number of other pictures to view. This also chains, so when you're viewing each of those new pictures, on the right-hand side of the screen is three more. Veild616 and e50gun are a couple of my favorite artists there.

Gurochan has been a great place to get an eclectic mix of good content, but not necessarily consistent or complete when looking for particular things or collections. I do like it here a lot though and often find things here that I can't (or can't easily) find elsewhere.

I've also been on the Dark Fetish Network (DarkFetishNet.com) where you can find groups and forums dedicated to some particular fetish. Many of the members share there work there and nowhere else because the site is Facebook-like and people simply post to their profiles or their groups. Much of the content I've seen there I haven't seen here or elsewhere.

Finally, g.e-hentai.org is an amazing site for finding collections of pictures, even guro. I've found massive collections taken from hentai games, compilations from/of artists, and even read whole comic books and hentai manga. When you open a gallery and it warns you that the content is "offensive to everyone" it's a good sign that you've found one containing guro or some other dark fetish. This is only very occasionally wrong.


i use tumblr. sometimes it can be hard to find exactly the kind of thing youre looking for though, and the more extreme stuff gets deleted sometimes. its still definitely worth giving a look though.


My fetish is to die by hanging. Climb up on a chair. Insert my head to the noose and tension the rope. Thereafter to be tied and to kick you my chair. Dying slowly, painfully and handcuffed to asphyxiation. Long time twitching and kicking in the air. Like die in front of spectators or for the camera. Best for spectators and the camera too. Difficult to find.


Gurochan is my go to now and i stick to what I like (execution and necrophilia under /g/ 3dcg) and maybe checkout something new on a whim if a thread isn't active often.

4chan is okay but due to a BS permaban I can only lurk now..


So does anyone know any hentai movies/ series where there is death included?
These kind of hentais are really hard to find. Only ones i have found so far are:
and one of the bible black episodes

And i dont mean any hentais where monsters are killed. It must be human death ;)


Mnemosyne: Daughters of Rin doesn't expressly have much snuff on screen, but a major plot point is that the heroine has to fight an ongoing urge to let herself be snuffed (in a specific manner which I shall not spoil here).


Thanx. I'll chek it out :)


I'm sorry, I don't know the name. There's an anime featuring doctors which has at least one scene that ends in death, and shows necrophilia the male isn't aware of.

If you went on Sankaku Complex and searched for "Animation" and "Nurse" you'd end up finding it. But I don't think it's tagged with snuff or guro since... Well since no one wants to admit they're watching snuff.

(Sigh I should've tagged it when I saw it, I just thought of that.)


If we talk about hentai and not just anime with gore, I guess that will be "Bondage game"


I'm loving Psyclon 9's songs "As you sleep," "Flesh Harvest," and ESPECIALLY "Parasitic!"

I also love Nordic Black Metal! (Really, I love most genres but am not too into music overall, it's a song by song thing for a weirdo like me). Aggrotech is the most Surgical-Guro oriented, while Black Metal feels so much more carnal and erratic.


Check out Carcass, Cliteater, Jig-Ai, Go-Zen, Dismember, Death's "Scream Bloody Gore", and some of early Obituary.


Here's a site I found literally by accident, while searching for Sabaton stuff (which is not what the site is really about at all lol). Tons of Guro music in one place...



icp in my room


It's about a dude who sees a ghost girl and her tongue tastes like bacon when they make out, she get scared and he has to kill a famil next door. It's my number one favorite song by them.



/lit should not be pruned at 10 pages... I mean, they're text, what's the big deal for the storage?
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Yeah. The purpose of having 10 pages isn't usually storage size, so much as the ability to bump old threads. When a thread gets down to page 10 with no one bumping it, it's generally assumed to not be worth keeping (or so large that it'd be better to just make a new thread). With text boards like /lit/, it should be fine to increase it to 15.

We were planning on creating an archive so this wouldn't be an issue (like the old GUROchan had), but our PHP dev died. I'll work on it when I have time but PHP is not my specialty so I'll be slower at it.


So I see this issue has been discussed before...

Does this mean there's no such archive for /lit stories? :/

I went ahead and downloaded all /lit posts as of today and I expect I'll be doing so regularly in the future so as to not allow any more stuff to die from the internet... I'm surprised more people don't seem to care about the idea. I mean, I never thought I'd be pseudo-obligated to comment on a story I liked to keep it in existence.


The dev rose from the dead and is on it.


Is there an archive for old Lit anywhere?

Cause there's quite a few I've been looking for but couldn't find anywhere at all...


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Any news btw? Has this undead dev made any progress?


Hi all, I'm curious about where your urges originated and what formed them over time, for those of us who remember.

