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How about you?
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Well I'm a straight dude https://discord.gg/UvkWpC6



Good Lord Holmes, all this time I've been figuring you for a bisexual female! Straight dude here too lol.


... y tho


Figured you for a dude on your Guro Music thread here on /dis/ back in January. But somehow, over time, when I'd see a reply you'd made on other threads, it struck me you might be female at some point. Keep in mind that I go through a lot of alcohol every night with headphones on for six hours listening to all sorts of crazy stuff. Sorry! ^v^


I'm glib in a way men usually aren't, no worries.


My art isn't really good enough to post on here and I'm worried it'll get taken down if i post it on tumblr or deviantart. Is there anywhere I can share my art?
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Consider pixiv. You don't need to understand japanese and you can tag your drawings by checking similar works and translating their tags.

Posting it here is also a good idea.

Deviantart and tumblr are flooded with crap and I don't think you could be banned or your work deleted no matter how "bad" you think it is. Maybe you're just afraid of criticism, but if you're not willing to take it constructively, you won't improve your art. Just sayin'...


Deviantart will ban you if your art is too deviant though. They ban all sorts of guro, lolicon, shotacon, rape, torture, etc. They're extremely tame for a website with that name.



Deviantart is not banning gore artwork, as some of guro artworks shared here were from Deviantart. It even have some gore/guro forums thriving in Deviantart. They ban loli/shota, bestiality and sexual acts though (Genital insert).


Yeah Gurochan is great, heck I put my stuff on tumblr and deviantart too. No one has said so much as boo.


>>5306 yes we have, your art is shit. your characters look like inflatable dolls, and you're a greedy fucker who doesn't know how to manage your site. Boo.


For you necrophiliac fans, which girls or women in anime and manga is your favourite for necro fantasies? It can be anyone and be any necro fantasy you desire.

For me, the girl/woman whose body we see that gets me aroused and deeply fantasizing the most would be Meer Campbell from Gundam Seed Destiny. She's as lovely dead as she is alive and the anime gives us lots of screentime of her dead body.

Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica also makes me deeply aroused when she's dead in episodes 6, 8 and 9. Seeing her dead in her school uniform with her cute set of legs is quite appealing to me.

How about you guys?
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Stay focused on my question, ok?

What girls or women in anime/manga are your favourite for necro fantasies?


If you want specifically Japanese comics and animated cartoons...

I'm not much into necrophilia but Tenshi Muyo had a scene where a girl is eternally entombed and that left a mark.

I crushed on Witch Hunter Robin when I was 12. Simultaneously had necromantic fantasies.



Ah yes, Tenchi Muyo had a couple of girls and women in that situation. What did the girl that you're talking about look like? I Can help you find who she is if you want.

I can see why you'd have had a crush on Witch Hunter Robin, she's cute. As for Necromantic fantasies, that's interesting. What sort of necromantic fantasies did you have?


Npnsexual ones.

Listening tocint Eastwood by Gorillaz. Being a Ghost God and the like would be co, I'd always appear as the opposite od vanta black, the original cartoon ghosts. I'd look like a 2 dimensional cartoon ghost no matter the angle you look at me from. And armies of zombie gorillas.

Just ghost powers to the extreme ig

And iirc she had long white hair. It was a flashback battle about making friends and something... 2 youngest...


I've noticed for almost a month now that Shanachan aka One Thread, One Fetish is nowhere to be found. It had some really good scat and fart threads going for it. Does anyone know the administrator for that website? Any word what happened and when or if it will ever return?


We don't know, we think its a update. all emails bounce back...


We don't know, we think its a update. all emails bounce back...


I got tired of reading the pinkish /lit/ and straining my eyes constantly, so I wrote a quick and dirty css to make it more readable.

It makes the text only occupy the middle of the screen (50% of width, should be okay for widescreen resolutions) and changes the color scheme to black text on white bg.

It's ugly as hell, but it works.



You can use something like *Stylebot* on Chrome or *Stylish* on Firefox to apply it to /lit/ only.

Feel free to give feedback and/or make improvements.


Very handy indeed. Thank you for posting this. I'm a noob when it comes to css/html so I don't think I'll come up with any improvement though.


I use an add-on for Firefox called 'nosquint'. It allows me to change the text color and background of all websites I visit, gurochan included.

I prefer a black background with white lettering, personally.


I just download the whole webpage and use other applications to turn it into a pdf, then in my reader I adjust visual settings. Also nice for text to speech. ;)



I like to think I'm kind of good with coding, so I'll try to do something with it.
I'll post when I get something I like, along with some screenshots.


I use "View Source", copy the text of the story, paste it into Notepad, save it as .html, then convert it to an ebook in Calibre.


so many kik posts, /dis/ is not a kik board


Well you could start a thread on what you'd rather discuss...


Is it odd to enjoy guro, and yet be completely repulsed by the same things in reality?


Not particularly odd; after all, guro is simply art.


No of course not. Feeling differently about different things is par for the course duh. But I say that as someone often turned on and almost invariably interested in these happenings (though I'd rather the workd be without suffering).


This is why we call it 'fantasy'. You can think something is sexy in your mind, but in reality is disgusting or terrifying. Part of this, I think, is because in your mind you can subtract the negative consequences or ignore the less than desirable ramifications.

I think it's perfectly normal for your mind to dream up the ideal by selectively ignoring everything that would make it less than perfect, even to the point of making something undesirable in reality.


