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I have always been fascinated by this.

While I do enjoy mild gay bdsm, whenever I see a thread here about penis/testicle cutting/crushing of males, I have to scroll past it.

I have heard of "mirror neurons", apparently some kind of receptors in in the brain that make you feel empathy and make you "wince" when you witness injury.

My question is how, as a male, are you able to look at this and actually enjoy it? Is this mirror neuron response dead in you, or do you enjoy it despite?

For males who enjoy the thought of HAVING these things done to them, I am DOUBLY interested. If your mirror neuroma fire when you see penile/testicular gore, and you STILL enjoy the fantasy of it happening to you, I would be very interested to hear a description of what you enjoy about it
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Nothing makes me hornier than the thought of being permanently horny and teased. Obviously just a fantasy not to be realized.

Ruined orgasms are another turn on. Fortunately you can have a happy ending *after* a ruined. :-)


>>Ruined orgasms are another turn on. Fortunately you can have a happy ending *after* a ruined. :-)

Considering that ruined orgasm terminology shouldn't it be the exact opposite?
For me, it is experience ruining orgasm if it actually happens. LOL


So, CBT/Castration is by far my most favored fetish. When I'm looking at fictional porn of it away from other people and in a sexual way, I never feel sympathy pain. When I see it happen in real life or when I'm around other people, and I haven't gone out of my way to find it myself for sexual pleasure, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I imagine that's not because of "mirror neurons" though. More because I'm seeing something that I find sexually arousing in a public area. Like, watching TV or a movie with other people and someone gets hit in the balls.

I feel fucked up in a lot of ways for being like this. I think I'm desensitizing myself to the fetish more and more, so I have to keep finding more sadistic art/stories to satisfy me. Just a few years ago, I would have been squicked by seeing castration or a penectomy. I would rather have settled for more tame stuff. So maybe conditioning has something to do with it too. The more I see it, the less it affects me.



You can ruin an orgasm briefly, and then keep going...


Do you fantasise about it being done to others or yourself? Or both?


I have an idea for a little story where two superheroines fight to settle a rivalry about their places in their superhero team. The story itself is fine for what it is, but it seems that it's impossible to find two good superhero names when you need them. There must be hundreds of thousands of published superheroes, and they must have taken almost all the good names by now, along with a big chunk of the bad names.

I was hoping to create two original superheroes for the story so I'm trying to not get them confused with existing superheroes by sharing the same name. Unfortunately that is surprisingly difficult.

Circumstances may force me to turn the story into fan fiction about existing superheroes, simply due to shortage of original names. To stay true to my original idea, they should both be female. One of them should be a young fresh recruit to the team who impresses the team with her enormous powers, friendly attitude, and very large breasts. The other one should be a team leader who is significantly older, more mature, less powerful, and feels insecure about her position on the team with the arrival of the newcomer.

Does it make any sense to try to find existing superheroes to fit those roles? Or would it be easier to come up with original names and just invent the characters for the story?
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Black Coffee.

Miss Stress.

Krazy Kisser.


Deadly Daisy.

Kween Kwai.


Crazed Clam.



Lemon Lady.

The Poltergasm.



Jizz Jewel.

Gore Gamer.

The Alternators.

Bratty Berzerker.


You could just provide link to random noun generator LOL


well ig that's just how easy it is to come up with hero and villain names.


Recently I was reading some CosplayBabes vs. The Legions of the Undead and I realized that my biggest issue with those stories is that they do one hero at a time, so there's almost never any dialog. Dialog is by far the best way to give a character personality. That quickly lead me to an irresistible urge to write Lara Croft and Samus Aran teaming up to kick ass against a hoard of xenomorphs in some South American jungle ruins.

I've already written most of the story, but the pace of my writing is starting to slow down as I run out of ideas. I can't honestly claim I have a good idea for what should happen to Lara Croft in the end. I was anticipating some sort of snuff, but I'm at a loss for a good way to have it happen. She's already been mauled a few times, so she wouldn't be walking away unscathed, but if I can't think of a good death for her then maybe it means some sort of victory would be better.

As for Samus Aran, I think it would be very appropriate to have her killed by a xenomorph hiding in her gunship when she goes to leave the planet. Before that happens, I want her to be running around without her powersuit for a while. That almost certainly means she gets overwhelmed by xenomorphs until her energy runs out and they tear her suit to pieces. On the other hand, that's too simple. It would be a shame to defeat Samus Aran by just throwing enormous numbers of xenomorphs at her. There should be some trick to it, some plausible way she makes a mistake that leads to her defeat. Anyone have any ideas?
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Thinking about the whole nuke from orbit thing, what about a mad dash back to samus's ship, xenomorphs hot on their tail. Does it gotta be a trap?


I've certainly considered having Samus just run away from the problem, but lately I've been thinking it would be more satisfying if Samus won this encounter. Running away is still an option until I've got a solid way for her to win.

