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Ever since I was born, I've had a rather extreme phobia of blood. It terrifies me on a level that is incomprehensible. The mere thought of it leaves me feeling dizzy and there have been many occasions where I almost fainted in public because of this phobia. It can be quite problematic because I'm also very interested in serial killers so sometimes I'll be listening intently to a podcast one moment, then teetering on the edge of consciousness seconds later.

As a teenager, I frequently had intrusive thoughts where I would temporarily become convinced that every object dangerous and I had to retract me wrists inside my sleeves to avoid cutting them on my desk or pencil or laptop. My mind was filled with images of bleeding uncontrollably and I felt as though I might lose control at any moment and tear open my wrists with my bare hands or teeth. At this point, I would begin hyperventilating until I nearly fainted, then slowly return to normal. Nowadays, when confronted with intrusive thoughts, I usually begin laughing as a coping mechanism.

I come here partly for the morbid discussion and partly to desensitize myself to the subject matter that has caused me so much distress.
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Thanks for confirming my theory, I always assumed that when you start loving yourself your desire to hurt other innocent people also disappears ;)

You make a good point about getting aroused by something you fear or hate this looks like one of the main mechanisms of sexuality in general.
I do not have phobias but everything wrong looks so sexy


Well sorry but the desire didn't disappear at all...I still dream about slitting children's throat every once in a while.
it's just that I have enough stock invested in my own morals/the big picture now to care that it's wrong...care enough that it's not remotely worth it anymore. Just a fantasy.


Butterfly’s and spiders I don’t know why the just scare the shit outa me


I have phobophobia -- the fear of fear itself.


Open fucking oceans, large bodies of water, deep murky water where i cant touch or see the bottom. Ive been in lakes and such and have been just fine but if i stop to think about it i get a terrible sense of dread. I have had many awful dreams about large sea creatures wanting to make a meal of me.

I have no desire sexual or otherwise surrounding open waters, predatory sea creatures, or vore.


My favorite hobby is to fantasize (reading is a close second). It is a pleasure to create entire worlds in the span of seconds, when most art requires an exceptional amount of skill and time to create something that pales in comparison. Once I lied in bed for five hours, playing through a scenario in my mind about torturing girls in a labyrinthine bunker, until the bloodlust almost took me and I nearly strangled my cat to death. The cat was unscathed and untouched, don't worry. Sometimes I think about being on the receiving end of agony as well, and oftentimes when I sleep I'll dream about being eaten alive or bedding corpses. Of course, I can't experience any of these lovely events in reality, and being mortal doesn't help one bit. I have attempted several thought experiments that seek to transform the between-state of half-sleep into a timeless void where I can live in a realm of eternal debauchery (or I'd just construct more bizarre worlds), but all I end up with are extremely vivid, but fragile dreams. Maybe I just need to practice more?

Anyways, I've often wondered about the joys of solitary confinement. I'm referring to true solitude, or simply an indefinite state of isolation in a prison. Can you just ask nicely to receive a lifetime prison sentence in solitary confinement? That would be ideal, but unrealistic. I think that the gap between reality and fantasy would blur in that type of setting. With no social or business life to bog you down, you'd be free to daydream as much as you like, and the absolute boredom would stretch your perception of time out substantially, I'd assume.

Just being able to have limitless free-time while mooching off of peoples' tax money would be nice enough, but by being unable to leave or work on any other task than thought, there would be no better opportunity in the world to become a pseudo-god and form a strong tether to your ethereal world. Maybe, because of the lack of external stimuli in your environment, your skill at creating phantom sensations would be enhanced as well. This would be especially useful because I really want to feel intense pain, but am unable to without committing grievous harm to my body. It's a real shame, and I'll savor any accidental injuries that I'll experience. Of course, I'd never hurt anyone in reality to achieve my ridiculous goals. People are not toys.

Is there a better way to create the fabled "infinite dream"? I would be very pleased to know. APost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Now, don't get me wrong, I DO like scatbooru. The variety and sheer collection of what was considered a hard-to-find fetish is impressive... but there is one issue I currently face with it:

1: NOBODY! TAGS! ANYTHING!: Well, that's not "completely" true, but I have dealt with currently 30-plus pages of untagged stuff, and I know there are some who frequent the booru... yet they don't tag. And no, I'm not gonna JUST make an account to tag everything single stupid thing because this isn't a job for one person to do, thank you very much. Boorus simply survive as they do because of the community that drives them and catalogs them with tags, making things easier to access for everybody. So all these untagged things... it's gonna choke the booru with huge gaps of misplaced stuff.