Hello Gurochan

These days I've been on the wacky (and as I read and read and watched I didn't really find it wacky anymore) side of the internet. More specifically, I've been browsing /r/Conspiracy. I wanted to get a better picture of what is happening in the world right now (the migrant crisis, see how the strings are being pulled.

I've also stumbled across a few videos that at first seemed outright ridiculous, videos that detailed how a secret order - Ordo Templi Orientis (very high tier elites, like Rothschild bankers and US presidents) perform rituals in a place called the Bohemian Grove.
The predominant religion of the elites, from what I've gathered is luciferianianism. I don't really want to go into depth about who they worship , but their core belief is that they gain power and free themselves of the weakness of humanity / inhibition by doing acts of 'transgression' such as sodomy of young boys, gay sex, sacrificing children and eating them; also organizing actual manhunts in that 2700 square miles forest.

At first I thought that it's all bullshit, these videos are way too insane. Then I stumbled upon these two videos of an ex banker that details his experience with the elite and why he quit (when he was asked in a ritual to murder an infant)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEpcY5JU120 - his experience
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C-KHt9vi5k - details about how the world is being ruled

I've looked at those videos and looked a bit into it, and as far as sincerity goes, he does seem sincere. These videos got me convinced that most of the conspiracies regarding shadowy cabals are actually true. Also, here's a post regarding a Wikileaks publication about the Bohemian Grove
The fact that I found wikileaks materials regarding these orders and rituals enforced my belief that this shit is actually taking place, and there isn't just one group, there are multiple groups of elites that murder people for 'empowerment' or probably just to feel powerful.
I've also read that they've been filming sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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He said that at the very top, there are like ~8000-8500
So that brings it closer to 1.06e-4 to 1.13e-4. Fabulous odds.


Slow your roll.

Conspiracies are true, but not most of them, certainly not almost all.

And we should definitely hang back on assuming their religion. I think it's more likely the most dangerous illuminati squads are Christians. Crazy old white male Christians ordering drone strikes on weddings and schools to eradicate nonwhites in the long run, get rid of women and children so the men can just grow old and die out, being out-maneuvered.

What's more is that though I do believe in the notion of a power elite, that soesn't mean that every squad within the highest tier is on the same page or in agreement. Fpr that matter, we're all human, and the richest, most skilled and knowledgeable monarch can die at the hands of a blade or plague. Maybe just takes a wrong turn. You never know.

The Russians have at least 1 powerful Illuminati, the Americans have several. There are more. But why does it need to be about them? If it's just pedophile rings and organized hunts, well...

Aside from the highest tier powerful elite, there are billions of people in the world. Just some rich fucks who aren't so influential could have a mansion and a girl-farm. The more assets and skills they have, the more incredible such a horrible place is. Perhaps only the illuminati factions that care to have these things will farm girls that are taught only a secret language and kept in another world away from our own, deep underground and with artificial light or reflecting the sun with so many mirrors.

It's also possible that many "Illuminati Factions" that would otherwise be brethren have had intense falling out for extreme differences in morality and ethics.

We don't know the full extent of what's out there, or even the minimum, just that the world can be a fucked up place. Let's all hope for the best, we shall!


All of that having been said, let me be clear.

All the Masons I'm aware I've dealt with are manipulative assholes. There's clearly no fair God, for they'd be enduring the worst of what's posted here.


I agree with what you've said. There are indeed multiple cabals/groups that rule us, but the main 2 are the Globalists and the Zionists, both of which are ruled by atheistic/non-hebrew jews.

I find your idea about the girl farms to be strangely believable, considering they already have private islands full of child sex slaves. (see Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express)


We don't really know if that's true about Bill Clinton but with almost a thousand billionaires and countless millionaires, and knowing human nature and that there sex slavery is an issue, there has to be some.


Silly question I know, but wanted to know your opinions cuz I always feel guilty when I do lol.
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Of course! The waifu respawns anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute and a bit later so she's regularly gored, beaten, raped, snuffed, the works :)


Of course I fap, and of course I feel guilty; that's what makes it so hot, and why she's my waifu. Fap/ guilt/ guro/ waifu; all four are inextricably tied together.


I cannot fap to my waifu period.
I can only really do that with characters that are explicitly fap material, otherwise it seems immoral and disrespectful for me to sexualize them.



Wait. You don't sexualize your waifu? Isn't that kind of the point of having a waifu? lmao



Wait. You don't sexualize your waifu? Isn't that kind of the point of having a waifu? lmao


Just curious about it, I don't intend for anyone to find out I get off of guro, including my partner.

Anyone out?

Did you tell? Did they find out? How did it affect your relationship?
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My wife would so cut off my dick mid-orgasm and then strap a dildo on me.


My friends that also draw these stuff know it, but other than that, no one know.

I live in the country that such things is very taboo, so we only talk about it rarely.


I came out first to my best friend that I was a necrophiliac. I was amazed how well he took it though he doesn't understand how it works to be one.
Then I told my, now, wife. Boy that was a doozie. After talking it over, some beers and drunk sex later, she slowly accepted it.
I will say, being a foot fetish necrophiliac fantasizer can be tough because you just see everyone as a potential victim, but then again, I'm happy to know there are plenty others out there.
I'm new but I think I like it here, don't mind if I tag along for the ride B)


I have a blood fetish (hematolagnia), and I am out


I am out to a couple of close friends. They took it fairly well, probably because they are open-minded. I find that if a person knows me well enough, they aren't surprised by my peculiar interests.

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