I'll start with myself: to the very edge of what I can remember, I've had detailed fantasies. Even ages under 8 I would read those cartoon-illustrated kids' books and wish that "big bad bear" caught all those innocent woodland creatures and mutilated them alive, not sure why. Over time and as I was exposed to gore/death in media I became leathery and interested, and here I am today seeking the filthiest of filth.

Feel free not to care about my life story :P but regardless I'm curious about y'all! And as a side note I've heard speculation about gore thirst being on the rise with movies like Saw, Final Destination, etc.

Please indulge me! :)
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My mom never sheltered me from fucked up media, when i was around five i watched some movie (can't remember which, i know that it's a spanish movie but thats it) that had graphic depictions of domestic abuse and i was really scared of it at first but i had this fascination with it that i kept watching fucked up shit like that, at like age six i watched kill bill for the first time and thats still my favorite movie because of all the gore and how nostalgic i get when i see it. I've always found torture hot as fuck since i was young like i would get so excited whenever there was a torture scene as a kid and shit just spiraled down from there


My mom never sheltered me from fucked up media, when i was around five i watched some movie (can't remember which, i know that it's a spanish movie but thats it) that had graphic depictions of domestic abuse and i was really scared of it at first but i had this fascination with it that i kept watching fucked up shit like that, at like age six i watched kill bill for the first time and thats still my favorite movie because of all the gore and how nostalgic i get when i see it. I've always found torture hot as fuck since i was young like i would get so excited whenever there was a torture scene as a kid and shit just spiraled down from there


Fox news eat your heart out..

The lovely characters you can kill in videogames.... I'm sure are what got me into this mess xD Busty fighters like Poison or just the lithe, sharp dark elves in Oblivion. Oblivion was especially good since you could position the bodies after death, no doubt influencing my necrophilia fetish o3o


My lolicon fetish began when I hit puberty. I watched a tv show that had a young girl in it who died and she reminded me of a childhood sweetheart I had as a little boy before she moved away.

I guess I associate lolis with the girl from my childhood and it all became one of the things I'm attracted to.

My Necro fetish began in my childhood but when I hit puberty, it became sexual as the idea of having a sexual partner I can completely dominate, can't say no to me or won't resist my advances was and still is arousing to me.

My Shota fetish began when I hit puberty and I became attracted to little boys who were unconscious or dead. It really grew when I watched an episode of baywatch where a little boy drowned and he was unconscious and the lifeguards went all out to bring him back from the brink of death and succeeded. I fantasized hard about him and later when I started watching anime, little boys who fit the category of unconscious or dead aroused me.

My Bestality fetish began in my childhood from watching nature shows. Seeing the females of certain animal species drew me to them. When I saw them dead and either laid out alone, being messed with my Humans or being fought over for food by predators that killed them, I became aroused and fantasized about feeling up dead female animals of certain species like deer, antelopes, kangaroos, horses, zebras and giraffes.


I was a huge X-Men fan when I was younger, and around the time I was starting to masturbate, I usually fantasized about the women of the team. Every night, I'd jack off to another member, whether it was Jean, Storm, or Emma.

I remember reading an X-Men comic that showed several of the characters dead (in a Danger Room simulation). For some reason, I just started picturing the villains having sex with the corpses. It wasn't an especially graphic scene; they weren't bloodied or even that bruised, just limp and dead. I guess I just figured as long as they looked good they were still fuckable. I had this fantasy once or twice, never thought it was that weird or fucked up, then never payed any mind to it.

Years and years later, I discover paheal, still in it's early stages. I tended to look up a lot of Marvel and DC porn (since I had so much trouble finding any at the time). One of the earliest image results for Rogue and Ms. Marvel was a series of fantasy fights between them, where they constantly threaten to kill each other. By the end of the comic, Rogue kisses Ms. Marvel and sucks the life out of her, and the last panel has her teasingly straddling Ms. Marvel's now lifeless body while mocking her.
I thought it was so fucked up at the time, but I couldn't help but find the whole thing really hot. I kept convincing myself that I was only in it for the sexually-suggestive fight scenes and clothes-tearing, but I steadily realized that the added fatal element just made the whole scenario more erotic. Watching someone have sex before they inevitably died was this really thrilling prospect.

I steadily found myself drawn to porn depicting characters that were killed in their respective series (it was around this time I was really getting into Higurashi, a series that revolved around young, attractive characters around my age dying constantly, and it became a particularly favorite search of mine). However, I rarely sought out outright snuff porn, let alone guro, which did genuinely repulse me.

