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Hello gurochan, i've been a part of this community for quite some time and now i'd like to contribute with a project for you guys.

My idea is to make a game using the models from corta's plataformer from legend of krystal forums. My idea is to create a arena game where you are the owner of a gladiator training center and use girls as gladiators in the arena. Thats the base game. I plan to include lots of guro and sex using the mentioned models.

For those who don't know Corta's plataformer is a game where you design your character and go through a world full of enemies wher you defeat them by battles or through sex. Other games followed this style like Simbro but none has guro.

I plan to implement the game using HTML 5 and JavaScripit so everyone can play everywhere. I'm still learning so this will help me learn more.

I need help with:
-General Ideas for the game, anything you guys can think of, from names, characters, locations, jobs... anything.
-Requests for animations
-ways to integrate flash animations to Html and Javascript.

Sadly i'm not an artist and i'm really going to need feedback to my work.

I really need to know if there is enough demand for this kind of game otherwise i'll just make another porn game like everybody else.


As much as I like your starting enthusiasm, it might be just that.
Other than that, I like the idea. Might you link us pictures of the models you're planning to use?


Considering that Corta's platformer it looks quite horrible
I highly doubt if you can create anything decent alone since all work mostly just models environment and animations while the game itself is not really important part.

If you still want to do something like that I would suggest something very straightforward and short what you could finish in 2-10 minutes without repeating same scenes and same animations.

For guro and sex game something like TROLLFACE QUEST or stickman series or Stupidella games would be very interesting and fun to play and not that hard to do.

Considering animations the easiest way to create graphics is 3d rendering you can use DAZ or MMD. You can also flatten them to turn into 2d
Painting everything by hand is quite a hard job even for a good artist.


I checked out the game you mentioned. It's quite good graphics wise, but the shooting controls drove me mad.

>General Ideas for the game

That arena combat scenario you mentioned sounds hot as fuck to me. As long as it is possible to fight then rape then brutally execute my enemies.

Oh, a bonus level where you just slaughter female slaves for the amusement of the public and yourself would be god tier.

>Requests for animations

a beheading animation or a head bash with a mace, while the girl is giving you a handjob or after you come on her (one of my major kinks atm)

The game you mentioned you could use assets from does a decent job with the kinky attires, but it could be better imo.


Also, maybe a finish her/them kind of sequence after you defeat your enemies - with them naked and begging on their knees. Some might even try to masturbate or lure you with their bodies (i'm probably drifting already into fantasy land) and you could either execute them or fuck and execute them.


Why not use a game engine like UE4 or something? A lot of them are free for non-commercial use.


This link popped up a few times on my feed and I thought it was interesting "research" material:

www.ranker.com /list/black-market-organ-cost/april-a-taylor

Kidneys $200,000

Kidneys are by far the most popular organ on the Black Market. In fact, a staggering 75% of the Black Market organ trade involves the sale of kidneys. Therefore, it's not surprising that they're also one of the most expensive things to illegally purchase. At approximately $200,000, most people who need a kidney transplant due to medical issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes won't be able to afford it.

Sadly, less than a third of US patients on the kidney waitlist will get a legal opportunity to save their lives. Something worth noting is that the cost of these organs is much lower in China and India, where they range from $15,000 to $62,000.


In the name of ethics, make them suffer and drive up the price. We must have regulations so people can die legally.


If you trey to sell your kidney, you'll probably barely get 10% of what they'll be selling it for. That is...if you don't get disappeared.


2k moneys according to the god of butter.


You have a dial from 0 to 100. Once pushed, it cannot be used again. You can:

-Leave without pushing it, leaving it for potentially someone else.
-Push it at zero, saving humanity from it ever being used.
-End all human life.
-Purge a percantage of humanity.


Save humanity from the worst 1 in a hundred? Leave just the best? When is it suicide?
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I doubt it's only a handful of people.

1. My entire country murdered hundreds of thousands, (maybe millions for all we really know) of Iraqis. Those lives were not a concern.

