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Just a word of thanks for providing this free-range forum for people with a wide range of dark fantasies.

Your presence is much appreciated!







A timely message Regis. Well done.


If you're the Regis from Dolcettish, I'd like to thank you too for all your work over there :D


What is one of your greatest personal dreams and fantasies?
Whether it be a perfect guro scenario or just something you hope to achieve. Whether it be realistic or completely impossible...
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Seconded severely.


So imagine this. A qt pasty skinned white girl preferably with dark black hair and maybe some blue highlights, around the age of 14. Shes tied by the hands and feet to a chain link fence. This fence doesnt serve any real purpose and is just sat in the middle of a concrete room underground in some so sort of "hideout" in the middle of nowhere. No one can be seen or heard for miles around so I could torture the shit our her allday long and just listen to her screams of pain. The first thing I would do is get a huge tank of water and add salt and sand to it, make it nice and gritty and burning. Then I would attach an industrial grade pressure washer and spray the shit out of her with it. Every so often I would turn up the pressure and it would slowly sand away all of her pretty skin. The lack of blood would make it really easy for me to see the damage done too. Next I untie her and strap her down to a table, Using wire ties to hold her limbs down the wood board. I would slowly drive nails through each one of her hands, purposely missing with the hammer sometimes just to inflict as much pain on her as possible. You know, sort of make a game out of it. I wouldn't stop there though. I would then pull out all the nails and slowly replace them with larger nails, until I reach ones the size or railroad stakes. After that I would flip the table and set it against the wall. Heres the best part, she could then sit there for 1 or 2 days and think about how this is the end and she can't ever go home or see her family again. After the time is up I come back and rev up a chainsaw and just ram it into her already tornup stomach. Her innards would begin to fail out and she would finally die. Then after shes dead I would saw her up and fuck her severed head and her lifeless corpse.


I want to make a waifu out of the parts of other girls. She prowls for girls she thinks I'll find attractive and kills them on my behalf, bringing me back pieces to add to her, because she really wants to be my perfect girl.


I love my tits torture to the extreme..


I usually fantasize and have had a couple dreams about 2 of my female cousins. 22yo twins and Ilove the thought of using a torch lighter on their nipples, then using a scalpel and cutting the nipples off, then slowly taking tits off. I'd make them eat them, id have a sledgehammer and smash elbows, knees, ankles. I would love it, I hope theyd cry, beg, plead, so I could get off even more destroying the sluts. Kim hates my guts because she wanted to be super fucking cocktease to me and only me and I took a few pics without her knowing and she didnt mind if I jerked under a towel or blanket but she saw what I was jerking to. Pic of her sitting at my feet with her tits showing and lil bit pink from nipples. I would love to cut them to bits.


I've been following http://aogami.soup.io/ for some time, the innocence this artist can convey in the characters doing all the sexy stuff is amazing and just up my street. Even though furry, which constitute the majority of the author's works, isn't. But the ones with human characters, especially ones with Cardcaptor Sakura characters are among my favorite hentai pictures ever.
But now that site only has very few and very old stuff dating back to 2015. I'm sure the artist keeps drawing new pictures as I saw some of them appear on rule34.paheal.net. Unfortunately, I couldn't track the source.
Through googling I've found Aogami's accounts on pixiv, inkbunny, deviantart and even something called hiccears.com. But pixiv only has very old stuff, inkbunny has only furry (and even that is hell to navigate) and says human stuff is on hiccears.com, but even after I created an account there it doesn't show me any of Aogami's works (even though it says they have 137 submissions, so the works must be there on the site, but I don't see any way to get access to them), on deviantart there is also only very old stuff.

By any chance does anyone have any idea where I can keep following that artist?


Did you try searching on e621 and furrybooru?


I can see Aogami's drawings on various galleries, like rule34.paheal.net I mentioned has some new Cardcaptor Sakura drawings, but with that I can't be sure its all they got and new stuff will keep being posted. Also it's a pain to collect images from various sources and keep track if there's anything I've missed or if there are duplicates or if one has a better resolution than the other... But if they appear on paheal, they must come from somewhere, so if I only knew the source.


