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I am actually in a position where in I could get meat, which I'd like her to eat unknowingly or not.

Anyone else find this cool?

I have kik too, Lukesixx6
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Who cares about the nutritional value? it is not like you are feeding pigs or chicken with that meat to make them grow faster.
There is no reason why it could be bad, it is just meat after all and most likely most likely even taste will be same as pork.


I like the idea too.

But if you'd make her eat unknowingly and she finds out or thinks it's an odd taste, what would you answer?

Also wouldn't you like it more if she'd eat it willingly? Have you spoken to her about it or do you know her position on this or do you have any hints at all? Did you try to bring up the subject?

(sorry, no kik, everything's spied on today)


>>she finds out or thinks it's an odd taste,

Do you expect something like this?
"This tastes strange. Kinda reminds me human, meat which I ate yesterday are you trying to save on food again and feed me medical waste?"


haha, more likely "anon come on we all know it's not pork, now you insisted cooking/bringing me this meat to cook whereas it isn't in you habits doing so, so what's all the fuss about?"

Would you say it's something exotic and lie?


There is no need to lie much. My response would be
"huh... what's wrong with this meat? I don't see anything extraordinary. I bought it in the supermarket because they had a big discount. Maybe it is expired or something" And later tell her explanation here :)


I was thinking that it would be nice to have some kind of tool for calculating theoretical populations for those who want their story setting to be believably sustainable. What I was thinking was a spreadsheet with cells for the different variables, that could return a rate of growth/decline from the given variables or return a percentage of the population that could die each year and still remain sustainable.

For example a list of possible variables and values.

 * Initial Population - 1,000,000,000
 * Ratio of Men:Women born - 1:10
 * Average age range of when pregnancy occurs - 12-50
 * How often women in this range give birth on average - Every 4 years
 * Age range of when women can be killed - 8+
 * Age range of when men can be killed - N/A
 * Percentage of women who die each year from non-natural causes - 10%
 * Percentage of men who die each year from non-natural causes - 0%
 * Average age of death from natural causes - 80

I think that's enough information to calculate a growth/decline curve, but I don't know how I would construct the formula. If someone could upload and link a spreadsheet (or a google doc if you have no fear), or just construct a formula that I could try to build into a spreadsheet myself, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to go above and beyond I can think of a few more potential variables.

 * Potential differing rates of death for different age ranges - Women ages 4-8 3%, Women ages 9-13 10%, Women ages 14-30 25%, Women 30-50 15%, Women 50+ 1%
 * Potential for futa in gender ratio and accounted for as possible fathers for calculating pregnancies but as women for rate of death statistics - Men:Women:Futa - 1:10:2

If I've left out any important variables or if you have any thoughts on this idea in general, please share.
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Accelerated growth does not need to have any Ill effects, but those people will be still as old as their physical age. so if the woman grows into adult size in 4 years she will be still 4 years by humans standards and she may only barely learn to speak in that time.

I find it a bit strange that many dolcet focused forums complain about lolis but have no problems that they own characters are only 4 years old or so, what could count as toddlercon :)
and it is not very likely that those women will be very useful work force at that age

impregnation rate is not that important because it is not reasonable for a man to consume that amount of meat unless you only take some small part and throw away the rest what would be terribly wasteful
maybe you could somewhat recycle it by feeding it to other women as good protein source making then grow faster

But in any case, it would require an enormous amount of vegetarian food to grow that amount of women and low-efficiency manual labor would not be able to sustain that so life would be pretty hard for those men and totally pointless. cannibalism is a prety bad idea as the source of food.

But the main point of dolcet society is disposability of women where they have absolutely no value it is not about breeding them for food or eating it is more like you just have that many women that you need to get rid of them somehow


a fully mature body is a fully mature body...and when talking about dolcett we are talking about dehumanization....because that's the point..so loli has nothing to do with it.... it just the final results that counts lol....
and ofc a dolcett society rationally speaking would never be sustainable...the numbers would never fit....
just taking in consideration meat farming in the real world....cows and sheep are an environmental catastrophe...just nobody talk about it...
this is why it's all fiction...
so mine was more a comparing dolcett to real farming.... even if its far from plausible...
but wait 2 decades for harvesting would make even less sense in fictional dolcett farming...it's just too long...
and i could say you are right about the intelligence topic...so a more plausible explanation would be probably some kind of artificial implanted memory...that gives them immediately a formed personality....without the need of years of learning...
and dolcett was never about getting rid of the surplus....but about harvesting...so dolcett's character should not been look at as women....but like a product which purpose is their consumation...
so in conclusion...there are millions of variabels in this kind of fiction....and just take those that would take the story more plausible


In order for this to work, you'd probably have to do away with the idea of a single child birth. You'd have to work with litters, anywhere from 5 to 9 children each birth. I don't think the math will work any other way.

