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How would you design it?

Flip their entire digestive track around? Then what about urine?

Or... they eat with their asses and poop and talk with their mouths... but they use farts to vocalize instead of lungs?


My dream world would be a world of anarchy where people realise the true value of human life, where we can kill, rape and eat eachother all we want.

Meat from little boys would be sold on the markets, same with little girls. It would be a world like today, but without the corrupt governments, taxation and other bullshit.

Organizations and businesses would still exist, and there would be a form of currency (blood, maybe?)

McDonald's would be made of ground up children <3 lol

what about you guys?
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Let's throw in a noose and knife and call it a plan!


>.Subversion? That’s it? Oh Onix that is disappointing. When you mercilessly told that girl to shove skewers through her bosom, Raven and I thought we found some sort of kindred spirit in our midst. But subversion... is just social trolling.

I think you got it totally wrong. I said is only because she wants to do that. She herself is the subversion of normal reality. I am enjoying not her suffering but her enjoyment.
Yes, indeed I agree that is kind of trolling but not entirely, because I do not target individual people I target the system itself.

>>I need no reason, no fantasy, no excuse, no apologies. I am, that I am. And that is all.
Yes, this is what makes us different because I do not have any identity. There is nothing specific what I like or what I want to be as long as I get to enjoy some action.




*spits out the energy drink I was sipping on*


Onix Onix Onix...

Your identity is Onix, or you would be posting anonymously. You don't NEED a name on this forum but you chose to have one.

I can identify you.

You have an identity.


Okay Onix, I will offer one last attempt. I will offer an analogy that might help:

There are two women in a department store. Both are white. Both have adopted sons. The first woman has an adopted son that is black. The second has an adopted son that is white.

Both children start throwing massive tantrums.

A duchebag goes up to the woman with the little black boy and says, "Ma`am, could you please silence your dependant. "

The woman looks at him funny, "You mean my son?"

The man says, "No ma'am, he is clearly not your son. You are white, he is black. Genetically and biologically you are absolutely not his mother. You are his guardian, and the sooner you come to terms with that the happier you will both be. Now silence him or get out."

He then turns to the other woman and makes the same request, "Ma'am, could you please silence your son?"

Duchebag does not realize her son is adopted. He has assumed all adopted children would look nothing like their mothers and so has not bothered to use the term "dependant".

The women may not be genetically or biologically their mothers, but they know how they love and care for their sons. They have taken on the role and the label of "mother" because that is how they feel. They love those boys as though they were truly their birth mother. They can't do anything to fix the fact that genetically they are not related to the boys. But it doesn't matter and it shouldn't.

In this day and age, that scenario may seem strange. But in the not so distant past, that dialogue may have played out as there were plenty of racist individuals who would have frowned upon or looked down at the mother who adopted the black boy.

But times have changed. Mothers are mothers regardless of whether they gave birth or adopted and regardless of the race of the child they call their own. And in society, that is respected.

We want the same respect. We don't want "special" treatment. We want equal treatment.


Once my wife let me put a large pane of glass on her back and I used her like a table while I fucked her and teased her. What she didn't know is that I was looking at snuff porn here on Gurochan at the time.

Now, years later, she knows all about my dark fetishes and I currently have her on my dick, once again being used as a table.

I'd appreciate it if anyone reading this would let her know she's a good girl. I know I'm probably going to get some hateful trolls commenting here, but please be nice. :-D
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I meant "confession". She didn't know I had been visiting Gurochan in the past, nor did she know what I was doing when I made my post. My post was meant to embarrass, surprise, and compliment her.