2. We sold to Japans's enemies, so they bombed a military target. That justifies nuking 2 cities and firebombing counrless villages before that. But we'll bomb babies if their dads maybe sold to someone we don't like. And we pretend we're a shining city as we compare ourselves to slums we bombed.

3. Well I could go on and on about the left right apathetic and center. Suffice it to say I'm so disgusted with where the goal posts are.

Also, I should've stated in the OP that the culling doesn't deal "splash damage" (orbat least it's minimal) so they all die in their sleep over the course of a year or 2.


Given my history of self-hate, I probably couldn't set the dial to anything but 0 without killing myself...


Ah OK. Fair enough. Like a very mild deathnote then.

Don't really have much to say on the "US military crimes" thing, other than to note that *that* is also most likely down to a relatively small number of people, especially in terms of total global population... (certainly not defending it)

When I said "fucking it up", I didn't mean general everyday low level mistakes, occasional absentminded thoughtlessness, or fuckups through panicked attempts to deal with already fucked situations... more the institutional, malicious, greed driven, wilfully ignorant and hateful (etc etc) type crimes against humanity (as a concept) that make the victims' lives either a misery or unnaturally short and bring us all down as a species. The consummate cockends that we can all do without, and there isn't even a good "it's a dirty job that someone needs to do" argument for their existence or behaviour.

Funnily enough there was a programme on the TV, when I loaded up a bunch of /dis/ tabs including this one earlier, doing a special report on the seeming resurgence of neonazi groups in Germany (a problem that's rising across Europe and indeed in the US as well, probably a reaction to how the shitty awfulness that we thought we'd managed to corral safely in our former colonies is now leaking back thanks to the ever more connected world we live in...), and, well... I think it would suffice right now to turn the dial to whatever setting would quietly dispatch them in a much kinder way than they actively wish upon the terrified, war-fleeing immigrants they've found to be convenient scapegoats for the rubbish lives they would have been living anyway. As if 100 people from *anywhere* moving into a city of 40,000 would make any material difference to the economic or welfare situation after 25+ years of industrial decline following reunification, or the fact of them coming from some particular part of the middle east that's had the living shit bombed out of it makes any difference to that.

A number of the worst ones are now in jail (and psycho / sociopathic or just straight up stupid and emotionally stunted enough to still not understand what was wrong about, for example, complaining about being too poor to feed their children, and that they're worried about violence "following" the refugees (mostly women and young kids) as well as welfare money being spePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


and as i'm tapering from one set of antidepressants to another at the moment, i'd willingly take that chance right now. there'd be a year to find out, and in any case I'd be asleep. Simply ceasing to be in the middle of the night would be OK at the moment.

Knowing my general luck though, it'd take effect just as life unexpectedly starts to turn around.



Hell, even if we did lose a physicist or 2, we'd be better off overall if that physicist is such an ass that they're gone with neonazis.


Moves, games, books, etc.?

I adore Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. Pulp Fiction. Cabin in the Woods.

All wonderful films tha strike deep on infinite levels.

I know, I'm a fan.
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I love the Matrix and Quintin Tarantino!



Once a year I watch the three Matrix discs back-to-back. I'm actually a fan of all three films.

Quentin Tarantino: I have seen all of his films (at least Reservoir Dogs through The Hateful Eight). Right now Kill Bill: Vol. 3 is stalled at "characters"; and Untitled Manson Family Project is a screenplay up for pre-production between now and 2019. So much for his announcing retirement a few years back lol. Nice.

Amazingly, Miyazaki has once again come out of retirement for a new anime. Yus!:


In my orig post, I mis-typed this: The Conjuring 2/2. Meant the The Conjuring, and The Conjuring 2.


That's.... a hell of a combination.
Curious question: any regard for any of the other Ghibli / Miyazaki films or other anime? Or just those two?

Re: Matrix ... you're joking, right?
Re: Hayao-sensei... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (...I *knew* he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off the pencils, guy's too much of a creator to feel comfortable NOT making something). Though I thought SG shut down more because of a lack of funds than a lack of projects queued up for production?