As the years went on though, I steadily got into more violent porn subjects. I was masturbating to rape porn almost every day by college. Inevitably, a few of these scenarios ended fairly darkly (Thanks, Nightmare Express), but I ended up just going with it, even enjoying it and seeking it out. Snuff soon became a huge fetish of mine.

Even just the mention, the mere hint that a character was going to be killed after the fucking was over waPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Which fantasy setting do you prefer for your necrophilia fantasies?

A. A crime scene where the body is found.

B. The morgue where the body is kept to determine how the person died.

C. The funeral home where the body is prepared for the funeral and burial.

D. The graveyard where the body is laid to rest.

For me, I like the first three options equally for my fantasies while option D would only be good for the evening of the day of the burial or else the corpse would be too decomposed to be of use for me.
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Either A or D it depends on how long the person died. Like fruit it's better fresh but you can still enjoy it a couple days later if you leave it alone.


I've always thought of it like fruit as far as the freshness factor goes...


no way best necro fantasy is neck snapping and fucking victim while still twitching


I'm leaning more towards A and B, still warm, still fresh, but I'd rather be the dead body than the person who finds it lol


I Like the thought of A the most, They're still warm and lovely and even dressed so it's like unwrapping a sweet treat.


Ok, I feel a little awkward asking for help and describing my problem because most of you seem to get along with your sexual orientation and are at relative peace with it.
Also my english skills are not top notch(I'm german) so please cope with me.
Let's cut right to it. I'm not good at telling stories.
I love fapping to this stuff. Cute, sexy and innocent girls being slaugthered like dirty animals, tortured with no regret, snuffed, mutilated all the good stuff. I don't have to explain it to you.
Ironically, this is also what hurts me the most. Their despair, the cruelty, insensitivity of the offender and all that injustice. It feels so fundamentally wrong yet this is the exact reason why it gets me off so good.
It doesn't matter btw whether it's "just a drawing" and "not reality" as some people say. Art causes emotion. It's why we consume it I guess.
Even now just thinking about it I'm trembling. Those thoughts translate to physical pain sometimes when they're really strong. Reading your thoughts and how you feel about ryona/snuff/guro/etc. on this board for example is enough to trigger extreme arousal mixed with equally strong disgust.
Then there's hate. Hate for you and maybe myself. No offense. I really like you guys and how we share this fetish, but I can't control how I feel. Sometimes, when I'm done fapping I go full crawling mode and just wish you and every person on the planet with similar sexual interests was dead.
I know this is not the way though. I want to be loving, kind and understanding. It's this contradiction you know? And you all manage to accept who you are and what you like so casually.

Have you experienced this? What do you think? How can I cope with it? Do I need therapy?
Maybe talking to people like you irl would help? Do you have any idea how to meet them?

Thank you. This has been haunting me for years. And please don't be offended. I don't mean to do that at all.
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I think u misunderstand. We agree on all the issues being discussed here, except on the few where you reversed your position entirely in order to create an argument. All I was saying is that you don't actually disagree with anything I said. I maintain every point I've made, and I agree with every point you've made. Why are you still trying to start a debate?


You have problem of split personality where your true self is repressed and angry so it seeks revenge. (That is probably why you like guro in first place.) your fake virtual personality constructed by society thinks that your true self is despicable and should be repressed or destroyed.
If that will happen you will become narcissist, a person whose true self is dead and cannot feel anything in life besides pride and shame.

Oh jesus.

> your true self is repressed and angry so it seeks revenge.

so clooooose!

>your fake virtual personality constructed by society thinks that your true self is despicable and should be repressed or destroyed.

and miss...

I know all this shit is horrible. And I know it's born of chaos, and repressed pain and injustice, things that slip through cracks and flaws of civilization.

I claim that in a clean and just world with no genetic disorders of mind and body, none of this would be rampant. I simply blame it on chaos in the universe. A wrong mix of genetic combination and certain trauma events creates a monster or psychopath


All this shit is wrong but better fap or indulge in them than repress it further to damage my brain.

Basically , Gurochan is my barfbag


OP the fact that youre having such a moral dilemma points to you being a good, kind person i believe. i dont think bad people worry over whether theyre a bad person or not.

its strange, i dont have any bad feelings about guro... i dont feel gross for liking it, and i dont feel like i'm venting anger, or like i'm punishing myself or feeding something narcissistic or unhealthy, or anything like that. i think when i first started getting into it, it made me feel sick. but now ive seen so much that it doesnt affect my mood. only real suffering makes me feel sick now. i do not want real people to suffer (unless it's like a consensual BDSM thing).