I doubt anyone shares my concern/complaint.


You're not alone Waru. I've abandoned sites aplenty, and content being invisible is one reason I'm disincentivized feom sticking around.


Hey there!
I'm a teenage girl, ex-camgirl.
My parents found out about my less-than-savory internet persona, and essentially shoved me into a chastity box and I'm miserable.

I love guro, and I would really love somebody to talk about it with.
I'm also not sure where this goes either, apologies.

If you're interested, DM my Discord (Emi#2050). Looking forward to saying hello. (´ ∀ ` *)


You're a teen locked up by your parents but you used to be a cam girl...?


...Yet you have internet access. /dis/ is pretty much the place to chat, join the talk in any of the threads or start a new one about some other topic. Or there's /rp/ for, well, roleplaying, you should totally check that out too.


please don't tell me its removed :0


The catalogs haven't been on this version of gurochan :/


Hi guys. I want to try something a little different for my second /lit/ project, and that means stepping away from my comfort zone and the fetishes I have experience with. I have a couple of questions, and I'm hoping somebody with a better medical or fictional knowledge can help me with.

First, something everybody likes. Blowjobs.

I'm wondering, could I actually die from asphyxia caused by a cock in my mouth? It can make it pretty hard to breathe, would it be plausible for a particularly deep thrust to block off my air supply and cause me to suffocate? And on a related topic, could a large enough ejaculation drown me?

And secondly, what seems to be a favourite around here, disembowelment.

My main curiosity revolves around sensation. Do my internal organs have sensory nerves, IE would I feel pain from my/in spilled entrails? Or just the pain in my skin and flesh? And secondly, how would you perform disembowelment? Would you slice vertically from the base of my ribs down to my mound, or horizontally across my belly or abdomen?

Thanks. I know they're odd questions, but having this kind of knowledge helps me write. And finding this info through other sources is proving difficult.
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Those don't count as odd questions here


Considering death and revival of characters I see a more important problem that when you are immortal you simply do not die, you do not "come back to life", but just don't die at all., There is no penalty or even you get benefits.
Being a super strong character is not a problem here because not resisting can be like an indication of the strength too and this can even be played as a dominant bottom

So for me, the question is how to make "death" still somehow important enough, to have some fear about that but keep characters immortal.

I decided that one solution is to make them forget how they died what will make death exciting every time as if it was the first time experience and later character gets back to life only with the knowledge that she "died" but can't remember any details how that happened. what makes it even more arousing to listen how other characters describe it making her desire to experience this unknown thing.


You can die deep throating a man. To try to answer your own question lie on your back on the kitchen table, lying your head back as far as it will go over the edge and take a 10 inch or larger dildo into your mouth and down your throat as far as you can. Your gag reflex will kick in. Just keep trying. This is a great position for oral sex! Try it!

How far can you get the dildo before you can't breathe anymore? Not far for me. I have to breathe through my nose. If he were to block breathing through my nose, I'd be done for quick. I can't hold my breath very long.

You are unlikely to drown from a man's ejaculate. You might choke to death on it if you're in the position I mentioned above and couldn't breathe through your mouth.


I have most definitely felt organ pain, I don't think you're right about pain necessarily localizing to skin.


Pain will only localize on the skin if the sensation of touch will match the sensation of pain. otherwise, you will be unable to tell where it is originating from. internal organs do not have many pain sensors and they are all connected to the same input.

To say it more accurately it is not that you will feel that pain originates from the skin, but from the place where you touch the skin.


I´m looking for a link of a tit torture homepage.
Does anybody have such a link?
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I don't suppose you have discord or email or anything?


I can do emails. What email should I reach you at?


I was hoping you might leave your own. hmmm.
Well. I might get a temporarily disposable one?


I'm not sure if it worked until after I post, but you can reach me at the email included in this message.


XIO, did you ever figure out a way to host any of your stuff?


