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Is there an Onion link for the new website?

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>finally watch the "Fatal Ending" of Borders of the Tomb Raider
>she doesn't fucking die

Any other disappointments you've encountered somewhat similar to this while fapping/perusing for smut?


Can we get a new sub thread devoted to all things castration, penectomy ect?




Exactly what the title says


Pour a thing line kerosene over a circle of twigs, packed firmly but loosely together, with a wide area in the middle (enough for you and one other person to not inhale the smoke when standing or sitting).

Step inside the circle after getting naked, then wear a straitjacket and light the circle.

Speak as follows:
"Admin of Gurochan, I have been warned, what is dead will not die! Grant me an audience, herald of grotesque art!"

Or just post an e-mail or something that works too.


Upon reading that I relized that I am a participant of the most amazing part of our culture. Thank you dear sir



Nah, get in contact with us via our IRC.


Just wondering. I don't get the appeal of death myself because I find life too fun, but if you guys REALLY needed it, how would you go?
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I want to die with my hands tied up while bleeding to death after some rough sex...


As an act of mercy by someone I care about. Possibly bleeding out with the last things I experience before losing consciousness being them comforting me and telling me it'll be over soon.


I want to die from a natural disaster like a hurricane or tsunami, while standing on the side of a cliff screaming at the heavens


Gently in my sleep.


This. In my own home.


Getting motivated, staying focused, keeping it what you want it to be, etc….

Of course you cannot edit a blank page.
Personally, for dialogue, roleplaying with myself, 2 characters and how they'd interact… thinking of it such a way can hekp in some scenes with staying on point.

I'm always reminded when I check my work of the scene in Futurama where a thousand light years away, a soap opera has just gone cancelled. Fry says "It took an hour to write so I thought it would take an hour to tape" or so.


Sometimes you need to limit yourself and don't over think it. Slam down an outline. Start, plot points, ending. Fill the blanks with some sense. Then stick to that as close as possible while you fill between the lines. Only change the outline if you read the draft and it's a clusterfuck of nonsense.


It can be a good thing to:
1. Just write. Let the story tell itself. Your strongest characters will define themselves a lot of the time.


(Accidentally hit reply)

2.Switch between projects. Sometimes smaller stories you can't incorporate into anything will clutter your mind.

3.As for being motivated, there's no real trick, sometimes you're just not. Go do other things you like and write down story ideas, and play with them in your head till you get to a point where you can write.


Speaking from my experience, I usually come up with ideas first, then make an outline for the story, and then just kinda let my mind turn the outline into the story. At I wasn't able to fill the blanks between the point in the outline with much, and the points that I'd expand weren't too great either, but as I got more and more practice, these segments started to get better too.

Of course, sometimes you're in no shape to write - that can happen, and that's fine. You should beat yourself up about it - that'll only make you feel worse and make it more likely for you to be able to write the next day.


What helps me write?

The fact that I can't draw.

But the written word is no match for a good drawing hand. Visuals are more enticing than text. I'd would gladly trade my writing skills for those of a professional draftsman.

File: 1543931544849.jpg (183.17 KB, 900x900, 52065509_p0_master1200.jpg)


hello, fellow guro fans. Some of you may know that Tumblr is going to completely ban adult content after Dec 17th, which obviously will include guro.
I have a guro Tumblr blog which I am actually rather proud of, and that I'm sure many of you will love. As of now it counts about 1 thousand posts, 3600 pictures for a total of 2.5 GB, not including videos since they are only linked (Tumblr never allowed porn videos to be uploaded on their platform), numbers that will slightly grow as I dump all my queue in the next few days. All content which I know the source of, which is the vast majority, has had it specified. I invite all of you to check out my blog before the 17th. Inside there are also the instructions to download the whole archive of pics, just go on the "archive download links" page for the MEGA links.

There is also a petition to stop Tumblr from banning porn, I have no hopes it will be of any use but here is the link if you want to give i a try: https://www.change.org/p/tumblr-com-allow-nsfw-content-on-tumblr.


Lol I forgot to post the link to my tumblr: https://protonstar.tumblr.com/


Hi, I stumbled upon your blog not so long ago while I was browsing NSFW stuff like most normal users (not those depressed for show SFW cunts).

I don't know if they reconsider… One user kind of suggested this move is supposed to drive off unwanted element, which they hope will be replaced with their target customers. That makes sense. I mean it's stupid move, but at least there is some logic behind that. If they are purging NSFW just out of laziness (instead of fixing the issues with real work), then fuck me they are dumb. Whatever is the case it looks like they are really believing this outcry will die out after some time, so they will push this bullcrap no matter what.
(Although many of the memes are so good, it's almost worth it!)

Good thing gurochan is free from risk of becoming SFW only site.


