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My Kik is Dudedala

Anyone fond of cannibalism and kids should talk to me!

Anime girls and real girls included


Post your Would You Rathers here, n stuff.

Here's 2.

Would you rather cut somebodys dick off, or get your own cut off?

Would you rather eat someone elses dick, or cut your own off?


As long as I get to pick the dick, I’d rather do the cutting / eating. Take some cute trans girl, get her right to the edge of orgasm, then cut her cock off just as the first spurt of cum comes out. Then make her watch me eat it before moving on to further tortures.

Would you rather be skinned alive, or burned alive?



hard to say. Probably burned, because it might destroy my nerve endings before it becomes unbearable. I've heard that burning is mostly scary and more just stings like fuck

Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?


I want to be cannibalized.


slather yourself in KFC and go down to detroit


hi, for the past few months i have been trying to find a way to process payments without my content being flagged. for a while i was going through Patreon, but i had to cut all ties to my website (eyeteeth.club) because of their content restrictions. there are similar issues with using PayPal and other processing options.

i have considered getting around this through a cutout site. however, this seems very risky, all it would take is one person reporting me to Patreon and i would lose my Patreon account completely. so that doesn't seem like a good long term solution.

does anyone know of a good way to process payments with verification, that doesn't risk the payment processor cutting off due to content?


Probably a link to a paypal account you set up that you could have people send money to you or create a patreon which shows the before picture (before the gore>:D) and list a website where they can see the after picture (like tumblr or another host website that lets you upload gore and lets other people see it). List in the description that it is extreme content in bold and link the same pages that allows an overview of before and after "gore" pics. Not sure if people have to pay to unlock the preview pictureson patreon. I think you can put a lock on them.

Best bet would probably be a direct pay to paypal though (probably one that doesn't have your direct info (name,location,etc)).
You can also creat a mini website to host the guro and links to your paypal. You would have to tell your fans that your moving though and link it here so we could give our support. Or you could keep both the website and a patreon up incase one goes down. Worth a shot>:)


Sincere question to you guys. I'm happy right now! Cuddling my puppy, enjoying some guro and playing some games! How are you guys doing?
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Doubt I'd be here if I was happy.


Did somebody say "micropenis"?!


How can anyone be happy with the sorry state this planet is in right now?


hello, buddy! nice to meet you, again.


does credit card and other payement cards for saling over darknet really working?????

wich card saling website is real?


Could a mod please delete all that 'alternate timelines' crap from the lit board and hopefully restore the stories that were pushed off because of it?
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I saved as many as I could. We really need some new fucking admins.


We do need some more mods (me >:D) but no one has reached out. I gave out my reddit info so I could talk to them so I could help out, but they haven't given a response yet...

To the mods out there, I will be willing to put some man hours in to help you all out and moderate>:)



Good to hear that you're willing to volunteer your time. I'm not surprised you haven't heard anything.

I'll throw my hat in there too...mods where the hell are you?


As much as I hate to say it, I think it may be time to create a new Gurochan. This current owners seem to have disappeared, and the spam attacks will drive people away. Unfortunately, I currently don't have the resources to create a new site; I would have already done so if I could have.


Well, the site is still functional at least - and evem if the mods are nowhere to be seen at least one of them seems to be active as I've seen a few threads disappear so they were probably deleted... That brings the question of why the spam is still not removed yet :/


A few days ago I made the "you are now a dictator" thread and I got some good answers, so here is another thought experiment for us to discuss.

You are now the chieftain of a tribe in an uncivilized, paleolithic, hunter-gatherer world. Your tribe is of average size (100-300 people), consisting of 75% adults and 25% children, with about a 50/50 split between males and females. You, as leader, remain as you are now. The tribals are, well, tribal. They know the basics of how to survive, but are superstitious, naive, and dim-witted. They have nothing but respect for you, and fear your wrath. You and your tribe must compete against other tribals in your area to survive.

1. What would you call this tribe? Would your tribe wear any insignia or markings?
2. How would you lead this tribe? What would you do to those who followed you, and to those who betrayed you?
3. How would you deal with other, enemy tribes?
Bonus Question: If you could bring a backpack full of things from your house with you, what would you take?

I'd be very happy to hear what kind of responses you guys might have.
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Ah, almost forhit, our symbol of course is a stylized pictogram of the sun. It stands for the chosens enlightenment and four our pretold claim to rule the land. Everyone else is just shadiws, living in darkness, waiting to be enlightened.
Depending on how politics go, we might make some alliances with other tribes, as long as they believe in our god and his prophet ( me ).
Might send some missionaries to other tribes to spread the word. If anyone comes to us and wants to be chosen, they can take the test right away, without years of slavery. (But if they don't pass they are still to be sacrificed) At best, maybe we can conquer a number of tribes without any bloodshed at all.

Long term, mighr add some structure to society. A single tribe is easier to govern than the whole land, there needs to be a command structure. Probably using local temples and priests, which report to me.

Eventually we might have a standing army, ready to deal with revolts and external threats quickly. At that point hunting and gathering might no longrr wirk, might have to build a palace and have slaves work as farmers. Think ancient babylonia. We would then have to teach the ruling elite some sirt of script for accounting and transferring commands efficiently. But thats in the 7 years and more timeframe.


Now I want to enyer thr matrix and play this against you guys.


