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Just a little idea for bringing a little bit of life into this place.

What i m missing on this site is a little corner where we can share our fantasies,bounce our ideas around and help each other to make them even better.A little "inspiration" corner.
Perhaps we may also inspire local artists and writers with ideas for their next piece.

A dedicated drawthread would be nice as well,.Perhaps there are artists that would like to polish their skills on our requests.

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Did you check /lit/? There's a thread pretty similar to this, here: https://www.gurochan.cx/lit/res/6590.html


I can start a Drawthread,but i don´t know if i should put it on /req/ or /art/.


Try /art/? Since drawthreads are not exclusively about requests.


Drawthread is up and running!



I'd like to start a pic thread for my specific kink, deadly games or death after a lost game. What's the best way to do that? Is there a way the community prefers those posts made?


Start out with posting a decent number of pictures yourself, at least three. Bump once a day a few times with content. If no-one adds to our thread just let it die. Don't bump it without content.


I share this fetish and have started a similar thread on thedarkspot on the 3d imagery subforum. You might check it out....even though it's dead.


Yes I got no idea what cosplay really is, but I guess it can be anything.

Lets say I want to cosplay as one of the people who worked at Unit 731.

hXXp://livedoor.blogimg.jp/toshi_densetsu/imgs/1/e/1e7ab347.jpg thats the image that show their clothes, I am pretty sure there is no color images at all from what happend at unit 731 so we just have to guess what colors they really did have, we can proabably figure out that it was dark clothes tho?

The real question is what material it was made from. My friend sent me this about it:

plastic wasnt arround there
we must know what rainclothes where made off
that will be a step in the right direction
or find out what early american/german biohazard suits where made off
might be rubber/leatherish

We do know that America knew about Unit 731 but dident really care, I think it was because unit 731 did produce some decently good medical data and well.. russian prisoners was used so whatever.

Do you have any leads on how I can maky my very own Unit 731 outfit?


I think once found that kind of suit, it was fabric impregnated with rubber (very think and heavy material)
colors may vary, mine was orange same suits are often used by sailors.
if it was military clothing i think color may be brown/green like usual

so you probably can just buy that sailor coat and color it in proper dark color somehow.


It was probably just leather. Early equivelanfs of biohazard suits were made of it (trench coats in WWI were worn specifically to protect from blister agents), and most chemicals weren't understood enough for sophisticated protective suits to be worn (for example, plans for the invasion of mainland Japan had the US dropping a bunch of nukes and then marching in troops wearing gas masks and trench coats for "protection").


Leather is not very good choice as it can easily suck those agents inside and you will not be able to wash them out . It is not impenetrable as rubber and very expensive.
If leather was ever used it must be very very old times when rubber was not available.


look for "death by vaginal cockroach" in efukt.com


Wall of text bellow follows:
Hello fellow Gurochanners. This post is meant as an offload of my life's story...perhaps I'll find some comfort here. I'll detail bellow as much about myself as I can.

I posted this on NoFap too, so I copied most of it from there. I believe there are a ton of negative effects that result from watching too much porn. Search NoFap if you want to find those out...
Note: edging means to masturbate but not reach orgasm, to basically search and search for that perfect pic, that perfect stuff to get you off.

Quick debrief on my NoFap journey: first try I went 8 days (but I still edged 6 out of the 8 days); second try I went 5 days and relapsed on the fifth( still edged so it probably didn't count much); third try was 15 days (still edged 12 of those 15 days) and now I am in my second day of my 4th attempt. This time I've decided not to edge at all, but I have broken that promise to myself... So I suppose I should consider this as the start of my 5th attempt.

<<The Bad Parts of My Life>>
I am now nearly 20 years old, a student. I feel like I have wasted most of my life (though that's an unreasonable line of thought, since I only became partially aware of how life works and what I want to do around 3-4 years ago, and even now I am not certain what I want to do with this chance to life that I was given). Haven't really went through life or experienced much (never left my country, never had a job, never had a girlfriend and therefore never felt intimate with anyone or truly connected<-this one tears me apart). Up until now I've spent most of my time trying to escape my insecurities.

There are two main ones:

I. Being mediocre, therefore feeling utterly insignificant, redundant to the people around me; from this feeling I've developed some kind of inferiority complex that is lodged in my subconscious mind (but I can't really be sure...I'm no psychologist). This belief that I'm inferior and that I'll never be able to succeed manifests itself as a self fulfilling prophecy most of the times...
For example: these days I should have studied so that I may pass my mid-term tests with flying colors, but I end up edging. (I suppose one teeny tiny good side effect was that I learned how to use Sony Vegas when I made myself a porn montage...which I edged to continuously; from this perspective, trying NoFap has created more problems than it solved. Spending upwards of two-three hours ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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In my country college is state paid if you're good enough. I have been good enough thus far so I don't consider college that much of a mistake.


