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All the guro Discords suck donkey cock, so I decided to make one with staff that know what the fuck they're doing. discord.gg/6FFSvud


Where do I find new IRL scat porn, besides the pretty much dead 8ch board?






I started a Discord a few days ago with some friends. There are no limits to what you can post as long as it isn't child porn. The invite code is vxD4w


it expired


I would like to know only girls please hihi.
If you was cut in half and life for about 1h? What will go up your mind, would you experience?


There's this person that I used to really like, however after getting to know them better and due to circumstances surrounding this person, I grew to hate them. I don't want to give out too many details because 1. No one cares 2. I don't want to risk giving out personal information that may identify me. That said, the entire ordeal hurt me very much and still I have a twinge of pain to this day, however I think I've found a way to help me cope.

I fantasize a lot about torturing and killing this person in various ways. I imagine decapitating them slowly as they gurgle and try to scream, tears running down their face. I pick up their severed head and lick a little bit of the blood before deeply staring into their eyes. The combination of fear and sadness is absolutely beautiful and I can't resist giving them a deep, passionate kiss. I will be the last person they ever see, and will imprint into their mind for the last 10 or so minutes it takes for life to finally fade away from them.

Another fantasy of mine involves them being kept in a dark room, chained by their neck like a dog. I bring in their loved ones and butcher them in front of this person. They scream and cry, begging me to stop. I lavish their emotional pain until they appear completely broken. This fantasy carries on in various ways, sometimes I deny them food until they slowly starve to death, raping them in the meantime. Other times this fantasy involves me force feeding this person's dead loved ones to them.

Perhaps stolen from Hostel, I'd also enjoy hanging them up over a tub, completely naked. I slice them open and I bathe in their blood. Sometimes I play with their guts as they spill out.

I don't think I need to tell anyone here this, I just want to preface that I have absolutely no intention of ever acting any of these fantasies out. They are fantasies and will always stay that way. Besides, in fantasy I get to torture and kill as many times as I want to.

I'm not entirely sure why I felt the need to tell you people this or even if there's any other purpose to this thread. I don't know, perhaps share your own fantasies? Do any of you fantasize about killing/torturing people you know who've hurt you? I'm curious.
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(Singing like a jingle) ”That’s why we need gun control”


People debating morality and politics on a guro-fetish board <_<

I mean, does anyone here REALLY believe that morality is anything but a human invention? What kind of justice really exists in the world? Just do whatever you want and stop spreading these terrible and demonstrably false memes about right and wrong.


If we loose whatever society we are in, we regress to our natural ways and all morality that is formed to fit whichever society we reside in will disappear. Man will eat man, kill and try to dominate all others. Whatever was seen as immoral and offensive will be gone and the chaos that is human nature will thrive. At least that is how I see it. Debating it would just be entertainment and thought exercise. Ultimately it doesn't amount to piss in a barrel.


You're why we nees guns.


Good and evil. Moral and immoral. I see that as objective. Even with caveat that there are shades.

Right and wrong is subjective. For some, evil is right. For me, purging the world of evil is right.

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I see women as fuckmeat, regardless of race or age, I just think every woman must be slave to males. Am I the only one?
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When I'm horny I want to be objectified completely 9 times out of 10. But all women, submissive or not, deserve to be treated the same as men. Even when I'm feeling submissive I deserve decency and respect.


Woman are fuckmeat and would love to rape as many as I could. All woman need to get fucked



Damn straight. My personal fantasy world of treating women as subhuman objects is just that, fantasy. I want to hurt them, degrade them, deny them, and abuse them, but only if they're willing.

That some people actually see the real world the way I see my fantasy world is, frankly, rather disturbing.


When I think about it, seems to me like all humans are meat. I can't buy into ideologies that elevate one group of humans above another on the basis of some arbitrary criteria. Just seems like a thin rationalization for ego stroking.