While we're on the topic of the tumblr drama, can I just say that the deluge of extremely shitty western artists to pixiv has been really awful? This isn't to say that there weren't bad japanese artists before (because there are a lot of shitty japanese artists), but the amount of extremely low effort fetish bait images with misleading tags by western artists has been getting annoying. And that's not even getting into the third worlders with their "lets just throw a filter over top of some screencap of a porno" BS.


Is it that bad? I'll be honest I was using Tumblr for two months and only for taker pov SFM stuff (it's not gay, shut up), so I didn't see many 2D artists.
Although when I was browsing memes users posted on Tumblr's twitter I've checked some artists out and I was very surprised they can make a living with drawings like that.

So yeah, good thing Pixiv has good search engine.

On a side note I always feel bad about great artists with few or none followers. There are so many unappreciated people there who deserve more attention. It will be really unfair if shitty western artists get more recognition than them.


Tumblr was never meant to be a place for artists to host their work - we have places like DA and Pixiv for that, art galleries exist for a reason. It was a blogging platform first and foremost. Yet everyone hopped on the Tumblr bandwagon, despite its horrible blog layouts (some being okay), terrible search engine, and unstable atmosphere full of dumbass SJWs and Tumblr staff that could pull the plug on your blog in a heartbeat. Bullshit hashy filenames so people are never ending asking "sauce" when someone posts an artists work they don't recognize with a tumblr file name. 1280p size limit unless you dicked around with the URL. Several more issues I won't go into, but I have loathed Tumblr for many years and what it has done to the crop of artists/fandoms I follow…or have tried to, no thanks to their site.

Even worse than Tumblr are artists (mostly the younger generation that grew up with social media) that post to Twitter…fucking oy vhey, don't get me started.

>replaced with their target customers
Last time I checked a large portion of their "customers" were porn heavy blogs, both real life and artistic. I personally could see Tumblr closing up shop in a couple years because it has now lost all its appeal to a large chunk of their userbase. Or they could be completely fine, who knows.

>just out of laziness (instead of fixing the issues with real work), then fuck me they are dumb.

I feel that this is the case. Instead of fixing site problems, they are taking the incorrect route of just "BLOCK EVERYTHING NAUGHTY" in the hopes it works out. It won't, years of incompetence finally caught up with them and instead of owning up and doing what's right, they blame the perverts and horny users for their problems. The perfect scapegoats. Fuck Tumblr.

I do feel bad for artists that poured years of effort into establishing their brand on that site. If anything, this should teach people that if you want a stable host where you can post without limitation, pay for it yourself and don't rely on another company to host your content for you. Eventually, you end up getting screwed. People won't learn though, so that's that.


One of the reasons I like Gurochan so much is opportunity to compare myself to people similar to me in some terms. It's only site I'm genuinely interested in other's posts.

I'm very curious if you have some apparent red flags about you. Something which can suggest you like guro, you'd like to hurt others, you have dissocial personality et cetera. Are you easy to spot creep or maybe just a normal person with cool fetish? Feel free to share!

I'll start. Trust me it's not bragging.
I've been told I'm handsome, very charming and intelligent man. I'm likeable, funny and polite.
Where is the creep factor you may ask?
My arms. They are covered in scars. Even one of my best friends said it looks intimidating (and repulsive ofc).
I think now they are less visable than few years ago but they are still unveiling who the fuck I am.

So, what about you?
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Lmao no red flags. Just a thing for me I guess. Cool fantasy maybe?


That's good. That's really good. You are better person than me and that thought fills me with hope for humanity. I myself can't understand violence. Why people are so eager to hurt another being. Untill I get angry…
I'm glad most of this community are decent, normal people. Not like there is something wrong with being a psycho. As long as you don't hurt others you are Jesus in mah book.

Cool fantasy indeed. What's better than a pile of dead meat? Two piles, am I right?


I guess I used to be bullied in primary school. Got a bit violent, but I'm really cool since then. I guess that, the sense of wonder when I browse the meat section of the supermarket, and some obscure anime gave me the way to guro.

… I forgot what people told me what they think of me. Guess I need to ask again. I don't really talk much to anyone and I really want to change that, but situations aren't exactly aligning for some smooth chance of real life talk. Besides, just being an acquaintance work well for me. I don't really care about strangers and what they think, they can have their world their own way.


Stop drunkposting.

It's funny because I've see meat section totally different since guro. I mean I eat meat, but now I see even less difference between humans and animals than before.

Man!! You fucking people are so, fucking frigging intriguing!! Like fuck me, I'm just old bored creep, but there is so many intresting people here. I would love some moar backstory.



Really, if I could, I'd dissect myself and revel in the sensations and all, but that's simply not possible now without disabling/disfiguring myself after, right? So I vow to keep myself alive for when the chance comes, whenever it might be (also for some more reasons, but this is one of them).


