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Hey, just wondering which program is best for 3DCG guro, along the lines of Killer X and Drabok? Which has the best models?

Also, not looking to spend tons, nor spend a huge amount of time on a very complex program. I will probably try and get most content freeware or torrent. Any thoughts?


Can't speak for Poser but Daz3d has nice joint integration (click+drag) that makes it pretty easy to pose characters.

If you're just getting your feet wet, look around the torrent search engines for 'daz3d' and/or 'renderotica'. There are some 1-10gb torrents floating around that have huge archives of just about everything that's available publicly. Obviously buy the content if you're going to be setting up a patreon or something, but you shouldnt have to spend thousands of dollars tinkering around with side projects.


Doing guro in 3d is a relatively hard thing in comparison to plain vanilla stuff.

But if you want it free you should use daz3d which is free and has more content than poser. and you just need to register on their website and take it for free. there are plenty of sites with pirated content.

Those 10gb renderotica torrents mentioned earlier are not that good since they are mostly old poser stuff but you can find some useful stuff there.

If you really want to do guro stuff, you will need Zbrush for morphs and photoshop to edit textures everything can be downloaded from torrents



- A mod


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Everyone!!


Happy New Year 2 the best chan on the net!




With apologies to any of our Chinese friends!


Hi GC! I'm a 17 year old mexican girl and I want to try new things. You see, my dad is a stupid taxi driver who is always outside and he makes me feel depressed, also he tried to rape me when I was 9. My way of coping with this is guro and hentai, but I want to try those things IRL. If you ask for my mom, she went to USA with another man, I do not blame her.

Anyway, after you all know a bit about myself and my drive to try this, I will say you what I want.

I want to feel submissive in a way but at the same time I want to "escape" (not suicide, that is horrible) from the depressive atmosphere I'm currently living in (I do not work, I do not go to school, almost everyday I cry and I don't want to see my stupid dad).

How do you, the GC community, fit into all of this? That is easy. You give me orders (be it sexual or guro) and I will obey and comply them. For example, someone could say "fuck a carrot and eat it" and I will do it. Someone else could say "put a pair of 5 inch heels, lock them and go to walk around for 3 hours" and someone else could say "sit on a chair, take a knife and cut your thigh". I think you know the deal.

But, I will say my limits. I won't do anything that could make me loose a limb (or part of it), I won't do anything that could lead me to be arrested (such as public nudity, although if you want, I could go outside in just a raincoat and shoes) and I won't do things that could paralyze me, such as shooting myself. Anything else, like eating shit, clamping my clit or things like that are ALLOWED.

I am yours, GC
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Could you illuminati faggots at least stick to the theme for a thread ffs?


I rarely post, and when I do, I carefully consider what I'm typing before posting. I noticed that Atzy has not posted in nearly a week, while the orders/demands continue. My post should be taken as a non sequitur Moment and nothing else. I'm sorry I upset you to the point that you felt moved to reply in such a way that now has me upset as well.

You, on the other hand, have actually done what you have accused me of doing: you have disrupted the flow and theme of this thread by posting a complaint against my Reply, likely knowing that I would into rebuttal.

You called me 'illuminati faggots'. I don't think that fits me, grammatically or otherwise. Nearly a year ago, I asked you if you were female, simply because of the way you wrote (at least at that time). You were like, no, I'm a dude, I'm just glib.

As a former chan admin (not GUROchan), I can tell you that this post will likely have a short life here, but I hope it will remain up until you read it.

Relax. Maybe don't reply as we'll banned for this shit. You cool?


Wow I was jk but then felt bad you said you were "upset" but then I saw you're the same retard who assumed I was a girl because you wanted to sex the words I wrote or something.

>>As a former chan admin (not GUROchan)



I never thought I would come back here but I feel that I must inform you all.

Remember I told you about my mom who went to USA? Well, I'm actually living with her now!

Long story short:
On december 11th my mom got my phone number from god-knows-where and called me. She said all that things that parents do when they abandon you and she said "¿quieres venir a los united states m'ija?" which translates to "do you want to come to USA, dear?". Of course I said yes so she asked me to open a saldazo card (like an accounts debit card) and she deposited 1000 usd which in mexican pesos are 18000-20000 pesos. Then I asked for my visa and passport which was almost denied twice and here I am, living in Los Angeles.

