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So, I've been into death scenes (which I'll call guro here for convenience) from the victim end as long as I can remember, and from the killer end since about age 13. I get a rush from imagining myself as either victim or killer in scenes, kind of like a whoosh (like falling backwards). It's intensely pleasurable, but clearly not sexual (although it is tied up with emotional and physical closeness). I'm generally attracted to women sexually, although I currently am dating a dude (who is my ideal victim type, which is both awesome and inconvenient), and I've only ever been into men (as victims, and as imagining myself as a male victim) in guro. I intensely, intensely dislike sexual/ized guro. Although adding it to sex would probably enhance a sexual experience, I feel no drive to do so.

Any of you experience something like this? I have talked to maybe 1.5 people who feel similarly. It's been a bit of a mystery. I'm very curious about what you guys think, and if you're like this, so let me know!
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non-sexual for me at all, just aesthetically pleasing and thrilling


I feel the same. While I do have hematolagnia (to put it short, a blood fetish), it is purely reality driven, no guro involved. It may be a result of my sadism, but I just love guro in a completely nonsexual way. The way people illustrate death just fascinates me.


I came here for the 'wtf?' factor and stayed for the highly non-standard discussions. And some of the art.

While the subject matter does at times outright disgust me, I do appreaciate well drawn images, especially when done in traditional media.


Same, I just think it's highly aesthetically appealing. I also admire the skill that it must take for someone to properly understand not just the external surface of the human body (which just about anyone can easily learn to create a stylized 2D rendition of the 3D human figure) but to understand the innards and be able to come up with how those might react to various trauma and violence.

I too would like to one day be able to create art like this, and of high quality, and I think I have something special to offer because I've noticed guro art is a bit lacking in the diversity department. Not inherently an issue and understandable seeing as how it comes out of japan which is pretty homogenic, however it could certainly use some mixing up. I've got loads of ideas from heroin addicts stitching themselves together to human planters! My arts getting better everyday so hopefully you will soon see some quality artwork from another friend who just likes to watch this community from a distance (no disrespect I think you all are very interesting people).

I have no urges to kill anyone or fuck corpses, and i'm really just interested in visually defiling/enhancing qt ethnic girls for art sake.


Yes, it's mostly nonsexual to me. I essentially like gory violence, suffering and death. This is true whether the genre is horror, action, comedy, or porn. I find gore aesthetically pleasing, and my enjoyment of suffering can be characterized as a type of sadism.

There is a sexual component to my sadism, but it mostly requires that there actually be sex. I have a sexual enjoyment of rape, for instance, and adding gory violence to that heightens it. But I'm probably not going to get aroused by a woman just being murdered without any sex.


I have been seeing the same therapist for about 6 months now and lately she is all I think about. Our sessions have really helped me and we've even talked about how I am struggling with our relationship..

This isn't a case of transferrence (I'm also studying to be a psychologist) so I know the concept well. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how you handled it? I don't want it to get in the way of our therapeutic relationship, but I'm also uneasy with how I feel.


I have experienced this as well. It may seem difficult to think of anything else right now, but with time, this feeling can fade. Sorry I don't have anything more helpful.



I remember fantasies about my therapists spabking me in front of my friends and families and crushes and their other patients. Ohh ywah.

Exposing everything between my legs, reflexively, and being laughed at and ridiculed. Uhmmpf.


It sounds like a reverse-Nightingale effect.


Saw an assessment team for a while and had a thing for the leading psych. all I could think about was him fucking me on every surface of that 2-way-window room. in front of everyone.

My last session I openly eye-fucked him - in front of the rest of his team as well. Everybody was very aware of it. Very awkward.


One time out of curiosity I jizzed on a plant in my backyard when I was a kid. I cam back the next day and the plant died.

Another time I caught some crawdads and put them in a waterbottle and... well released my demon semen in the bottle and within moments they we dying left and right... :(

A few years later I started experimenting on my house dog... o-o' anyways after the amazing explosion I had the dog ran away and died!!!!

A year ago I finally for the first time in my life managed to get a real girlfriend... -.-' She didn't die but let's just say I won't be seeing here ever again.

I am cursed! Forever alone, and always a fucked up loser.


Surely this is just a story, but just in case you're actually concerned: SALT.
Your jizz has salt in it. Plants and aquatic animals don't do well when you suddenly add a bunch of salt to their environment. As for your dog and girlfriend you were too vague to be certain but I have a hunch those were unfortunate coincidences.


Yeah no he's cursed you need to go to egypt


Even if this is real, just lower your salt intake or just don't cum in your girlfriends. And why the fuck would you ejaculate into a potted plant? And I'm pretty sure the dog ran away because it didn't want to be jizzed on and got hit by a car. Ridiculous.


i have dark desires and thoughts, fantasies about rape and murder. its like im obsessed with gore, i crave it. it hasnt been this way my whole life, would it be wise to tell my therapist about these thoughts or would that just fuck me over? any advise would be great
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i dont have actual plans of acting on my desires, but however, i do dream about doing some pretty fucked up stuff and all of it sounds quite..appealing. i honestly just think i need someone to relate to about this kind of stuff and talk about our twisted desires.


I think you could just think more about your desires, not only dream about gore and rape but actually think what it is all for and what are you trying to achieve.
Imagine that you actually can do all what you want and you already done it and how you will feel and how your life will continue from that moment.


what would you tell the therapist? that you have fetishes? lolman it's fine, explore it if you enjoy it


Agreed. But if you feel like it's a problem, then a therapist might not be the worst idea, if they're a good one.


