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Can you recomend something


Movies: Girlhouse (2015), Murder Set Pieces, Books: American Psycho, Survivor by J.F Gonzalez


As far as books go, it's a little dated, but I recommend the works of the Marquis de Sade.


Sure… Go to princes-horror-central.com and you'll find a LOT of vids cut out from movies. It's a real cornucopia of depravity and violence. It depends on what you're into - but the site has everything in categories.

My personal favorites are the scenes where nude women are in a sexual context and get offed. Like:
Appetites - some serial killer invites smokin hot tattooed hookers and fucks then kills them
Showdown from Little Tokyo - a yakuza boss undresses a blonde bimbo played by Renee Griffin and then Some video named Metalface - a black hot babe is tied to a tree in barbed wire, then the killer slashes her tit a bit and then disembowels her
Hazard Jack, Del Playa, Ryde - hot teens getting killed brutally, what's not to like
Women's Prison Massacre - there's once strangling scene that always gets me off
There's also a remake of some old movie with a killer dressed as Santa that punishes the 'wicked' - and he kills some girls filming a porn; one cutie gets her leg chopped off then she is fed into a wood chipper.

Aaaaand a myriad other videos, but these are all I could remember off the top of my head. Maybe search the /dis/ catalog for my other thread about princes-horror-central.

I would also suggest digging in the mediafire archives for Fantom Killer videos - it's a slasher porn with very sexualized killings. Unlike other movies, this stuff is made especially for people that fap to snuff themed stuff - it's pretty great, but most vids have been lost.


I've been known for clinging to dead, desolated forums. I've been known for ressurecting them with my top-nocth quality threads. I won't let my favorite place on the web to die.

Purge is real ladies and gentlemen. During this one day in a year you can do whatever. Law doesn't bound your action. Better than Christmas, Hanuka, Ramadan or whatever if you ask me.

What would you do? Be honest. Life is not a movie. Saving the world from our global capitalistic overlords or ending human trafficing circles aren't valid options. (although you are free to try. hell, maybe I'd even join you)

I'd wait till the last hours, and then do some revenge stuff. Probably I'd kill other purgers I'd met (if they wouldn't end me). Rape and torture female ones (torturing males is gay, dude, wtf). I'd try to stay true to my moral compass and not to kill poor innocent bystanders/homeless/etc. I'd kill every dog barking on me.
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Realistically, I'd stay home, especially if there was news footage of the Purge that I could watch. I'd sit there with my phone and my machete waiting for someone to try breaking in.


Yeah that guy! I'd try to kill him.


realistically? get laid. not rape (look at me, and the very idea is ridiculous) just a hooker.

no murder, but there's one or two people who might get kneecapped. bullies from years ago who have it coming


Let's be honest, any major institution (government, churches, etc) and company will have made sure to protect themselves to the hilt with the army and/or mercenaries/militias, who for that night will have no bars placed on their bloodlust. So, attempting to do anything against them is a non-starter no matter how large a rioting mob you can get together, because they'll just break out the assault rifles, RPGs, chaingun-and-hellfire equipped helicopters, proximity mines etc and cut you all to bloody ribbons within a matter of seconds. Including the NRA nuts, if you're in a country where heavy weaponry is easily available to the general public.

The real losers in any such situation will be the little guys - small business and low rent private residences that happen to get in the way of the mob. See any real world city centre riot for an example, though in this case you're not quite as safe from your fellow mobsters as in a typical riot because you haven't got quite the usual same us-vs-the-man unity of purpose and are at risk of being attacked by any other random member of the crowd should you let your guard slip for a single second. Unless you're already a gangbanger you probably wouldn't survive being part of it.

Really, anyone on this forum is probably at a distinct disadvantage.

I'm in a rather secure location myself, as my apartment is the last one on the hall on the top floor, in a low rise building (thus no fire escapes, internal roof access, elevators or balconies - the only way in or out is the main stairwell) made of hard-to-burn materials. It's therefore extremely easy to defend (rig up some metal shutters for the windows and front door, perhaps work with neighbours to organise fitting them to every apartment in the small block for mutual protection, and then go full Tower Defence on the stairwell and the outdoor approach to it… South African anti-carjacker flammenwerfers, razor wire, high voltage electrification, smoke machines, flashbang style strobes and sirens, and cctv plus fire suppression systems of course… maybe some passive periscopes, battery powered lighting and systems actuated without electricity in case the power gets cut), and up an obscure side street just the right distance from the nearest main strips that it would likely be ignored both by those looking to smash the shit out of downtown and those who prefer to fuck up the suburbs or hunt isolated residences in the countryside.

