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Is there any guro related discord servers out there? can't seem to find much really


When you first enter site under the big Gurochan sign, there is a link to a discord. There are also the same on the right hand corners on the Gurochan reddit. If you ask the gurochan reddit, they'll prob give you a few more.



I don't want to give too much away but the story is about a rich westerner who gets stranded on a deserted island in the south Indo-Pacific. She realizes the stakes are high when her friends are captured and cooked by a cannibal tribe.

The main character befriends the emperor of a nation on the island and learns of war, barbarians, disease, and the general despair quaking the dangerous island paradise.

Will you help me write this? I'd prefer someone with experience writing erotic fiction. Please let me know if you're interested by emailing me at the address below.



OP here again. Just wanted to add that if you want more details, I have a WIP outline and cast of characters that I can send you.


You're the same guy as the one on Reddit, right?


With magic, anything is possible...

A gauntlet of painful artifacts. Paddles made of ice and wire whips strike all skin.

Or mind control. Make them do things. Burn themselves... and each other. Was it incest? Draco sucking off his dad and vice versa? Spanking circle? That goes on for ever?
Mind control them into actually hating each other or even make them hallucinate an entire life of pain!

Or just bugs and poop filling their rooms randomly.

Making Draco and his parents crawl nude through rivers of mostly snot, with just a single small portal leaking a strong but tiny mix of horrid shit, along with just enough corpses to cover their share...
...in front of the other Death Eaters and his friends.
And their heads popping out from their ass, and from their next is a scorpion tail that stings their chest and back.


keep going on with the poop pls



Well I don't know what exactly you want

More poop? I was thinking they'd wake in the middle of the night with swarms of mosquitoes and sometimes random turds falling on them, eventually culminating in the paragraph above.

Maybe every death eater's toilet has a portal that triples everything and drops a share on Draco and his parents.


I like to think voldy made draco eat his mothers ovaries tbh.


I like to think voldy made draco eat his mothers ovaries tbh.


Our mass deletion option has been removed, so has our ban option. Reports no longer work, either. I would have to delete them one by one, which would take about 4 hours, because of how strenuous the process is.
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It's a grey area since it's fiction. ya may continue.


Actually, I'm curious about this too. So we can post realistic fiction images/gifs/wembs?


Anyone still active?


I'm lurking and hopeful but weary.




Hi there. Nice to meet you, even if you are considered as a monster by others.
I'm a French Girl, i'm 25 and i am trying to understand things.
Recently i have understood something that has changed my life and so now, i try to find people to talk deeply about life.
I just wanna learn.
I need action, I need to explore things.
I just want to talk with people who really want to have deep conversations about life, spirituality, politics, education, love, fear, dreams whatever I need someone open minded and with a lot of imagination.
To be honest, i am hypersensitive and i write a lot to try to keep things out of me.
So i just want to talk to someone who can understand me.
I'm tired of being considered as crazy, mean or whatever.

Do not hesitate to contact me, it would be a pleasure for me.


See ya


Hi Bellevoye, I'm always happy to have deep conversation with people who are interested in that sort of thing. I attempted to email you but the email bounced. If you want to chat, just shoot me an email at qexet@protonmail.com


Same, your email bounced.


Do you have Discord or anything like that by chance?

If so, you can add me, I'm Qexet#9673



i don't think i am brave enough to get to discord but if there's party i want to join to. Anything? By the way there's always people that in the worst situation than others, i mean i am probably more monster -if u want to call like that- than you, and i tried to understood more too at some time. I suggest to use streams,reality based dramas like asians,or life based movies. i have a illness that make me unable to understand feelings so that was hard level gameplay for me but if you want to find or do or achieve something you will eventually. there's nothing that human dedication cannot achieve, have fun from life and peace. btw i really do like french people-food-language-shit ex so thats why i cared that much. if u do read, feel free to give some feedback there,i will check at some point


Hello, I make these short webm stories about animal transformation, based on the X-Change pill stories where the pill changes your gender, I make ones were you change your species. And I have combined my fetishes of animal tfs and snuff and so quite a few of them are about people becoming animals and being slaughtered.

just wondering what people think
x-change wild domestic domain dot tumblr dot com
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I take clips from videos and make them into a webm and then overlay a text window over the video


Im actually slowly running out of ideas on how to make them different and not samey. If you have any suggestions on story ideas I'd love to here some.

I've kinda started to build up this world that has started accepting the idea of X-Change Wild users becoming animals as a regular, everyday sort of thing, and also the idea of XCW meat being approved by the FDA or the USDA.


My first post to you kinda has the general ideas.



only thing is, I'm limited to the videos I can find, cause I just take videos I find from the internet, I don't make them


Naw you gotta make them (Animated, SFM, 2D, 3D). Not the irl version/internet ones. IRL type fantasy isn't allowed. >:) they have to be "animated" inorder to be posted here. You can do it though.



Are you deleting things from the various Dickless threads and then locking them on purpose, or are you cursed? The most recent one (created specifically because the previous one ended up thinking that everyone was you, and unable to post anything more because we don't have your password) now comes up with your name in the top right corner and suffering the same issues, ie it is now functionally dead. In addition, at least two images that I recently uploaded to it have disappeared with no sign or explanation of what may have happened.

If you're doing it on purpose, please give it a rest. If it's accidental, can someone with the necessary rights and knowledge *please* fix their account so this stops happening? It's been a problem since at least December if not longer.

Also I had to click through to /dis/ twice to actually clear that pseudo-mod affliction and so actually be able to post this...