One time I injected gasoline into a drug addict, I missed his vein tho so sadly he dident die.


since my wife was dead, I raped my daughter she was 10 but she like it so its not a rape, me and my daughter been fucking for 10 years now, she loves me so much and i love her so much, now she's joining a porno studio and idgaf. now shes 20 and being a porno star in los angeles, i still fucking her too in daily basis even on her MFC cam shit, life's good when u got a daughter that is useful for you sex life, comfort and utility! She loves me so much she wants me to not have a job and just enjoy life, she brings her pornstar friends to fuck me orgy, fuck life is so good, sex is part of her and my life, i never thought that my life would be this great, i thought id just be living typical white man's life, get a job, getting married, raising kids and die, me? haa get a job getting married, raising a sex slave, have fun with pornstar, premature retirement, life's good, living in a condo in LA, with my sexy daughter and her pornstar friends, fuck yeah, i dont need to be rich as billgates, if there's a condo, no job but money keeps coming, sexy girls and slave daughter, thats all i need


well that escalated quickly :P


That sounded like a 4chan greentext. Believable.jpeg
I guess that's a good life ... as long as you don't want anything out of life, besides satisfying your most base desire.


I have been long time visiting here and I always thank for many great artists! I wanted to make my own works but my painting skills are terrible and do not improve...so I couldn't.

A month ago, I downloaded SMF on steam and I could make some pictures what I imagined, and It was wonderful time for me. But there are not many models which I can use, so It's restricted to make some situations.

I have a dream that I'm making CGs with my own characters and models. But I don't have any knowledge about that. What do I have to study for making 3D CGs?


If you want something more flexible you need to get DAZ3d and Zbrush
also, you will need some image editor like photoshop to edit textures.

there is no need to study anything just do what you want and learn in the process. You can ask questions when you don't know something
I have some suggestions how to get started but I will tell that later if necessary.


Onix is right. Both Poser (expensive) and DAZ Studio (free) are great tools and easy to learn if you use their tutorials. I paid $50 for some great tutorials for Poser. I use Photoshop for touching up, particularly getting Gamma and exposure right. Also glad to help if you get into Poser.


Thank you for great advise!
There are lots of things I want to make. It will take some time I can use those well, but I will!!


It is not hard unless you want to do lots of gore and other stuff with mutilated bodies.
So what kind of stuff you want to make?

I guess you may face some problems when you start especially with slow renderings and other similar technical issues but don't rush to change models trying to make it work better as it is often quite easy to fix those problems.


What sort of video game would you want to create if you had the manpower of a big studio (like Rockstar or EA) ?

A game concept that I've been thinking of and fapping to would be a game that plays like this:

You control a ship that's shaped like a buzzard saw and you move through an enclosed tunnel. There are obstacles in your way that you have to avoid, but also women that you can slice through in a myriad ways and combos - and by doing so you gain points for unlockables, such us ship upgrades, new babe models to snuff etc.
The game would have a sort of carmageddon vibe to it, but way more twisted. Perhaps the babes would start out fully dressed and mediocre looking and by farming points they could become hotter and less clothed.

I think it would be nice if the game classified babes into customizable point categories such as hair colour ( i.e brunettes 1 point, blondes 5 points, redheads 10 points, painted unicorns 20 and so on) or by chest size (increasing cup sizes=more points or the opposite).

This sort of game would be a feasible 3-4 year hobby undertaking for a single programmer, but it would take quite a bit of dedication.
The idea of a perfect mutilation system has been bugging me for quite a while now. It would have to support any potential way the body could be sliced, support body morphing so that the bodies are customizable, simulate internal injuries and the slicef sides should look realistic enough. Afro Samurai offered a glimpse of this idea, but it is far from perfect. If anyone with programming experience knows how the Afro Samurai system works, I'd really like to know too.

Now, on to other features that may be completely unrealistic( maybe ) for a one man army, but are still stuff I fantasize about.

-a fully implemented physics system for the bodies, so the ass or tits jiggle while you slice through the point babes

-ability to customize the types of babes and the clothes they wear

-a myriad ship upgrades and power ups that allow for maximum cunt splattering fun

-a dungeon expansion where you could convert your accrued babe slaughter points back into babes so you can use them at you leisure; this could be easily clonsidered a different game, that allows for fucking, fucking and killing, killing and fucking or just plain old slaughter - all doable with the ideal mutilable body, physics complete.

-ability to save the point babes instead of killing them, so yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Have you tried skyrim or fallout with mods from loverslab?
You can do an entire playthrough where once you fuck up in combat, the your character surrenders and gets raped, potentially killed afterwards. I think it's called sexlab defeat or something like that. It's pretty neat, but it's no way near as detailed as you described that scenario.


