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Are there any rules against linking to or uploading images of real people (such as models, porn stars, celebrities, etc) for a character description in the RP and Literature boards?

(Sorry if this is the wrong area, but I can't see anywhere else to post questions about the rules.)


>General Rules

Do not upload, post, or link to anything that does not comply with the laws of the United States of America;
Do not post imagery of real life gore, scat, etc; artistic depictions of real life events are allowed, however;
Overly simplistic “toons” are not welcome here;
Do not request artwork on boards other than /req/; refer to the FAQ for more details;
Threads must be given sensible and descriptive topics; topics may be edited by mods if it’s necessary.



So, if the picture of a real person isn't gore, it would be fine?


As long as they're over 18, and you link, not post it, it should be. (And if you really have to, there's always the workaround of mentioning the site and ID where the image is located like "imgur and hgELRDJ jpg" without ever linking anything directly).


Uploading real images is not allowed (gore or not), but there's nothing against linking them. I'd recommend clearly marking it as such, though.

Age doesn't matter, unless it's pornographic.


I was thinking the other day:
• Succubi who fed on people's life force through sex — they might come from hell, from a parallel world, or be artificially created bioweapons
• In the modern world, there are (if you believe some) unprecedented millions of males who have no hope for their lives and are desperate for female affection — ready and willing to trade the former for the latter. Rich feeding ground?
• Good succubi reluctantly feeding on the willing (especially the old, sick and others with the least prospects) to gain the power to fight evil succubi and other threats?
• Morally grey succubi who consider feeding on desperate males to be a favor and have no reservations about enjoying it?

Are there any stories set in that kind of world? Throw in a male protagonist who's immune to feeding, or who has a good succubus in love with him protecting him, and it almost seems like it could be a mainstream manga.

Admittedly, one potential issue is that depending on the population of succubi and how often they can feed, the easy prey might be burned through pretty quickly.


That does sound like a pretty decent manga premise. Go for it!


Sorry; I don't draw (or write).

I guess that's a "no"? I'm a little surprised; it seemed pretty obvious once I started thinking about it. I think the "reformed succubus" threads on 4/tg/ were at least in related territory.


Some "sporty girls" apply to join Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition. He accepts. Food runs low, and well...eat the *dogs*? What kind of monsters do they look like?


Who here fantasizes about sneaking into a morgue or funeral home and enjoying the dead bodies there?

I for example have fantasies /which I'd never do in real life as I've got morals/ where I slip into a morgue or funeral home and have "fun" with the dead bodies of women, teen girls and children of both genders. Before I have the obvious sex session with them, I'd feel them up, pose their bodies, strip them nude, etc and not in any specific order.

How about you guys?



Same Here I Fanatize About It Too ofcourse I will Not Do it IRL Because of morals and fear of their spirits

I fanatize That I just wanna have sex with dead women (middle age and new adult age)

By my emotional Needs by through sex ofcourse as long the body is still fresh and warm(recently killed) before it turned cold,stiff and stinky.



In my fantasies, I too only do it with fresh/preserved and intact corpses. Decomposition is a big turn off for me and makes me sick.



This thread made me think of an excellent short story about this very thing. I've re-read it many times over the years. It can be found in the paperback The Loved Dead and Other Revisions, by H.P. Lovecraft. The story is The Loved Dead, and was written by C.M. Eddy, Jr, with Lovecraft collaborating.


The thread in /g/ called "GIRLS SLASHED TO PIECES" is driving me insane!

A slash is a flesh cut, most of the time, can't cut anything to a pieces!

A slice could, but a chop is best to turn somethin' into pieces.

Cut - Generic, to make an opening into something with a sharp object

Slash - Tip cut, to inflict a cut with a linear motion with your wrist

Chop - Cut with a wide movement, often downwards, can dismember

Slice - A somewhat fluid cut, follows through and can dismember

Has to get that out lmao
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My axe is my buddy, I bring him when I walk.



