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So I’ve been trying to run some Guro games on my laptop but have had no luck. They are all in rar. file form but I can’t play them on my computer. It runs on windows so I’m not sure what issue I might be facing. Anyone have some advice or tips?


.rar is a compression format, like .zip.
Have you unpacked them?



I guess you are trying to run them on Linux?


I’ve unpacked them but have found a program that has can run them. Maybe because there Japanese I have to change what region it thinks I’m in or something I’m in
I’m running them on a Lenovo laptop


What does "Guro games" mean exactly? The idea of guro-based games is fascinating and it would be great to see more of it, or at least to get some ideas for how such games might be designed.

Is it just a visual novel?


It’s games like splatter school and hunter’s H. I got them but can’t play them which sucks


I've been thinking about all my enemies. Do you have any? Many?

Some have told me I chose them but I know I only call them what they are, for it was they that chose me to be their enemy.

I was walking down a a bike path and it was narrow, between a fence and some trees, and there were fat white country cops standing and looking down on some lack urbanites. As I approached, I slowed, and their heads all turned to me and stared into me. I'm no enemies of those black urbanites, but of many like them, and those cops have since been horrible to me many times over.

Many feminists want me dead or to suffer for being a man. Many antifeminists are much the same.

I'm an antitheist, but because my priorities don't align entirely with another, I get slandered. Okay, par for the course, people cuss each other out, call each other things, blame each other. But calling me "a radical Islamic terrorist" for not being in agreement on every level (despite already clarifying that I think Islam is bad), a POS calling me a thing that can get me LOCKED UP AND TORTURED??

Now I want that "person" who has so endangered me to face what he has put me to. I truly intend this. And all those cops, that have done such things to me.

There's ISIs and the KKK and both leftists and rightists that are cultists for the CIA and FBI and they're obviously a horrific terror upon this world.


I'm sure you lot can argue on who's a trillion turds and who is only a few thousand. I'm not saying it's all equal, nor that any particular thing is any worse than any other. Not right ow anyway. My only point here is I'm hurt and besieged on every front and I just wanted to be okay, but now to be okay, I must have justice, and justice isn't true if they're not facing wrath.

But for now, just an intellectual conversation to soak pleasant experience from this world, for which a life is so costly.
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Lol point taken.



im not sure if the site is hosted in communism russia but i will mention ISIS anyway. Last thing I read was that russia totally blocked the acress to the domain.


Laws are pretty selective, there are cases when people were arrested form writing sex stories in US while most of the time nothing like that happens
Youtube demonetized half of its videos because one youtube made a joke about Nazis

But this is not the main issue government monitors word use to identify possible suspects. if you talk about something forbidden you will simply get more attention and more monitoring.


the requirement is that russian mass media make a note that isis is a terrorist organization outlawed in russia whenever mentioning them


ISIS is also cunts.


I am looking for information on real Occult Magick, Sorcery and Numerology. Is there anything out there? I am talking the stuff that the Elite use.
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No need to hide the "real magick" (specially high magick and the real weird shit). No normies would believe it anyway, so you can write about it openly.

Also Crowley and what this guy said:



I never thought I could relate to the Dursleys.




The great debunker of magic :3

Numerolegy is basic stuff tho you learn slowly.

A=1 and so on then you just make vague connections until you get the numbers you want.



Do Pokemon also use real magic? They seem to capture these spirits(pokemons) and have controll over them.... they discover more and more as their jurney go on and they even have special "pokemon battles" that clearly are magical battles as we normies belive pokemons aint even real.



So you claim magick is real...how do you attest it's reality?

I was into 'spiritual satanism' for a while when I was younger, but then I realized it just doesn't do shit - all the things I thought were happening were just me being hyper aware of shit that went around me and making false cause-effect correlations in my mind. (eg. I stopped just in time on a crosswalk before I was hit by a car and I immediately thought I was protected by my guardian daemon and shit, instead of just seeing it as blind and dumb luck)


How do you folks cope with the guilt that sometimes (or often) arises from enjoying Guro?

Like, I meet someone and they'll end up saying, "Yeah, I'm pretty kinky. I like to be lightly tied-up and spanked."

