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I just did part of my fetish, I want to be cut in half and live so I can play with my pussy without feeling it, so I used anesthais and I played with my pussy can't feeling pleasure but my tits was good
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Well so good, I don't feel my pussy like normal but more like a pressure so I did finger and insert large things inside but I did have pain after but my tits was going crazy. Just the feeli g of my tits and licking of my fingers, woohoo good. But it did cost me a lot of money all that. Next time sex like that


I want to hear more about this!


Yes, it is very interesting to hear what "large things" you inserted there that made it feel pain later.

And what kind of anesthesia it was.


Yes, I know, I want to know how big you could stretch yourself? I want to try this myself.


Well i dont know i just paid a nurse to do it, am crazy but not that much.

Dildo, what was ylu thinking.

You know girl like to talk sex too,

If you want to try well find a nurse amd paid. Have fun


I had been in the process of uploading videos of my work to a rather cool site that worked great and didn't fuss about bloody/sexy content. It was so perfect that, naturally, haft way through my uploads they announced that they were taking their business in a new direction, the kind where they aren't one any more.

I have a YouTube and Motherless account, but the former is notorious for taking down video, while the latter as a size limit(and glitches) I find very difficult to work around.

Does any one know a video sharing site that lacks the aforementioned problems?


have you ever tried heavy-r(dot)com or xvideos(dot)com?
both xvideos and heavy-r have allot of snuff videos so you should fit in well


This is a good site... when it is up.

Please ensure it stays running




Friend of mine was wondering how the sickest people would use her, and wanted no limit comments on some softcore pics of hers.
She's 5"2, slim but curvy, brightly dyed hair and really, really sweet and innocent seeming and adorable.
Anyone wants to hop over to imagefap and comment on her gallery, here's the link:
imagefap dotcom/gallery/7343602
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Would use her as my slave for a while, tie her up and use and abuse her pussy , stretching and fisting her for hours on end maaking her cum over and over and eventually after shes done id cut around her pussy and asshole and pull her guts out between her legs....


By looking at her body she can be decapitated and her headless body remotely controlled as a sex slave and her head in life support or preseved alive in a jar unconscious


I wouldn't do anything, but on the other hand there are so many great torture methods and devices. And there are so many cool ideas for tormenting cute girls, that I've seen here, on 4chan/d/ and pixiv.

But I would never hurt innocent person. Unless she isn't innocent. In that case I would torture her for weeks, and destroy her mind and body. After that I would bury her alive.


I would tie her and then tear off her fingernails, break back all of her fingers, cut them off and make her swallow them. Then slit her throat, slowly, and taste her. Once she bled out I would decapitate her, open up her stomach and then chest, play with her insides and then completely dismember her body.


And since she’s a stranger doing this would not concern me, though not actually viable or safe considering the trail back to gurochan and then to me.


I was downloading some lolicon cartoons from a clearnet web site which i found through a google search(some torrent file sharing). Was getting myself some downloads and happily waiting for the fap time to begin until something terrible happened;

The download was complete and i was about to check it out when the following happened. I opened the file only to see some shocking content. Considering what i was searching for you can guess what type of lolicon i came across to. Didn't have proxy or anything on really

Apart from the extremely not the usual type lolicon disturbing pictures, In that folder there was this video which had a fed on the thumbnail. I started getting sweaty and clicked the vid straight away only to ensure how deeply fucked i was. It was a few minute video claiming that the fed forces of some Eu country have collected my ip and general information gathered due to the nature of p2p sharing system. I didnt watch it till the end, but it seemed to be believable enough for me. Surely i was pretty terrified and went on deleting the freaking thing straight away, tried to calm myself by making up hopes of this being some kind of joke; yet my anxiety only intensified during the following days.

Had to write and ask if anyone had been in a similar situation? How big of a trouble did I get myself in because of my porn habits?

This story is an iteration of what really happened for obvious reasons. (Shock Effect caused memory loss of the event)
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"Control" of Tor (and the clearnet for that matter) can mean a lot things.
Anyhow, my impression of the American public is general ignorance (PRISM collects every symbol and syllable, the Int Agencies have insidious persuasion programs, etc. Yet most think they're not being personally analyzed) and apathy ("why should I care if these people know what I fap to?" ...or know everything about everyone for that matter).

When the Patriot Act was passed, the Left had some outspoken critics but mostly moderates who went along. The right called everyone traitors for daring to think the government would abuse the power to abuse power.