Thanks for your kind words guys and girls. I'm another person now


Eyy, congrats! I hope you enjoy yourself.


Yay it's back up


If you wonder what happened: same shit different day.

The current host was brought up hastefully after I got involuntarily committed to a drug rehab and could no longer maintain the hardware. It came with a RAID 0 array of 4 disks, one of which keeps failing (electrical issues) and taking the entire root volume down. Now we cannot easily convert that to RAID 5 since it would force us to go downtime again, dump all data somewhere, reinstall the OS and software from scratch, and move data back in. Though one day we will find enough spare time to resolve these problems.

As always, sorry for inconvenience.


..like replacing the steering wheel on your car while you're driving down the interstate. Such is the life of the administrator.


I'm glad to see gurochan back again. Weird coincidence that it went down just as people were talking most about net neutrality. My paranoia got the worse of me.


How did I not notice that!? I would have been paranoid as well.


Like, do you ever think such a weird thought that maybe even a demon goes "dude..." or a chaosthing goes "wow"


So... you're hearing chaosthings and demons ?


I don't hear anything but wonder if any god or mind readers of any sort get disturbed or if they're just out of surprises.


Hahaha it’s an amusing thought. Anyways what’s wrong with hearing demons. But sadly I must answer no. Usually if I feel an outside voice it has an especially nasty idea to suggest for me (like slice that little girl’s calf open to the bone on that bench) not the other way around. I am never surprised by something like this just distracted


TL;DR -- I want to fuck a severed head in the neck and mouth. Found a toy that could work. Asking for thoughts.

Not long ago I heard about some Chinese product that was basically a plastic head with a fleshlight in the neck. Not sexy for me, but maybe for some of you. I've been wanting for a long time now to have a sex toy that looks like a freshly severed head and has a realistic (enough) mouth and esophagus. I was wondering, has anyone else heard of or made anything that might work? Anyone else want what I want?

Today I accidentally stumbled on two heads for sale on Amazon that could potentially be gurofied. The Pipedream Extreme F*** My Face Brunette (there's also a Blonde), and the similar Sexflesh Face F Felicity Blow Job Masturbator.

What do you think gurochan? Anyone thoughts or ideas?


I say do it and share the pics when you're done (in /art/ I think would be best)!




Oh shit!! I posted my original question back in June! Fuck! Life's been too hecktic.

PsychoAiko, I'd be happy to post pictures, but I don't know how to make something that would feel like an esophagus or muscle, plus I want it to look and feel realistic without being too impractical.

I'm thinking of cutting open the neck base (they're large suction cups and/or plastic stumps) and using maybe a clone-a-willy kit and silicone molds to extend the toys mouth down in to the neck more. That might make a good esophagus and windpipe. Afeter that what would support them? There's muscles and stuff around them.

What would make good fake muscle? I've got some rough ideas for filling the toy with fake blood, but want to have other soft tissues as well.

I don't have a lot of money to spend and am saving up for this project. I feel like I'm only going to get one good shot and would love some advice if anyone's got any.


I think the easy and cheap way can be to use gelatin for those purposes, in fact, it can be even UV cured at some extent. final result will look something like gummy bear

But I have doubts in your success to make realistic thing because the neck is a prety hollow thing and if you cut it all you will have is backbone sticking out from the big hole with few loose tubes inside. It will be prety hard to fuck something like that


Easiest thing to do would probably be to find a girl and cut her head off. jk

You might be able to do something like the MythBusters often did to create lifelike replicas by casting a gel mold around a plastic skeleton. You'd have to finish the outside artistically and include the relevant tubes in the casting, but it might be doable.


Finally got around to watching RAW (2017). What a piece of work; check it out if you're into cannibalism.





While some people self-insert as the killer, others imagine themselves on the receiving end or like being either. I've always wondered why I prefer to be the victim so here are some unscientific guesses.

1) As the victim you receive pity and attention. In fiction, people even pity antagonists who die horribly.
2) It's an incredibly submissive act to surrender your life to someone else.
3) An even darker rape fantasy. The extreme taboo nature makes it an appealing forbidden fruit fantasy.