"Other people may tell you not to give up but I will say that even if you will manage to accomplish your goals they wont give you any happiness."

I don't seek happiness. I seek fulfillment and acceptance from a mate. Happiness is a temporary chemical high. If I wanted to live my life only for happiness, I'd go on a hedonistic rampage with all the money I've saved and then just suicide, lol.


If you do not pay for college it is all fine, and you should try to finish it properly.
On what kind of hedonistic rampage you can go? from what I understood you are not that kind of person who would be interested in short term pleasures.

I am not talking about temporary happiness, I am talking about more or less same fulfillment when you are satisfied with yourself.

But why do you need that acceptance from a mate?
I guess you may want to find someone who needs you as who you are. but this is quite unlikely. I don't think many women need a evil megalomaniac dictator obsessed with porn and technology LOL

If you were someone who loves to work and make money, or opposite, if you were someone obsessed with hedonistic life wasting money left and right, you would get acceptance from most of women.


>>evil megalomaniac dictator obsessed with porn and technology
I LOL'd... but then I realized it's almost true (minus the evil part).

Honestly, I wouldn't want to lead a dictatorship myself, but I'd like one to be ruling over all earth - a dictatorship led by ANIs (if they were AGIs they might just wipe us out or upload us all because these flesh shells are incredibly flawed) specified in each matter that running a state needs. I think human nature is just too flawed to be able to cope with being in administrative goals without being corrupted by the power. This makes the economical and technological growth of the race inefficient. Human nature also is the main source of any armed conflict and large scale wars (that I think most people don't want to have any part of anyway).


Maybe just like me you don't want to be God you want to be creator of god itself. LOL

I used to think same but actually world is not like that.
Problem is not with human nature but with how everything works in our universe
Human nature is not flawed, you just not yet found what you really want from the universe for yourself and everyone else.


I have like a thousand "I'm going to write this" vows that have turned into "I SWEAR I WILL GET TO IT"

and I'm only beholden to myself. How can I stress myself out like this? I'm not even getting paid for these stories (that people hate)

Also I'm wondering what the ultimate ends of my fetishism is. Like if we can all get time travel and have tortured raped robots that resemble real living humans in everyday but definitely aren't feeling pain but just react exactly like a real human would... At what point do I grow jaded? Like can a human handle near-godhood?


I'm fairly sure that's a long ways off from now, so I wouldn't bother stressing over such things (godhood & ultimate power to exert our fetishes, lol). I myself find that I am getting indeed quite bored and no fantasy ever seems that good anymore. I guess this shows that I've become addicted to these fantasies and I can only crave more.

You should check out nofap. I'm in my 13th day now. It's a little bit better but I still get cravings and come here just to read comments and maybe post a story. I hope that in a few days I can stop edging and eventually rewire myself.


Considering your stories, I think this is nothing extraordinary.
I also have so many ideas and projects that it is impossible to do them all.

As for godhood. what matters is not our abilities but our status, among other "gods".
Torturing or being tortured is form of getting attention. and even fact that you torture someone means that you acknowledge that person as human and anything is better than being ignored.
It makes no sense to torture robots as it is no different than banging lamp post with baseball bat.
in that situation it will be same as playing with 3d models or writings stories where main goals is not to torture collection of polygons but to get reaction from other people to what you do.


I've found myself extremely obsessed with severed penises.


ive found jesus


Amputees are my obsession. I've thought about what would happen if I just went out and cut off a pretty girl's arms and legs and it is not pretty, but damn, the thought turns me on!


Straitjackets on otherwise naked girls. getting spanked and tortured. mmm. Tightly knotted around their waist, nothing to cover their pussy or anything below their hips.

Omnipotence, existentialism, what's possible...

Hell, Heaven, a Forest, the future, the past. Technology, nature, feelings, and thoughts.


i'm not sure where else i could possibly ask about this without feeling like everyone who sees this will think i'm insane, ha.

do any of you guys feel like you use guro to help cope with self hatred, or self harm? i've tried to research a connection between low self esteem and gore fantasies, but i couldn't find anything.

i'm a 17 year old girl and ever since i was in 7th grade, i've fantasized about being brutally murdered and raped as a means to deal with my mental health. (being beheaded, stabbed, burned alive, etc.) i think i do this because i see myself as someone who should be punished, who deserves to be hurt in the worst possible ways. guro actually isn't sexual for me, but rather just a sort of self medication that helps me repress my self harming desires, as my parents don't believe in psychiatry and the use of medication for mental health.

tl;dr do you think you like gore because of self hatred, or is there something seriously wrong with me?
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You people are a bunch of weird fuckos!