Even today, it's a bitching match between 2 cults of (wretched) personality in a tornado of mindless bullshit made of momentary memes and cultural battles such as "who's the asshole over reacting to sexbots?"


Hehe no worries and i really mean this! It happened 2 me also, i knew i was using a safe system but i did some checking.In a few words they are only doing this to scare people, like the use of information with news that are meant to discourage people.
I have some experience in this matters, they can't compile shit, they can't do anything to you, this is only meant to thin the downloading numbers.
Happy loli hunting! Btw for loli you should try 8ch.net one of the last free corners of webspace! ;)


I am pretty sure that was A. a troll B. A scammer who wanted to push some shit on you or C. Some asshole who thinks adding these videos will help stop people or some shit instead of wasting your time.


I thought one of the sub-reasons for the creation of the Torrent system in the first place was plausible deniability over what you've downloaded? Unless it's an extremely rare thing being seeded by a single host and not shared even temporarily by others, your computer pulls in chunks from dozens of others in a semi-random fashion. Tracing the source of all those packets, and what's inside them, is the devil's own job; essentially, you'd have to already be under enough suspicion that your entire web traffic would be getting recorded man-in-the-middle style and the torrents you download reconstructed on the fly to see what's in them. Otherwise it's just a pattern of mass accesses to numerous other peers sending out packets of individually meaningless data (especially if it's a RAR/ZIP, doubly so if password encrypted) with no clear connection between them. It doesn't even necessarily download things in the correct order, it just takes chunks as they're available.

Anyway, if you're worried, delete the file, clear your Windows file history and that of the torrent client, and run a defragmenter that has the option to securely wipe all empty sectors after the run completes, e.g. Auslogics Disk Defrag. There shouldn't be anything left tying you to that file, or to suggest it was anything other than a passing Wifi leech who managed to break your router's encryption (WPA2 is starting to become rather weak vs modern processors and cracking techniques).


The effort OP went to to make it sound like he wasn’t deliberately looking for CP is hilarious


Or read the books it's based on?

A future where death of the body doesn't always mean death. the ability to brutally murder maim etc a body without an actual consequence. I think it'd make one hell of a good premise for fanfic of the Gore/death type.

Has there been any fanfic of this type made of it? Perhaps someone has watched it and began to write such a story?

Plus the ability to clone your mind and body meaning you could kill/harm yourself, see/hear yourself experiencing the pain without actually feeling it.
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Thanks this was on jeopardy very soon after I saw this post more then one life to live for 1600 I think


I'm not familiar with that particular work, but it's a pretty common transhumanist trope, from Neuromancer and Ghost In The Shell and far beyond in both directions. Even relatively fluff-level works like Adam Warren's westernised take on The Dirty Pair (back in the early 90s) have played with it quite extensively.

Using it as a basis for legalised snuff movies is a new one, though... maybe.


The show is overall very good, even if it pushes some garbage lgbt stuff here and there and I can't stand this crappy agenda. From a fantasy POV it's very neat.

In the ninth episode there is a scene that got me super hot. There's a snuff hotel in the clouds where the hired snuff staff doesn't know they won't be put back in other bodies and they expect a high payout, but they get actually killed (and in the show's universe, real death is pretty rare). There's a little cute blonde that wants to be killed, but unfortunately the main character that encounters her has ... morals.


What LGBT garbage stuff? The show is showing a very morally loose society hundreds of years in the future where an individual can be immortal as long as they have the money. LGBT is not an agenda anymore, is simply a non issue as any other relationships and sexual acts. They can fuck their own clones, and even have legal snuff for god sake!
You are reading too much of something that isn't there.


I agree with the other anon, if you've got an eye for it, you can see it a mile a way, mega cringy stuff, like how that chick just happens to be resleeved in a dude, or how it just happened to be invented by a black woman who thinks men are evil

great show though, it makes up for it by being awesome in every other way, hopefully when (if) they make a second season they learn their lesson


How often does this happen to you: a killer is captured, a few (never nearly enough) tantalizing details are revealed of his/her crime(s), and you think, "Fuck, I'd have gotten away with it"?

Take, for example, the crackpot amateur submariner in Denmark. For whatever reason, he killed the female reporter he conned into sailing with him. He must have thought he was hot shit when he cut off her limbs. But he wrapped the pieces in flesh-preserving plastic! And he kept the fucking torso intact. He weighted the pieces down, but of course they washed up on shore.