Careful with That Axe. A CD by John 5 dedicated to serial killers. Epic! ^v^


Yes, although the issues covered in the OP here are not among those that bother me. Rather I'm just constantly dying inside from people spelling "definitely" with an A, ending statements with question marks, and using commas where they shouldn't because they forgot that semicolons exist. x_x


I dafanatalay know what you mean Aiko? I hate spelling errors, that's why I have a fear of unqualified language tutors.


I sure as hell would rather be sliced to pieces than slashed to pieces. Being slashed to pieces would be a much longer, more painful death!


Seems I'm having issues with Asstr at the moment and I'm looking for a decent place to post stories. The place has to be okay with stories containing snuff, rape, and Necrophilia.

Optional features: free, and willing to accept stories containing underage girls.

Do you guys have any suggestions?


Though I'm not very familiar with it, kristensboard.com allows snuff and underaged subjects. I'm sure the rest would be fine too.

And ASSTR seems to have had issues for quite a while, now.


ASSTR has been having server problems that is causing site outages and other issues. The site admins are working on the problem and are considering moving to a cloud based system. I'll post the latest announcement from ASSTR in /dis/

I'd love to know if there is a place to post stories containing torture and snuff with underage characters, that also has large amounts of sexual content that might not really be entirely guro. I suppose the answer is to post here as there is already a lot of that in /lit/

If people/site admin don't like too much rape and other forms of sexual depravity that are not guro then the worst that can happen is that the story won't get a favourable response, or might get removed by the site admin. As far as I'm aware there are no rules on GUROchan regarding story content.


I have a webhost where I got around 19.8MB left, I dont know if storys involving children is legal where I live tho but the server is increadible stable.

If you can get on IRC(join #r9k, im banned in #guro) we can figure something out as you proabably need to send me tthe storys


stories.xnxx.com doesn't appear to have any content restrictions at all. I also can't find a way to change the background color.

bdsmlibrary.com is a much better organized site and fits most of your criteria(free, accepts rape/snuff/necrophilia, has a "all characters are 18 or over" rule that it doesn't seem to enforce), but the admins have been MIA since April and nobody knows if it'll ever be updated. Still, it's someplace to keep in mind.


Hey guys, I started a Telegram group for guro if anyone is interested.



I cant seem to get the code thing


How do you distinguish the two, and which do you prefer?

I tend to call any gore art that's pornographic (significant focus on genitals/sex or sexual pleasure being derived) "guro art", and if it's not pornographic I call it "gore art".

As with all my fetishes, I prefer the non-pornographic counterpart, due to asexuality. Guro feels far too pretentious for me to enjoy.


Yes you are totally right, guro is erotic gore, but it is not that easy to tell which is which because any gore cat be erotic depending on context.
It is not necessary to focus on genitals and lots of guro is not related to genitals at all. probably it could be even said that guro is not as much about gore as it is about absurdity.

However word fetish is also by definition sexually related, so if you are "asexual" you cannot have any fetishes. or you are not asexual after all.


Guro is grotesque*


I think it's more about what it is better known for, rather what it really means. Gore MEANS graphic and bloody violence, but the term is often used for "live-action" or real life scenes depicting any sort of death or serious injury. Guro MEANS "grotesque" and originally was referred as "Ero-guro" or "erotically grotesque". In the beginning guro only was about pretty weird and disgusting fetishes (mostly in manga or anime). Nowadays is more known for deaths and blood even without sex or eroticism involved. But guro still is better known as the anime counterpart of gore.

What do I enjoy the most? Gore is sometimes pretty exciting to me as long it's not real life shit (like those rekt, accidents or executions videos). When it comes to guro on the other hand, I like pretty much everything about it (except for furry and yaoi stuff).


For me it started with mortal kombat i guess, Mileena <3
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i'm pretty old. back in the 80's, when i was a kid, there were no gory video games yet, and i was too small to watch bloody and sexy exploitation movies of the 70's. but many movies, cartoons and comics had this recurring trope of a pretty girl (usually the hero's crush) tied to an altar or a post by villians, about to be murdered/sacrificed, by stabbing in her tits or have her heart ripped out, or some other cruel way... of course the hero would always come just in time to save her. spoilsport.
still, i must have been born with it. otherwise i wouldn't enjoy those movies and comics in the first place.