Hmm, thanks for the tip. I'll remember that.


Hi another idea is to remake the torture doll in 3d all parts can be used with a number of tools to harm or dismember


So a RTS with these armies and the lore is far future millions of years ago and in the future. Or maybe it's reality a week from now who knows.

Material Centered Cyborgs - Ice/Water Demons/Angels {''}. Strong, reslient and tanky. Become Diamon Titans.

Energy Centered Cyborgs - Fire/Bright/Star Demons/Angels{'}. Initially basic but fast and very versatile troops that evolve into raging infernos who eat or farm solar systems.

Earth Angels - Elves, Fairies, Bright Angels. Humans and their technologically augmented descendents and cousins on the evolutionary tree. They are high in number, due to clones and other strange inventions. Physically fit by default, they live in nature have superpowers. Technology is mostly imbued within them and their genetic code, though they've lost the bulk of their technology before escaping The Eternal Catastrophe. They do have access and the ability to create some impressive technological assets, however.

Dark Matter Based - Night Angels/Shadow Demons. Descendents of a civil war after a war with Angels. The 2 Factions reached a complex territorial truce, which seems to be based on photons.

Necrotic Fleshed Blood-Powered-Technology Parasitic Aliens - Vampires, Zombies, and Blood Demons.

Mutants - Werewolves, Orcs, Ogers, Giants. Crazy other shit. Many subfactions.

Technologocially Advanced Humans - Cults and Guildes of Ninjas, Knights, Magicians, Priests Priestesses, Sorcerors Sorceresses, Warlocks, Witches, Wizards. Certain puritanical factions disallow one gender or the other, or specifying magic or combat styles.

What stats should they have tho? How would you fuck with this?


Gore and the ability to torture and rape every type of person in masses. See demons portals open up and send them to eat people and build long term items for your troops using souls or send angels to defeat them or have certain guards. Crazy cults torture angels. HQ detail... maybe control a cult and use it to torture beautiful babes.


Hey guys. Unsure if this is the right place to post this, but I need help. I recently got into rp with someone from a forums site and I really liked her. I haven't done this stuff before so I got attached, but wanted to know if she was real (phishing attacks/cops suck). Not trusting her really fucked her up and I wish I had just believed her at first. I just have issues trusting people online in the first place, let alone with sensitive topics like the stuff we do here.

I miss talking to her and I don't know if she's even ok, which makes me worried. She stopped responding late Saturday night and I haven't heard anything since. I'm the one who fucked this up, but I want to try to fix it.

What the fuck do I do?
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But I mostly agree with you besides that.


Well, I can't delete this thread, but I do want to conclude some things.

First off, sorry about being so weird, everyone. I wasn't sleeping right because of medical issues and it was making my inherent paranoia far far worse.

Second, I'd like to thank everyone in this thread of showing support. I haven't spoken to the person since the incident, but I'm ok with that. I still don't know if she's even still alive/active, but I suppose I will never know.

Third, as many have pointed out, it was entirely my fault for the fuckup. Being so new to the RP scene, I didn't really know what was normal or how to go about interacting in this type of relationship, nor did I fully expect for the emotions to get so heated.

And lastly, if by chance you're reading this, person this whole thing is about, I just want to apologize again. I had no right to doubt you and I fucked you up way more than your reaction fucked me up. I hope you can get past this.


Nigga stop that shit.

You have every "right" to doubt and oh no don't be weird heeere.

Just fap, Pat, and be well.


What kind of person was she, as what RP topic you were playing?
Now when I read your post again, it looks somewhat strange that you got attached and then suspected that she may be a cop. Usually people are concerned about those things before they get into the relationship.

If this is about losing good RP partner is not really that big deal you can find plenty of them on F-list far more than you can chew for all possible tastes.


>Third, as many have pointed out, it was entirely my fault for the fuckup.

No, it was not.

First, doubting the identity and intentions of online strangers is perfectly normal and is in fact what any reasonable and smart person should do. No one will argue if you assert that you cannot trust a virtual acquaintance, let alone a newly made one.