Does anyone feel really bad about the thoughts that sometimes spring up related to guro, rape, loli or what ever you're into? I feel awful and guilty everytime I get off to it, like I'm a horrible person. Anyone else feel this way?
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Sorry to hear that.
I guess moving someplace else and leaving those bastards behind isn't an option?
If you are a guy what about exercising to become stronger? I'm sure less people would dare to fuck with you if you'd gain some muscles.
I was in similar situation as a kid and a teen. My house wasn't exactly safe heaven. Not to mention school. But after I got stronger things changed. There are still people who could wipe the floor with me, but I'm strong enough to not fear most people.
If you are a girl maybe some martial arts? Or just change in attitude? Don't be afraid to yell at people. My ex wasn't tall nor big, but she could hold in line older brother, drunk father and other dudes who annoyed her. Whole fuckin' house was afraid of her.

Look, I really don't mean to patronize. I would just like to help. Hope it'll get better somehow for you. I know how it is and I hate others have to go through this shit too.


Why would you feel guilty about it especially if you don't act on any of it?


Thanks, I'm trying to just make the best of this life, I try to stay as fit as I can, but it's not as simple working out when you have to spend your calories as miserly as your funds…
I guess just wish me luck. Thank you!


Depends on what these thoughts are. You should mainly remain vigilant not to cross this unspoken vague boundary between fantasy and reality. Guilt should be something to put you back in place after you ride over that limit. A personal example being fapping to a cartel execution of a woman with huge tits by beheading her and wishing they would leave her tits and cunt exposed. Half way through fapping, i was like "wtf are you doing mate, this is real shit" so i managed to refrain from it. After i jacked off to something imaginary, and got a clear head i realized how much guilt would have fucked me up if i had actually nutted on this poor woman's execution.


You are a hero. I've se bundaries for myself years ago - no fapping to the real shit, to the real suffering, real death. How would I felt if some asshole jerked off to my sad demise?
Stay.Damn.Vigilant./have at least some damn respect.

(although not hating on gore fans, but it's fucking disrespectful, mates)


What music are you into? It's generic, cliched question, I know, but nobody asked it yet, so yeah, here it goes.
Also I need new music, and who could help me better, than people of culture like you guys and gals?

For a record I'm into 90' rock/metal whatsoever, alternative rock, but currently I listen to HLM 1/2 OST constantly.

Remember to post names of favorite artists. I WILL check them all out.

btw I wish /dis got more attention…
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Haha, to be honest, sometimes he makes references and word plays convoluted enough that aren't even caught by italian people. That's probably my favorite song, in which he's impersonating Filippo Argenti, a neighbor of Dante Alighieri who was put by him in Hell due to his violent methods, in a dissing track against the poet. Even the title is a double entendre, as argenti Vive means literally "Argenti (Filippo) Lives" but "argento vivo" also means quicksilver (mercury)



Oh God, too many layers;). Although I like how he does his own thing instead of copying others.
Let me repay you with similar recommendation (language barrier). I freaking love old school polish punk and new wave rock. I mean who the fuck knows what they are singing about, but Dezerter, Myslovitz, Kult, Kazik Staszewski, Strachy Na Lachy and similar are awesome. They really deserve more attention.


Not industrial nor rap? >>8535

I found some black metal and it got removed from youtube now I have no idea how to find it!

If not industrial nor horrorcore, what genre?

Also I like Perturborwhatever their name I found some songs on youtube and liked the beat, felt like war and porn.



I actually like the tracer song too, but not the meme part.

The guro subreddit is where we gather if we lose the site. You can just not subscribe to the mainstream channels, the guro subreddit and other porn subs is pretty decent in behavior. How did you even find the new site?

Check out Just Shapes And Beats OST.


War and porn… That's the greatest description of music or anything I've ever heard in my life.

I can't answer you. I like emotions. Like "quick and pointless" QOTHE. Genre doesn't matter. If I feel artist is authentic, I will like it. There is even xxx song, which I like and is actually good. I am/was a musician. And made some aggressive music. So bands like, I don't know, Meshuggah and genres like metal-core, dubstep-metal don't amaze me on their's own.


It's catchy as hell and that girl does cool face expressions, right? Same goes for "hit and miss".

Yes, I've seen gurochan.cx on Reddit (like 20 mins after lounch) just by an accident. Didn't commented straight away though for various reasons.
Shapes And Beat is kind of crude because it's emulating old school's game music, so it's limiting itself but despite that, it's pretty good. I'm listening to it right now. Thank you.
PS: It's even better later on. Good recommendation!

But it's too much about OP.
Post whatever you like. This thread has A LOT of good music. I'm so glad I've created it.
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