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Honestly, I wouldn't do a whole lot. I live in a poor neighborhood in the middle of nowhere, so there's nothing for me to really loot. Most likely, I'd have to defend my house from all the damn crackheads around here.

Under the circumstances in which the purge is real, I'd build a cinder-block wall around my property and top it with razor wire. During purge night, I'd stay locked in my home with my family and my guns. Any invaders would be shot on sight. Realistically, that's about it.


How would you train/torture an idol or a dancer? I mean, if you have a young girl, and you have to train her to sing/dance/smile perfectly, but you could abuse of her and break her mind, what kind of awful and painful training would you elaborate? (it also works for a boy one idk)


Well not my style (I abhor making her smile, I want to hear her screaming), but ig conventional torture is the answer?

Maybe you're worried about leaving marks or damaging her dancing capabilities. Electricity isn't my favorite brand of torture but it might suffice. That or simple slappings, pink belly and spankings are dank.

False hope is another nifty thing. Or carrot and a stick.


What kind of girl or what kind of torture you can use to make her smile ?
Torture is not gonna improve her signing or dancing.

But in that situation I woud use some relatively mild torture methods that leave no damage and no long lasting pain.

So I woud will her with enema and make her wear butt plug.

I woud putt catheter in her pee hole and not let her pee until she finishes her lesson.

I woud stick needles in her breasts as punishment for making mistakes.

also I woud make her perform naked with her student name tag attached to her nipple and also make her wear high heel shoes.
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I have no secrets of my own. I'm always cool and never ever just winging it. Yeah tote.

File: 1547890910526.png (1021.96 KB, 751x1063, black_girl_julia_on_displa….png)


Just wondering, does anyone else here have guro kinks with a racial element? Personally, I'm turned on by black girls being snuffed (esp.beheaded) and from there I've come to incorporate themes of racism and genocide into my fantasies.


Not particularly, but I guess I see the appeal of fantasizing about snuffing those not of your race.


Yes, actually. But my fantasies involve me being snuffed. I sometimes fantasize about being disemboweled and humiliated by brown/dark-skinned tribal women, usually in a duel-to-the-death scenario. The idea of being out-skilled or overpowered in a fight by the physically weaker gender really turns me on.


Wouldn't say it's a preference but it's nice to see the rare guro of characters who aren't of east Asian or European descent (or fantasy world equivalent) when it shows up.


No, I dont like any other races than white, Because it just does not work in black and white art at all. and even in real life and 3d black characters look like black blobs with pink pussies and white teeth.

But if it is a young girl and she is not coal black I totally like that as kind of variety maybe I will even add that to my own work someday.


i literally just fapped a straight hour to me killing whores in red dead 2, some of the deaths can be pretty gruosome. When it comes out on PC im assuming there will be mods and i hope there are some lewd ones so i can drown naked whores and slit their throats just as theyre on the verge of death.




Is it realistic that someone who is shot in the torso with a bullet could bleed from their mouth? If so, what specifically could cause that?
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Thats really unrealistic LOL
If she gets hit in the stomatch maybe you could say that she got sick and started vomiting blood? At least that could be somewhat possible but not likelly to happen. Blood will just not rise all by itself.


I was thinking it would be possible if her stomach filled up with blood. I guess the trauma of being shot could make her throw up, and if there's nothing else in her stomach, it's essentially the same as having blood rise to her mouth?

I feel like you often see in media where a gut shot person has blood at their mouth and it's supposed to indicate "this wound is serious"


Fiction is not very realistic so anything can happen.

But the biggest problem I see here is that even in the fictional setting it should take some time to fill stomach with blood so it cannot happen instantly after getting shot, you need at least a minute or more. but at least death is not going to happen that quick as if one get hit in the lungs. there will be quite a lot of suffering


Very true. To make it at least a little more realistic let's say she wouldn't throw up any blood until a few minutes later. Is it realistic for someone to survive that long with that kind of wound? Or would they bleed out quicker?


