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So, if you were to commit Femicide (the mass killing/snuffing of all women) in one fictional universe, which would you pick? How would you go about doing it?


I wouldn't. Killing all women just doesn't sound appealing.


Killing all women at once makes no sense even if you love doing that because you will not even be able to enjoy execution and you will not even know what really happened.


Those complaints about the government watching us gave me one idea:

Imagine what if you found out that you are being watched by police as a suspected terrorist (they need to pretend to be doing something) while you have absolutely no guilt or intent to do anything like that.
You discover that they even physically hacked your webcam to see all that you do with your computer.
And as a bonus, you even know the person who is doing surveillance and can meet him/her.

So what would you do?
1 get under the bed and hide
2 try to unbug yourself and file complaints.
3 jerk off in front of the hacked webcam and show them your sexy hairy ass pretending that you didn't notice anything.
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Dont worry, any good lawyer would call bringing it up into question and they would still need evidence linking you to the crime. All it cam give is a bit of a motive depending on the crime. Also the prosecution actually being tech savvy and they would have no reason to check their first. Finally you could just smash you pc and say it was an accident if the police do want to look.


I covered my webcam the day I bought the computer. Anyone hacking it is just going to see a black screen.

I wouldn't do anything differently, because in your scenario, it doesn't matter. If they were going to arrest me or actually do anything, they would've done it already. All the most suspicious things about my online activity were there many years ago. If anything, I look less suspicious these days. I don't have a copy of The Anarchist's Cookbook on this computer, for example.


I don't think even smashing it will help. Forensics once got info from a smashed hard drive after taping the disc together and on separate discs. If they want that ass, they are coming for it.

I'd go for option 3 and try to be as repuslive and nasty as I could. Shit myself in the process, smear it everywhere and just try to test their stomachs until no one cares watch the feed anymore. Not into that kind of thing but I would do it if I knew it would make the other person vomit. Haha.


If you wanna destroy what's on a harddisk it can be done, get the platters out and sandpaper the shit out of them after having overwritten all the data with ransom 0s and 1s 10 times and noone is finding that shit out. And even that level is stupid paranoid level prep. Taping a broken disk back together 1) can't get everything of off it, a part will be permanently gone. 2) It's a one in a million shot pretty much to even get half the data from that. I have worked with enterprise level data security and zeroing the disk 10 times + phisically breaking it is considered upper limit of what's done for security. Nothing is recoverable after that point from the disk itself. If it's good enough that companies trust it to protect against industrial espionage it'll be good enough to keep us internet rando's safe.

And if they want you bad enough to overcome even just a slightly smashed disk you were fucked anyway even without the disk because the internet never forgets and they can get your data from there.


FYI: the proper way to destroy a hard drive is igniting a small charge of thermite on top of it - melts the platters irrecoverably.

Then again, the fire hazard might not make that a practical solution. Burning down your house to hide that you visited that one porn website makes you a prime suspect.

Besides, thanks to PRISM and other surveillance programs, THEY already know you visited that site.


Would a semi-erotic gore themed game sell? There are lots of violent and gory games, but none really cross that line.
Anyone have some good ideas?
Do you think Unreal or Unity would pull their license?
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As I know unity offers a free license as long as you show their logo on startup so this is not a problem.

However, it is pretty dumb to make pure guru game which has no other content at all. it should still have some kind of story and some logic to make it fun to play. it can even be a piece of art if you incorporate guro into some kind of narrative where for example the main character has schizophrenia

Also Guro content is insanely hard to produce unlike plain stuff or even plain porn because you need to manipulate your character models a lot and all those manipulations have to be procedural and cannot be even scripted or else it will be boring.

Even if you make some half playable guro game selling it will be problematic, because not that many people buy games and paying for something that is not even good enough makes no sense

we already have one guy here who is trying to make most decent guro game so far but he did not move very far.


One idea I had was you play as a smaller race of goblin or kobold species and you are in a battle between elves or some other fantasy race.
As you progress you could make elf skin armor and collect magic charms or something, eventually battling the queen.
It would mostly be a project for fun not for selling so much, there would be a game behind it, but a certain point I do sort of think you might as well just drop the gore aspect and make it for everyone. Unless you can make it really subtle.


Where in all that do you see any guro content?

Gore is not guro, to make a guro game you need to make it erotic.


Harvesting organs and making elf skinned armor or weapons from them. Could have prisoners be used for sex or given as trophies. Guess those are sort of things that would appeal to me.


harvesting organs do not really count as guro because you kinda do it in any RPG as harvesting boar livers LOL even in the old game "shadow warrior" you were able to harvest hearts of certain enemies and use them as weapons

maybe if you were harvesting penises of some giants and using them to shot aphrodisiac cum to your enemies that would make it pretty unusual.

anyway, the main problem is that while we may have very wild fantasies actually implementing them in the game is a nearly impossible task.


Has anyone heard of this? So while browsing 4chan a while back I was in a /gif/ x-change thread (x-change is a fake fantasy pill that lets people swap genders). And there was this one guy who was posting these gifs/webms of x-change wild versions where users change into different animals, and there is a tumblr dedicated to these videos, and I gotta be honest, are pretty hot. There doesn't appear to be a lot, but here is the tumblr name if anyone wants to check these out, Circes X-Change Wild Domestic Domain.