The question also comes up in how often people are dying. If you assume that even in a sociopathic world that doesn't care about the murders of other people, you would still essentially have to have murder as a fetish be a fairly abnormal sexual desire. It's not so much that you have a case where every now and then a person gets killed by someone with a fetish, but the simple fact that if it's socially permissible it's going to happen far more frequently.

Given the permanent nature of the act, I can't help but imagine that you could easily see high sexual value men with a penchant for slaughter ending up with over a thousand personal kills. Think of someone like Bill Clinton and what he would have gotten away with if he liked killing girls and girls liked getting killed. How many thousands would he have gone through? Ten? Twenty? An addict will get high as often as possible and if you can just stick a knife in people that's gonna be something you do a LOT.

It's also possible for a more 'mature' society to just accept it as a part of life. What if there were no sex addicts that like hanging girls and people just responsibly only murdered long term girlfriends or wives? Such a thing could happen, maybe it's simply barbaric to indulge such wild fantasies. Sure, you can go to the store and just spit a fellow shopper, but it's so unfashionable that people just don't do it.

You'd still end up with a lot of 12 year old boys running around with their cocks out and a .45, but we were all young once, right? Perhaps wanton murder sprees are only the stuff of unregulated youths, but they'd still take a toll on the population numbers. Kids like experimenting, especially when it involves sex.

"Sure, I tired murder when I was in college, who doesn't? But after a while I just stopped enjoying the feel of a used, cold vagina. I much prefer the warm ones. And besides, do you know how frustrating it is to have to keep training your girl how you like having your knob sucked? I swear, over the course of a week I must have strangled the life out of at least 3 girls who just wouldn't listen when I told them 'more tongue.' Wild times."

There's also the ramifications of future lossPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Well you are looking at only one dolcett aspect because it is not about entirely about cannibalism, it is also about various executions mutilations suicides and other ways to waste women. But I guess that idea got hijacked by women who think that it is about using them as cattle and girls who want to be eaten and taste good.

As I understand the reason for that disposal is that males are very rare and you have to get rid of excess females (preferably in the fun way) somehow to rebalance society.

there are also other fantasies when women are bred like cattle and mass slaughtered in slaughterhouses by machines. but this is not really the original dolcett idea as I never seen any comic like that

Considering age I am not talking about the body but about legal stuff where many those sites demand all fictional characters to be 18+ but those women are only 4 LOL
Body is more or less fully mature at the age of 12 already when it can get pregnant and if we think about mental maturity it is like the age of over 30.


it's just fiction...better not overthink it lol
the easiest solution would be Marvin's the martian cloning machine
or that dispenser with instant creatures in it...but just gal versions....you just add water and grew girls istantly...dispensers for blondes, redheads, brunettes, asians , latinas etc... XDXDXD
and let the robots do all the dirty jobs lol


Looking for additional information on Lilith's Blessing


Do you like Lilith ?


I'm kind of new to this so please no harsh criticism but I just wanted to ask for advice. Here goes. I'm kind of new to dating because I've never been very good with girls. I always get scared to do anything romantic for anyone. There is this girl, and I'm really a traced to her, but I'm not sure what to do. She kind of sends mixed signals to me. Like, she'll send me stuff like, I love you, and Stuff like that, but every time our friends bring up "us" she always denies her feelings. I know she has feelings for me, faint as they may be, but I want to develope us into a relationship. Any advice?
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No, I am not sarcastic and I would recommend treating with suspicion anyone whoever says words "be yourself". This will never work. Chances that it will work are similar to winning a lottery.

This advice is same as if someone said to the woman not to use any makeup because 99% of men will swear that they love natural beauty, (while only 1 % will actually choose that natural beauty.)