Reason I suggest [random booru] is that content by a certain artist can be easily found by tag. Also, some comments or image metadata might contain information about the original source.


Oh, thanks, it actually helped!
I've tried looking at source field on gelbooru before, but now I tried more thoroughly and found a link to the hiccears.com, and while I've also already found Aogami's account on that site before, I was unable to see the drawings themselves. But now that I've followed a direct link to the image it told me why: apparently there are settings for hiding extreme and mature kinds of content (I did look through the settings for that specific thing before, but was unable to find them).
The settings appear to be not linked to the account, but to an "identity" (the site allows you to create multiple "identities" on one account). To access identity settings you first go to the control panel, look for the list of your identities (each represented by its userpic) and above each userpic there's a pencil icon, you click it to go to the identity settings for that specific identity.


What's the easiest way to save stories (such as for reading on an ebook reader) that preserves italics and other formatting, but not the red-on-pink text? I've tried copying and pasting into Microsoft Word, but I'm not sure how to then clear the pink highlighting that comes along.


Update: Opened a saved copy of the thread in question with Cold Turkey blocking Gurochan, and found that that worked. Obvious in retrospect.


I know it isn't related to gurochan's main topic, that is guro, but I feel comfortable here and not sure of a better place to ask. I, like, tried google search it, but didn't find anything exactly like what I'm looking for.
What I find to be the greatest thing about the Strike Witches anime is how it handles girl not wearing anything over their panties, like pants or skirts. It is just a norm in that world and no one questions it and no one finds it erotic. There is also a great excuse for the camera to often focus on panties because the charachters fly and it just makes sense to place a camera behing a flying charachter. While it is undoubdatly done to please the eyes of audience, it is easy to pretend that it is indeed just natural. Like a special case of suspence of disbelief, only not regarding the story, but regarding the presense of panties all over the frame. It is easy to make oneself believe that it doesn't show panties purposefully, but rather doesn't see a reason to avoid showing them because it finds nothing indecent in them. And the best thing is how no charachter is ever concerned about it in any way, even when there are men involved, they don't see the lack of pants as shameful or erotic same way they don't see the lack of paranja as such, in fact in a Western country when you look at any random girl on the street it doesn't even come to your mind to notice she's not wearing a paranja because you're not expecting her too, and it would rather seem more uncommong and eye-catching if she did. So the same works for pants on girls in the Strike Witches anime. Also, the charachters don't just pose there with their lack of pants showing off their panties to the camera, they just go on with their buisness, there's a main story going on that has nothing sexual about it, so the more you keep watching the more even you, the viewer, stop noticing anything unusual about them not wearing pants, as it just shifts out of focus when you try following the story. But on the other hand it also doesn't forget to catch some natural-looking patsushots every so often, so you can still enjoy its eroticism, but at the same time it's kinda pure? Like the way it does look erotic on screen but is considered pure in-universe, makes you being able to enjoy both sides? Or maybe to better put it, makes you being able to enjoy the eroticism while not feeling dirty? Something like that.
So, I was thinking, might there be more of that? Or maybe even more extreme? Like taPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh, that's a lot of everything. Let's see...

> Astarotte no Omocha

I remember starting watching the anime, then I dropped it, don't really remember why... from what I remember there was a pantyless girl who was just what I'm looking for, but the rest wasn't any good...
I've just read the first chapter of the manga and it seems to be more open about her pantylessness than the anime. I guess I can give manga a try then.

> Kodomo No Jikan

> Kanokon
> KissXSis
> Queen's Blade
It seems these all have both anime and manga, so I wonder if the anime for any of them worth watching or I should go straight to the manga?

> Touhou anime series

Is there such a thing? I've always though there are only games and Google seems to concur with me.

> Pokemon beach episode.

Since you didn't specify which it is, I googled "Pokemon beach episode" and it gave me
> Pokémon Episode - 18 "Beauty and the Beach"
and it doesn't seem to have anything any other beach episode of any other anime doesn't have.
I think I've already mentioned that beach episodes and bikinis don't count because you can see them in every other anime anyway?

> Imouto Jiru

> The Story of 15 Girls adrift
I'll look into these.