I've told my therapist about mine, and my therapist helps me deal with any related shame and internal conflicts. I say give it a shot.


Another thought experiment for /dis/.

You now have the powers of Superman. This includes:

- Flight
- Super Strength
- Nigh-invulnerability (can withstand nuclear blasts)
- X-ray Vision
- Heat Vision
- Frost Breath
- Don't need food, water, or air

What do you do with these powers?
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I think you failed to understand my point, because it is not about understanding what is rape, but about fact that rape or murder are not criminal actions by themselves they are judgements of actions.

like if you kill someone this is not a murder until it is declared so by court
(and same is valid for rape.)
You can kill someone as self defense or in the accident or just by failing in your job.

And considering taking other peoples shit, who can tell whose shit it is and whether it is rightfully belong to those people.
like US took the land from native Americans by the most immoral ways possible, but now, for some reason, property rights of criminals must be respected and nobody is allowed to do same as they did.



Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 1 pushes dude 2. Dude 2 trips, hits his head, and passes away in the hospital. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 1 operates machinery and didn't know dude 2 was in the way. Dude 2 dies. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 insults dude 1. Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 hits dude 1. Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 tries to stab dude 1. Dude 1 kills dude 2. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 tries to stab dude 1. Dude 1 struggles away and pushes dude 2. Dude 2 falls on his knife and dies. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Dude 2 goes on a shooting rampage. Dude 1 kills dude 2 to prevent any more shots. Is dude 1 a murderer?

Just for context the law has to handle far more shades of grey than this.


Ok, as superman, I wouldn't worry about that. Maybe if I ha e the time I'll step in when I can, but with superman powers, I'd focus less on detailing charges and more on overarching effects.


hold on, superman-like powers? super-strenght, super-speed, no need to eat or sleep? i know what i'd do, i'd draw a lot of guro, super-fast, 24/7, and then fly around to distribute it


Our true hero.


it isn't happening but it sounds good to me


Well there already is Gurobooru, but theres also Gelbooru that has alot of guro on it, g.e-hentai has alot, and Pixiv is always a great source.


Assume that tomorrow (or in few days) word ends, because earth is going to collide with other planet(or black hole) and dissapear with no trace. (But other people don't know that yet.)

What you woud do in that scenario?
Now you have chance to realize fantasies without any unwanted consequences or just die.
Assume that this is realistic and not fantasy setting.
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If you see the ocean receding, run like hell for higher ground. Do NOT stop to gather some fish.



What does this mean?


if I can't survive, and I know that for sure, i'll go around, killing and raping little boys. Cutting their dicks off, playing with them, and so on. However, I'd love to survive something like a huge explosion, and go around, see the world with just me left, it sounds beautiful.


The ocean subsiding means a tsunami is on the way. Some of the people who died in Somalia were gathering fish where the ocean had been.



So, if it were legal, what would the majority of women here prefer to be doing should they be shot in the pussy?

A. Masturbating(Before orgasm
B. Masturbating (During Orgasm)
C. Masturbating (After Orgasm)
D. Sleeping
E. Pissing in the toilet
F. Pissing in public
G. Bathing
H. Showering


There are no girls on the internet.


Idea by: http://www.gurochan.cx/g/res/14305.html#q38862
The text explains it all.
I'd like to have this exist because serveral of our favourite thread got lost overtime, crushed by the trending threads as the thread we love got less popular.
We prevent this by bumping the thread up to make it to top again, again and again, everyday, every year, which is annoying so much.
I know this would cost much, but preserving out favourite post that world cannot recover is real platinum appreciation.


sorry if someone already talked about this.


What do you think?




I think that's how GuroChan used to run, way way back years ago. I agree that it'd be nice, at least for /lit/ if nothing else.


So I've been listening to the audio books of the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks and there was a passing mention of something that should be horrifying to normal people. In the books, one of the characters is a slave and is threatened with being sent away to a salt mine(I think) where she would be used as a 'bed slave'. Basically, a whore, but not just a whore. A whore for the most vicious people, since the mine is mined by vicious people. The whores don't live long, because they're constantly in use by the miners, used '50 times a day' as the book describes.

So the question is this: what kills them? They're slaves being raped to death, but what causes the death? Surely there are 'accidents' or merely an especially vicious person getting carried away, but assuming more 'natural' causes, what would cause a person to die from over sex? Assuming proper nutrition(a specific case of a slave surviving for I think something like 5 months is mentioned), I would imagine it would have something to do with madness and emotional death followed by physical death, but how would such a thing manifest? Heart failure?


There is no reason who anyone could die from over sex.
But most likely those men are not very gentle and occasionally just kill those slaves.

I woud expect that the reason of death may be that those guys get bored and just kill that woman to get new replacement.

I have doubt about 50 times a day number if that is everyday average and not just maximum, But if this is true she can die of lack of sleep and malnutrition because there will be no time to rest and eat.

Only way to die from maddens is by committing suicide.
but if you get into strong depression your health also gets worse and you become susceptible to infections.


LTT, you said it yourself: Heart Failure.

Exhaustion, simply. Used 50 times a day could mean 5 times an hour, 12 minutes each.

I can almost hear their begging now. "PLEASE JUST A MOMENT'S REST?!" with their eyes wide and their muscles tearing. What kind of pain would that sort of fatigue bring with continued physical activity?

Aside from the heart, other forms of organ failure could be their technical end. Even the brain itself might just cease functioning if it's not allowed to recharge.

As for proper nutrition... simply not possible. Unless the nutrition in question is some sort of miracle cure or invincibility potion.




Malnutrition after swallowing all that semen?!

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