As for nuking from orbit, Samus never does that sort of thing. It's probably because most of her targets are deep underground. Lara also tends to deal with things that are underground, so really this story needs an underground solution for an underground problem.

Bringing in things from Samus's universe is an interesting possibility, but it also complicates things. Phazon on Earth might be an even bigger problem than xenomorphs. She also only had her PED for one game, so including it is not a big priority.

I'm beginning to think that a Tomb Raider solution would be better than a Metroid solution. Perhaps Lara could find some hidden mechanism or secret that somehow leads to destroying the xenomorphs.


Swarms of flesh eatters, small beetles in a giant pit. Lara swings over them, Aliens rush towards her just as the finer and more numerous swarm descends.

Twist: the beetles mutate. The planet is covered in such bugs.


> Swarms of flesh eaters, small beetles in a giant pit.

I really like that idea. There was something like that in The Last Revelation, wasn't there? At least there were little insects that could swarm and kill you, though I guess it wasn't much of a swarm due to hardware limitations.

I must admit that I've played more Metroid games than Tomb Raider games, so I don't have full access to all the references I might use from the Tomb Raider games that I never played. I would have missed this one if you hadn't mentioned it.


I actually have never really played either except a bit of both at friends places and the like.


My friend was tired so I wonder now, is it because it's too late to be up, or too early?


Is it AM or PM?


Personally, ive always referenced when the last time i slept more than just a nap. "Late" = i should go to bed, and "Early" = i should BACK to bed.

But that's just me


I believe 'late' can only be stretched so far before there is some noticeable change in conditions. But I don't necessarily think 'early' is the next thing to come along. Rather, 'early' might best be mentioned in reference to earlier only once its later. Also, the latter part of later may itself include indications of the earliest early. Time yields it meaning by being suspended. So...

...'Early' and 'late' happen always at the same time. Only one, however, for us, with our language limitations, radiates at a time.

OK, I'm being silly! ^v^


How do you feel about idealism? Politics in general? Does it matter?
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Are you talking about the US?




>>All just to combat their imaginary friend: the omnipresent fashism.
>>It has become racist to worry about relatives and friends first.

I think that's not what's racist... nor is fascism imaginary



I agree with what you've said, almost verbatim. But I must say that democracy, although it is a better system from the perspective of the common people, is just utterly ineffective without the proper political education and implication of all classes of citizens.

I'm 20, living in Romania - a so-called democracy. The currently elected party is of 'Social-Democrats', a communist regime follow-up party that is interested only in plundering the country's resources and selling out for personal gain.

Democracy, in my opinion, is just dictatorship enforced by propaganda. There is a well established ruling class and, although we can "vote" and apparently influence the outcome of the election, which puppet gets the mandate OFTEN, but not always, has no influence on the overall way the country will be ruled.
That being said, I do consider democracy to be better than a straight dictatorship/monarchy because it allows for higher upwards mobility and more freedom of choice.


Idealism, I believe, is something that is inspired and cultivated in people by society and religion. What I mean here by society is: the educational system, our parents, movies, media, comic books... It acts as the mortar of a cohesive society. Idealism provides hope and stability for the common folk.

Take, for example, patriotism. It is a collectivist ideal that works to the benefit of the state and the detriment of the individual. Patriotism is used to to fuel wars and support local industry, therefore making that slice of society grouped as a state more prosperous/healthy - but at the cost of economical value for the individual and even his/her life.

From my perspective, the whole concept of ideals stems from the need for certainty in the human psyche. The need for an upper power that establishes what's wrong and right - morals - and therefore ideals as the 'right' ideas/mindsets through the moralistic mindset.

Whether one chooses to pursue ideals in itself an amoral thing, because I believe it can't be good or bad. Pursuing ideals, though, is predominantly an act of selflessness, and therefore I can't endorse it on a personal Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


If you talk about that kind of idealism I guess is must be a lie told to the children by adults similar to that lie about Santa.
It does not provide stability but just brings very big disappointment when you find you that all your life was based on the lie.

The problem is market size because you cannot just focus on your own country, To have good living standards you need big market preferably global.
If Germany decided to close its borders and live on its own it would turn into the same shit hole as Syria without any industry or other advanced stuff.
I think this is going to happen to the UK if it will finally decide to leave.


I made a foolish and embarrassing mistake in a literature post. I somehow managed to get the names of the characters confused and randomly started calling a character by the wrong name.

Should I just accept this blunder and move on? Maybe post a reply that apologizes for the error? Would it be appropriate to post the same story again as a new topic with the error fixed, and call it the fixed version?

If someone has the power to delete the messed up version for me, it's called Space Goo.


yo same thing for me in PR I made a double post


Info about the Netherlands.


*In Europe.
*Very liberal, especially by Ameritard standards.
*Known for drugs and prostitution.


*Fastest way from Berlin to Paris.


What are the most horrific/disgusting comics you have encountered? (Western or Japanese, or whatever)

I enjoy horrific/depressive themes where there is a total lack of hope, like Crossed, Hellstar Remina, James Herberts' the City, especially when there is a lot of gore.. anybody else like those themes?