That statement is as pointless as your life. And all our lives for that matter.



were it pointless you wouldnt have written anything.


Why does everything have to be an argument?


Just because it was pointless, doesn't mean I wouldn't have commented. People think that you need a point, a purpose to do things or to live, but in reality purposes/meaning are as real as anyone likes them to believe they are...just as with god. That doesn't mean determinism takes a break without purpose and nothing ever gets done.


So.. the upcoming Friday the 13th game...

Anyone else hoping someone does a nude mod for the kills?


Absolutely. That would make it way more enjoyable for me.


Am going crazy, I really want to be cut in half feel the miss in my lower half hAve sex without it, touched it , lick it, taste it, or see someone do it talk about it??
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pics or it didnt happen


better yet, livestream it


Thank for the one that tried to help my sister and for the other goto hell, she did what she wanted most


I mean I very much doubt that- isn't this the same girl that posted in a thread a few months ago about having been sliced in half by a train and lived to tell the tale?


As I finish my latest story, I started wondering what people in general prefer. I know it might be a very hard thing to answer, but do you prefer a short story that goes straight into the gore and the violence, or you prefer something longer, with a plot and characters that develop along the story line.

I myself prefer the second option, both as a reader and as a writer. I like to know a character, to feel something for them before they start suffering. I think it makes it more enjoyable that just saying that "I saw a girl, I killed her like this, the end...".

But I think I have had better success with my shorter stories than with the longer one that I am now writing.

What do you guys think?


Why we cant have booth?
Either way alone is bad, because you will either make it boring or just very short.
The best is if character development is interleaved with action.
and it is not necessary need to be gory all the time just do not fill it with some scenes in the restaurant or other plain and boring irrelevant stuff.

If I have to chose between two bad things then I chose short story because I skip all that irrelevant stuff anyway and this way I lose even more.

>>I like to know a character, to feel something for them before they start suffering.

This does not make any sense for me, because if I get to know character I don't want it to suffer I want it to be happy
To enjoy suffering of some character I must not know it at all or preferably even hate it.
Story where some likable characters get snuffed is not guro but tragedy.

I think this also can be another reason why short stories are better: if you omit character description, everyone can fill it with what they like themselves. If you make it more detailed you upset people who do not want that type of character.

as if you say I saw college girl.. or I saw girl in the kindergarten.. you drive away either those who prefer it to be loli or those who prefer it to be adult.
if you say I saw beautiful girl she can be anything what reader imagines as beautiful.
You should add detailed description, only if your story absolutely needs it.


I don't really like stories that go into too much personal detail (physical description is fine)... too much personality spoils it for me because my fantasies usually view women as plain objects of sexual gratification... They're there to be snuffed and butchered.... fucked and destroyed, used for target practice or for devious games.

If a character is fleshed out, has a family or exhibits too many emotions...that makes it too lifelike for me to enjoy reading about being snuffed.

This is probably because I differentiate a lot between reality and fantasy and I empathize with humans around me, and snuffing people wouldn't turn me on. I must admit I do sometimes mind-murder some hot chicks that I see on the street, but that is because I don't know ANYTHING about them so I can't fully empathize with them. Same goes for porn stars. While I do imagine some things with mental characters that are as lifelike as people, I don't usually get off to the idea of killing real people. Yeah...that about sums it up.


I tend to skim stories, so often a lot of the finer details are missed unless/until I actually go back and read every line of the story. Usually I find longer stories to be more tedious and would rather see a series of short stories set with the same characters/in the same universe than one long story.

I've also found myself to be a lot less patient when it comes to stories, especially written ones. If the writing has too many holes or inconsistencies I stop caring pretty quickly. A shorter story has less of a chance to have those problems, so I prefer short stories.

As well, because of some experiences I've had with reading books that never seem to end(I'm looking at you, Dresden Files!), I'm much happier reading a story I know has an end rather than reading a story where I'll eventually have to wait for more content. If it's a long story, but all of it is posted at once then I'm fine with it. But if it's a long story where I need to wait an unknown amount of time to get the rest of the story, I'd rather skip it, thanks.

I'd say for porn, generally short stories are better than long stories.


It depends on the writer. Longer stories with actual plots are objectively better (as objective as storytelling can be, anyways), but most people don't have the writing skills to make it work. And then it just becomes a boring slog through dull exposition nobody cares about.

Know your limits, is all.

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