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I just did part of my fetish, I want to be cut in half and live so I can play with my pussy without feeling it, so I used anesthais and I played with my pussy can't feeling pleasure but my tits was good


Wow thats hot, I want to do that! How did it feel ? Could you do whatever you wanted to it and there was no response ?


I've tried this a few times after accidentally sleeping on my own hand, or while on oral anesthetics after a dental visit and sucking on my own nipples. It's fun, but not that fun. pretty much what it feels like to have anyone else doing it, but with more control, haha.


So, that used to be something that would get you banned for an amount of time.

I visit this site every once in a while, not as much as I used to and I noticed a few RL pics.

Did the rules change or are the mods becoming more lax? I know with the dolcettgirls site they allow RL pics and its a common thing there, but again, just wasnt sure if there is a rule change or if the mods are MIA?

Can someone clarify?
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Please harrass this awful SJW girl!!!, post in requests.

and this has been allowed up for close to a month?>>7145


The mods are mostly MIA, and if you read that post you'd know that whoever posted it was a retard who doesn't know what this site is supposed to be


I have seen some around as well, there also people trying to sell snuff pic which I think must be some kind of scammer. Where can I donate to keep the mods doing better job? I need this site or else I don't have a place to put my gallery, this place is right at home for us artist doing guro stuffs.



i know sites like dolcettgirls have RL pics and dont seem to have a problem. and with everything happening with the cannibal cop case being overturned for the moment I think gurochan should be ok.

Its just different from the site it used to be. I personally am ok with RL pics as long as no RL info is posted along with it. Keep it fantasy and we should be ok, but, I dunno.


DGF et al don't allow sexualized characters under 18, though. Isn't this potential combination the reason for that rule here?


What do you think of the reputation of the board out side of the guro community. The only no guro websites I know that even say we exist is Urban dictionary, tv tropes and encyclopedia dramatic-a. And they mostly say we’re pretty shit.
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For all I care they could put me on a stake and burn me for my fetishes.
No srsly, why don't people do this anymore?!


We are brought up on reddit /r/guro in a neutral/positive way. I'd say most have never heard of this site, so there arent many opinions.


Aww ( ◠‿◠ )
Couldn’t have said it better myself lol


I'm not so sure most people know we exist.

I've confessed my fetish to a hand full of friends (yeah, I don't know, bad idea?)... not in great detail, but "enough." I'd lead with "my fetishes are fucked up," and they'd shrug it off and I'd reiterate, "no, you don't understand...

And your average vanilla person is gonna think, okay maybe BDSM, maybe some emphasis on the S&M. And you tell them "It's stuff you probably couldn't or shouldn't do IRL," and they'll think of some of the crazy stuff on deviantArt like inflation, and you say "guro" and they say what, "like, gore, but eroticized." Suffice to say, you end up having to explain it.

If they respect you enough, it's "okay, i accept you, it's just not my thing." Or they try to pretend it's not so bad until you show them some shit and then, "Okay yeah no."

Presumably, most people, IF they knew about us, wouldn't like us very much. Fortunately, most seem to try not to even think that people like us exist. It's like having a rape fetish. It's insanely common, yet I tell someone about it and "wait, so I'm worried about you, are you actually gonna try to go out and, you know...get...you know, raped?"

People really don't get it.


Most forums I go to, people don't know guro exists, and are disgusted and shocked to find out. It rarely gets as far as them learning about gurochan.


I would love to see my bitch sister in a horror movie. Does that make me a bad brother?
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4 digit code?




Ok didnt go through. Add me


Ok. Will do in the morning ok


Alright I added you. So when ever your online next


Just discovered exhentai any good large insertion stuff thats not on regular ehentai some of it is rather difficult to find


Exhentai only has loli stuff which is not available on public site


there's a tag for it on exhentai, which is just "large insertions." there are loads of good large insertion works there.


I like guro and I fap to it allot (probably too much) but when it comes to real life gore I dont feel anything.

Am I missing something?
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We even don't need to go that deep. Things like people trying to put their intestines back inside, shot in the head teen prostitutes in favelas or stabbed to death ex-gfs in Korea are sad no matter of interpretation. And fapping to that is highly disrespectful ( but this is matter of one's emphaty).

Although I agree, you can ignore this sadness, or even enjoy it. I won't blame anyone for that, but it's wrong thing to do in my opinion.

Well, I guess there are other great minds out there then;)


Not only do I enjoy gore, but I especially enjoy the suffering associated with it. The gore itself is just the package it comes in. To me, the sadness of the context is part of what makes it great. It's part of the reason I'm not into post-death gore and I'm not into consensual torture. A butchered corpse of a girl is just a pile of meat, but a living, conscious girl in tears as she is mutilated slowly has some appeal. The things that must be running through her head, the raw emotion of the situation, the trauma and anguish, all are a part of it. Emotion is a drug at the end of the day, good or bad.

Fortunately, I'm also a reasonable and respectful person. I think it goes without saying on this board, but it's possible to enjoy imagining the unthinkable without endorsing or condoning it in real life. I would never wish these sorts of things on anyone in reality.