First to asked is where do you live? In Asia? In Europe? In US? Africa?

I'm Asian, so I say just be yourself, if she don't like it, it gonna end quick, instead of dragging on bad relationship because first impression is different from real deal.


I agree with being yourself. That's how I found my wife and we've been married 7 years now, happily. We're two guro loving transgender freaks working in the sciences and we would have never found each other if we hadn't been honest about ourselves from the get go.
You can get her by putting on a mask, but eventually she will learn who you really are and that more often than not end with disastrous results.
Just be confident and forthright.
Ask her on a date. A real date. If she says no, brush yourself off and soldier on! As long as you are confident and brave enough to approach women, you will find your special someone in time.


No Onix, it doesn't work for youu, because you say shit like that.


LOL, You are correct :) one more argument for my point why you should never say what you really think of the girl. (unless you are doing RP where you play some fictional character which actually can be your true self. :)

I think some people can misunderstand what I say, as I do not mean that you have to be a totally different person than you are all the time. but if you are not naturally aggressive and dominant it will be impossible to approach anyone as yourself because as yourself you would not approach anyone you would just stay and wait until someone will approach you and that will never happen or if you somehow force yourself approach someone as yourself will have nothing to say because your true self is boring, not interesting to anyone and you know it.
So you actually have to make up something better.

Also just from the practical perspective, your partner will have some preferences and you will have to do that if you want to stay in the relationship, like what if she wants you to send her birthday cards and you don't? this meaningless action costs nothing to do that but it will please you will please your girlfriend a lot and this pointless action may be something she will remember for the rest of her life. and failure to do it may result in the broken relationship which would be great otherwise.

Finally, confidence is incompatible with love as when you really care about someone you cannot be confident, confidence means that you do not give a shit about that person and just treat it as one of infinity without caring what will happen.
Confidence will always come naturally when you approach someone about whom you do not care.

In any case, doing RP is good practice on relationships as you learn what to expect from people.


I’ve gotten on a Food wars trend and was thinking of how many ways can a person prepare a human woman. What would make their meat the tastiest you’ve ever had. If you got an idea I’d love to here it and all the details on how their made from beginning to end.


I think in the RP you should be more concerned not about taste but about performance. or realistically most effective way is to butcher her like a pig and they prepare alike usual.

I think the question should be just how to prepare woman in general in different ways :)

For that purpose, i would suggest to redefine her meat and make fat taste like cream or something. then you can turn her breast meat into the sweet whipped cream and squeeze it from her nipples or carve out with the spoon. could work as nice sexy decoration too if you just cut the top of the breast and drop cocktail umbrella there. Also attaching something to her nipples using needles or safety pins looks cool.

But that kind of thing shud be done as RP not as discussion


What is your purpose... your meaning... your thing that drives you forward through life?

I find the notion of purpose and meaning to be necessary for a sane and 'productive' life. Without a major traumatic emotional event, however, I don't see how any human could dedicate his life to one endeavor. I come from a christian background, but I've renounced religion because muh rationality. This way of looking at the world has only brought me misery, because it has deprived me of any meaning.

I want to live. Indefinitely. But at the same time I find no reason to live.
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This is not about other people it is about your own beliefs. what I meant is that when you have some goals greater than yourself you are willing to do actions that may harm you. And if you are the greatest thing that exists, you can't do anything else than take care of your own existence.

Laws of physic do not contradict liberty because they are actually required. this was explained in the Evangelion last episode as imagine if you were living in the empty space with absolute freedom to move any way you like and do anything you want. and compare it to the world which actually has some restrictions. Restrictions do not contradict your liberty as long as there is a way to overcome then, in fact, they increase your options as you actually can now choose to fight certain restriction while if it was not there you would not be able not chose to do that. It only reduces our liberty is it is impossible to overcome.


It depends on if by liberty you mean free will (in which case it's bullshit), or agency (in which case sure, we have it).


Man just find the things that give you pleasure and strive to achieve and maintain that status quo.Getting out of the religios mind-matrix is the first step.


Whether free will is bullshit or not depends you your attitude because if you see yourself as product and part of society/universe then yes you are not really free but you can also declare yourself independent, as anytime you can say that I don't care whatever is my origin. I am my own god and I will do whatever I want. If what I do matches someone's interests good for them.