i'd say the feeling i get when i see guro is like a fluttery, love feeling? i'm super bloodthirsty but i also like feeling pity, empathy, etc and like i want to take care of the person thats getting these horrible things forced on them. i want to be the one that breaks you apart but also pieces you back together (though i'll happily settle for just breaking you apart). it feels really really good. i'd go so far as to say it's blissful or heavenly. i love guro almost more than anything else. it doesnt feel wrong at all.
i wrote a rape/torture fanfiction that got surprisingly popular and it has lots of comments saying how i "triggered" someone or made them cry, throw up, shake, or in one case even feel so sick that they didnt go into work the next day. those comments seem so silly to me. no one real is getting hurt so i dont see a reason to get so upset. i'm glad that it also has lots of comments saying that they loved it and my writing is good, or i might have started feeling guilty or some self-hatred about it like some other people here. i'm not the most mentally healthy person but i'm definitely not a bad person, and i dont think that guro contributes to my depression, anxiety, bpd, etc. if anything it helps because it's a stress reliever.

reading about these different experiences with our shared interest is really fascinating. i hope the OP and everyone who relates to them can make peace with themselves.


>i wrote a rape/torture fanfiction that got surprisingly popular
Mind telling us which?


Why? I'm not judging but seriously, why do you find shit hot? I really want to know how this is attractive.
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Uhhmm... yeah... don't speak for all of us.

I knew what got me turned on to seeing a girl take a dump (and before that, piss) by the time I turned 18.


>>3593 This explaination is a nice start but I'd like to read it from a larger perspective.

Why scat can be arousing? I think it's something on the side of the relation between master and servant.

So, at first, what does it make the master-servant relation biologically acceptable? Given the existence of some kind of social structure (which is pretty the case) the least gifted individuals are more likely to survive if they live under a mighty master, rather than by their own. In a few words, it's better to be ruled than preyed.
Then, a lot of animals are used to mark their territories with excretions and body fluids. You surely know how dogs tend to pee and poo in the same spots. And here is the second ingredient of this strange recipe! An individual who shits nonchalantly everywhere could give the impression of being a worthwile master.
The subject can also be looked at from the point of view of the master because those who shit looks harmless and helpless, the perfect pray! Quite simple this time, huh?
Now, nobody is born master or servant but we all have these circuitry, ready to be switched on and linked here and there. And since we're talking about relations among individuals, this can surely affect the sexual sphere. How? The hell I know! However the very first question was "why", wasn't it? :P
Whether this may be considered socially right or wrong is a matter of... contingency.

Beside, I am not a scat lover... usually... XD


Poop and pee is yucky but a little girl in pain from pooping and a girl doing potty is cute.Poop and pee is yucky but a little girl in pain from pooping and a girl doing potty is cute.

I can hardly find how normie porn is attractive. Big tits and ass just seem ridiculous on a woman. Most normie porn on pornhub looks forced too.


Personally i like who it came from. If a girl is in shape and hot I'll go for it.

And also like
I had protective parents that treated me very well and was also shy in addition to lung disease.

Im only speaking for myself here i like scat because i find where and how it comes out sexually attractive including certain color and consistency.


I just like penises being severed. No more logic to this than anything else.



The Sonic Guro page is MISSING! Please restore it if you can!


I came and it wasn't my vomit, I'm willing to answer your questions if you have any (as I noticed there are many anons asking about irl scat experiences and such).
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Well, what does it actually taste like? I assume the texture depends on the poo itself. From what I've heard, if you ignore the smell it tastes like stale mashed potatoes, but I assume the taste also differs based on what's been eaten.


it's literally just bitter and nothing else. imagine eating bitter plasticine that smells of poop



Thank for sharing!
Whose poop was it?
Did you get any medical checkup done before you tried?
What did you think of it?


It was my gf again. We didn't do any medical checkup but we're together for a pretty long time and I've done some research so I think I'm safe.
the feeling is kind of hard to describe but I'm pretty much sure it's just my personal experience. I've been turned on by the thought of being dominated with shit involved for a very long time, but when I actually do it, it's... well, it feels good but there are other stuff I like even more, which I didn't expect (I was afraid that eating poop would literally be the greatest turn on for me). but it's not disgusting for me at all, I have no gag reflex or second thoughts. I could eat poop and eat vomit every day. actually I've eaten actual meals that were more disgusting than that lol

Also, farting into mouth feels pretty much like nothing. facefarts directly at the nose are hot


Another update about the poop eating: the hardness and temperature of poop seems to correspond to the intensity of the taste (the softer and warmer - the more intensive). Solid poop is also much more solid than I thought before trying to play with it; it can almost get to the point of being hard to chew sometimes. Cold, hard poop almost doesn't taste at all. Sucking it is much more hotter than I thought before trying.

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