BTW I've also looked into naturist films suggested above...
...wait, where was that?
I guess it wasn't really a suggestion, just mention of nudism?
Anyway, I looked into it and they are just videos of people doing some day to day activities in the nude.
Now you can say that this is what I asked for, but watching ordinary people lead ordinary lives is still boring even if they're nude. In fiction even if it's a slice of life genre, it brings up most fun moments of everyday life, not only that, but it takes effort to give personality to the characters so that one can relate to them.
Also those films come in all kind of languages without translation.
Even the zenra genre is closer to what I'm looking for, because at least some deliberate though was put into it, but while I can enjoy it as a form of porn, I've already mentioned how it isn't what I'm looking for in this post.

Thanks for all the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You are welcome, i found this research usefull also! I believe that Astarotte is number one because it takes place in a world where ecchi behavior is normal.I recomend you read the manga and see the anime also, it has "that" feeling you found in Strike Witches.
Kodomo No Jikan is great both as a manga and as an anime, i recomend both.For Kanokon and KissXSis i think you can stick to the anime and read the manga only if you like the anime.In Queen's Blade they power their weapons thru masturbation so there is a lot of that and there is an OVA where the elven master instructor exposes herself all the time. I've mentioned the Pokemon episode because of its historical value and because of its deleted scene where James literarly turns into a woman and shows his breasts to Misty.

There is a Touhou anime! You can watch it on youtube, but i think its a bit abridged, and on torrent sites like nyaa.se Its great and has a lot of casual nudity and implied yuri.
The story of 15 girls is funny, i didn't bother with the plot but the characters are put in situations like, "they are late, lets have sex!" :) has incest, lolicon and a lot of stuff. Imouto Jiru its a little gem in my opinion with a legendary scene where a neko girl wearing only an apron is cooking while wiggling her round ass, too bad the series was left unfinished.

More sugestions are: Another lady innocent, yet another unfinished masterpiece that is floating around in uncesored form. An example here, the daughter comes home walks in on father who is having sex with a maid, hugs him, kisses him and he ejaculates in the maid.Maids walk around with their tits out and so on.It also had a good plot, sadly it was also never finished!

There are a lot of similaries with strike witches to be found in the dark world of the '80 anime, in series like Cream Lemon and Lolita anime if you want to go there.Many of those are obscure and hard to find! Good luck!


> There is a Touhou anime!
So what's the title?
I managed to find two:
Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime: Musou Kakyou (2008)
Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm (2011)
Which is the one with casual nudity?


The second one! It's verry well crafted and the casual nudity is a part of the magical atmosphere of Gensokyo! Resembles Strike Witches a bit too, with girls flying, fighting and using magic!

Don't even bother with the first one! Enjoy!


So, I've watched Imouto Jiru and Another lady innocent.
Both look like rather generic hentai, though the former had the cute nude apron moment, and latter had that daughter hug while sex moment and it could probably get better in the later episodes, but unfortunately there isn't any.

Also I've stumbled onto the manga Mujaki na Rakuen. It's a comedy that derives its fun from children constantly getting into some sexy situations without realizing how sexy those situations are (except for the protagonist who is actually a 25 years old guy who happened to time leap into his childhood).
For example, a girl and her father sit on a bench in the park and chat. The father happens to drop a bottle of water onto his daughter so that it wets her panties. She lets him pull off her panties just right there. Later she climbs a whatever that construction of tubes on playground where children climb is called without care that the protagonist can see from below her lack of panties. Later she joins the protagonist in the bathroom without seeing anything wrong with it.
Though I think it goes a bit too far with mostly each episode ending in the protagonist somehow cumming (usually as a result of accidental touches by girls) which he also tries to hide which results in him having such an expression on his face that you can't say if he came or had his balls crushed.
And it also gets somewhat repetitive after a while.
It's not 100% ideal, as the protagonist being aware of sexuality and embarrassed by it goes against the casual atmosphere, and also it keeps staying on that unsatisfying edge where it goes almost to actual sex, but actually it doesn't. I mean, if it's about innocence, I'd go with either they can all casually be naked and hug and wrestle and whatever without it giving anyone any sexual thoughts (the reader is allowed to have such thoughts and the author is allowed to frame shots to make the reader have them, but the characters are not) OR like in my "Innocence" story where they can all casually have all kinds of sex with each other, but still not have any "sexual" thoughts, if it makes any sense, like it's just a fun game, but it wouldn't occur to them to associate it with lust, filth or even relationships. Also if you're interested in the latter, take a look at Aogami's drawings if you can find them (see the other thread I've just started where I wonder how to find that artists' new works).