"On August 3, 2014, Toshio Suzuki announced that Studio Ghibli would take a "brief pause" to re-evaluate and restructure in the wake of Miyazaki's retirement. He stated some concerns about where the company would go in the future. This has led to speculation that Studio Ghibli will never produce another feature film again. On November 7, 2014, Miyazaki stated, "That was not my intention, though. All I did was announce that I would be retiring and not making any more features." Lead producer Yoshiaki Nishimura (The Secret World of Arietty; and When Marnie was There) among several other staffers from Ghibli left to found Studio Ponoc in April 2015, working on the film Mary and the Witch's Flower".



I like his work in general, and even have an intense appreciation for what I have no interest in (I cannot relate to prepubescent delivery witches).

Why do those 2 strike you as an extreme combination? Because those are his 2 best works?


Share some of your fears why don't ya?
One thing I'm terrified of is that if I ever had to defend myself from an assailant or if somebody I knew was murdered my "interests" here would be brought up in court somehow. Like some asshole would use my cartoon porn history to frame me for murder and get me locked up for life.
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"The darkness inside myself."
No, not the guro kind. I have a pretty good relationship with my own kinks, even if I don't want them publicly known.
But the return of my depression? That endles, gaping hole of apathy slowly spreading, swallowing up everything. Not sadness, which I can deal with, but apathy. Losing my ability to care about *anything*.
That terrifies me


>>5825 Same as OP...


I'm seeing what you guys have put, and all I'm thinking is wow, all im scared of is wasps....the vicious little bastards


Heheheh yeah that's where I'm at.

Emotions and other abstractions are a concern for me but truamatic suffering is my "FEAR" as it's aptly named.


I sometimes wake up like I'm about to get my throat slit.

I'm haunted.

But I'm accepting some terror bit by bit. Just trying to stay strong.


I'm cuddling my warm pupper.
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Sadly no. Pupper sounds good though.


Grabbed my doggo and watched a few House of Cards episodes. Now I'm full of hair.



"And my mind is out here on another wave covered in hair..."

(Monsters in the Parasol - Josh Homme)


I've got a computer on my lap, if that counts for anything. And I'm pretty well stuck to this leather sofa having had to take off my shirt and shorts (as in short trousers, not underwear) because of how damn sweaty it is round here at the moment. In effect, the furniture is cuddling me instead.


>And I'm pretty well stuck to this leather sofa

Same here. Leather sucks, it reflects body warmth, making you sweat even more.


Enclaved said a few weeks ago that he'd be interested in implementing tags for literature stories, maybe even RP (that's a speculation on my behalf). I think that's a good idea, personally. He asked us to compile a list of tags, not TOO specific, but at least the basics so that the system can be tested out.

I have no idea how he plans to implement it, but I would suggest the tags to be for each individual post, rather than thread. Perhaps if the base tags are well enough curated, there could be another field added when posting in lit. The actual tagging I suppose would work best if it's left to the author. BUT there are already a lot of threads and fuck if I know how tagging each of those would work.

That being said, I should probably start the tags list:

1.By number of participant, sex and domination/submissiveness. (two lower or capital letters would mean consensual)
F/M=f/m=m/f=M/F (this would be one tag, no matter how it's written) -single male and female;
F/m =/= M/f - 2 tags for dominant male or female;
F+/m=/=M+/f - 2 tags for multiple (fe)males in a dominant role;
F+/M+ - basically 1 tag for consensual orgies

I can already see how this combinatorial sex/number problem will probably turn people away, but I tried to make it into a relatively manageable concept.

Consent is a big thing for most people, so it should be added as an extra tag (con / noncon)

2.Other guro related (here I'll list only what I find mainstream, anyone else should probably contribute to this list if s/he feels this is MISSING smth.)