As a fantasy, I'm not into "women as fuckmeat". You can't meaningfully rape or torture fuckmeat, and above all, I'm into the suffering of women, not their subjugation. The suffering of a fully-realized human being with rights, education, personality, hopes and dreams is deeper and more gratifying than the suffering of someone who's already been relegated to second class status.


As a lolicon, i only like this as a fantasy. This shit shouldnt be more than fantasy. But you cant do this at real world.

Go fuck yourself if you see this more than a fantasy, faggot.


I know here we all emphasise a difference between fantasy and reality, but I have a hard time really setting it apart like that and it makes me feel like a terrible human being.

Maybe you want to be raped or tortured, maybe you want to be the one raping and torturing, maybe you just wanna kidnap a little girl, tie her down and take a dump on her while she screams and cries. Either way to some degree we're all aware of the separation between fantasy and reality, myself included, but... I can't help but feel a pang of envy hearing about real guro things people have experienced that are the things I'm into. I hate it. I hate that I live for imagining these things and pretending they're real.

And it's disgusting because I know those things would be terrible or traumatic in real life but it makes me so angry!

For me I feel like part of my problem is that my guro interests tie into my self esteem a bit. Does anybody else feel this way?
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It seems this is exactly the planet they belong on, as horrifying as it can be.


Mmmm..No not really.

I'm a victim in my fantasies. I don't want to actually be a victim. How would I continue to get off to the thought of being destroyed if I were already dead? It kind of, well literally, it kills the whole fetish.

If someone wants to go through with it, power to them. I'm happy in my fantasy world. :)


This is a really healthy attitude about things and one I share.

I really enjoy hurting the ever-loving shit out of people.

I also like making my partners cum, and cum, and come back for more.

There's also a huge line between pain & damage/injury. Pain can be fun. Injury can be crippling.

And then there's the discussion about Consent. That's HUGE.

I really recommend looking into the BDSM community. There are people in it who are into raping people or being raped, cutting and being cut, blood play of various levels and, of course, being beaten black & blue with a range of implements.

Fetlife DOT com

Go there. It's the leading, but imperfect, social media site for BDSM and a good way to find local people/events so you can check things out.

Best of luck.



Some of us were born with minds made for an older, crueler world. Hard to not be jealous of those who lived in a time when there was no accountability, no justice, only violent competition and raw force in nature.


Don't be jealous of coroners. A buddy of mine got a job at a morgue for the same reasons, to handle the bodies of attractive women but all he got was mostly old people of natural causes or in one case, a body so decomposed it was literally shoveled into a box. He lamented about how he never had a stripper or attractive woman die when he worked there, so even if you had that job, there may be the chance that you never get to experience it anyways (depending on your region).

I'm a little jealous of those that are boring and vanilla. It's those people who have a normal life where their "bad dream" is just endlessly falling, and not having their throat slashed open, shot and waking up in pain. My mind it terrifying and I would be in prison if I didn't have an iron will. I would love to do the things I think about and fantasize but I realize that it is something that will ruin my life and put me behind bars. I don't like the idea of imprisonment or something preventing me from living any semblance of a "normal" life. Having knee jerk reactions of suicide and murder to the most mundane events is tiring and I'm envious of those whose only worries are what they will eat for breakfast in the morning. Although there will always be a part of me that's like "ah... I wish I was the one that slashed her open", it's the normalcy that I truly envy.


Anyone ever heard of "deepfakes"? They were huge on Reddit a few months back. I went down the rabbit hole and found this: /r/MediaSynthesis/

I feel kind of bad for commission artists, but this is actually really huge news because it means that people with no art skills are about to be able to create whatever the hell they want in whatever artstyle they want, possibly as soon as early next decade.

Think about what possibilities that opens up. One of the biggest limiting factors for guro right now is that either you can't draw your fantasies well or people who can draw refuse to draw it or you're too embarrassed to ask because of the subject matter in my case. Or maybe you just can't afford it. This changes everything in that regard.