1: Peace Lovers, we'd cover our skin in black body paint made from slurried charcoal.
2: I'd start a cult oriented around human extinction, focused on the belief that we don't belong in this hostile world and the only way to have peace is to destroy all humans, those who follow me are expected to do whatever their ability allows to further this goal and are rewarded with the promise of a peaceful death when they've outlived their usefulness. Traitors are sent out into the wild to fend for themselves, cursed to be reborn to another turbulent, painful human life when they inevitably die. Over and over again until they do their part to eradicate the species.
3: Other tribes are wiped out in the name of mercy. By wiping out civilization we're sparing humanity from the pain of birth, death, and rebirth into a world we don't belong in.
I'd bring my AR, mags, machete, camp mat, blanket, and water filter. Can't die of e-coli before our extinction or else I'll reincarnate as a future victim of my own cult. Only when there are no humans left to reproduce will the painful cycle be broken and we can all know peace.


1: My tribe would have no name. We would wear face and body paint made from charcoal, minerals, and plant-based dyes. As chief, I would have a ceremonial headdress made from a human skull (think Tibetan necromancer mask.)

2: My tribe would be headhunters and cannibals. I would have some of my tribe grow crops, but most if not all of my tribe would have to be prepared for war. As chief, I would receive tribute of a young girl during the yearly harvest ceremony. This girl would be added to my harem. I can do whatever I please with my harem, including killing and eating them if I choose to do so. My followers who are loyal to me would be treated to ceremonies and feasts in their honor. Anyone who betrayed me would be killed. I would eat flesh from their body and keep their skull as a trophy, perhaps fashioning a drinking vessel out of it.

3: Enemy tribes would be killed. My tribe would conduct guerilla warfare against enemy tribes-- setting traps, night raids, ambushes, etc.. War parties could range from a handful of people to nearly half the tribe, depending on the operation. The heads of enemies would be kept as trophies, after being consecrated in a ceremony. We would occasionally cannibalize the remains of our enemies.


I'd cover that girl in chocolate syrup, and roll her over again.


You didn't think you'd like me this much? It's because you're a judgemental and probably hypocritical cunt.

You fall more and more in love with me every day except when I don't in line for some incomprehensible thing? I don't even know who the fuck you are.

I'm horrible? A piece of shit? Crazy? Ok yeah that last one maybe (it's the preferable possibility, actually). Hell, maybe I am just a fucked up cunt all around, but from where I stand, my unyielding is warranted.






I’m sorry to hear it. Going through stuff like that always sucks to hear about. Keep on keeping on.


Venting is healthy:)

What went wrong?:)


I think this doesn't qualify as venting...


I have noticed from days before, that Gurochan system is better than the other chan tbh. Congratulations.

I can see by comparing this chan with most of the other chan.

there are differences that makes Gurochan stands out:
- tidy and straight. the first posting in a thread are aligned the same way as the others, no overheading besides the first post
- List of threads in a category. after you entered on the category, you can see the list of threads in that category. you can scroll down and find your thread.
- etc. I forget.

I wonder, is the system is made originally, or has been available before? who made the system.
thank you for your attention


Shows what was newly updated immediately with clean order and sneak previews of material.
More open environment free of people not trying to chase us away from the site, but welcome us with open arms.
A site dedicated to one thing and one thing only, Guro.
More welcoming people who mostly follow rules and craves each others thoughts, interactions and emotions/creative abilities -rather than the snowflakes that see our thoughts, stories, request etc and actively try to fuck with us D:<-.
Steady stream of updated, new material backed by thousands of people who come on here.
Steadfastness, despite Gurochan going down a fuck ton D:< it hasn't been completely taken off the map like other websites have. It kicks its way back in, but only with the help of everyone.>:D

Like legit, there are no other true sites I can think of that host guro of this caliber and is this readily availible, with the ability to interact with each other. It's simply, beautiful.>:)

P.S. Sorry if it sounded a bit hostile>:)


Last post was me>:)


So, I'm looking for someone that I can commission for a Gravity Falls story. Is anyone interested?


Can do. 15 usd per 1000 words, rounded up. 5 usd personal squick charge, flat fee, for vore/dolcett, adult/child incest, or eating gross things (it's more difficult for me to write). Minimum commission length 2000 words, half-fee up front.

If you're interested, search "flens verpa" on AO3 to find my contact info. I have some example work in lit but not up on AO3; I mostly use that account for bookmarks. (I have a different AO3 account for not-gurochan-content works, but no way in hell am I giving anybody the ability to connect it with this persona.)

All personal information, including names, nicknames, and usernames, will be kept confidential, unless otherwise requested, and you will do the same for any of my personal information. I reserve the right to post commissioned works on AO3 and if applicable DreamWidth and similar sites and to use them as a potential portfolio (or, conversely, to do neither of these things if I don't want to), but with any identifying information removed. Commissioned stories will have a note that they are commissioned (or "specially requested," depending on site TOS) by either "Anonymous" or your preferred handle/nickname. I do require an email to discuss the story prompt and to process payment; again, I won't disclose it, and it doesn't need to be an address you use for anything else, so long as it's connected to your PayPal.


Trying to look up your name on AO3, nothing's coming up, though.


>>7933 archiveofourown. org/users / whydoihavethiskink/profile

For some reason, even though I added the info to the pseud during its creation, it doesn't show up when you click on it, so I had to put it in the core username profile.

(AO3 has something kind of like twitter where you can have "pseudonyms" for different fandoms, etc. It still shows the core username, though, which is why I keep an entire separate account for the really gross stuff/interacting with chans. So eventually I'll probably post the Flens Verpa stories in that account, but I'm still writing them.)


Thanks. I’ll email you when I get home from work.

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