In that situation, you do have free will because you erased all your history rejected your given purpose of life and now you make your own decisions.



I would like a more in depth explanation.

I can definitely see why my belief might seem moronic, from the perspective of information. I would have to be an entity that entirely encompasses this whole level of reality in order to gain that ideal free will, but as I said ... it's a spectrum, free will within our level of reality can be asymptotical to that ideal, and be very close in the ability to formulate a maximum efficiency plan to accomplish a goal. A goal that, of course, isn't really 'chosen' by me, but is the result of lower levels of causality going all the way to the base level.


Hey, sorry if this is totally the wrong place to post this, but I'm trying to understand this site and I'm hoping for guidance. I didn't see any proper place to post these questions...

I tried uploading an image in a thread and it didn't work. Any reason for that? I haven't seen anyplace to log in for this site so I assume that its a place where you don't need to? (I don't go on forums so, I'm a n00b :/ )

I really like this community and want to participate, so, guidance plz? (What is the password section at the bottom? Do I need a password?)

Yeah, I'm lost. Help!


Welcome to GUROchan. This is the right place for your questions! Here's a page for some basic info...



So, any idea why my image didn't post? It was under 10mb.


In an attempt to find out what the current image size limit is, I found this (below). It may or may not be current...

Rin Tohsaka 2016-06-28 04:49:34 №28104
Perhaps the filesize is too large? Gurochan has a 2MB limit.

Try to recompress, resize, and/or reduce the color pallet.

When your image didn't post, was there a resulting note explaining why it would not?



Ah, I think that may solve my problems actually. I'll have to try again later. Thank you!
The time I tried it went to a blank grey screen. No words, but the URL said I was on Gurochan. After waiting I reloaded the website to check but nothing had happened. I'll try again with your advice in mind.


I also faced that problem and suspected filesize but then someone explained that it is not file size but resolution I cannot remember the exact number but it has to be something below 2000 pix.


Which scene involving a dead body was your favourite and aroused you the most in anime/manga?

For me, I've got quite a few but here's a few examples......

Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica laying dead in episodes 6, 8 and 9 deeply aroused me as seeing her laying dead with her eyes open like she's hypnotized and later like she's sleeping was quite erotic for me......

Asuna from the first Negima anime being dead deeply aroused me and made me like her a lot.

How about you guys?


The death of Sera`s mother and the rape of her dead body in the Hellsing manga/OVA.



That was certainly an arousing scene to say the least.

Another scene or set of scenes was the episode of Gundam Seed Destiny when Meer Campbell was a corpse, she was quite arousing as a dead body and made me want her a lot.......


Years ago I found a manga. It was an adaptation of the 1001 Arabian nights. There's a scene where a man is looking for his beloved who had been sent to the sultan, but she had displeased him and he had her decapitated. The man finds her body in a funeral procession and in agony, he pulls out her head and holds it to his chest, mourning his lost love. I haven't seen the manga since, but it's a scene I keep in my mind filed away. She was dressed beautifully too. I wonder if I could find it again...


I bought a new laptop and I still remember the basics of laptop security: Tape over the webcam.

I dont really get why every laptop come with a webcam but the first thing I always do is tape it over.... guess thats it.
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If you aren't using an encrypted VPN or Tor than you are a fucking idiot. Also, if you log into anything personal (like email, facebook) over your VPN, you are a double-fucked idiot. You get bonus points if you steal a dumb neighbors wifi as well.


That would be a bad idea since if you go after someone you must have evidence and that evidence has to be public
At the moment when you will reveal some method, you will render it useless.


Onix, it's called Parallel Construction.

Have no trust in our legal system.


You definitely can trust in their desire to be in control and have effective ways of surveillance.
this is why nobody will use top-secret exploits to track someone illegally downloading anime or even CP


If by "top-secret exploits" you mean 0days, then yes they do use that for things like CP, although not often. There have been several cases of this in practice. If on the other hand you mean NOBUS 0days, then I imagine those are not used for things like that, though they may still be used to screw over lesser folk. Take for example Tor. Tor uses a few layers of encryption, as well as outer TLS for encryption. This outer TLS used to use dynamically generated DH parameters, but now use static DH parameters (I think originally based on the Apache params). Due to the fact that, if a DH key modulus is attacked and broken, all recorded key exchanges can then be broken, despite forward secrecy. An example of NOBUS might be the ability to precompute a 1024 bit DH modulus attack and use it against something like Tor, breaking the outer TLS layer and being able to mount much more effective traffic correlation attacks. Information gained from that can then be given as a tip to the FBI (it happens), and the end result is that the little guys get screwed over by an extremely powerful attack like DH precomputation that is otherwise impossible to achieve, without FVEY/SSEUR revealing their capabilities in any way.