I think that if bullet does not hit any important arteries It is totally possible to survive for relatively long time
arteries are right in the center of the body and relatively small so if bullet hits somewhere slightly on the left side to hit stomach, it should not cause instant death
few minutes is pretty reasonable time for most wounds soldiers even survived being shot in the heart sometimes


Whenever I ran into some anons with jerkass attitudes, I immediately assumed them to be from 4chan. What do you think about them bringing up their attitudes here?
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Ironically, I've always thought of the concept of a person being able to be "from" a website as being a 4chan meme.


4chan is an anonymous imageboard similar to this one. The main difference is that this board caters to a very small and extreme fetish that isn't accepted openly in almost all other social media platforms.

If people browse 4chan despite there being plenty of other platforms that cover the general genres that 4chan does then it is because they do not want to post under a given name. This means it will naturally appeal to a certain kind of person who wants to say things without any kind of repercussions or it being brought up in the future. You're naturally going to get more socially reclusive "jerks" on 4chan.

Just my opinion anyways. You learn to deal with the culture there eventually.


Pretty based, even if they are jerkasses. It might have to do with the fact that I prefer honesty and passion over every other personal value (which I feel like is more common over there due to anonymity and autism).


>problems only come from admins and mods
This. Visited for years, got sick of janitors and mods and came to the realization that I'm being pushed around by people who are probably ten years younger than me at this point and who don't know shit about how to do their "job" properly.

Things really took a turn downhill when Moot left, which is right around the time I stopped activity visiting. Just no time anymore. I used to waste hours on that site, I got too much to do these days.


File: 1547687700303.jpg (365.45 KB, 750x750, 1093180 - Batman DC Marvel….jpg)

Cuckolds, and the morons from 8ch are no better since 8ch has been hosted on govt. servers since 2017. I've been wandering around imageboards for years now, with the only constant in my life being gurochan ever since /g/ on 4chan became technology. It's amazing how much bullshit this community has survived multiple times now. Hell I'm amazed Aya Swan still visits here from time to time.


Would you kill someone for that fantasy?
Or would you fuck a real dead body?
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If it was 100% garunteed that no one find out, I’d defiantly fuck a fresh corpse.

Would only even consider killing someone myself if they were into it and consenting. Having a girl ride me and slitting her throat as I finish would be nice. Her warm blood raining on me as her body slumps over on me and I continue to fuck my come into her as the warmth leaves the body.


File: 1546372369733.jpg (920.13 KB, 1920x1357, Spoils of War.jpg)


Same here, i'd only do kill a female during/before/after fucking her it if it was 95% safe i would not bear negative consequences because of it.

Like if there was a state of war/lawlessness and i commanded a group of armed men doing what we please.

I'd do different things.

I'd rape, make sex slaves, fuck fresh corpses of killed female civilians or combatants, kill a female during sex/during climax.

I'd say on majority i would create a harem to be completely honest, innocent people don't deserve to be killed without a good reason and the sex slaves i would have, would be treated fairly humanly and given all the comforts i could give them.


Sexbots brah. I have no interest in inflicting meaty "real" pain and I'd rather not subject women to my desires. Sexbots on the other hand will be able to do whatever I want.


Nah. I enjoy the fantasy, but for the sake of power and domination more than anything. And that side of me only really comes out when I'm in a sexual state of mind. I can reach the same level of arousal irl just doing more "conventional" dom type stuff during sex, so there's no reason more me to have to kill or mutilate somebody just to get off.
That aside, I'd never want to actually harm or kill anyone anyway, and I find real-life corpses and gore extremely off-putting. If I look at real-crime photos or any pictures involving graphic deaths, I get a little sick and just feel awful for the victim.


File: 1547687235520.jpg (53.27 KB, 960x538, 025212b022f57e9b41fc3ca131….jpg)

Kill somoene, no, however fuck a real dead body? Yes, as long as the dead person didn't have STDs. Hell I'd even ask for permission to make a mold of the person so I can make a real doll.

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