There was something else I wanted to say on thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Ok so let play, girls to, you find me in half but alive what do you do
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Well cut with all the organs visible, and my lower half is in tights jeans,
I have my head on my jeans trying to go under to touch my self, and one rubbing my tits, trying to stay alive


I woud first check what damage you suffered and how long you are going to survive first job is of course to stop bleeding in some way like plugging or tying severed arteries because I prefer you to stay alive for a bit longer.

And if you are in so good mood I woud as you for a blow job while I take off your jeans.


I'll suck it good well I finger my self, trying to remember the pleasure


I'll take the jeans off the lower half. Then I have sex with it while grabbing around your inside, guts, womb.
THen when I'm gonna dump my load inside, straight to the womb. While you watch it happened.


While you do all this I'll be watching licking my tits, trying to stay alive when you finish I'll eat my womb lick my pussy


If you have any gaming ID's you want to share, post them here!

My PSN: Datanugget
My Steam: e621415270717


I think my PSN is Psyco333

Or is it Psycho333


I saw on another board someone asking if there was a globalized fetish thread on Gurochan, and so after looking and not finding anything, I'm starting one right here.

Long story short: post whatever (now guro-friendly) fantasies you'd like to imagine happening on a worldwide scale. All women now = food for some reason, an alien army shows up to maim/convert the Eath's population, etc, whatever you can think of.
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For mysterious reason, the men become unable to transmit their Y chromosome, which mean that from a certain point, only baby girls are birthed. The number of male slowly decrease and despite the heroic effort of the last remaining potent men, the demographic start collapsing.
To survive, the humanity have to find a way to reproduce without male in short delays. Cloning is considered but there is a major problem. It's horribly expensive if you want good result. Reproducing only through cloning would ask way to much effort to the society to be sustainable.
Gladly, some scientist discover a new drug that change the way a woman ovum are working. Those altered eggs are able to fuse with an other ovum to become a baby. Yes! The human kind is saved.
But wait, ovum are still unable to move by themselves, are they? So even with this drug, you still need a complex and intrusive medical procedure to get a woman pregnant. We just don't have enough doctor to stabilize demography this way.

People imagine many solution to make the procedure more simple but fail one after the other and the number of human on the earth keep getting lower. This despite the frantic efforts of the few remaining males, disregarding their own safety and not counting hours to slow down the decline of the hommo sapiens.
But finally, someone come up with the Solution. In front of the congress, a young woman proudly explain to her audience how she managed to impregnate her girlfriend without needing any tool or external help except the ovum modifying drug. By her side, stand the living proof of what she is saying: a second young woman looking quite intimidated and heavily pregnant.
How was it done? Well quite simply. The two girl are into hardcore sex since a certain time and love stretching their pussy with unreasonably big object.
The atmosphere become more heavy with each of her world but the future “father” keep on her tale.
She have been a bit to greedy once or twice in her “games” and caused her reproductive system to fully prolapse out of her. And from this point, impregnating her love was straight-forward! She just inserted the end of her pink socks in the cervix of her loved one and milked her own inside-out reproductive system to get her ovums in her love.
Easy as pie with the adequate training.
Except the girl you just finished her speech, everyone in the room look mortified.

… Years latter …

Following the rule of natural selection, nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


One morning in the very near future, all women around the world wake up cured of any and all diseases, both physical and mental.

And it takes a while for women to realize it, but they've also been rendered largely indestructible - any parts of their bodies damaged after this global change will regenerate completely within 24 hours, as long as at least a single ounce of the woman's body is left intact.