I also enjoy the human cattle fetish. Breeding, milking and slaughter for meat gives meaning to my life. I'm not required to think anymore but I can live a very productive life as a female, fulfilling my duty by birthing the next generation in addition to providing food for society.
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There is no such thing as "the instinct to survive". There is no way to encode that and we do not even have a definition of "life" what makes that idea totally pointless from a philosophical perspective.

In fact, this is my approach to all problems. Instead of relying on pointless definitions we should think what exactly we want to achieve. and when you think more you find out that you actually want something else or maybe it appear that you totally don't want what you think you want.

If you are aware that some method fails 90% of the time you probably should choose something else if you want to succeed. Why being in your sane mind you do something whast is almost inevitably will fail?


O.o Yes. There is an instinct to survive. It governs responses like fight, flight, and freeze.

Are you educated at all or are you just a troll?


Depends on your definition of education, If the meaning of education is regurgitating some dogmas and obviously illogical stuff I am not educated. I prefer to think a bit more in-depth.

Any kind of response requires certain logic behind it which must be based on objective factors. Until there this is not explained I declare entire theory as bullshit.
If you want to prove that instinct to survive does exist you have to explain how it works. Until you cant do that it does not exist.
I do not see any evidence that such thing could exist because like I said before, there is no definition of survival.

The desire to live is more related to the unwillingness to lose your investments, and it is proportional to the amount of what you have. The more potential you have the more you value your life when you have nothing you usually do not care about dying. I can also apply this to myself because when I was a child I couldn't care less about dying but now I have too much to lose.
on the other hand, uneducated gangsters do not value their life at all and they die young. Same is valid for ancient warriors who had little regrets about dying in the battle. and instinct of survival did not bother them at all, even now it is not uncommon when combatants of third-world states run into the battle like movie heroes without the slightest concern about safety. Rich people newer behave like that. When you are rich you will do anything to stay alive. Even terrorists, when they actually achieve something in life, become very unwilling to die.


So you're uneducated. That explains a lot.

There is evidence and explanation for instinct and survival instinct. Particularly if you study the brain and how each segment and lobe works. If you want a full explanation I suggest you actually speak to a few professionals. A brain surgeon and a psychiatrist could probably answer your questions far better than I can and help you through the proof. But if you just sit on your ASS and try to logic through things without collecting knowledge of what is out there then your logic will fail because you will miss key pieces of the puzzle.

I hear your same remarks on education and logic from people with a high school diploma who think the earth is 6000 years old and aliens built the pyramids. You can use that excuse for nearly any belief, but unless you are willing to learn outside ideas you can't compare them to your own and formulate conclusions. An education doesn't brainwash you into believing anything, it exposes you to multiple possibilities and the ways people have come to their conclusions. It let's you have dialogue and debate ideas (at least that was why my college education was like)

Or, are you from a country where that isn't how your education system works?


You are forgetting the main principle that correlation does not mean causation, just because something in the brain lights up in some situation that explains nothing. You need to tell how exactly it works.
In fact, you cannot even tell for what purpose that area of the brain gets active.

And yes, in fact, education does lots of brainwashing, Prety much all purpose of the theory of evolution today is to prove the superiority of women over men interns of their extraordinary value and decision powers. Currently, evolution simply replaced god and if you need to explain anything just refer to evolution and do not bother even thinking if this is even possible or reasonable. lust like with god evolution is used to give meaning to absolutely everything no matter if it is homosexuality or aging, everything is described as some deliberate result of natural selection which must be highly beneficial.

I am no way again theory of evolution but the way how it is used is plain disgusting from the scientific perspective. I have seen plenty of nonsense where even totally natural date processing artifacts are explained as the deliberate outcome of evolution while those retards do not even bother to learn how computer algorithms works and how all those quirks of the human brain are not some product of evolution but simply inevitable results of incomplete data processing algorithms.

Science practically turned into ideology and even scientific theories are getting tailored to specific ideologies like "Aquatic ape hypothesis"
Or the more general idea that prehistoric life was very hard and dangerous, with intent to prove benefits of capitalism, when the exact opposite is true.