I am forced to laugh and act like I'm a nun or preacher. I could never tell someone that I get a nearly transcendent pleasure from drawings of stitches, cannibalism, zombies, necrophilia, and general violence against women.

Hell, I feel weird that my biggest kink is girls in wheelchairs and that is on the /f/ board. I nearly tore my face in half from smiling when my wife was in a wheelchair in the hospital.

How do you guys cope with any shame or guilt you feel? Do you worry about your self-perceptions causing others to misjudge you?

Hell, I once masturbated to a video called, "Fuck Her Corpse." I may have came with the force of a geyser, but I felt immeasurable guilt afterwards.

What about you?
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I honestly have a hard time understanding where all the "I feel really guilty after cumming" mantra comes from. I see it everywhere in these circles, whether relating to guro or pedophilia or what have you. I don't feel guilt for this, or really much anyway. Personally, if I would feel guilty doing something, I just wouldn't do it. If I misjudge it and do it anyway, I won't do it in the future. I can't understand why someone would do something they feel guilty about if they already know that it's the way they will end up feeling.

Hell, right now as I type this, I'm watching a real rape video where a group of guys are drowning some poor Japanese chick (a series called Bakky) while she struggles for her life and begs them to stop. The fact that you like fictional and artistic depictions of kinky things is considerably very mild. Just don't kill someone and everything will be fine.


You clearly have never had a kidney stone.


Oh fuck me. Wrong field.


I had plenty of extremely painful experiences but they had no emotional effect on me at all besides provoking anger. like I said, even most extreme pain is just annoyance.

short-term pain may be even useful, as the motivator. I would not mind if some girl would hurt me a little just to provoke me to attack her
or if it were some game where you could actually feel pain from being hit.
the bad thing is that pain usually lasts long after its cause is eliminated.


I don't really feel guilty for fapping, but I am feeling the disconnect. In college, we were reading some edgy story, and in one chapter, a guy cuts off his daughter's tits because he's afraid he's gonna molest her because she looks like his sister. Everyone else was shocked after reading that, but I was kinda numb to it, since I've jerked off to plenty of ayaswan art showing the exact same thing, among much worse things like impalement and brainfucking.

I feel like I'm getting desensitized to this stuff, at least in fiction, and I'm afraid there's gonna be a time where I'll be with a friend or a GF, and I won't react the right way to a scene in a movie or an anime, and they'll just think I'm really weird or something.


I've got nothing to do with the ASSTR site admin but this is what I understand to be the latest announcement from them regarding ongoing site problems.

ASSTR community, As many of you have already discovered, we're having some server issues that are causing site outages at times and an old copy of the web site to appear at other times. These issues are due to our primary web server repeatedly crashing, possibly due to a broken fan that is causing the machine to overheat. Because the server is located in a data center thousands of miles from where any site admin is located, diagnosing the problem and resolving it is easier said than done. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible while at the same time putting together a plan to migrate to a more cloud-based site architecture that should hopefully lessen or eliminate these kinds of problems caused by hardware failures in the future. Thank you for your time and understand. - Rey del Sexo ASSTR Administration
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> Isn't it rather melodramatic to call it illegal? It's just fiction. What kind of world would we live in if words became crimes?

Uhm, like, the world we live in now?
I dunno for other countries, but here's the Crime Code of Russian Federation:

Article 242.1. Making and Distribution of Materials or Objects with Pornographic Pictures
of Minors
1. Making, acquisition, storage and/or movement across the State Border of the Russian
Federation for the purpose of distribution, public demonstration or advertising, or distribution,
public demonstration or advertising of materials or objects with pornographic pictures of minorsshall
be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of two to eight years with or
without deprivation of the right to hold definite offices or to engage in definite activities for a term
of up to fifteen years.