The unfortunate cost of this sudden and explained healthiness and near-indestructibility is that every woman is now made of food. Women still appear perfectly normal - exactly the same they did before the change happened - but cut into any woman and you'll find that her insides have been replaced with strawberry preserves, or roast beef and gravy, or angel food cake, or cucumber flesh, or damned near any other semi-solid food product you can imagine.

How women still retain their shape and structural integrity without bones or muscles (or can speak or even think without lungs or a brain) is still a complete mystery, but, for the time being, every woman reacts in her own personal way to being turned into a walking buffet item.


For some reason, I've had a thing for all women suddenly starting to melt at the same time without warning.

Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it happens slow, sometimes women survive their melting and retain their consciousness afterwards and sometimes they don't - all that matters is the panicked gurgling as they all begin to melt within their clothing without the ability to stop the horror....


you can stop your aging at whatever stage of your life you want, but no one's body ages past 21. everyone still lives a normal lifespan of 80-90 years or whatever but everyone looks 21 or younger on the outside. some people choose to stop aging at 17 or 14 or 8.


Hell on Earth, Utopias, Humanity reaches True Godhood.

The creation of infinite dimensions that each expand infinitely in all directions, and infinite more that are limited in size. Some have life everywhere, some are are lifeless. War, peace, everything in between.


Sticking with the globe, the worst 98% of humanity dies on the same day, some agonizingly over hours while others drop dead instantly. The last 1 in 50 all have technological super powers and clean up the planet, build flying city-fortresses. There are still natural disasters and some of the worst people survived, mutating into abominations.


I'm thinking of killing myself but what if instead I donated my body to one of you, to torture for as much as you'd like until giving me my end?
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It's hard. How am I supposed to find a girlfriend who will let me drink her blood?



Not interested in the snuff, but I'd be open to the torture part. That goes for anyone not just OP (who I assume is gone by now).

I'm mostly interested in a girl who practices self harm. I'd like to encourage that sort of behavior.


If it's consensual, it's legal.


Nooot entirely true actually.


Back when I had my own place I talked to a handful of people interested in this kind of thing. Unfortunately most weren't my type (all but two were men over 40) and the one I was really interested in killing was the one I successfully talked out of a suicide attempt and we ended up in a relationship for a while which was nice but several steps down from living out my biggest fantasy. Now I'm sharing a flat so it's totally impossible for me to do something like this even if I was still interested.

Be very careful sharing things like email addresses in this context. Even if most of you are only interested in talking, it would be very easy to argue that you were actually looking to accept super serious poster's offer which could land you in hot water legally or just cause a lot of trouble in your every day lives if people linked it to you.

In most places its still murder even with consent.

Anyway, I won't share my email address but if anybody is having similar thoughts and needs somebody to talk them out going through with it or just wants to discuss fantasies, you can talk to me on wickr at ChaoticNeutral8


(I am not sure if this is the right place, but /req seemed like the wrong choice).

I am about to finish a new story, and I would like a little help proof reading it. If anyone would like to help, the tags are M/f, MMM+/f, F/f, cons, first, anal, throating, bukkake, lesbian, impalement, snuff.

I am interested in knowing what you think to see if I can change something to improve it. Keep in mind that this time its not one of the dark stories I usually write (note the consensual tag).

If you want to help, let me know and we can get in touch.
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Thanks! I prefer to do it over email if you can (its a bit quicker for me). If you want to let me know and I will give you my address.

Thanks man, I sent you an email a minute ago.

Glad you like them! This one will be completely consensual (someone told me I didn't do enough of those on my last stories so this one will have to make it up).
As for a site, I don't have one yet. I wanted to make a site were I could upload some pictures I also have (reference for the stories) but its not easy. I am looking into uploading them to ASSTR in the meantime.


I am still looking for someone, so if you are interested and you liked my stories, let me know!


If we discussed in a private IRC chat you could send me a Google Drive link so I can read through in one tab and give you my thoughts in another.

Also, what's all this about people complaining about non-con? all I see in /lit/ is cons!


Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I ran out of time to work on the story so I decided to post it as is, otherwise it would just ended up unfinished for ever. It shouldn't be to bad to read, so if you have time I would still like your opinion.

Its called XXXpresso!


Soooo what happened to Eficient? Did he get his website up yet?

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