-eye gouging
-debreasting / breast mutilation / mastectomy (just one tag pls)
-hard vore
-belly punching
-combat gore / zako (1 tag)

That's about all off the top of my mind.
Please copy my list and add to it, so that we get a final product (hopefully with no duplicates) that is 'digestible' by Enclaved.
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You are right, quite a lot of sites use that coding but not all

But now I agree that your way is better and should be used here.


Unless you're OK with a separate post form field for tags, you gotta decide on in-subject format: [tag, ...] or (tag, ...) or [tag][tag]... or whatever. But I would rather have a separate field with tags delimited by commas.


If it is possible the best way would be to add an additional field where anyone can do editing and add tags.
When the story progresses it usually gets new content, so there must be an easy way to change tags as well.


I think editing of tags could be feasible by using passwords. You can edit a post's tags if you have the password, same as deleting the post.

IMO the best way to add tags would be on each new post.

Yes. A tag subfield would be best. It could pop up upon pressing another button so it doesn't 'clutter' the interface for everyone who browses /lit/

Do you envision a sort by or search by tag function,how would you implement it?


>It could pop up upon pressing another button so it doesn't 'clutter' the interface for everyone who browses /lit/

A popup won't work, we need to support users without JavaScript, remember. I suppose adding a single input field above the post message in the form won't make it any more cluttered, and for viewers the entire form is hidden by default anyway.

>Do you envision a sort by or search by tag function,how would you implement it?

Sure, the ultimate goal is search by tags as on booru-like boards.


I found this topic quite interesting but couldn't search anywhere. It's like a kind of vore but instead of stopping in the stomach you will be able to explore other organs like lungs, heart, liver,... Any idea?


magic school bus guro?


Giantess/exploration ?


the fantastic voyage?


Innerspace... er... guro-ish?

I'm not sure if you can really call it that when it's been the subject of a PG-rated hollywood film. Though maybe if you make it a little less bowdlerised than the movie treatment was?

Fridge realisation: hopefully the bad guy's podule got filtered out by the kidneys or liver / gall bladder or something, otherwise that could cause a lot of discomfort if it ends up returning to normal size after a time.


A subset of anatomy/size-play, I guess.


Does she envy that I have my prwfereed liquid in a bottle? Does she wonder how it got there? Does she contemplate how unfair it all is, where it began, or how much I know? Do these pets of my friends think we understand thhe answers to queations we all have?

Do they wonder if we're gods as we wonder if there is a god?? Do they wonder if we know why existence exists? So they wonder if there's innate meaning or purpose?

Do they care?
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They wonder if we're gods when they wonder if we can revive tjeir kittens, in some sense.



>While I believe that cats are not that far behind humans in abstract thinking abilities, but what matters is that cats to not have any reasons to think about that kind of questions as they lack the certain functions of the brain entirely.

I believe they're pretty far behind on that, lacking a neocortex and all... but I do believe that they (and many other animals) have a sort of physics simulation 'engine' that enables them to to predict the motion of a falling object for example. This also *probably* allows them to understand cause and effect to e certain degree, though due to their inferior abstraction and inference capabilities they can't really do it on human level.

>Animals do not have fantasies and they just do not even think about "what if" scenarios they do not create virtual worlds like humans.

Most probably you are right about this - they can probably run simple heuristic simulations so that they can hunt effectively or perceive danger and get out of its way.

>what is interesting that cats often ask for help some events I know are that cat came asking to remove fishbone stuck in his throat and other time cat brought her dead kittens probably asking to revive them or something.

so they definitely see humans as very capable companions but they do not trust anyone that much and will not rely on you unless there is no other choice.

My dog comes to me for help sometimes too, so while I don't really believe that animals have an elaborate view of us or see us as helpful, they might have analogue thought patterns that enable them to see us as sources of help.

Alas, these were my thoughts on the matter. I can't be 100% certain of my worldview on this matter as I have not yet studied the brain in depth.


I woud not think that cats can have concept of god
even if we are much bigger and far more capable, cats will bravely fight us to defend their interests or totally ignore us in situations when we pose them danger, so they obviously treat us as equals.