Hi friends,

Earlier today, I posted a thread on /3dcg/ containing pictures of the aftermath of a rampage in GTA V that I thought would fit well in /3dcg/ since it's computer generated images. However, it seems to have been removed. Is there any reasoning for this? If Gurochan isn't the place for this sort of thing, can any of you point me in the right direction for finding a place that I can share and see guro-esque imagery and mods from games?



The content you posted was not only not made by you, it was literally screenshots of GTA V. It was barely modified, and it's something anybody can do if they have the game. It's not much different to making a 3dcg thread for your minecraft builds.


if you look at the other posts on /3dcg/, it is either user generated content or content that is 3d and guro. GTA V is not guro, nor were these screenshots even modded to be nude, it's just dead ragdolls.

I don't mean to dissuade you, but please try to have some standards in what you post.


That's fair, but it should be enumerated in the rules that threads should contain content created by OP.

Are you aware of anywhere else that shares this kind of content?


To be honest, Steam would work great. Your posts would not violate their ToC.


Youtube probably? I know that there are a couple channels that specialize in ryona videos for videogames.


Would anyone be interested in playing a game like this online using something like Roll20 (I would have to check if they allow this stuff first)?

I've made tabletop rpgs before and was thinking of rules for a guro version that would have a combat system similar to La Blue Girl but be in modern time. There would be an all-female evil cult that would be the main protagonists.

I would allow you to create whatever kind of character you want with whatever kind of abilities you want (within reason). Want to be an assassin like the hitman game? Sure. Want S&M magic and be able to shoot barbed wire at people and chain then up? Cool. Want to be a werewolf and eat girls alive? Yummy! Want tentacles that let you fuck a whole group of girls at a time and impregnate them with vicious little creatures that eat their way out of the girl's chests in a bloody mess? Awesome.

I would be loose with the rules too because there is no one system that can allow you to do all your twisted minds can think of without bending the rules here and there. I'll even come up with new rules and abilities you can learn to help you achieve the bloody play style you wish.

I would validate sex combat by having some of the enemy girls using magic that protects them from direct physical harm. You would then have to choke, drown, or sex them to death. Most of the game mechanics would be sex oriented and if you manage to break down their willpower and get them to orgasim, then you could cause their hearts to explode or just shatter their defensive spell so you could finish them however you wish.

Most of the girls would not have this protection and you could kill them or enslave them however you wish.

I'm not sure when I'll complete this and have it ready for playing. I'm just trying to see if there are people out there who would be interested.


I want peeps to use these builds. Come up with your own specific lore. From D&D 3.5.

Baraiur (Manual of the Planes, not BoED) Wiz9/Ur-Priest2/Mystic Theurge 8. (arcane-divine master)
Bariaur Barb2/wiz6/Eldritch Knight10/archmage2. (Arcane-Martial master)
Monk 11/Ur-Priest 9 with a Permanent Dive Strength. (Martial-Divine Master).
Minatuar War Hulk 10 with a Permanent Divine Strength. (Super-Specialized Martial Master).

There are some other odd builds involving anti-priests, monks, theurges, and angel centaurs, but I'd love these for a typical party of 4. All can ve made very stealthy. I've designed countless power builds, each fitting of endless different backstoriess.

They're very suited to this campaign especially, given my other designs relevant to The Planes.


I am interested! Although I do not have any experience with d&d


I'm glad to see that people are interested! I'll see what work I can get done on making the game :)

Sorry, I only recently noticed that there is a RP tab on this site. I always had my phone vertical so that tab was cut off. I'll re-post this there later to see who else might be interested.


Has there ever been, or could there ever be, a guro Con or a Con that includes/included guro?


Well of course there could be. The question is do we really want to meet each other? Jk I'm down, the question is how do we get the funds.


Well, we could certainly start a fund. Or, what the hell, a kickstarter


In the modern times, I do not see any point even bothering with real-life meetings. But I agree that funding is the most tricky part. If you would like to travel US-EU that would cost like 3000$ each and also takes about 4 days of travel time( total.) This is ignoring all other expenses.

Considering idea of meeting each other this would destroy anonymity ;)


I almost crave an anti moral festival. I'm so sixk of ev people thinking they need to pretend to like me or whatever.


Actually i've read about a guroket( i think that was the name) while surfing the deepweb, i don't remember the details and i don't think it takes place anymore....i can't imagine why......

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