Second, if that girl in question fails to understand the aforementioned rather obvious truth and take it as a given (which it has been for quite a while ever since Internet became a thing), then you're better off the way you are right now, losing contact with her.

Be well.


Soooo...I'm ignorant when it comes to laws. What exactly is illegal about liking guro? If anything? (I live in the US by the way.)
I know pedophilia is against the law here, but I'm not into that (that is not me judging anyone who is). So, how would I get in trouble for looking at this website...if I would get in trouble at all?
I just figured these are important questions I should have asked a long time ago. :/


I am not from US but this country is kinda important to all world so according to your law it does not matter if it is pedophilia or aristocrats joke.
In the US all this stuff falls under vague "obscene" category and you legally can be prosecuted to any kind of distribution or even transfer of that kind of material over any public media where it can be intercepted. (originally law was designed for sending obscene materials by mail.)

This is not really limited to guro or porn in general as this law initially was used to prosecute people for writing murder stories or anything else considered inappropriate at that time and totally normal today.

You will not get in trouble for looking at any website including even pedophilia content, at most you can get in trouble for distributing that kind of content.


You'll get in trouble if the powers that be want you to.

Our laws are vague bullshit.


There's nothing illegal about liking guro. I haven't heard of any country in the world that prohibits (or could possibly prohibit) liking anything per se. Acting upon what you like is a whole different story though. My best bet is that GUROchan is completely safe to browse on private premises, in legal terms, US included (it is hosted there after all.)


I want to try a /lit project, but I've realized there's a key blank in my knowledge.

I have plenty of writing experience, and feel confident enough that I can write most death scenes in a way that's both fun and hot. But I know almost nothing about asphyxia, and since it's such a popular fantasy - and my own #1 fetish - I want to know more.

So saying I'm sitting in my chair writing this, and somebody walks up behind me and loops a cord around my neck...

What actually happens? How does my body react, what sensations do I feel and how long does it take me to die? Graphic detail is good, if I'm going to write I want to do a good job.

I'm also curious about orgasms. I've read that lack of oxygen can increase sexual sensitivity and vastly enhance orgasm... is that true? if you rubbed my clit or fingered me as I was dying, would my last orgasm be the best I'd ever had, or would I be in too much pain/distress to cum?
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I will definitely have to check that out when I get better internet reception.
I found my guro love as a teenager. I didn't know what it was called at the time but I've always identified with the victim. For me it was originally disembowelment and impalement. I didn't fall in love with strangulation of any kind until years later. I'm 28 now. I've found a safe partner in current wife, but after almost killing me that one time... She's nervous to put anything around my neck. With good reason too. So, I'm left to my own devices on that and she doesn't mind. We're open. She knows I come to this site etc.
I had a girlfriend that would have been a good BDSM partner buuut she seemed more interested in my wife. My wife wasn't into her though so, that ended. I'm left to my art and my imagination. But at least I don't have to hide it from her. It gives me freedom to explore.
I'm mostly sub myself though I haven't had much experience being dom enough to say I wouldn't enjoy it. I like extreme though. Soft sex, vanilla sex... It just doesn't do it for me. Honestly it never has. I don't know why I am the way I am but honestly, I've never cared much for the why.

I'm particularly turned on by the death part of the fantasy. Maybe I'm just an extreme escapist. I love the thought of being killed and dying while having sex. I imagine my body being violated after death. Like...the best send-off ever.
Thinking about my partner's hands around my neck, squeezing the life from me slowly... I think I see the death that comes from it as the ultimate orgasm... The ultimate release. Maybe that's why we like this? Because death is a release, and what bigger release than that?
There has to be some fight though, some struggle against the impending doom. The great adds adrenaline which heightens everything. The thought of my chest heaving as my body tries desperately to live.
In my imagination, my body giving out causes the ultimate orgasm as it shudders into stillness. Then I think of my partner still loving my body afterwards, touching me and continuing to make love even after the light is gone from my eyes. Even the thought of being kissed after death feels good. It makes me crazy every time.
I didn't care much for the peeing part until recently, but it being part of the process, I've found I prefer it in the art and in the writing.
AtPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I made a serious start on my first /lit today. I think I'm about 80% done, the story is finished and written up, I just have to proof it a couple of times and add all the editing checks. I know it's an ultra-niche erotic fic, created solely on whim, and posted on a website where it's viewed will probably be single digits. But I still want to uphold some degree of quality control. Old habits die hard.