I am surprised no rape or snuff deepfakes have surfaced but please link if you have some


Well, I don't think we need to wait for the next decade we can do it already for quite some time if you want artwork created by people with no drawing skills just visit 3D board here.

in theory, you can flatten 3d into 2d somewhat

creating whatever you want is a bit more tricky than just using a computer because when you draw in 2d you actually defy reality and your images kinda lack logic. when you do it in 3d you notice that sometimes you just cant do what you want because of plain logic limitations

also when making 3d content hardest thing is to explain to the computer what you want like where you want to have each finger and even worse if you wasnt to make something gorey with modified body


The majority of my fantasies involve myself dying. The biggest way for me to cope with everything is the thought about my own death. I try to visualize my body decomposing over time in different environments. What happens to those around me, how I died. Was it in an accident, murder? Or finally ate the bullet. Contemplate how long it takes for me to be discovered in the latter case. Most of the fantasies that involve murder just end up in my dreams on their own although now my own death fills my dreams again.... Oddly enough, I feel the most well rested and relaxed when I wake up from such dreams. Evidence, no doubt, that I'm not right upstairs.

Of course, if someone should make me mad enough I drift to fantasies of slow torture, starting at how I would get them alone, what I need, all the way to how to dispose. Naturally I won't do anything I think of. I enjoy being on this side of prison walls too much.

Unlike some of you, no sense of morality plays a role in my mind.


sorry for the slow moderation, currently i believe im the only one taking this seriously, and even then the amount of posts is hard to keep up with.

i will try to have this problem resolved asap.

Admins are mia, and I never see other people checking this site.

Message to enc or ryo: Get on IRC, I refuse to be the only one keeping an eye on the site. I may love this community, but I'm not the owner, that is your job, so please take responsibility and stop slacking. More moderators, better spam detection, anything. This current system is ridiculous and I'm quickly getting sick of this constantly happening.

Oh and another thing, how am I supposed to do this when you removed the fucking report system?

Update: Admins back, still the only mod, tools still missing, but things are going to improve soon.


Srsly stfu pls.

It's storming here. I love it. I love a lot of things, it's a cool universe. But I'm also full of hate. Sometimes, I feel guilty, too. But not over porn, no matter how violent or depraved.

You're not a child, stop feeling bad about it. I say this woth good intentions, not to talk down to you, though I'll admit to not being the best... diplomat.

Something like snuff or child porn, if you're supporting that, even indirectly, sure feel bad and stop. At least try to stop. Support ways to end all that horror. If you care to, which if something in you makes you feel bad, you do on some level.

If you don't feel bad about it, this message isn't for you. Poopy.
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>>I'm very empathic, but I can't do this. My GF like risky sex in public, but it's impossible for me, to feel the same. I don't find that appealing at all. If something isn't connected to my initial kinks, I can't find that hot.
Were you able to do 180 degrees spin with empathy about something fundamental, basic?

well that the whole idea that if you are not interested in risky public sex your girlfriend is interested, so you can do something like putting the remote controlled vibrator in her and make her do risky things while you yourself stay safe and do nothing of that.

Then, you go outside and you see her arousal and feel aroused yourself using her as a proxy while you yourself may have zero interest in that thing and stay safe.
but when you do that several times or just imagine doing that to someone imagining how that person will feel you may even start liking it done to you as well.
funny thing is that you have no clue how it feels or what it is, but you just know that this is something that must feel good and your fantasy will do the rest of the work. As If you use a vibrator on your girfriend you definitely cannot know how does it feels but you see her expressions you see her pleasure and you know that it must be good when that is done to you.

I kinda disagree with your idea of fetish origins, because from my own experience and from what other people say this is different.
one interesting thing is that you do not need any traumas to like or dislike things. you simply copy likes or dislikes of other people in your childhood.