Accidentally stumbled upon a deviantART user who posted guro art and was instantly intrigued. Looked into it more and now we're here. :


Princess Peach, I started drawing some, dark, shale we say, comics when I was quite young.


Abuse mostly, plus my personality disorder. I couldn't relate to others "healthily" and so I kinda ended up relating abuse to sexual release, so now the idea of being physically tortured gets me hot. Go figure. For the record, I have borderline personality disorder, and it's fairly out there at times.


not really guro but rather ryona - the guro is more like the cherry ontop

ichi the killer the animation
the scene where he beats the girl almost to death.

I loved how she is potrayed as a strong fighter, and then gets totally destroyed by Ichi. She then begs him to kill her, but sadly he runs away.

really got my boner throbbing, and I hated yet loved every second of it.


From teleportation to pyrotechnics, science has much to offer and endleas potential.

What do you think the future will be like? What cybernetic enhancements would/will you want? How will you use them? Might you join kabals? Err on the side of spying or hiding? Speed or toughness?
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Unfortunately we know almost everything in the universe with only small exceptions because we have basic idea on how everything works according to the quantum physic. you can expect some new discoveries but pretty much anything significant woud break entire physic understanding and make you omnipotent.

Consider teleportation if you manage to teleport object from 1 floor to the 6th floor you can generate energy by dropping it down so you will make perpetual motion engine.

remote controlled bodies are possible because you can pretty easily connect to peripheral nervous system all our bodies are controlled by nerve fibers just like plain copper wires all you need to do is connect to them and this is not even too hard because those neurons grow into any holes you present then in their path.
All you need is to cut some nerve, place the edge in front of interface chip and it will grow into it properly and connect.

Unfortunately this technology does not work on central nervous system in both directions. You an get data from CNS but you cant send it back

current brain computer interfaces are plain nonsense, they are as if you take bunch of wires and jam then into your computer motherboard. then try to analyze what data you are getting or try to inject something.

This is not how things are done properly, if you want to connect to the brain you have to use proper interfaces that already exist in the brain. like for example optic nerve, but of course you will have to remove already existing device to replace it with something new.
this is why this technology is not to desirable unless you already lost something of your own like if you lost your hand it can be replaced with robotic device which can be controlled over any distance.


>>5330 Unfortunately we know almost everything in the universe with only small exceptions because we have basic idea on how everything works according to the quantum physic. 

Um. Not quite.


You are overly optimistic.
unfortunately we really know almost everything and we can tell with almost 100% accuracy what is possible and what is not. (At some degree we can even approximately tell how it is possible)
Sure there is still some fundamental stuff we don't know it but unfortunately we cannot even theoretically access it so it is irrelevant.

I am not talking about knowledge on how to build quantum computer or fusion reactor.
I am talking about fundamental knowledge which explains how all existence operates.
This is like knowing how computer CPU works, not how all software using that cpu works.


It isn't optimism.

Mybonly point wasn't that we'll have good things but rather that we definitely don't understand the majority of the universe aimply for our understanding of quantum physics.

That being said I get that we cannot rely on what we don't know anyway.


Understanding does not work that way you can not only understand part of the universe. You have to understand everything and only difference is acuracy of your understanding.

If we think about earlier times all universe was described in Newtonian laws were we had several fundamental particles and forces as building blocks of the universe.
That model was wrong because later we found out that unexpectedly universe has a wave nature, as described in quantum physic and those building blocks do not exist.

We may still not know some small details, but general model is more or less complete and we can only slightly improve its accuracy, but we cannot expect significant changes without declaring everything wrong again. And that would be extremely optimistic idea because pretty much any significant change would result in omnipotence.


Both her tumblr accounts just disappeared without explanation. She was just posting here and on tumblr just prior.



Hey so it was inevitable but I was finally banned. The timing for this was perfect because I was starting to feel guilty for doing the blog behind my girlfriends back. I still visit here and forum.Dolcettgirls.com daily though I won't be posting new content or starting a new blog.

It was a wonderful 3-4 years


The motherless link is not me


Glad to hear it was only something as simple as that. Shame about the blog though. Too bad this place doesn't allow for photo uploads.




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