And it's been fascinating. I started writing pre-teen and have only gotten more active each year. I have a comfortable and established style that works amazingly well for erotic fics, although actually writing sex scenes feels a little alien. Historically I've avoided them, my first-person style normally makes them far too graphic for publishable fiction. And yet that's absolutely perfect for stories like this.

It's liberating. I've known for ages that First Person would let me have amazing sex scenes, but they've always been too intimate and too explicit to put into conventional fiction. And now I finally have somewhere I can play with that; I don't know what was more fun, spending 90 minutes immersing myself in a powerful erotic fantasy, or being able to absolutely unleash my imagination without worrying about phoning my editor afterwoulds.

I wracked my brains trying to think of an interesting premise, then fell back on writing tradition. I decided to start with a story inspiredmy own feelings as I discovered my fetishes, exaggerated and distorted, and distilled down to an erotic encounter between the viewpoint character(a self insert very vaguely styled after myself) and two nameless women.

Admittedly it's not a tradition Guro format. It starts out slowly and builds through soft consensual sex, gradually getting rougher and more extreme and then ending with the viewpoint character dying. It's much more detailed than a typical Guro, slower paced and rather sensual. I have a feeling anybody who enjoys lesbian porn will love it.

As for snuff, I decided to keep with the sensual, erotic, almost tender encouter all the way to the end. It's a gentle, intimate and very erotic death. The whole story works up to it like an orgasm, I was hoping you'd feel it build like that flutter I always feel... It should seem inevitable that the MC - the reader - isn't getting out alive.

Hopefully people like it, hopefully somebody actually sees it. I guess the joy of a site like Gurochan is not having to worry abouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Well, I'll at least see it. Don't be too anxious about it. It's your first writing project in this genre. It could go well or it could not. *shrugs* I haven't gotten much attention on mine but I'm happy that two people seem to like it :D
And since it isn't your traditional Gurochan style, you may have quite a few followers! I know sometimes I get numb to the typical and having something new or on the softer side ends up catching my attention because it is different.
I decided not to worry too much on my first project because really, I just want to enjoy writing it. It's not like we're making money off this right? It's only our pride that is at stake! I wish this website would let you know how many people have read your post though. :/


I found the link to the video you mentioned but it didn't work for me. It said the link was invalid. :/


Really? That's incredibly unlucky, it worked for me only a few nights ago.

I finished my first story(Rebirth) and uploaded it. Parts of it I really like, parts of it make me want to bash myself over the head with a keyboard. And parts of it make me think my publisher really would strangle me with a BDSM crop. Anyway, it's over to the community now. We'll see what they think.

Immediately I know I'd make any future project at least 70% shorter. Alas I'm so used to writing novel-length fiction that I went ahead and wrote a fucking omnibus. God knows how many words.

I also had a chance to check out your writing, and I'm genuinely impressed. I'll be watching in future, I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it.


music that reminds you of guro?

or just that you like or are listening to. lets share music with each other!
please stay civilized and respect other peoples music tastes. just because you don't like something, doesn't mean you should go around saying it sucks. and don't be /mu/ because well, no one wants to be /mu/.

im currently listening to murder murder-eminem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8WWaZMboAo
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experiment no.6 - lemon jelly
cannibal song - ministry
the operation - charlotte gainsbourg
desire - meg myers
chloroform girl - polkadot cadaver
dead girl - acid bath
level 3 - genitorturers
the ones - aesthetic perfection
a little piece of heaven - avenged sevenfold
pleasant - kidneythieves
the horror of our love - ludo
ripe (with decay) - nine inch nails
happy birthday - the birthday massacre

this isn't even all of them but i feel like this list is getting too long so


Cryo Chamber is a record label dedicated to Dark Music. The three links below are collaborations by artists on the label, obv dedicated to the legacy of H.P. Lovecraft



The Beatles maxwells sliver hammer the virus of life by slipknot basically all of
Eminem relapse album and some songs assorted in his discography and that that death metal album god was created, god dammit now I have that bang bang part of maxwel stuck in my head


Also nine inch nails big man with a gun and sweet dreams in away


The intro to milkman by apex twins and the David firth video


Hi guys. I'm really new to this scene, and there are a couple of things I'm wondering about that I hope you can help me with.