The article also has an appendix (actually two, but we're interested in the first one) that I couldn't find in English, so I'll try to translate it by myself:

Appendix 1. As "Materials or Objects with Pornographic Pictures of Minors" in this article and article 242.2 of thic Code should be understood materials and objects, including ANY DEPICTION [such as a drawing] OR DESCRIPTION [such as a story] in sexual purposes of:
- fully or partially bare sexual organs of a minor [feel like risking taking a picture of your baby in a bath and then trying to prove it wasn't in sexual purposes? YOU"RE A FUCKING PEDOPHILE AND SHOULD BURN IN HELL!L!LLLL!],
- a minor, performing OR IMITATING sexual intercourse of OTHER ACTIONS OF SEXUAL NATURE [you surely know that an air kiss is an imitation of a real kiss, which in turn is an action of sexual nature? I'm not even talking about hugs which involve actual physical contact. So if you're filming your child playing with other kids and they hug their friend or blow them an air kiss - BOOM - you've just made a child porn]
- a sexual intercourse or other actions of sexual nature, done to the minor or with his participation [naturally you can't hug or kiss your child by yourself either]
- ADULT, portraying a minor, performing or imitating sexual intercourse or other actions of sexual nature [and now you can't even roleplay with your legal wife dressing her as a schoolgirl... well at least you can't film it, because it would be considered child porn]

This is an actual acting fuckingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


> Here's the Crime Code of Russian Federation.

Perhaps if the Russian people tried voting for someone else every once in a while, the Russian government might try making fair laws instead of laws designed to allow them to imprison anyone they don't like.


And one more point.

> It might be easier to host a site for general fiction that just happens to allow erotic content, because then it wouldn't technically be an erotic website. It would just be a fiction website that doesn't monitor its submitted stories for content.

That's no different than calling your human hunting club a regular hunting club that just happens to allow hunting humans. So what? If you still kill people, you're still a criminal, no matter if you kill animals along with humans or not.


In the US, it's a grey area, but it's usually considered legal so long as it's not "obscene" (which is quite subjective) or has "artistic merit" (also subjective).

It's not just Russia that bans that. The UK, Australia, etc. also do.


Seems like it's down again...


Anyone notice the clear gurotic elements in Neuromancer? I've noticed guro in a number of cyberpunk novels but this was more blatant. Public holograms of lethal, grotesque sex acts that are considered totally standard. And even a character who begs to be strangled to death as a sex act.
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I now have something new to add to my reading list ^^




Yeah it's all in there. Just very subtle/down-played. Jane subtly asks Molly to strangle her, the founder of TA slits his wife's throat in bed, (implied,) and Peter does the hologram of Molly dismembering her sexual partner too.

Neuromancer is the Tolkien of Cyberpunk; I wish it contained more gurotic elements but it's really downplayed. Definitely worth reading though.
Just a trend I've observed with a lot of cyberpunk/post-cyberpunk, such as Accelerando, is that erotic violence always gets a nod. It's nice ^_^


Just throwing in my two cents, this is an incredible book.


Most of the violence in Neuromancer isn't erotic so don't get excited if you haven't read it, although when I read it at 14 the female main character gave me a lot of ideas..

It was a mindblowing book at the time and I'm sure even more when it came out back in the 80s but there are some amusing things now like the end sequence being really obviously inspired by ketamine


Who ever is reading this , i need your help . Please. Ive never been on something like this before but i just really have no one to turn to. I got myself stuck in this situation where i messaged someone i should have. And i really need to get there email password so i can change there password and keep them from seeing this message. Please. I just need help.
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You'd be surprised how well social engineering can work. In fact, it's easiest to do against big companies, less so against individuals (with a few exceptions), but of course it requires experience, not just reading some online guide. It does count as hacking, too, since hackers tend to have a rather strange definition of hacking. Lock picking and dumpster diving are hacking! After all, DEF CON does have a social engineering village, and it's one of the most useful techniques in any professional pentester's arsenal.


The guys at 8ch.net may have some aditional info, there is a dedicated email hack thread there....


Meanwhile, elsewhere: a picture of a woman looking at an email with the subject "please", and the message, "i want To hug yoru butt"


Plit twist: she's into butt squeezing and reading this on gurochan


Oh god my sides.


I wonder if there are any alternatives of gurochan where guro and loli is allowed.