Funny enough theory of evolution also surfaced in the time of transitioning to the capitalism while same ideas were known for many ages already and nothing that Darvin invented was really new, but this theory was excellent new god for capitalism so it received great support and was developed further. (this no way invalidates that theory but isn't it a nice coincidence?)


Ever feel like something will happen? Or like it did happen or is happening?
Or just any weird feeling?

Something always does happen, because things happen. But does it mean anything to have a weird feeling?

I've heard a lot about people feeling dead inside. Empty. Devoid of sadness and any other emotion, rather than being so sad. Unaccomplished.

Honestly, this is one reason I love myself so much: I have a lot of feelings.
Gay in the lamest sense, I know. Feelings suck right? But do they?

Happiness is possible in many forms, each worthwhile in their own right.

The joy of sexual pleasure is unique from both the pleasure of a tasty taste and a full belly, and each of the latter are unique from each other. Or how about love?

And aside emotions, how about thoughts, perhaps even existentialism. Deja Vu, conspiracy, Fate, whatever.... Hard to find the words sometimes, and sometime I forget a specific idea.
"Someone else might think a better way to phrase it anyway, just let it be. Ok." and I get on with my day.

Or the most basic thoughts.
Thoughts can be scary or inspiring or any other thing that creates an emotion.

But all of these can be so unpleasant. The most amazing physical pleasure known to humanity is unequal to the worst pain either for frequency or intensity, maybe both.

Love of your daughter for ten years and your wife for 14... met with 60 years of grieving losses caused by a careless driver.

Creativity, hope, generosity... met with closed minds, despair, and selfishness.

Selfishness, btw, turns this all around.

Along with sadism, it can make for an enjoyable life. I like to think I'm a good person. Pragmatically speaking, it makes sense that if you view the worst that happened to you as a part of How Things Are, and you enjoy the pain inflicted on everything else, or at least don't take a personal toll from it, it's easier to increase the ever important "Happiness Score" because you lost if you're feeling negative emotions. On the other hand, this flips back around again.

Full circle, negative emotions enable positive ones. I'm not one to say suffering is needed in the world, but painful times often have a silver lining and occasionally are net positives.

At an old age, a basketball court is opened in memory of he deceased mother and daughter, and people take notePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


As a hobby, I work with animals a lot and take care of animals.
I can always tell as soon as I walk into the room if an animal is dying or has died before I check the enclosures.
I was at a friend's house and her dog walked up to me and I caught the feeling of death. I didn't say anything, but a few days later she found out her dog had cancer. She was expected to live another month. I visited again a few days later and I knew her dog only had two weeks. Somehow I turned out to be right. I can't explain it. And I don't even need to be in the same building someone's to know one of my animals is going to die. I just know and I rush over.

I know, I sound like a terrible animal keeper but I have a lot of animals I care for and breed and this is over the last 7 years.


What would you think of a freeuse thread over in the lit board? Is freeuse guro something you all think would be worthwhile to read?
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Do you have original content you want to share? If so we're always looking for more stuff over in /lit/, and I do like freeuse.


The rule of thumb is, whatever sick or strange matter your materials deal in, do post. The chances are there'll always be someone to enjoy and admire it.


Just go for it. Free-Use sounds fun, you could go almost anywhere with that premise. And I for one would be interested in reading it.

Don't hesitate to write something because you're afraid of how people will react. Just be creative, write what you enjoy and enjoy creating it. Who cares what other people think.

Speaking for myself, I write the most overblown, overlength porn fic Guro may have ever seen a few days ago. It was riddled with missing words, ran on for ten chapters, and had the lamest Guro finish in history. And nobody gave a f***.


I think the more appropriate term is "casual". because free use sounds kinda dumb and ambiguous.
specific kind of "free use" will be "casual rape". if a woman does not want it but nobody cares

also, casual rape is like extremely different from the plain causal world where nobody cares about that issue at all. This is very different kind of fetish and will confuse everyone

Of course, this does not mean that you should not post those "free use stories" But I would suggest not to use that term without explanation


It always has been my number one fantasy. To use strangers as my disposable plaything for a bit is just so arousing to me. But when i do fantasize about it, i always come up with some kind of scenario where most of the male population died, if not no women would get older than 14.

So i love that thread and i can only wish that more content is added to it.

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