A common theme I see across guro is loss of bladder control. Girls almost always pee as they're dying. At first I thought it was just asphyxia, but it seems to cross all fetish lines. Strangled? *trickle* Decapitated? *splash* Drowning? cute little golden cloud.

And as a girl, and a girl who's fantasies revolve around her being the victim, that leaves me curious. Do we really pee when we die, and if so what causes it? And I feel a little shy asking this, but would I feel it?

Thanks, sorry for the weird question.
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Girl I'll tell you rn don't listen to anything Onix says.

But hey Onix, what if I piss beforrre I die? If I empty my bladder in my cell's toilet, then the execution a minute later might be easier on clean-up crew.


What are you saying ? LOL

Of course, if you empty your bladder before execution you will ruin all experience for those peeing fetishists who came to observe your execution. :)


Sometimes peeing happens due to fear or the right kind of trauma (I've heard electrocution can cause it). But when death occurs the body relaxes and the bowels will empty. After death your body does a few strange things including emptying whatever is in your intestines.

Fun thing I've noticed when I feed my snakes live rats... The rats almost always pee and poop themselves before they die.

As someone who also loves being the victim I have looked up what happens to your body after death. Even though we can't experience it I love to fantasize I can. There are plenty of informative articles on the subject.

I also learned from a first responder friend of mine that for men if damage occurs to the spinal cord it will immediately cause an erection and that is one way they can tell if a man has suffered a serious spinal injury.

I know that doesn't pertain to you but the more you research these things the more fun stuff you learn! :D I get off on imagining all of it :)



Onix, I felt shy because I was sharing a fetish I've only recently discovered and started exploring. Anon or not, I still felt a little shy.

Raven, thanks a lot. If I did want to learn more, where would you recommend I start?

I can only imagine what would happen if my killer fucked me before snuffing me.(fun thought) Presumably my vaginal muscles would relax, and if he'd ejaculated inside me his cum would ooze out. I'd look like such a slut; eyes rolled back, legs spread, pussy dripping wet as my bladder emptied and my killer's cum oozed out....


Well, if you want to know what happens to the body immediately after death, you can google that. There are articles that discuss the process of decomposition in a corpse too and they tell you when rigor mortis sets in, why, and how long it takes for the body to relax again (the body does not remain in rigor mortis).
I haven't figured out how to add links on to posts yet, but on the website How Stuff Works: Health, they have an article about rigor mortis.
It even mentions that if a person is engaged in a strenuous activity when they die, rigor mortis can set in immediately (so, in your fantasy you described, if you are struggling or even going along with it, when you die your vaginal muscles may remain tight as rigor mortis sets in immediately. And don't forget, depending on the type of death your muscles can spasm as you die adding a bit of fun).

I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is a first responder and this person tells us stories and loves to share their know-how, so I've learned a bit from them.

There used to be this show on TV...(I think it was Dr.G. Medical Examiner)...it was about a medical examiner. It was one of those documentary things on one of the learning channels, so it wasn't a scripted show at all. It's more like those ER shows where they tell stories from the ER, only it was her job to figure out how people died by the clues left on the dead body.
It was fascinating.
You can learn a lot from shows like this. There was also this other show...
I just found the website for it! Awesome! (Now I know what I'll be doing on my free time....)
1000 ways to die on Spike.com. I'm sure you can google it too.

It goes into morbid, random, and Darwin-awards deaths. How they died, why they died, and what happened to them when they died.
I don't know how much detail they go into in terms of...you know...the fun sexy parts. But it could flesh out your fantasies as you learn more about what happens to the body during death.
Of course, in our fantasies and imaginations, anything can happen! So don't let reality ruin too much for you ;)

Happy learning! :D

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