Here is the list of whast I know:

For viewing pictures pixiv and exhentai are usable alternatives, but they do not have much of interactivity

there is also lolicit forum where Guro can be posted on the separate section but almost nobody is interested in anything unusual and unless you are pedophile you have nothing to do there because all content is ultra-realistic
On top of that, it is very hard to get in while easy to get banned if for some reason mods dislike you.
Unlike other forums, non lolicon stuff is forbidden there.

thedarkspot, dolcettgirls, Dolcettish do not alow lolicon content.

thedarkspot is owned by asshole admin tyrant who filled entire FAQ bragging about now tyrannical he is.

dolcettgirls seem to have somewhat decent admins and good diverse content on consensual guro side, but it is largely paysite.

Dolcettish seems to be adequate in terms of friendly atmosphere and so far most friendly staff, but it is mostly about hangings and beheadings.


There's a guro thread on 8chan, but it's pretty dead.


I am not asking for guro boards but for any other forums where users have some freedom to post guro and loli as well as other stuff.


Rule 34/ paheal.net has an extensive guro collection featuring tags like dead, death, drowning, hanging, loli, beheading, shooting, skinning...etc, man. Give that a shot. Bots do post content they did not make though, which I think hurts guro creators who need more money to continue their works like WingR. So fair warning.


I'm at a point in my life where I'd murder someone with consent.

I'd like to know for how long a body will remain fresh or 'fuckable' after death.
How could I best preserve the body and clean out the cunt for multiple uses?


This obviously depends on what condition you prefer. some may see maggot filled pussy as a benefit. LOL

you could preserve body to last forever by soaking it with formaldehyde but if you try to fuck it you will soon follow the same fate.
But I think the better solution would be to get employed somewhere where they provide you the supply of fresh corpses.


>>6163 Plastify it like they do for the BodyWorlds exhibit. You'll be able to fuck it as long as you want, as long as you're careful and don't mind it being an unyielding solid block.


lets talk about what is time?
is it a illusion? or is it our brain just giving a false image of world?
where does it start where does it end?
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Good question.

I think many physicists would say that time is humans' perception of the constant increase in entropy within any given reference frame. It began (as far as the current real universe is concerned) when the increase in entropy began and the universe left its minimum-entropy initial state - in other words, at the Big Bang. Nothing "before" the Big Bang counts as existing, as far as science is concerned, because the Big Bang acts as a barrier preventing it from having any effect on everything that happened afterward. Time ends either when a singularity is reached (i.e. you reach the center of a black hole) or, if black holes conserve information, time never ends but rather extends infinitely into the future as a ray. That said, in most of the universe time will effectively stop existing when there is no matter or energy left in the nearby area, all of it having dispersed as the universe expanded.



This theory has one problem as time has to exist for big bang to happen, as well as time has to exist even if good created universe simply because any action requires the concept of time. Nothing can happen without time.

Also, Blackhole does not preserve anything. If you fall inside you get ripped apart by the gravity differential before you even hit the ground.


>>6150 Oh, no worries, I well understand how inhospitable black holes are. A human's conscious perception of time would likely stop before even getting within spitting distance due to irradiation or just plain incineration (accretion disks get pretty hot). The debate among physicists these days is the "Firewall Paradox," in simple terms the contradiction between the laws of relativity and quantum mechanics as they apply to black holes. Do they destroy elementary particles as well, or simply trap them inside to be released later when the black hole eventually evaporates?

Regarding the big bang needing time to exist, time did exist right from square one, but didn't have to exist beforehand. Nothing needs time to have existed in the past for it to happen now - I can do anything I want now and not need to worry about whether time existed billions of years ago or even one second ago. Likewise, if time and space began simultaneously, neither needed to be sitting around forever ahead of time, which conveniently avoids chicken-and-egg problems (if space can't exist without time, and time can't exist without energy, and energy can't exist without space, then how do any of them exist in the first place?).


You probably misunderstood something because I meant that time has to exist in philosophical terms as if the big bang "happened" it requires time to happen or if we have no time nothing can happen.
So the only reasonable hypothesis is that universe must be cyclic and time does exist before big bang as well

Black hole physic is a bit strange as well, as I do not understand how physicists do not see the problem that black hole breaks energy conservation law.
If anything falls into a black hole all energy of that object is released as radiation. so whatever falls inside should not exist already and if it gets to evaporate again you get double amount of energy than predicted by e=mc


>So the only reasonable hypothesis is that universe must be cyclic and time does exist before big bang as well

I cannot begin to express how incorrect this is.

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