Interesting. I'm not super into gore, but like you, >>7073, I'm way into the suffering, the physical, emotional, and psychological cruelty of the thing. Though unlike you I'm not into straight up non-consent. I like it to be consensual, semi-consensual, or just like, that's her place in the world and she just doesn't even think about having a choice, and its best if she doesn't enjoy it at all.

I think part of what makes it exciting in fantasy is how wrong you know it is in reality right? Like, in real life I'm a vegetarian because I don't even like the idea that animals die so I can eat, but in fantasy I will totally make that bitch prep her sister for the oven and fuck her in the ass while making her watch through the window.


Nah ur not missing anything. I’m sure if you did it right you’d like it. Irl gore stuff online is mostly such shit
Tell me with a straight face you could slit someone’s throat and not be aroused, at the very least by the fact of what you’re doing


Yeah it’s sad to think about maiming or death in the context of the irl consequences, and maybe you can’t help being turned off if ur empathy is high/normal enough
But personally the fetish more hinges around the mutilation, blood, guts and the control. Those things in isolation are hot, nothing sad about it


So, just a quick question as to why threads on GuroChan don't use pages?
Especially in threads were images are posted, this is seriously annoying, as you have to wait for all the images to load before you can scroll down. (Well, you can try before, but the images will keep on pushing the bottom of the site down until they are all loaded).

So yeah, pages would make life here A LOT easier.
But maybe I'm just not seeing the amazing reason as to why they aren't used?


Code complexity is about all, I would expect. Pretty much no *chan type server uses anything like that other than at the section overview level, they're all extremely simple (though Enclaved would probably beg to differ given his rant about having to disentangle the original spaghetti code in order to fix it) PHP/MySQL type affairs.

SELECT FROM TABLE "artwork" WHERE $THREAD = "1429" and all that.

Heck it might even be a simpler filesystem based setup given how the "forum" and "thread" addresses are given... e.g. for this thread, gurochan.cx/dis/res/6907.html ... this is thread #6907, and it's in Discussion, so each new post regenerates the code of page file 6907.html under folder /dis/res on the gurochan server. Loading the page then requires nothing more than reading the html, and any images inlined to it (which are also stored in a big flat pile inside /dis/res, and found by searching their numerical filename). Doesn't even separate threads into their own folders... I mean, I'd expected this to be more index.html in /dis/res/6907, but that's evidently not the case (or at least, what we can see from the client side doesn't reflect that; it might be like that in reality with the server-side software doing some live translation between the apparent and actual filesystems).

Very messy, but still entirely effective, and about as simple as it's possible to make. Writing the files so that they cut each page into sections would require adding an extra level of intelligence to the file authoring code to judge where to split them up and providing the nav links, and either making multiple .html files for each page as it grew (not the most difficult, admittedly, as just adding an underscore and then a pair of hex characters would allow 256 separate pages), or twiddling the CSS to fake that (I've no idea myself how you'd make that work, but presume it's doable; however, your browser would still have to load the entire html file even if not the pictures, and in some text-heavy threads the data load of the text and html code can outweigh that of the thumbnailed images).

Or in other words, if you're that bothered, contact the admin and offer to set it up for him, I'm sure he'd be delighted at not having to fuck with the board code any further in order to provide a change whose benefit is somewhat marginal unless you're stuck on 56k or using an ancient Celeron with very liPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


* s/regenerates page code/appends a new post section at the end of the page code (just above the footer)

Like, I doubt it would rewrite the entire page, that would get pretty heavy for the longer ones, and require some kind of separate database or at least creating a temporary single-thread one in the server memory. Much easier to just have each post on a thread marked out with some kind of comment tag (so they can be deleted in a fairly simple manner later on - just erase those particular tags and everything between them, plus any associated image file), and with each new one erase the (standardised) footer, then write in the post data and reappend the footer. The html files themselves become the in-place database, making for a considerable saving in terms of disc space and processing overhead.


SELECT * FROM ThreadPosts WHERE threadId = "whatever" ORDER BY postDateTime LIMIT {postsPerPage*pageNumber}, {postsPerPage};

would work in MySQL.

And pages threads are useful for more than just load times - it helps you save your place. Instead of having to save something you can Ctrl-F to some file, you can just look up the last page of the thread in your browser history - or if you've set up your browser to re-open the last session's tabs, you're immediately back where you left off.


And here's page functionality in JS: pastebin.com/J0rHXEVi

This could easily be made into a browser extension, but for now, do the following to get it working:

1. Append ?page=[n] to the end of a thread URL, where [n] is the page number starting at 1.
2. Reload the page to apply this change.
3. Open the developer tools by pressing F12.
4. Navigate to the "Console" tab.
5. Paste the provided code (see Pastebin link) into the console and press Enter.


And here's a Chrome extension based on the code I posted earlier: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gc-pagination/hjchpmmpmlpobmihjoiafhofacfampmf


I would LOVE to see my sister in a gory horror movie. Is that fucked up?


Happy you're back


thanks for keeping this site running.




Fresh install system. Cookies died, account long lost.


... make new account

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