I love Hell. No one comic in particular, but the theme of eternal damnation and total depravity.


How about Attack on Titan?


At first, "Mai-chan's Daily Life" was what I considered to be most extreme, then the "-Kankan Hime/-Princess Violation" series was on my most extreme list. But as of now? Probably Uziga Waita's "Doku Doku Gravestone" is taking the cake.



Almost everything from Avatar/Boundless. Nothing is too disgusting for me.


what is word Gurochan means?


Originally I thought that chan is for the channel as on tv.

But in Japanese "chan" is term for cute as example cat/kitty-kitten
strangely the English language has no way even to translate that.

Guro is probably grotesque "Gurotesuku" as Japanese people can't spell anything without adding vowels everywhere


from Wikipedia:

Ero guro nansensu, frequently shortened to ero guro or just guro, (エログロ ero-guro) is a literary and artistic movement originating c. 1930 in Japan. Ero guro puts its focus on eroticism, sexual corruption, and decadence. While ero guro is a specific movement, many of its components can be found throughout Japanese history and culture.

The term itself is an example of wasei-eigo, a Japanese combination of English words or abbreviated words: ero from "ero(tic)", guro from "gro(tesque)", and nansensu from "nonsense".

from Urban Dictionary:

"chan," usually used in the plural as "chans," can refer to the large array of English-language websites that were inspired by the japanese imageboard 2channel. The largest and most influential of the "chans" is the popular website 4chan , although there are many other similar websites such as 7chan, 420chan, wakachan, iichan, not4chan, gurochan, fchan, sidechan, renchan, and so on.


Lately I've been fascinated by the idea of body part lego, where bodies can be systematically designed by snapping together the appropriate parts. For example, we might have an RPG game where character creation allows you to create a two-headed cyclops centaur whose hind legs are steam-punk prosthetic machine legs. The idea isn't to just have a list of body plans like minotaur and mermaid, but to give the players a system for building up their characters out of pieces, like putting an extra hand growing out of their character's forehead, or an arm coming out of the middle of his chest.

The whole system would be computerized so that an RPG game could determine the capabilities of a character using rules based on what sort of body they have. The game would be able to calculate how fast a centaur would run based on how many legs it has, and it could have mechanics for how amputations affect gameplay.

Another possibility for such a system would be to automatically construct a 3D model to represent the person. It shouldn't be hard to take existing 3D models of people and break them apart so they can be re-assembled in any way imaginable.

Even though this is a simple concept, the details of such a system can be daunting. How does one make a list of all the places where someone might have an extra limb, especially when each extra limb adds more places. How do we organize all this information so that it's easy to understand and ready to use for a computer?

Has this already been done somewhere? Has anyone heard of something like this, or made something like this already?
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3D meshes can be morphed and merged just like any other model, image, dataset... in fact as DAZ was already mentioned, pretty sure that has a mesh morphing function in it somewhere.

And certainly human body models have hierarchical trees defining each major part (starts with torso, then e.g. pelvis, (crotch...) thigh, knee, shin, angle, foot, toes... or chest, (breasts..) shoulders, neck, head... etc), so why not have the ability to separate each one out and mix and match? So long as the attachment points survive and the bare ends can be morphed onto each other... maybe with some kind of hinting and resizing system... doesn't matter that it's hollow or with one-sided textures (so if you look from the inside out it's transparent), as the tubes are always closed up and the inside/outside orientation always preserved.


It certainly seems like something that could be done. Unfortunately it seems like no one has already done it. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, as they say.

I've been doing some drawing to figure out how a body should be divided into pieces and what each piece should be called. At least I can do that much even if the technical aspects are beyond me. Unfortunately a lot of body parts don't have obvious recognizable names. How many people realize that the part of your body between your shoulder and your elbow is technically your arm, and everything below that is not part of your arm, but is instead your forearm? And who knew that your legs only go up to your knees? And where exactly is a person's waist?

As for the technical aspects, I'm not totally oblivious about 3D modeling and programming, but I'm afraid I have dreams that are bigger than my skills. Someday!


'makehuman' is free (&open source) software to create models of humans by pulling sliders, but it does not contain generation of internal organs.

You could always use that to generate some humans, then cut them into parts in the modelling program of your choice, then use free software 'mechmixer' to put the parts together in new and interesting ways.

But, for all the body scanning and medical imaging hype going on lately, generation and simulation/animation of skeletal structure and internal body parts seems to be a sparsely researched complex of topics atm, e.g. there's not much research papers available on it.


Sorry, that should have been 'meshmixer'.


>Unfortunately it's not clear exactly how Spore makes its amazing creatures happen, so it's difficult to duplicate that miracle.

There is a siggraph paper which explains the process: "Real-time Motion Retargeting to Highly Varied User-Created Morphologies" by Hecker et al.

Very technical, but also contains referrences to some interesting related papers.

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