I'm trying to buy points on the Japanese DLsite, but for some reason is nearly impossible if you not from Japan, can someone from Japan help me? I only need like 500 yens, is about 5 dollars, I can pay trough PayPal or bitcoins for someone to put money on the account for me, or sell me an Japanese account with 500 yens


There are different ideas.
Some say person(no matter male or female)piss herself/himself during hanging.
But a woman into erotic_hang wrote"men have their best erection,we(women)only pee ourselves."
She reported her brother and husband didn't urinate when self_hang ,but her 2 sisters both did .
Another witnessed 4 hanging suicides,3 men and 1 woman.He reported none of the men pee himself,while the woman peed herself a lot.
These people think females pissing themselves is just as males erect during hanging.Males don't piss themselves.
So I wonder it(as title) or whether females have far more possibilities to lose bladder control during hanging.Or there is no difference between genders.
What's your opinion?Please describe it in detail,it's better to show female hanging cases showing the answer this question.Thank you for your comments!
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Here's the thing about us guys: we can't pee with a hard-on. If "Angel Lust" is real, and a man does get hard while hanging, it would probably prevent urine from flowing, at least for a while.

Another thing is about how an erection works. Blood flows to the penis all the time. The difference is that some valves close, preventing the blood from flowing back out as efficiently. That's why cock rings work (though I've never been interested in choking my chicken so literally). If hanging triggers the erection, but death prevents the valves from re-opening, your penis would remain hard even as the rest of you goes limp.

Whether any of this results in pleasure is debatable. But then, autoerotic asphyxia is a thing, so there ya go.


I think I heard a theory that autoerotic asphyxiation came about because of angel lust


Thank you



The thing about all of this is-

There are some major differences when it comes to Bladder Evacuation with men and women. The major difference comes in the length of the urinary tract. A male's urinary tract is around 8 inches long, where as a female's urinary tract is around 3 or so inches long. The urine has far less distance to travel in a female case than a male.

There is also the fact that males require muscle movement and contraction to urinate. Female urination uses a great deal of gravity and the relaxation of muscles by contrast. This means, when the muscles relax after death, women are more likely to release the contents of their bladder than men are.

The type of death also plays a big part. Normal passing or dying typically doesn't bring out any type of evacuation. Violent deaths, like murders, accidents, the number is higher. However, it's the highest for both sexes in hanging. Females almost always lose bladder control during asphyxiation related deaths. Sometimes it happens just before the victim passes, or right after. But statistics have shown that it is extremely common in these types of deaths for females.

So, to answer your question, women are more likely to urinate after passing, but it mainly relies on the type of death.


How do you guys feel about dead people with their eyes still open?

For me, I find it arousing to see dead women and children with their eyes still open like they're staring off into space and/or are hypnotized and oblivious to their surroundings even if someone or something is doing things to their bodies.


Oh yes. One of the more important points in my necro stories. The glassy, vacant eyes staring into nothingness as the killer molests the warm body.. fuck I got hard already.



That's exactly how I feel in my necro fantasies when the dead child or woman's eyes are open. In the fantasies, it looks like they don't care that they're being felt up, used as a sex toy or raped, like I'm beneath their notice or they're too traumatized to respond to being violated.


I like Pokemon so an army of that I could split into 6 branches: The Swarm, The Horde, The Legion, The Armada, The Haunting, and finally, The Pantheon.
They are separated by power level, then by role; the former has countless weak pokemon, the latter has heavy hitters. Psychic and Ghost pokemon would be perfect Special Forces!

Sea Pokemon could fill half the Armada, gangs tentacruels leading many tentacools and Gyrados Generals will battle your ocean forces, with the aid of Blastoise and Golduck before amphibious forces land and aid Air pokemon.

Or perhaps jusst an endless army of Dittos is more than enough. Hell, Eevee and all its evolutions will be sufficient to defend against any attack, but not always to go on the offensive, being a land based army. Just shoot down flying pokemon with any projectile or energy.

Maybe digimon or yugioh is more your style. I might prefer such units for my militaries, depending on how Wing Dragon of Ra or The Forbidden One compares to MewTwo, Kyogre, Groudon, and Ho-Oh!

Then again, ZOMBIES!
Resident Evil, House of the Dead, Land of the Dead, I Am Legend, and countless others of animated corpses with sub-human intelligence full of violence.
Or aliens and robots!
Or alien robot zombies. Necrons.

Hell, an Army of Gods is
...everything? You get points for working more from less!


As the evilest being in the universe, I chose an army of lolis and shotas
I will be unstoppable hahahahaha

those all stupid aliens demons and gods attack humanity with armies of monsters just to be wiped out by some hero or humans themselves.

But if I send an army of most cute lolis nobody will dare to hurt them all armies will give up and surrender all superheroes will be disabled by their cuteness

There will be no force capable to stop me.

And then like truly evil overlord I will send my army to rape men and women and even their children because, as we know, rape is the worst thing one can do.


Dragons. Fucking. Dragons.

If a single dragon could be capable of besieging an entire city, then an army of gigantic, armored, flying, fire-breathing monstrosities could take over entire nations at once.

No army could stop my conquest.


Hi, I'm new here. Anything I should know about?
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Sorry, that was uncalled for. Happy mothers day, enjoy your stay here.


Get out while you can lol. This shit absorbs your inner soul.


NEVER reply to a post that starts off "Hi, I'm Chris Hansen. Have a seat".


Never say never.


leave and never come back


im kinda ashamed of asking this but does anyone know a site where i can find at least pics of fresh dead bodies? it doesnt have to be a fetish-focused site it can be anything as long as there's a decent amount of traffic. I only know documentingreality but it is not very active and the content is not very good. Thanks!


It isn't always fresh bodies, but you get anything from accidents with badly mangled bodies, freshly died, and even those that had been found in advanced states of decay. Although there is a lot of actual footage of murder, suicide, accidents and the like from all over the world. Not sure if you wanted to see those but they are there as well.


I second this recommendation. Bestgore is my personal go-to.

There's also goregrish.com and theync.com


Yes bestgole is most interesting , but speaking about plain dead bodies they are everywhere even on the TV



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