>>they can't really do it on human level
You overestimate average human level. LOL

>>see us as helpful, ... see us as sources of help.

I believe this is pretty much same thing.


They essentially see you as the head of their "clan" or "nest"... particularly with the frequency with which you find and share food with them, and regularly show dominance.

As for the rest of it, probably not. Like a lot of other predatory animals, when not looking for something to eat, fuck or fight, they just sleep, or engage in basic social bonding behaviour. They don't think particularly deep thoughts, and don't sit around entertaining them. There's probably some kind of measurable consciousness there, maybe some flavour of rudimentary thought rather than just instinct, muscle memory and some basic information processing to tie it all together, but there's an awful lot of evolution between where they are and anything that could really class as language, abstract cognition, culture, etc. Including any kind of god-worship or trying to work out how you do the things you do, beyond simple imitation (which is the same as mama cat teaching kittens to hunt...). Crows, maybe even rats and some parrots are almost certainly smarter, in the terms you mean. A cat's head may seem larger than theirs but the portion of it given over to the braincase is actually kinda small.

It's somewhat similar for dogs too, though of course their heads vary in size quite a bit, and their apparent intelligence and countenance covers a wide range. But the main difference in their behaviour vs cats is really down to their being domesticated from a pack-oriented, coordinated pursuit and team-hunt ancestor, with a distinct social hierarchy that is rarely open to challenge other than if the existing alpha dies of natural causes or misadventure, and a need to do some basic problem solving in coming up with new team strategies on the fly if the old way no longer works. Vs a clan/pride oriented ancestor that normally hunted solo, relying on stalking then pouncing, or chasing down startled prey over a relatively short distance, and with group leadership being a fairly ephemeral and sometimes frequently changing thing, with battles for dominance and sorting out the pecking order being a common thing, which is why otherwise docile cats can sometimes become a bit hostile... And they're also, strangely, more promiscuous; typically only alphas get breeding rights in canine groups, and any action betas/omegas/etc of either sex get has to be done on the sly... and you'd better hope the alpha couple are in a good mood, maybe already looking after their own pups, when your littPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cats have a neocortex.


My biggest fantasies is digging up dead girls and then violating their corpse. Or getting into a mausoleum, open the tomb, then enjoying the contents within. I prefer dead girls wearing burial dresses in coffins or similar containers. I also think of corpse pussy as wine; The older they are, the better. So, what do you think, everybody?
p.s. White burial kimonos is the best!
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Well, in my grave robbing fantasies, the dead girl would have to be fresh and intact in order for her to be appealing to me. Also, I fantasize about a dead girl being in a pretty dress of various types and putting her in a body bag before taking her home with me and after injecting her with an anti-decomposition chemical, make her into my love doll to cherish and love forever.

With Anime and manga characters who've died, I fantasize about digging up their bodies from their graves and making them into love dolls to love too.

Also, I've got similar Grave robbing fantasies that involve dead lolis and shotas. In my fantasies, I can't bear to see a beautiful child, teen girl or woman rot away in the ground so I work to save their bodies from such a terrible fate and preserve them forever.


>the penalty would be harsh
that probably depends on where you live. I just checked and in my country grave robbing/necrophilia would be prosecuted as "disturbance of the dead" and the MAXIMUM penalty is 3 months. A first time offender would most likely get off with probation and some mandatory therapy.

your other points are valid though.


Holy fuck where do you live? I'm not even into necrophilia and that makes me rethink things.


I'm willing to offer my wife. She's not even dead and damned if I can tell the difference in the bedroom.


That's why I'd prefer to fuck someone immediately after killing them, when their body is just lukewarm and their skin is still soft, before rigor mortis sets in (Iess than 4 hours after death). One of my most persistent fantasies is smothering my daughter to death in bed with a pillow and sleeping with her body, cuddling her, kissing her, caressing her, talking to her. A real draw is the fact that even after death she'd still feel so human, being alive just minutes earlier, waiting for a goodnight kiss from daddy with not a worry in her mind. Not that I'd actually do it, but damn I wish I could.

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