For example, if your mother displayed disgust towards the certain thing you will likely copy her disgust and feel it same. Something like one sentence "bad boys have to be spanked" said by your mother (or not even said but implied) will be cemented in your mind forever unquestionable truth on the emotional level.

as for me, my mother once said something bad about bald people I kinda misunderstood that but from that moment I feel disgusted for bald heads and even feel fear if I see some bald person. I am kinda prepared to defend myself also, It somehow happened that my father somehow displayed his lust towards big breasts and this got transferred to me as well. I had absolutely zero interest in breasts but then I just decided to try it and yes that worked.
This is how we learn what is shamPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I've told her few months ago, that I'm planning to buy Hitachi Magic Wand and Bullut Vibrator, and I've got a big NOPE as a response;).

I mean yes, you don't need anything spectacular, violent or painful. All it takes is ultimately just one stimulus. Like in those examples you provided. I totally agree with that part.

But getting new fetishes due to fantasizing how good something is, looks like reversed behavioral therapy for curing homosexuality or that one from Clockwork Orange. I think, there needs to be already some fundation for new kink to appear. Like progression from point A to point B. Some connection. I don't see plausible getting, for example, guro fetish out of blue. Without finding it's elements interesting before. That's my point. There must be something linking your adult perversions with each other and/or with childhood fascinations.

My mother is quite progressive, so I had comic book about sex'n'stuff when I was like 12-13, and I even saw transection image of intercourse in encyclopedia when I was younger, but just like you, I didn't know what I was doing. I think this is normal. Most guys I know had weir experiments with masturbation. One even damaged his dick pretty badly.
Or perhaps that was normal. Nowadays every kid can look things up on the web.

I did not said, you want to force kids to sex, but I feel, like even encuoraging them to try, can lead to shaming ones, who aren't ready yet. Just like with your examples about small, meaningless remarks leading to developing prejudice, sympathy or antypathy towards someone or something.
Teaching them stuff, and removing moral obstacles would be enough in my opinion.

I like your vision of society. That would be truly wonderful.
BTW, you may want to read "Lost Girls" by Alan Moore. He got similar message. Very cool and hot comic book.


Well, why do you think you can't develop fetish out of nothing?

Speaking about myself I had absolutely no interest in scat or pee in my childhood or anything anal at all also I was quite homophobic. but now I like that stuff and I could even consider myself bisexual.
In the same way, I had no interest in BDSM I was not even looking to bdsm pictures on the internet in the beginning
In fact, I was mostly interested in big breasts at first but now lolis are preferable (even if some time ago I hardly could imagine myself being interested in such thing.)

I can remember being interested in guro from quite early time and I still don't even know why but most of my current interests were developed later and when I got interested in roleplaying even more stuff was added to my list.

I also agree that children should not be pushed or demanded to have sex (and actually not even told how to do that because you derive them from lost of fun to discover it on their own)
but this CP ban is nothing else than denying them right to do it when they want it themselves. the real reason why it is forbidden is not to protect children but to prevent them finding out about that kind of pleasure.
Children are routinely beaten tortured and abused in the families but this is totally ok, however, if in some family child is actually told about pleasures of sex those parents will be sent to jail because other parents are horrified that this child will teach their children about that as well.

The main ideology is that sex has to be sold for money, and even "slut shaming" comes from the same source where girls who give it for free are shamed for not being wholes and not demanding proper payment
The thing children do not understand yet is that they are not supposed to do it just for the pleasure they have to sell/buy it.


I don't feel guilty, just frustrated and alienated. It's difficult as hell to find the sort of material I crave, and this in turn makes me question why I crave it.


Frustrated and alienated I get. I'm not a very social person by nature, in fact I find social interaction with most people tedious. Consequently I don't come across many potential partners let alone people with similar kinks. Even on sites like DFN I find it difficult to mesh with people.

And the cravings, boy I know what you mean. Or at least I think I do. Even on the vanilla end of the spectrum I can't find simple things like straight slave girls forced into degrading lesbian sex, or a girl being cuckqueaned by a cruel tgirl who verbally humiliates her over how she's an inferior woman to someone who has a dick.

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