Hello, I feel this is the right place and group of people to share with (ridiculously involved lurker here). I'm a sexologist (recent grad), and I specialize in fetishes and unusual 'philias' including guro and rape fantasy. It helps that those are my OWN turn-ons and I've been lucky enough to meet some brave and/or equally sadistic partners to fulfill these, BUT, I'd like to quid pro quo some of the advice I'd like to give to those with unusual fetishes, in exchange for my help.

If anyone's willing to toss their hat in the ring, here's the circumstance: my new lover (man) is really interested in impregnation fantasy, and my expertise falls pretty short here. Any suggestions? I.E., if YOU have (or did have) an impreg fetish, what kinds of things would you like an IRL young female to do to you/with you/for you? As a starting point I think dirty talk about how much I want his cum and to have his babies, that seems to work.

In exchange for any opinions, personal stories/fantasies or tips, here's some things I regularly work with people on (not to 'FIX' my clients, but often to help them integrate their fetishes with everyday life in a healthy and safe way, and find others who share their interests) and love discussing or giving advice for: rape/non-consensual fantasy, incest role play, other uniformed/'scene' roleplay (i.e. doctors and nurses, historical, fictional characters, etc), ageplay, asphyx, guro and straight violence/gore, torture and extreme BDSM.

...Oh, and if you're feeling *terribly* generous, now that I've waited a while and finally found a man who seems genuinely interested in raping me (obligatory it's-only-roleplay-and-real-rape-is-different disclaimer here), has anybody pulled a hard stunt like that before? It's impractical, but I'd love to be suddenly accosted in, say, a parking garage or a locker room, and not (initially) know it was him.

Things I've studied and would love to
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I guess as far as fantaay goes, that makes sense for a woman having a desire to not hold responsiblity.


Hummm, maybe you can Play on both kinks at the same time. It seems like a good combination.

For the impregnation kink I think you're right about the power-play side. My gf loved to be handled like if she did not have a choice from time to time. She also enjoyed some breath-play. Of course she knew I would not choke her, but the feeling of air restriction and of being "powerless" would still excite her a lot.

As such, a good idea might be to pretend having forgotten your pills, and that you will not fuck him unless forced to. Of course with him knowing in advance that you might do that kind of pretend at some point and a code to let him know if this is for real and not some kind of play. Then it's up to him to choose when and where to hit you (probably without a condom for his fantasy to work, so be sure to have actually taken you pills ...), within the rules agreed upon, and up to you to pretend that you're not willing, that it's not safe and that you might get pregnant !
Maybe sharing your position with him on google maps so that he can track you might help. Also "inadvertently" sharing your planning in advance with him and planning a lot of places to be/activities/routes that would give him opportunities seems like a good ides.

Also, I'm curious, how do you meet somebody with such kinks in real life. This isn't something you're usually open about. At least I know I'm not about to share such interests with anyone unless I know for a fact they will accept that.


A large part of rape is a tribal warfare thing. You not only kill/castrate the male lineage, you impregnate their women.



Hello. Let's see if what I have to offer is what you want.

Before we were married (married now five years) we role played rape because my wife asked it of me. I enjoyed it and after a few times for her birthday I asked if she wanted to include a guest star to rape her. Someone from her past I knew she was attracted to but she'd never gone out with. She said yes so I got to watch and this caused us to have a conversation about what turned us each on about it. Very different interests and IMO sort of interesting.

The other thing which would feel your more clinical side are notes taken from a counseling session where a woman described a rape where she had a sexual response during her rape and what caused this and how she was taunted about it happening to her.

Do either of these things fit into your interest?


Law & Order SVU had a show about girl, who had never been able to climax via sex with her fiance, repeated climaxed while being gang raped by a bunch of thugs.

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