Anyone got the inside line on what the fuck is going on here?
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Guro fans are often chased out of the new 4Chan, unfortunately.
I like pixiv, it just feels like less of a community to me.


I'm a pleb who should probs stay out the way but wtf is happening?
Just spam and blinking in and out of existence as always?


I shot out an idea a while ago to have a separate website based like gurochan but under a different name, but want some Admins to take a look and help build it. I have a shit ton of gems and would really be willing/able maybe upload them (likely links I don't like to upload>:)) They are quite nice and I know from my selectivity that others here would very much appreciate them.

On another note, It would be very comforting to here from some admins, considering we might be going through the certificate issue again, pretty soon. Alot of people still don't know to check the guro reddit page for assistance, the onion link backup, or the work arounds (overrides) for getting to the site despite them being on our reddit. {As a prep plan, someone may have to copy the server and host from another location, the plans for which should be happening now from a trusted (original admin or longtime user who can) member.}
It would be quite nice to here from someone:)


Not being able to post and being asked for staff login is sucking really bad


But I don't want to post too much on Pixiv, I can keep my work here in a more organized and feel at home kind of way.


My Kik: Dudedala

We can share our favourite anime's and all the Waifus we want to gore up.

I condone all fetishes, don't believe me? Try me!

I guarantee that no one has a sicker mind than me

Have fun!


So some1 kills ur waifu as ur havign sex with her, so you can have a lot of waifus and enjoy gore/snuff 2.I would start with Rem and make this a serial story! ;) But i don't have the time, perhaps some1 read this, likes the ideea and makes a story! ;)


This was in the news a while back. youtube.c*om/watch?v=Dq2F-9reSL8

I accept I may be going to hell for this...but I'll get straight to the point: what exactly is happening to her as we hear this chilling audio at around 1:14 on? It's been bothering me for a hella long time and I hoped someone might be able to satisfy the morbid curiosity I have associated with this. I remember someone said she was being ripped in half, and the shaky scream at the end was her upper body tumbling deeper into the machine. I have no idea how an escalator works. Any sick fucks care to speculate?
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I hardly can imagine where any of her undamaged pieces could remain because she fell right in the gap where everything was crushed
it stopped only when she was completely sucked in right at the moment when it should have crushed her head.

that thing is pretty powerful human bones won't stop it.


I think from like 1:26 on you can hear her racking in absolute agony...so it appears those above were right; it jammed before crushing her completely. What a fucking way to go.


Look up the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. It's not about being Chinese or Russian, it's about whether greed has any limits imposed on it from outside. Greed and apathy always converge to lethality. It doesn't matter if it's 2000s China or 1911 New York City.



At the beginning, right when she fell in, she was standing a spinning bar. One of her feet was on the bar, but the other got caught in the machinery and took her off balance, so both slipped in. Then she was grasping onto the spinning bar to try and pull herself up, but her foot had already been pulled in and dragged her with it.

I made a couple stick figure drawings over an escalator diagram. i.imgur.c*om/AxlCvao.jpg

looking at those, it probably sucked her feet in ankle first. For some reason that makes it a lot worse to imagine. All of this happening in a few brief seconds, the situation and the full thousands of tons of force of the machine becoming clear just as her foot started to turn at a bad angle.

I have admittedly looked pretty hard for footage of her body being pulled out but can't find it anywhere. I saw a couple of pictures that were suggested to be her but looked like a hoax, with different clothing and all, but maybe they put it on her posthumously because her clothes were shredded. In the event they were real, then it looked like it stopped at her femur.


Your escalator construction seems to be a bit strange because motors cant be placed there more common construction is to place the motor belt horizontally not vertically like here
this is way more convenient and easier to service because you just remove those panels and can get access to the motor assembly.

so when that panel broke, she fell down right on the motor, which is round so she slipped right into the gap between motor and Bull Gear
there is not hart much space between them so she got pulled inside

This is not exactly the same situation, You can't blame greed here.
It is Chinese culture itself if it is not even genetically encoded.


Sup homies?

I am the admin of the server known as "Club IceBurg"

I came up with an idea.
I have made a new chat. Don't know if I want to keep it or not, it's a test run. I would like to extend my idea here finally. Basically I would like to let other people come from other server similar to mine, however, like always, if you'd like to help out here too, that's great! But remember, PLEASE don't copy mine specifically, please at least have other varieties and not copying me specifically.
#server_discussion Is for people who want to talk about other servers, issues they have, or even about another server.
If you own a a Server as well that you want to get some traction, PM me and show me you are the owner of it, then I will give you a tag. @Server Owners

I'm almost always on. Also, I know discord almost inside and out, if you need to know something about the software, just PM as well. I can help you with anything you need. I've gone to a few of you guys' Discord, let me tell you... THEY ARE A FREAKIN MESS!

No organization, no names, no tags, it literally looks like someone invited a bunch of people to a group chat without knowing the first thing they are doing. Before you make a chat, please at least organize it well enough.

Maybe it's me, but I like colour...

Anyways, if you need something
That link is directly to my Server Dis
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Scarlet Sanctum was taken down by Discord, sadly.
Was the only active one, bleh


That explains why it dissapeared from y server lists.
Shame, they also shared some good irl stuff


There's a bot that is going around getting links to servers and spamming. The only thing you can do right now is turn on verified phone and email and kick all current LINKS.



damn. hopefully theres a new one soon!


has anyone made a new one

if no would anyone reading this thread like to attempt it (i dont know how to own/grow a server but im willing to do my best!)

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