If the idiot had even read a handful of dismember/disembowel stories here, he would have known to at least open her belly. That would do a good job of attracting the scavengers that would have made his stupid plan a potential success. Any zombification stories would have reminded him of the need to keep the other pieces exposed to the sea as well, so the flesh could rot properly.

Here's the thing, though. If he'd had the sense to do those things, he probably wouldn't have killed the poor woman in the first place.

Maybe that's the saving grace, if one is needed, of guro fans. We've looked inside, seen the darkness, and decided to keep it on a leash. Perhaps having the good sense to know our desires is what keeps us from acting on them?
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I used to feel bad, but then I told myself not to waste sympathy on the dead and just enjoy the violence. Personally, I love watching autopsy footage (seeing a lady's breasts peeled back and ribs removed is one of the most beautiful things) and brutal murders. l hope that one day you will be able to banish your useless guilt.


That definition of narcissism is not the clinical definition. It's a broader disorder than you describe, and a more common one.

You're probably not a psychopath if you care about your friends and family, unless you just say you do but don't really understand the concept.

...anyway, it's stupid and self-indulgent for me to diagnose you over the internet, I've never met you and there are many reasons a person might act one way or another online. You could be a narcissist, or you could just be isolated and emotionally stunted, with a defensive viewset that sounds like narcissism. You could be somewhere in the middle (I think you're somewhere in the middle) or you could be none of the above.

Anon's comment above me is pretty interesting so I'm going to fuck off and let the thread go where it wants


As one of my favorite authors here, where would one go to read such beautiful stories


I seem to recall reading that serial killers tend to have below average IQ's and yeah its the media and Hollywood that has elevated them to the Sherlock level of ingenuity. And yeah i agree its a good thing there doesnt seem to be an overlap between gurofans and killers or else sites like this and their content would be even harder to come by.

I know there was a time towards the middle of high school where i questioned if i might be or have sociopathic tenancies. I had become pretty antisocial. I imagined getting into fights where i would wreck the other guy so bad, like stab them with an exposed and fractured bone bad. Already had found out about most of my weird kinks (Knew about them for some time actually) including this site. I had even answered a riddle that supposedly only sociopaths would get. Like its wasnt even a riddle i was just "Oh, well clearly this is why... wait the rest of you didnt catch that?" But the factor that throws all that out is Ive still got empathy in overwhelming amounts. I cry when I watch A Pale Blue Dot. I feel warmth and happiness from caring for animals and pets. I care for the people i choose to have in my life.

So clearly yes a distinction should be made between the two groups.

Now some folks have mentioned being interested in irl gore and stuff. For me, Ive not quite made it there. CG and cartoons, fine. Part of why this is i think is precisely because it stylized, theres an aesthetic to it. How different artists treat the subject matter. Another part of the fascination for me is images where the subject should be dead but is not. Thats a vital part of it. If i saw a four panel comic of a woman getting gutted i could scroll on by if the art style isnt to my taste but if she is doing it to herself and talking sexy a the while then im interested. Non-lethal is the tag ive seen used for this... Now with that little sub-genre in mind i started my own personal photoshop manip collection of extra holes being made and fucked, as in nipple and skull fucking, and i think that shit is the bees knees. Just this week Ive started watching implant removal video and getting off to that. i dont feel gross or have guilt over it, cause i know the context. If i were to see an autopsy vid I dont think i would be able to feel the same way. That spark of life makes a difference to me.

My working theory is this - Death is a taboo and a mystery, but its also as natural as the blooming of a flower Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I agree with you Onix


Does anyone know how to view attachments on the darkspot? I would like to read webeltro's torture of a prisoner story, but I can't view any attachments even when logged in. It keeps telling me I don't have permission to view anything.


You need to get your account promoted to a member. I think it happens automatically after you post like 10 messages


So do comments count?


They did back in the day when I did it


Best way to get full member status is to post in the new members category of the forum


I've always thought the people on here would like it, so I wondered if anyone has actually read it or anything on that website before. It was my go-to site before I found this one (Since I hadn't found any guro communities before this one :P)


Is that anything like the Holders?


I've never read that one, sorry my dude. Couldn't say.


Demons lol
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What are you guys smoking?


Seriosly, why is the site going down? It seems to happen a lot! Btw the 3d CGI section is mission? Anyone has a clue? Besides, horny gremlins and demons! :P




Because it gives good head


I'd really like to see a sticky telling people where they should look for updates when it's down,

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